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Name: Yiorgos Alexiou alias George, Giorgos or Yorgos Alexiou
Date of Death: 02-12-2004 (R.I.P.)
Occupation: Radio Jockey (Radio 1, Radio Thessaloniki, Star FM, Kiss FM, Ellinikos FM)
City: Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Hellas

When it comes to international music in Hellenic radio stations, George Alexiou was and still is the most significant figure ever.

He past away exactly five years ago but his myth will live on.

These are the songs that became his "legacy" for both his contemporary fans and the generations to come, songs that became major or minor hits in his golden period (1982-1987) or the years to follow (1988-1991), first in our hometown Thessaloniki, Macedonia and afterwards all over Hellas.

1) Songs discovered and turned into hits by George.

Part 1: The Classics

AMERICA-Inspector Mills (LP View From The Ground, 1982)
ANKA, PAUL-Do I Love You (1971)
ANKA, PAUL-Papa (1974 / flip side on single "You're Having My Baby")
AUSTIN, PATTI-All Behind Us Now (LP Patti Austin 1984)
BALIN, MARTY-You Left Your Mark On Me (LP Balin, 1981)
BALLARD, RUSS-I Can't Hear You No More (LP Russ Ballard, 1984)
BARNES, KATHY-Off (LP Body Talkin' , 1979)
BENTON, OSCAR-If You Go Away (1984)
CHRISTOPHE-Oh! Mon Amour (1973)
CAPALDI, JIM-The Game Of Love (LP Contender, 1978)
CAPALDI, JIM-Tonight You're Mine (LP Fierce Heart, 1983)
CARMEN, ERIC-I Wanna Hear It From Your Lips (1984)
CARMEN, ERIC-Sleep With Me (LP Tonight You're Mine, 1980)
CLASSIX NOUVEAUX-Never Never Comes (LP Secret, 1983)
DOOLEYS, THE-One Kiss Away (LP The Chosen Few, 1979)
FISHER, MATTHEW-Can't You Feel My Love (LP Matthew Fisher, 1980)
FISHER, MATTHEW-Why'd I Have To Fall In Love With You (LP Matthew Fisher, 1980)
FOGELBERG, DAN-Seing You Again (LP Exiles, 1987)
FORBERT, STEVE-Cellophane City (LP Little Stevie Orbit, 1980)
GRILL, ROB-Rock Sugar (LP Uprooted, 1980)
GUYS 'N' DOLLS-How Do You Mend A Broken Heart (1979)
HIGGINS, BERTIE-Casablanca (LP Just Another Day In Paradise, 1982)
HIGGINS, BERTIE-Tokyo Joe (LP Pirates & Poets, 1983)
HODGSON, ROGER-In Jeopardy (LP In The Eye Of The Storm, 1984)
HODGSON, ROGER-Lovers In The Wind (LP In The Eye Of The Storm, 1984)
JIMMY JIMMY-Silence (LP Here In The Light, 1986)
JOLING, GERARD-Spanish Heart (LP Sea Of Love, 1986 / NL #22)
JOLING, GERARD-Ticket To The Tropics (LP Love Is In Your Eyes, 1985 / NL #1)
JONES, GRACE-La Vie En Rose (1981 / LP Island Life, 1985)
KANE, MADLEEN-You & I (1979)
LEGRAND, MICHEL-Summer Of '42 (1971)
LIME-Unexpected Lovers (LP Unexpected Lovers, 1985)
LORING, GLORIA-Don't Let Me Change The Way You Are (LP Friends & Lovers, 1986)
GLORIA LORING & CARL ANDERSON-Friends & Lovers (LP Friends & Lovers, 1986)
LOVERIDGE, ADRIAN JOHN-400 Dragons (LP Square, One, 1981)
LUBA-Every Time I See Your Picture I Cry (LP Secrets & Sins,1984)
LYNTON, DONNA-If I Never Sing Another Song (1985)
MANILOW, BARRY-Stay (LP I Wanna Do It With You, 1982)
MARTIN, MOON-Bad News (LP Street Fever, 1980)
McKANE, LORRAINE-Let The Night Take The Blame (OST Parole De Flic, 1984)
MENUDO-If You're Not Here (LP Reaching Out, 1984)
MONTAGNE, GILBERT-Just For Tonight (1984)
MOVING PICTURES-Sweet Cherie (LP Days Of Innocence, 1982)
NORWOOD-I Can't Live Without You (LP I Can't Let You Go, 1987)
OLDFIELD, SALLY-Sun In My Eyes (LP Easy, 1979)
PACINO, TONY-Love Me More (1983 / flip side on single "Scusami")
PALE FOUNTAINS-Palm Of My Hand (1983)
PREFAB SPROUT-Bonny (LP Steve McQueen, 1985)
ROCKWELL-Knife (LP Somebody's Watching Me, 1984)
JIMMY RUFFIN & JACKSON MOORE-I'm Gonna Love You Forever (1984)
SANTA ESMERALDA-You're My Everything (1977)
SHAKATAK-Watching You (LP Down On The Street, 1984)
SIMONE, NINA-Love Me Or Leave Me (1958)
SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY & THE JUKES-Captured (LP In The Heat, 1984)
STEEN, JAMES-Cry (1982)
STORIES-Darling (LP About Us, 1973)
TRIUMVIRAT-For You (LP A La Carte, 1978)
VALLI, FRANKIE-Passion For Paris (medley) (1979)

Part 2: The "almost" Classics

ALABAMA-There's No Way (LP Forty Hour Week, 1985)
ANDERSON, RICKY-I Don't Wanna Lose Your Love (1983)
PAUL ANKA featuring PETER CETERA-Hold Me 'Til The Morning Comes (1983)
AXIS-When You Hold Me (1980)
BALLARD, RUSS-The Last Time (LP Russ Ballard, 1984)
BOYS BAND, THE-On A Night Like This (LP The Boys Band, 1982)
BROOKER, GARY-Echoes In The Night (LP Echoes In The Night, 1985)
CHARITODIPLOMENOS, COSTAS-Give Me Your Love (LP Itchika, 1983)
CHARITODIPLOMENOS, COSTAS-Fill My Glass (LP Itchika, 1983)
CHARITODIPLOMENOS, COSTAS-Loving You Is A Miracle (LP Itchika, 1983)
CHARITODIPLOMENOS, COSTAS-What You Gonna Do (LP Itchika, 1983)
DAVIS JR., SAMMY-Hello Detroit (1984)
DAVIES, GAIL-Givin' Herself Away (LP Givin' Herself Away, 1982)
DOLLAR-Who Were You With In The Moonlight (LP Shooting Stars, 1979)
DOOLEYS, THE-Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know (LP Dooleys, 1978)
DOWNES & PRICE-New York Hold Her Tight (1986)
EASTON, SHEENA-Hard To Say It's Over (LP A Private Heaven, 1984)
FAGIN, JOE-Why Don't We Spend The Night (1982 / Se #6)
FISHER, MATTHEW-Anna (LP Matthew Fisher, 1980)
FISHER, MATTHEW-Can't Stop Loving You Now (LP Strange Days, 1981)
FISHER, MATTHEW-Give It A Try (LP Matthew Fisher, 1980)
FISHER, MATTHEW-Running From Your Love (LP Matthew Fisher, 1980)
FORMAN, ROBERT-Miracle (LP Cat Juggling, 1985)
FRICKE, JANIE-But Love Me (LP From The Heart, 1979)
FRIEDMAN, DEAN-I Didn't Mean To Make You Cry (1985)
FRIENDS AGAIN-South Of Love (LP Trapped & Unwrapped, 1984)
FROGER, RENE-How Do I Stop Loving You (LP You're My Everything, 1989)
GOLDIE-We'll Make The Same Mistake Again (1979)
GURVITZ, ADRIAN-No Fears In The Night (LP Classic, 1982)
GURVITZ, ADRIAN-Seventeen (LP Il Assassino, 1980)
GURVITZ, ADRIAN-Your Dream (LP Classic, 1982 / UK #61)
GUYS 'N' DOLLS-Just Loving You (1977)
HEAD, MURRAY-How Many Ways (1979 / LP Voices, 1980)
HEADON, TOPPER-I'll Give You Everything (LP Waking Up, 1986)
HODGSON, ROGER-Had A Dream (LP In The Eye Of The Storm, 1984)
HODGSON, ROGER-Only Because Of You (LP In The Eye Of The Storm, 1984)
HOUSTON, WHITNEY-All At Once (LP Whitney Houston, 1985 / NL #6)
IGLESIAS, JULIO-Me Va, Me Va (LP 1100 Bel Air Place, 1984)
JAMES, MELVIN-Why Won't You Stay (LP The Passenger, 1987)
JOLING, GERARD-I Can Only Give You Everything (LP Love Is In Your Eyes, 1985)
GERARD JOLING & RANDY CRAWFORD-Everybody Needs A Little Rain (LP Sea Of Love, 1986)
JIMMY JIMMY-I Met Her In Paris (LP Here In The Light, 1986)
JIMMY JIMMY-Love (LP Here In The Light, 1986)
KORGIS, THE-All The Love In The World (LP Sticky George, 1981)
LAWS, RONNIE-Stay Awake (LP Solid Ground, 1981)
LIGHTFOOT, GORDON-Stay Loose (LP East Of Midnight, 1986)
LOVE UNLIMITED-Love's Theme (LP In Heat, 1974)
MANCHESTER, MELISSA-No One Can Love You More Than Me (LP Emergency, 1983)
MANCHESTER, MELISSA-Thief Of Hearts (OST Thief Of Hearts, 1984 / US #86)
MANILOW, BARRY-If I Should Love Again (1982 / UK #66)
MARIE, TEENA-Out On A Limb (LP Star Child, 1985)
MIREILLE MATHIEU & PATRICK DUFFY-Together We're Strong (1983 / NL #2)
MOSS, VIKKI-If I Turn You Away (OST St. Elmo's Fire, 1985)
NASH, GRAHAM-Sad Eyes (LP Innocent Eyes, 1986)
OCEAN, BILLY-Everlasting Love (LP Nights Feel Like Getting Down, 1981)
P.S. & THE FOOT NOTES-Final Love Song (1983)
PANARAMA-I Believe In You (LP Can This Be Paradise? 1982)
RAWLS, LOU-Stop Me From Starting This Feeling (LP Love All Your Blues Away, 1986)
QUATRO, SUZI-Main Attraction (LP Main Attraction, 1982)
REA, CHRIS-Smile (1983 / flip side on single "Love's Strange Ways")
REDD, SHARON-Takin' A Chance On Love (LP Redd Hot, 1982)
ROLIE, GREGG-Let Me Out (LP Gregg Rolie, 1985)
SHEPPARD, T.G.-You're Going Out Of My Mind (LP One Owner Heart, 1984)
SILVER CONDOR-The One You Left Behind (LP Silver Condor, 1981)
STYLE COUNCIL-Boy Who Cried Wolf (LP Our Favourite Shop, 1985)
LESLIE SMITH & MARY CLAYTON-Before The Night Is Over (LP Heartache, 1982)
SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY & THE JUKES-Love Is The Drug (LP In The Heat, 1984)
SPRINGSTEEN, BRUCE-Bobby Jean (LP Born In The uSA, 1984)
TEMPTATIONS-How Can You Say That It's Over (LP Truly For You, 1984)
TOTO-Endless (LP Isolation, 1984)
WILLIAMS, DENIECE-Black Butterfly (LP Let's Hear It For The Boy, 1984)

2) Songs with international success (US or UK Top 40 hits) that George turned into hits long after their release date.

Part 1: The Hits

AMERICA-You Can Do Magic (LP View From The Ground, 1982 / US #8)
BALIN, MARTY-Hearts (LP Balin, 1981 / US #8)
CALDWELL, BOBBY-What You Won't Do For Love (1979 / US #9)
CAPTAIN & TENNILLE-Love Will Keep Us Together (1975 / US #1 & UK #32)
CHARLENE-I've Never Been To Me (1977 / LP I've Never Been To Me, 1982 / US #3 & UK #1)
DAVIS, PAUL-Cool Night (LP Cool Night, 1981 / US #11)
DAVIS, PAUL-I Go Crazy (LP Singer Of Songs - Teller Of Tales, 1977 / US #7)
DOOLEYS, THE-Honey I'm Lost (1979 / UK #24)
DOOLEYS, THE-Wanted (1979 / UK #3)
ENGLAND DAN & JOHN FORD COLEY-I'd Really Love To See You Tonight (1976 / US #2)
FREY, GLENN-The One You Love (LP No Fun Aloud, 1982 / US #15)
GOLDIE-Making Up Again (1978 / UK #7)
GURVITZ, ADRIAN-Classic (LP Classic, 1982 / UK #8)
HAMILTON, JOE FRANK AND REYNOLDS-Fallin' In Love (1975 / US #1 & UK #33)
HI GLOSS-You'll Never Know (1981 / UK #12)
HIGGINS, BERTIE-Key Largo (LP Just Another Day In Paradise, 1982 / US #8)
HILL, DAN-Sometimes When We Touch (1977 / US #3 & UK #13)
JACKSON, MICHAEL-One Day In Your Life (1975 / UK #1 in 1981)
ELTON JOHN & KIKI DEE-Don't Go Breaking My Heart (1976 / US #1 & UK #1)
MANCHESTER, MELISSA-You Should Hear How She Talks About You (LP Hey Ricky, 1982 / US #5)
MOTORS, THE-Airport (1978 / UK #4)
MOVING PICTURES-What About Me (LP Days Of Innocence, 1982 / US #29)
PRICE, ALAN-Just For You (1978 / UK #43)
SUZI QUATRO & CHRIS NORMAN-Stumblin' In (1979 / US #4)
REDDY, HELEN-I Can't Say Goodbye To You (LP Play Me Out, 1981 / UK #43)
DIANA ROSS & MARVIN GAYE-My Mistake (Was To Love You) (1974 / US #19)
RUFFIN, JIMMY-Hold On To My Love (LP Sunrise, 1980 / US #10 & UK #7)
SCARBURY, JOEY-Theme From "Greatest American Hero" (Believe It Or Not) (1981 / US #2)
SHERBET-Howzat (1976 / UK #4)
SMITH, REX-You Take My Breath Away (OST Sooner Or Later, 1979 / US #10)
SMOKIE-Don't Play Your Rock'N Roll To Me (1975 / UK #8)
SMOKIE-I'll Meet You At Midnight (1976 / UK #11)
SMOKIE-Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone (1977 / UK #12)
SMOKIE-Living Next Door To Alice (1976 / US #25 & UK #5)
STARBUCK-Moonlight Feels Right (1976 / US #3)
STEINMAN, JIM-Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through (1981 / US #32)
STYLISTICS-Can't Give You Anything (But My Love) (1975 / UK #1)
SWEET-Love Is Like Oxygen (1978 / US #8)
SYREETA & BILLY PRESTON-With You I'm Born Again (1980 / US #4 & UK #2)
WHITE, BARRY-Let The Music Play (1976 / US #32 & UK #9)
WHITE, SNOWY-Bird Of Paradise (1983 / UK #6)

Part 2: The "almost" Hits

ENGLAND DAN & JOHN FORD COLEY-Nights Are Forever Without You (1976 / US #10)
ENGLAND DAN & JOHN FORD COLEY-Love Is The Answer (1979 / US #10)
ENGLAND DAN & JOHN FORD COLEY-We'll Never Have To Say Goodbye Again (1978 / US #9)
GARRETT, LEIF-Runaround Sue (1977 / US #13)
GOMM, IAN-Hold On (1979 / US #18)
MANCHESTER, MELISSA-Don't Cry Out Loud (1978 / US #10)
MONEY, EDDIE-Maybe I'm A Fool (1979 / US #22)
MOTORS, THE-Forget About You (1978 / UK #13)
NIGHT-Hot Summer Nights (1979 / US #18)
SCAGGS, BOZ-Look What You've Done To Me (1980 / US #14)
SILVER-Wham Bam (Shang-A-Lang) (1976 / US #16)
WILSON, AL-The Snake (1968 / US #27)

3) Special category (Songs already known in Hellas but with no particular success in the US or the UK that Yorgos introduced to the 80's radio audience)

BATTISTI, LUCIO-Ancora Tu (La Batteria, Il Contrabasso, Eccetera, 1976)
LONDON, JULIE-Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) (1954)
MANGIONE, CHUCK-Children Of Sanchez (LP Children Of Sanchez, 1978)
STEVE MILLER BAND-Winter Time (LP Book Of Dreams, 1977)
MONRO, MATT-The Music Played (1968)
O'MALLEY, LEONORE (LENORE)-First Be A Woman (1979)
SUPERTRAMP-Don't Leave Me Now (LP ...Famous Last Words... 1982)

Προσθήκη στις 15 Φεβρουαρίου 2013:
Στο σύνδεσμο που ακολουθεί, μπορείτε να ακούσετε σε streaming την εκπομπή αφιερωμα στο Γιώργο και τις μουσικές του που έγινε στις 2 Δεκεμβριου 2012 στο Radio Boo. Καλή ακρόαση!


Anonymous said...

Excellent compilation for this tribute...
Bravo sas!!!!
I got really moved to remember this music after so many years...
His voice of velvet, for some reason, matched the songs..
Thank you for bringing back these memories to me...

Stella X.

LefterisLalos said...

Thank You Stella
for further info about Yorgos, you can always visit my site

Σελίδα αφιερωμένη στη μνήμη του Γιώργου Αλεξίου

Αντώνης said...

Γειά και χαρά.
~Μαλλίουρας~ από Νάουσα.
Ανά καιρούς ακούω εκπομπές, ή αφιερώματα,και πάω πίσω σε 'κείνα τα χρονια.
Να 'σαί καλά που με τον τρόπο σου,
κρατάς στη θύμηση, τον ΓΙΩΡΓΟ,
τις μουσικές του...ωραίες εποχές.

LefterisLalos said...

Σ'ευχαριστώ Αντώνη
Να είσαι σίγουρος ότι αν και όταν βρεθεί -το κατάλληλο- βήμα, όπου θα μπορώ να εκφράζομαι σε συνθήκες ραδιοφωνικής ευπρέπειας και αξιοπρέπειας, βασικό μου μέλημα θα είναι ένα αφιέρωμα ΑΝΤΑΞΙΟ του ονόματος και της φήμης του ανδρός.

Anonymous said...

Χαίρομαι που υπάρχουν ακόμη φίλοι του Γιώργου που τον θυμούνται με τόση αγάπη και θέρμη.Τον γνώρισα ραδιοφωνικά και προσωπικά το 1985 κατά τη διαρκεια των σπουδών μου και από τότε και μέχρι το θάνατό του είμασταν φίλοι και παρόλο που μέναμε μακριά (εγώ στο Βόλο)μπορώ να πω ότι είμασταν πολύ φίλοι. Το μόνο που θέλω να πω είναι ότι ο Γιώργος έφυγε με μεγάλο παράπονο από το μάταιο τούτο κόσμο.Να΄'σαι καλά Λεφτέρη.
Τάσος Π.

Anonymous said...


πολλα μπραβο για το αφιερωμα και τις πληροφοριες
μια ερωτηση: το You could be forgiven των Horse μηπως ηταν (κι αυτο) του Γιωργου?

Βαγγελης Σ.

LefterisLalos said...

Δεν μπορώ να πω με βεβαιότητα... αν ήταν πάντως να κάνω μια εικασία (και με δεδομένο ότι γνώρισε επιτυχία τόσο το "The Speed Of..." όσο και το "Breathe Me") δεν αποκλείεται, τόσο πίσω από την επιτυχία του τραγουδιού όσο και του δίσκου "The Same Sky" να βρίσκεται έμμεσα ο Γιώργος.

Πάντως, το πιο γνωστό τραγούδι του δίσκου στην υπόλοιπη Ευρώπη, είναι το "Sweet Thing" (#58 Γερμανία)