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Songs listed chronologically

Good Timin'-JIMMY JONES (1960 / Who in the world would've ever known, what Columbus could do if Queen Isabella hadn't hocked her jewels in fourteen ninety two 1492)
Rock Me Amadeus-FALCO (1985 / Es war um 1780 und es war in Wien )
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down-THE BAND (1969), JOAN BAEZ (1971 / in the winter of ’65)
Zombie-THE CRANBERRIES ( 1994 / It's the same old theme since 1916 in your head, in your head they're still fightin' )
Being Boring-PET SHOP BOYS (1990 / in the nineteen-twenties: 1920’s, in the nineteen-seventies 1970’s, in the nineteen-nineties 1990's)
Parisiene Walkways-GARY MOORE(1978 / I remember Paris in ’49)
Video Killed The Radio Star-BUGGLES (1979 / I heard you on the wireless back in Fifty Two ’52)
Love Potion #9-THE CLOVERS (1959 / I told her that I was a flop with chicks, I'd been this way since 1956)
Summer-NUCLEAR VALDEZ (1989 / in the year 1959 red was more than just a stain )
Girl In A Sports Car-CHRIS REA (1996 / It's the girl in the sports car 1961)
You Keep It All In-THE BEAUTIFUL SOUTH (1989 / Just like that murder in '73, Just like that robbery in ’62)
Life In A Northern Town-DREAM ACADEMY (1985 /In winter 1963 it felt like the world would freeze with John F. Kennedy and The Beatles")
Parents Just Don’t Understand-DJ JAZZY JEFF & THE FRESH PRINCE (1988 / my mother buying me clothes from 1963)
Run Baby Run-SHERYL CROW (1993 / She was born in November 1963 the day Aldous Huxley died)
December, 1963 (Oh What A Night) -THE 4 SEASONS (1976)
Hearts Of Fire-ROGER DALTREY (1987 /It was the summer of sixty-four 64, and by seventy-two 72 I was running free)
The Way It Is-BRUCE HORNSBY & THE RANGE (1986 / well they passed a law in ’64, to give those who aint got a little more)
Camouflage-STAN RIDGWAY (1986 / I was a p.f.c. on a search patrol, huntin charlie down it was in the jungle wars of ’65)
My Hometown-BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (1984 /In’65 tension was running high at my high school, there was a lot of fights between the black and white there was nothing you could do in)
Running On Empty-JACKSON BROWN (1977 / ’65 I was seventeen And runnin' up one to one, '69 I was tewnty-one and I called the road my own)
19-PAUL HARDCASTLE (1985 / In 1965 Vietnam seemed like just another foreign war, but it wasn't)
Hey 19-STEELY DAN (1980 / Way back when in sixty-seven ’67)
Geno-DEXYS MIDNIGHT RUNNERS (1980 /Back in '68 in a sweaty club Oh, Geno)
Summer Of ‘69-BRYAN ADAMS (1983 / ’69)
The Lebanon-HUMAN LEAGUE (1984 / She dreams of nineteen sixty-nine 1969 Before the soldiers came)
Echoes In The Night-GARY BROOKER (1985 / There's a guy you might remember, He was big in ’69)
Summer Of '71-BOLLAND & BOLLAND (1972)
1973-JAMES BLUNT (2007)
Rock This Town-STRAY CATS (1981 / Well there's a real square cat he looks nineteen seventy four 1974)
74-75-THE CONNELS (1993 & 1995)
1980-HERB ALPERT (1979)
Heat Of The Moment-ASIA (1982 / ’82)
Happy Ending-JOE JACKSON feat. ELAINE CASWELL (1984 / ’84)
Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four)-EURYTHMICS (1984 /1984)
1985-WINGS (1973 / no one left alive in 1985)
All Summer Long-KID ROCK (2007 / It was 1989, my thoughts were short my hair was long)
1999-PRINCE (1982)
Cosmic Girl-JAMIROQUAI (1996 /1999)
Metal Heart-ACCEPT (1985 / It is 1999 The human race has to face it)
Why Me-PLANET P (1983 / the last man to be here was never heard from again he won't be back this way till 2010)


January songs

January-PILOT (1974)
January-February-BARBARA DICKSON (1980)

February songs

American Pie-DON McLEAN (1971), MADONNA (2000 / but February made me shiver)
Somebody Told Me-THE KILLERS (2004 / Well somebody told me You had a boyfriend Who looks like a girlfriend That I had in February of last year)

March songs

These Foolish Things-BRYAN FERRY (1973 / the winds of March that make my heart a dancer)

April songs

April Skies-JESUS & MARY CHAIN (1987)
Lifted-LIGHTHOUSE FAMILY (1995 /I really love to be alone without αll the ache and pain and the April showers)
Looking For The Summer-CHRIS REA (1991 / Look deep into the April face)
Love Is A Many Splendored Thing-FOUR ACES (1955 / It's the April rose that only grows in the early spring)
Mad About You-STING (1991 / My heart was lost on a distant planet that whirls around the April moon)
Pieces Of April-THREE DOG NIGHT (1972)
Pride (In The Name Of Love)-U2 (1983 / Early morning, April 4 shot rings out in the Memphis sky)

May songs

Blue Velvet-BOBBY VINTON (1963 / warmer than May her tender sighs)
I Feel The Earth Move-CAROLE KING (1971), MARTIKA (1988 / mellow as the month of May)
My Girl-TEMPTATIONS (1964 / when it’s cold outside, I’ve got the month of May)
Stairway To Heaven-LED ZEPPELIN (1971 / It's just a spring clean for the May queen)

June songs

Drops Of Jupiter (Tell Me)-TRAIN (2001 / She listens like spring and she talks like June)
How About You-MICKEY ROONEY & JUDY GARLAND (1941), HARRY NILSSON (1991 / I like New York in June, how about you?)
I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man-PRINCE (1987 / It was only last June when her old man ran away)
Kashmir-LED ZEPPELIN (1975 / sure as the dust that floats high in June, when movin' through Kashmir)
Spanish Eddie-LAURA BRANIGAN (1985 / It was June or July)
Summer (The First Time)-BOBBY GOLDSBORO (1967 / It was a hot afternoon, last day of June)
Vietnam-JIMMY CLIFF (1970 / tell all my friends that I'll be coming home soon my time 'll be up some time in June)

July songs

Beach Baby-FIRST CLASS (1974 / from July till the end of September)
Born On The Bayou-CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVVAL (1969 /and I can remember the fourth of July)
Darlington County-BRUCE (me and Wayne on the 4th of July)
Do I Love You-COLE PORTER, AZTEC CAMERA (does July need a sky of blue?)
Jocelyn Square-LOVE & MONEY (1988 / I wrote you a letter and I sent it on the first of July now it's November and still I haven't no reply)
July Morning-URIAH HEEP (1971)
Master Blaster (Jammin’)-STEVIE WONDER (it’s hotter than July)
Saturday In The Park-CHICAGO (1972 / I think it was the fourth of July)
See You In July-PAUL HARDCASTLE (1992)
Summerfling-K.D. LANG (2000 / Early morning Mid-July)

August songs

Hot August Night-VAYA CON DIOS (1995)
King Of Emotion-BIG COUNTRY (1988 /I know where all that time has goneBlown and drifted listening to an August night... washed out like an April day)
Tokyo Joe-BERTIE HIGGINS (1983 / laughing & having tea neath the August moon)
Wild Boys-DURAN DURAN (1984 / In August moon's surrender to a dust cloud on the rise)
(LP August-ERIC CLAPTON / 1987)

September songs

Alone Without You-KING (1985 / a hot room, Septembers gloom)
Flaming September-MARIANNE FAITHFULL (LP A Secret Life, 1995)
Girl In A Million-DREAM ACADEMY (in late September)
Heartbeat-WHAM (a September morning)
Maggie May-ROD STEWART (1971 / it's late September and I really should be back at school)
Papa Was A Rolling Stone-TEMPTATIONS (it was the 3RD of September)
Sealed With A Kiss-BRIAN HYLAND (let us make a pledge to meet in September)
September-EARTH WIND & FIRE (1978)
September In The Rain-DINAH WASHINGTON (1961)
September Morn'-NEIL DIAMOND (1979)
Wake Me Up When September Ends-GREEN DAY (2005)
When Love Breaks Down-PREFAB SPROUT (1985 / the sweet September rain)

October songs

October-A HA (LP Scoundrel days)
Moondance-VAN MORRISON (1970 / neath the cover of October skies)
My October Symphony-PET SHOP BOYS (1990)
She's Strange-CAMEO (1984 / like the cold in October she'll take you right over)

November songs

Gone Till November-WYCLEF JEAN (1997)
Late November-PAVLOV’S DOG (1975)
November Rain-GUNS N' ROSES (1991)
Novembre-GIUSY FERRERI (2008)
Run Baby, Run-SHERYL CROW (1993 / She was born in November 1963)
Where Do Broken Hearts Go-WHITNEY HOUSTON (1987 / since that cold November day)
Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald-GORDON LIGHTFOOT (1976 / when the skies of November turn gloomy)

December songs

Angel Of Harlem-U2 (It was a cold and wet December day)
Famous Blue Raincoat-LEONARD COHEN (1970)
I Am A Rock-SIMON & GARFUNKEL (deep and dark December)
Time Passages-AL STEWART
Violet Hill-COLDPLAY (2008 / Was a long and dark December)

Various months songs

Love Parade-DREAM ACADEMY (from June to September)
The Night You Murdered Love-ABC (January, February, March & April May June July)
That’s Life-FRANK SINATRA (April, May, June, July)


Monday songs

Break The Night With Colour-RICHARD ASHCROFT (2006 / Monday morning)
Eyes Of The World-ZU ZU SHARKS (1984 / take a look at Monday morning)
Monday Monday-MAMAS & PAPAS
Monday Morning 5:19-RIALTO
I Don’t Like Mondays-BOOMTOWN RATS
Manic Monday-BANGLES
New Moon On Monday-DURAN DURAN
She’s Leaving Home-BEATLES (also: Wednesday)
She Moves In Her Own Way-THE KOOKS ( also: Tuesday)
She’s Only Happy When She’s Dancing-BRYAN ADAMS (Monday mornin’)

Tuesday songs

All Kinds Of Everything-DANA (1970 / Monday, Tuesday)
Tuesday Afternoon-JENNIFER BROWN (Wednesday)

Wednesday songs

Parklife-BLUR (I get up when I want except on Wednesday)
We Close Our Eyes-GO WEST (no show Wednesday waits with the wine)

Thursday songs

Rain Fall Down-THE ROLLING STONES (2005 / The Bankers are wankers & every Thursday night they just vomit on the ground)
Thursday’s Child-DAVID BOWIE

Friday songs

Dancing Queen-ABBA (1976)
Friday-J.J. CALE (1979)
Friday's Child-LEE HAZLEWOOD (1965), NANCY SINATRA (1966)
Friday I'm In Love-THE CURE
I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man-PRINCE (it was 10:35 on a lonely Friday night)
I Wanna Go Back-EDDIE MONEY (1986)
It's Not Right But It's Okay-WHITNEY HOUSTON (1998)
Kids In America-KIM WILDE (1981)
Mr. Friday Night-LISA MOORISH (1996)
She's Leaving Home-THE BEATLES (1967 / Friday morning at 9 o'clock she's far away)
Sultans Of Swing-DIRE STRAITS (1978)
Summer Breeze-SEALS & CROFTS (on a Friday night)
Through The Barricades-SPANDAU BALLET (1986 / Friday's child is full of soul)
Walking In Memphis-MARC COHN (1991 / Now Muriel plays piano Every Friday at the Hollywood)

Saturday songs

A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays-DE LA SOUL
Come Dancing-KINKS
Die Da-DIE FANTASTISCHEN 4 (Freitag & Sontag)
Driver's Seat-SNIFF ’N’ THE TEARS
Heartland-THE THE (past the Saturday morning cinema)
Little Red Corvette-PRINCE (Saturday night)
Magic Moments-PERRY COMO (the Saturday dance)
Maniac-MICHAEL SEMBELLO (1983 / Just a still town girl on a Saturday night, lookin' for the fight of her life)
Moonlight Feels Right-STARBUCK
Moonlight Shadow-MIKE OLDFIELD
Nowhere Fast-FIRE INC
Rock This Town-STRAY CATS (1981 / Well my baby and me went out late Saturday night)
Saturday Night-SUEDE (1997)
Saturday Night-WHIGFIELD (1994)
Starz In Their Eyes-JUST JACK (2006)
17-ADRIAN GURVITZ (Saturday night)
Working In A Coalmine-LEE DORSEY

Sunday songs

All Tomorrow's Parties-THE VELVET UNDERGROUND & NICO (1967)
Anna-CLOUSEAU (but this is Sunday so we don’t really have a lot to do)
Bedsitter-SOFT CELL (1981)
Easy-COMMODORES,FAITH NO MORE (I’m easy like Sunday morning)
Every Day Is Like Sunday-MORRISSEY
Groovin’-YOUNG RASCALS, WAR (groovin’ on a Sunday afternoon)
Hope In A Hopeless World-PAUL YOUNG (Sunday school)
I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat-BAD BOYS BLUE (1986)
Jesus He Knows Me-GENESIS
Mrs.Robinson-SIMON & GARFUNKEL (1968 / sitting on a sofa on a Sunday afternoon)
Lady In Black-URIAH HEEP (1970 / She came to me one morning, one lonely Sunday morning)
Manchild-NENEH CHERRY (is it the pain of the drinking or the Sunday sinking feeling
Manic Monday-BANGLES
Nutbush City Limits-TINA TURNER
Ordinary Girl-ALISON MOYET (she left on a Sunday afternoon)
Our House-MADNESS (father wears his Sunday best)
Seventh Stranger-DURAN DURAN (a year of Sundays seems to have drifted right by)
Sister Golden Hair-AMERICA (well I tried to make it Sunday... also: Monday)
Summertime Blues-EDDIE COCHRAN
Summerfling-K.D. LANG (the smell of Sunday in our hair)
That Sunday That Summer-NAT KING COLE
We Built This City-STARSHIP (it’s another Sunday)
Who Do You Want For Your Love-ICICLE WORKS

Various days songs

Lady Madonna-BEATLES
Purple Rain-PRINCE (weekend)
Satellite Of Love-LOU REED
Toy Boy-SINITTA (1987 / Monday to Sunday)
Tunica Motel-TONY JOE WHITE (Monday looked like a downer Tuesday looked like rain)
Weekend-EARTH & FIRE (1979 / Sunday, Friday)

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Flower songs

Carnation (Γαρύφαλλο)

American Pie-DON McLEAN (1971), MADONNA (2000 / pink carnation)

Daisies (Μαργαρίτες)

Condition Of The Heart-PRINCE (1985 / I’m blinded by the daisies in your yard)
Just Like You-ROXY MUSIC (1973 / Buttercup daisies)


Bring Me Edelweiss-EDELWEISS (1988)

Forget Me Nots (Μη Με Λησμόνει)

Forget Me Nots-PATRICE RUSHEN (1982), RANDY CRAWFORD (1995)

Jasmine (Γιασεμί)

The River Must Flow-GINO VANNELLI (1978 / I need you like the jasmine needs the rain)
Summer Βreeze-SEALS & CROFTS (1972 / summer breeze, makes me feel fine don't indure the jasmine in my mind)

Lotus (plant & flower)

Bow Down Mister-JESUS LOVES YOU (1991 / open like a lotus flower)
Lotus-R.E.M. (1998)
Night Of The Lotus Eaters-NICK CAVE (2008)


King Of The World-STEELY DAN (1973 / no marigolds in the promised land)



Rose (Τριαντάφυλλο)

The Rose-BETTE MIDDLER (1979)
All The Small Things-BLINK 182 (1999 / she left me roses by the stairs)
The Days Of Wine & Roses-HENRY MANCINI (1962), ANDY WILLIAMS (1963)
Do You Love Me? -SHARIF DEAN (1973 / I need you, like the rose needs water)
Good Year For The Roses-ELVIS COSTELLO (1981)
Every Rose Has It’s Thorn-POISON (1988)
Everything Is Coming Up Roses-BLACK (1987)
I Want That Man-DEBBIE HARRY (1989 / you can send me roses every other day)
Love Is A Many Splendored Thing-FOUR ACES (1955 / it’s the April rose that only grows in the early spring)
Mister Sandman-THE CHORDETTES (1954 / give him two lips like roses and clover)
New Rose-THE DAMNED (1976)
Red Roses For A Blue Lady-VAUGHN MONROE (1948), ANDY WILLIAMS (1965)
Rose Garden-LYNN ANDERSON (also see: I Beg Your Pardon-KON KAN)
Rose Tattoo-DIOMEDES MATURAN (1958), PERRY COMO (1960 / He wore the rose tattoo, To prove his love was true . . . But hearts can lie, so why deny, That roses fade and love can die)
Roses Are Red-MAC BAND (1988)
Roses Are Red (My Love)-BOBBY VINTON (1962)
Spanish Harlem-BEN E. KING (1969 / There is a rose in Spanish Harlem... note: the song refers to a girl)
Valentine-RICHARD HAWLEY (2007 / don't need no valentines no no, don't need no roses, cos they just take me back in time no no to when you loved me only)
Where The Wild Roses Grow-NICK CAVE & KYLIE MINOGUE (1995)
The Yellow Rose Of Texas-TRADITIONAL, MITCH MILLER (1955)


Whewn Doves Cry-PRINCE (1984 / Dream if u can a courtyard An ocean of violets in bloom)

Various flower songs

Ballad Of A Landlord-TERRY HALL (1997 / I tried to tend the garden until the flowers fell to weed)
Bonny-PREFAB SPROUT (1985 / flowers are for funerals)
Cool Night-PAUL DAVIS ( 1982 / all the flowers had to die)
Faded Flowers-SHRIEKBACK (1985)
Fading Like A Flower-ROXETTE (1991)
The First Picture Of You-LOTUS EATERS (1983 / seeing the flowers scream their joy)
Flor D'luna (Moonflower)-SANTANA (1977)
Flowers In The Window-TRAVIS (2001)
Flowers In Our Hair-ALL ABOUT EVE (1987)
Hotel California-THE EAGLES (1977 / warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air)
I Need You-AMERICA (1971 /I need you like the flower needs the rain)
I Turn To You-MELANIE C (1999 / a flower leaning towards the sun)
It Ain't Me, Babe-BOB DYLAN (1964 / To gather flowers constantly)
Jocelyn Square-LOVE & MONEY (1988 /All the memories that flower and blossom in the pale Endymion hour they paint a picture of you too good to be true)
Just The Two Of Us-GROVER WASHINGTON Jr. (1980 / Wasted waters's all that is And it don't make no flowers grow)
Let's Dance-DAVID BOWIE (1983 / and tremble like a flower)
Love Makes The World Go Round-DEON JACKSON (1966), BRUCE WILLIS (1989 / without love, flowers wouldn't grow in the spring)
Love Me More-TONY PACINO (1983 / love me more than the flowers love the sun)
Lover Why-CENTURY (1985 / why do flowers die?)
Poetry In Motion-JOHNNY TILLOTSON (a flower of devotion)
San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair) -SCOTT McKENZIE (1967)
Teardrop-MASSIVE ATTACK (1998 / Black flowers blossom)
Tell Laura I Love Her-RAY PETERSON (1960), RICKY VALANCE (1960)
Time Stood Still-COMMON SENSE (2006)
Town Without Pity-EDDI READER (1996 / we're like flowers in a cage)
Two Princes-SPIN DOCTORS (1993 / and if you wanted to buy me flowers Just go ahead now)
Where Have All The Flowers Gone-PETE SEEGER (1960), MARLENE DIETRICH (1962)
You Don’t Bring Me Flowers-BARBRA STREISAND & NEIL DIAMOND (1978)

Fruit songs


Big Apple-KAJAGOOGOO (1983 / slang for: New York)
Lollipop-THE CHORDETTES (1958 / Call my baby lollipop Tell you why His kiss is sweeter than an apple pie... Sweeter than candy on a stick huckleberry, chimry or lime)


Cherry Pie-SADE (1984)
Green, Green Grass Of Home-TOM JONES (1966 / lips like cherries)


The Joker-STEVE MILLER BAND (1973 & 1990 / I really love your peaches wanna shake your tree)
Peach-PRINCE (1993)
Peaches-THE STRANGLERS (1977)


Strawberry Fields Forever-THE BEATLES (1966), CANDY FLIP (1990)
Summerwine-NANCY & LEE (1966 / Strawberries, cherries)

Other plant songs

Cinnamon (Κανέλλα)

Cinnamon-DEREK alias JOHNNY CYMBAL (1969 / a girl's name in the song)
Cinnamon Girl-NEIL YOUNG
Sally Cinnamon-STONE ROSES

Clover (Τριφύλλι)

Foolish Beat-DEBBIE GIBSON (1988 / All you could do was Wish on a four leaf clover)
Heartbeat-WHAM (a September morning with the sun and smell of the clover)
The Reflex-DURAN DURAN (watching over lucky clover)

Daffodil (Νάρκισσος)

All Kinds Of Everything-DANA (1970 / Snowdrops and daffodils)
Vincent-DON McLEAN (1971 / sketch the trees & the daffodils)

Dandelion (ΗΔΥΠΝΟΙΣ?)

A Letter To You-SHAKIN’ STEVENS (dandelion silk... ...sweet clover ring)
Dandelion-ROLLING STONES (double A-side We love you / Dandelion, 1967)

Lavender (λεβάντα)


Peppermint (μέντα)

Peppermint Twist-JOEY DEE
Incense & Peppermints-STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK

Poison Ivy (ivy: κισσός)

Poison Ivy-COASTERS (1959), PARAMOUNTS (1964)

Blossoms in general

Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White-PEREZ PRADO (1955), MODERN ROMANCE (1982)
Kayleigh-MARILLION (1985 / the cherry blossom in the market square)
This Is Not America-PAT METHENY GROUP featuring D. BOWIE (1985 / blossom fails to bloom this season)

Scarborough Fair-SIMON & GARFUNKEL (1966 / parsley, sage, rosemary & thyme)

Tree songs

Apple tree

I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing-NEW SEEKERS (apple tree)
Friendly Persuasion-PAT BOONE (May apple tree - see: OST Friendly Persuasion)

Cedar tree (Κέδρος)

Cedar Tree-INDIGO GIRLS (1992)

Lemon tree

Lemon Tree-FOOL'S GARDEN (1995)
Lemon Tree-PETER PAUL & MARY (1962), TRINI LOPEZ (1964 / Lemon tree very pretty and the lemon flower is sweet but the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat)

Oak tree ( Βελανιδιά)

Beds Are Burning- MIDNIGHT OIL (1987 / out where the river broke, the blood wood & desert oak)
Green, Green Grass Of Home-TOM JONES (1966 / they'll all come to see me in the shade of that old oak tree as they lay me neath the green, green grass of home)
Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree-DAWN feat TONY ORLANDO (1972)

Palm tree (Φοινικόδεντρο, φοίνικας)

California Girls-THE BEACH BOYS (1965), DAVID LEE ROTH (1985 / by a palm tree in the sand)

Pine tree (πεύκο)

Georgia On My Mind-RAY CHARLES (1960 / moonlight through the pines)

Sycamore tree (συκιά)

Dream A Little Dream Of Me-MAMA CASS (1968), THE BEAUTIFUL SOUTH (1995 / birds singing in a sycamore tree)
Wishing Well-TERENCE TRENT D’ARBY (1987 / underneath the sycamore tree)

Willow tree (ιτιά)

Brilliant Disguise-BRUCE SPRINSTEEN (1987 / I heard somebody call your name from underneath our willow)
Lights of Cincinnati-SCOTT WALKER (through the willows & the pines)
Starring Αt Τhe Sun-U2 (willow tree)
Willow Τree-IVY LEAGUE


Trees & leaves

Autumn Leaves-ROGER WILLIAMS (1955)
Belfast Child-TRADITIONAL, SIMPLE MINDS (gallow tree: κρεμάλα)
Last Good Day Of The Year-COUSTEAU (1999 / all the leaves are turning Autumn's fingers burnished furnished here in hope and in faith in the meantime kinda working my way through a dream I was having alone, there's something there... amongst the fallen fruit and flowers)
Life In Mono-MONO (1996 / the leaves began to fall)
Love Potion #9-THE CLOVERS (1959 / It smelled like turpentine and looked like Indian ink)
Moondance-VAN MORRISON (all the leaves on the trees are falling)
Te Amo Corazon-PRINCE (2005 / from the dust of the earth and the knowledge tree)

Elderberry wine-ELTON JOHN
Porcupine tree


Monday, August 18, 2008


Songs about ANY KIND of relationships involving (usually) a ... third person (at least)

A Lover’s Spurned-MARC ALMOND (1990 / It was all so cosy for you you had a wife, two children and a beautiful house and me, well you wanted me when it suited your needs)
Ain’t No Doubt-JIMMY NAIL (1992 / She says 'it's not you - it's me, I need a little time, a little space a place to find myself again you know? 'oh yes, I know a goodbye when I hear it, she smiles but her heart's already out there walking down the street)
All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You-HEART (1990 / I’m in love with another man)
Βabooshka-KATE BUSH (1980 / She wanted to test her husband She knew exactly what to do: A pseudonym to fool him She couldn't have made a worse move She sent him scented letters and he received them with a strange delight Just like his wife But how she was before the tears and how she was before the years flew by and how she was when she was beautiful...)
Bad Boy-RAY PARKER Jr. (1983 / she was just playing me for a fool, now that the love affair is over, here I come running to you)
Betcha Never-VANESSA WILLIAMS (1994)
The Boy Is Mine-BRANDY & MONICA (1998)
Careless Whisper-GEORGE MICHAEL (1984)
Cry Me A River-JULIE LONDON (1955 / now you say you're sorry for bein' so untrue)
Dance Away-ROXY MUSIC (1979 / you passed hand in hand with another guy)
Daytime Friends-KENNY ROGERS (1977 / and night time lovers)
Delilah-TOM JONES (1968 / she was my woman and she deceived me)
Dirty Diana-MICHAEL JACKSON (1987)
Domino Dancing-PET SHOP BOYS (1988 / I've seen you look at strangers too many times a love-you-once is of a, a different kind... I've watched you dance with danger, still wanting more add another number to the score)
Don’t Call Me Baby-VOICE OF THE BEEHIVE (1988 / while she is waiting in the car)
Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Cryin'-GERRY & THE PACEMAKERS (1964 / it may be hard to discover that you’ve been left for another)
Drop Dead Beautiful-SIX WAS NINE (1994 / I don't wanna take my best friends baby but she's drop dead beautiful)
Escape (The Piña Colada Song)-RUPERT HOLMES (1979)
Everybody Knows-LEONARD COHEN (1988 / saw your lover with another... part time love just brings me down)
Freedom-WHAM (1984 / I don't want your freedom I don't want to play around I don't want nobody's baby Part-time love just brings me down... Knowing all about the other boys)
Go Rosa-SANDY ROGERS (1986 / this ombre belongs to me)
Half Of Everything-LLOYD COLE (1991)
Heart Turns To Stone-FOREIGNER (1987 / you cheated and lied as her love slowly died)
Hey Joe-THE LEAVES (1966), JIMI HENDRIX (1966)
Ηim-RUPERT HOLMES (1979 / she's gonna have to do without him, or do without me)
Human-THE HUMAN LEAGUE (1986 / Male lyrics: Won't you please forgive me? I wouldn't ever try to hurt you, I just needed someone to hold me To fill the void while you were gone - Female lyrics: The tears I cry aren't tears of pain They're only to hide my guilt and shame I forgive you now I ask the same of you While we were apart I was human too)
I Heard It Through The Grapevine-GLADYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS (1967), MARVIN GAYE (1968 / you could have told me yourself that you love someone else)
I Know There's Something Going On-FRIDA (1983)
I Should Have Known Better-JIM DIAMOND (1984 / I've fooled around but tell me now just who is hurting who)
I Want You-ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS (1986 / It's the thought of him undressing you or you undressing... Oh no my darling not with that clown)
In My Bed-DRU HILL (1997 / somebody's sleeping in my bed, somebody's takin' my place)
It’s My Party-LESLEY GORE (1963 /Nobody knows where my Johnny has gone Judy left the same time, Why was he holding her hand When he's supposed to be mine)
It’s Not Right But It’s Okay-WHITNEY HOUSTON (1998 / Now if six of you´ll went out Then four of you were really cheap`Cause only two of you had dinner I found your credit card receipt)
It Isn’t , It Wasn’t, It Ain’t Never Gonna Be-ARETHA & WHITNEY (but I’m the one he really loves girl)
It Wasn't Me-SHAGGY feat. RIKROK alias RICARDO DUCENT (2001 / Honey came in and she caught me red-handed creeping with the girl next door)
Jolene-DOLLY PARTON (1973), STRAWBERRY SWITCHBLADE (1985 / please don’t take my man, even though you can)
The Last To Know-JOHNNY HATES JAZZ (1991)
Lay Your Hands (Off My Man)-VAYA CON DIOS (1988)
Lipstick On Your Collar-CONNIE FRANCIS (1959)
Looking For A New Love-JODY WATLEY (1987 / what she got does she turn you on Curiosity rules my brain Bet she wouldn't mind if we're all apart Are you going back again, tell me)
Make It Easy On Yourself-JERRY BUTLER (1962), THE WALKER BROTHERS (1965)
Me & Mrs. Jones-BILLY PAUL (1972)
Mr. Brightside-THE KILLERS (2004 / but she's touching his chest, now he takes of her dress / comment: sometimes cheating happens only in our mind)
Monday Morning 5:19-RIALTO (1997)
More Than I Can Bear-MATT BIANCO (1984)
The Music Played-MATT MONRO (while I was hurting you by clinging to my pride, he had been waiting and I drove him to your side)
Oh No Not My Baby-MAXINE BROWN (1964), MANFRED MANN (1965), ROD STEWART (1973), CHER (1992 / When my friends told me you had someone new, I didn't believe a single word was true.I told them all I had faith in you)
On & On-STEPHEN BISHOP (1977), ASWAD (1989 / he (Jimmy) saw his woman kiss another man)
The One You Love-GLENN FREY (1982 / are you gonna stay with the one who loves you or are you going back to the one you love)
The Other Woman-RAY PARKER (1982)
Part Time Lover-STEVIE WONDER (1985)
The Rain-ORAN ‘JUICE’ JONES (1986 /I saw you & him, walking in the rain)
Run To You-BRYAN ADAMS (1984 / that’d change if she ever found out about you & I)
Secret Lovers-ATLANTIC STARR (1986)
Shame & Scandal In The Family-LANCE PERCIVAL (1965)
She’s Mine-STEVE PERRY (1984)
Somebody Else's Guy-JOCELYN BROWN (1984)
Stop!-SAM BROWN (1988), JAMELIA (2005 / wrapped in her arms I see you across the street and I can't help but wonder if she knows what's going on)
Strong Enough-CHER (Where did you sleep last night? And was she worth it, was she worth it? / also see: I will survive-GLORIA GAYNOR)
Susanna-ART COMPANY (1984)
Take A Letter Maria-R. B. GREAVES (1969 / Last night as I got home about a half past ten There was the woman I thought I knew In the arms of another man)
Take Good Care Of My Baby-BOBBY VEE (1961 / Once upon a time that little girl was mine If I'd been true, I know she'd never be with you)
Take It On The Run-REO SPEEDWAGON (1980 / they say you got a boyfriend)
There Goes My First Love-DRIFTERS (1975 / with a guy I used to call my friend)
These Boots Are Made For Walkin'-NANCY SINATRA (1965), JESSICA SIMPSON (2005 / you've been messin' where you shouldn't have been a messin' and now someone else is gettin' all your best)
Torn Between Two Lovers-MARY MACGREGOR (1976)
24 Hours From Tulsa-GENE PITNEY (1963)
Unfaithful-RIHANNA (2006)
Upside Down-DIANA ROSS (1980 / I’m aware that you’re cheating but no one makes me feel like you do)
Vicious Games-YELLO (1985 / Now that you're gone And you have left me I had to learn I had to learn how much it hurts To play those Vicious Games)
Who’s Making Love-BLUES BROTHERS (1980)
Who Were You With In The Moonlight-DOLLAR (1979)
Why’d I Have To Fall In Love With You-MATTHEW FISHER (1980 / it didn't take me so long to find out What my friends were all talkin' 'bout And I know now, there ain't no doubt, You've been foolin' around)
Why Did You Do It-STRECH (1975 & 1985 / The only one who knows the truth, man it's him me and you)
You Belong To Me-THE DOOBIE BROTHERS (1977), CARLY SIMON (1978)
You’re No Good-SWINGING BLUE JEANS (I left a good woman for someone like you, I beg her forgiveness on bended knees)
You’ll Never Know-HI GLOSS (1981)

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Songs about "unlimited time" which usually translates to "unlimited love"

Always... in love

Always-ATLANTIC STARR (1987 / and I will love you so for always)
Always-BON JOVI (1994 / and I will love you, baby - always, and I'll be there forever and a day - always)
Always Gonna Love You-GARY MOORE (1982 /...if loving means forever)
Always On My Mind-ELVIS PRESLEY (1972), PET SHOP BOYS (1987)
I Love You Always Forever-DONNA LEWIS (1996)
I Will Always Love You-DOLLY PARTON (1974), WHITNEY HOUSTON (1992)
I 'll Always Love You-TAYLOR DAYNE (1987)
The Lady In My Life-MICHAEL JACKSON (1983 / I promise you tonight that you will always be the lady in my life)
My Simple Heart-THE THREE DEGREES (1979 / ...will always love you)
Thinking About Your Love-KENNY THOMAS (1991 / tonight, today & always... I'll always love you)
This Time It's Forever-ERROL BROWN (1992 / I always will love you)
You & Me Song-THE WANNADIES (1994 / OST Romeo + Juliet, 1996 / always & forever)
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me-DUSTY SPRINGFIELD  (1966 / When I said I needed you You said you would always stay It wasnt me who changed but you And now youve gone away)
You Mean Everything To Me-NEIL SEDAKA (1960 / say our love will always be)

Forever... in love

A Man Without Love-ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK (1968 / sharing a love I thought would last forever)
All Day & All Of The Night-THE KINKS, THE STRANGLERS (you & me last forever) All The World Loves Lovers-PREFAB SPROUT (saying ‘this will last forever’ when it’s just a year or two)
Amado Mio-GRACE JONES (1989), PINK MARTINI (2000 / Amado mio, love me forever and let forever begin tonight)
Captured-SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY & THE ASBURY JUKES (1984 / we will always stay in love forever)
Don't Call Me Baby-VOICE OF THE BEEHIVE (1988 /  you said forever and then you went and changed your plans)
Endless Love-DIANA ROSS & LIONEL RICHIE (1981 / forever, I'll hold you close in my arms)
Forever And Ever-DEMIS ROUSSOS (1972 & 1976 / ever and ever, forever and ever you'll be the one That shines in me like the morning sun... forever and ever my destiny will follow you eternally)
Glory Of Love-PETER CETERA (1986 / we’ll live forever)
Hasta Manana-ABBA (1974 / still my love for you will live forever)
Hold Me Now-JOHNNY LOGAN (1987 / we'll always be together, forever in love)
I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)-STEVIE WONDER (1972), ART GARFUNKEL (1975)
I Can't Say Goodbye To You-HELEN REDDY (1981 / you & I were meant to forever)
I Say A Little Prayer-DIONNE WARWICK (1967), ARETHA FRANKLIN (1968 /forever & ever you'll stay in my heart)
Jody-AMERICA (1982 / i thought it would be forever)
Just The Way You Are-BILLY JOEL (1977) , BARRY WHITE (1978 / I need to know that you will always be τhe same old someone that I knew... I said I love you and that's forever)
Kayleigh-MARILLION (you said our love would last forever)
Let's Stay Together-AL GREEN (1971), TINA TURNER (1983 / Let me say that since Since we've been together Loving you forever Is all I need)
Ms. Jackson-OUTCAST (2001 / hope that we feel this way forever )
Never Gonna Let You Go-SERGIO MENDES feat. JOE PIZZULO & LEZA MILLER (1983 / I'm gonna hold you in my arms forever)
Only The Moment-MARC ALMOND (1988 / But remember There is never forever Only the moment)
Put Your Love In Me-HOT CHOCOLATE (1977 / I need you now and forever)
Shake The Disease-DEPECHE MODE (1985 / Some people have to be Permanently together Lovers devoted to Each other forever)
Strangers In The Night-FRANK SINATRA (1966 / in love forever)
Suddenly-BILLY OCEAN (1984 / each day I pray this love affair would last forever)
Suddenly Last Summer-THE MOTELS (1983 / Forever I loved you, forever it seemed... the song refers to the "loss of viginity")
There's A Kind Of Hush-HERMANS HERMITS (1967 / I love you forever & ever)
Time In A Bottle-JIM CROCE (1971 / If I could save time in a bottle The first thing that I'd like to do Is to save every day Till Eternity passes away Just to spend them with you... If I could make days last forever...)
Together Forever-RICK ASTLEY (1987 / together forever and never to part, together forever we two, and don't you know I would move heaven and earth to be together forever with you)
Total Eclipse Of The Heart-BONNIE TYLER (1983 / We'll be holding on forever... Together We can take it to the end of the line... Forever's gonna start tonight)
Truly-LIONEL RICHIE (1982 / this love will last forever)
Until The Earth Begins To Part-BROKEN RECORDS (2009 / say you will forever own my heart)
When I Fall In Love-NAT KING COLE (1957), RICK ASTLEY (1987 / will be forever)
When The Rain Begins To Fall-PIA ZADORA & JERMAIN JACKSON (1984 / the way I feel with you, I know it’s gonna last forever)
Woman-JOHN LENNON (1981 / I love you, now & forever)
You & I-SCORPIONS (1996 / To love each other now, forever and a day... I love you girl I always will... I swear I’m there for you Till the day I die)
You're The Inspiration-CHICAGO (1984 / You know our love was meant to be the kind of love to last forever)
You Don't Remember, I'll Never Forget-YNGWIE MALMSTEEN
Hearts-MARTIN BALIN (when love won’t stay forever)

Nights are forever

Ain’t Nobody-RUFUS & CHAKA KHAN (1983 / I make my wish upon a star and hope this night will last forever)
I Want To Spend The Night-BILL WITHERS (1977 / ...forever)
Making Love (Out Of Nothing At All)-AIR SUPPLY (1983 / I can make tonight forever)
Nights Are Forever Without You-ENGLAND DAN & JOHN FORD COLEY (1976)
Promises-BARBRA STREISAND (1980 / Out in a world where nights they don’t ever ever end)
Took The Last Train-DAVID GATES (1977 / tonight will last forever)

Until The End Of Time / Eternally

All Mine-PORTISHEAD (1997 / all mine until the day I die)
Baby I’m Yours-BARBARA LEWIS (1965 /until eternity)
Be My Baby-THE RONETTES (1963 / you know I will adore you 'til eternity)
Close To You-MAXI PRIEST (1990 / something deep inside of me wants to love you endlessly)
Concrete & Clay-UNIT FOUR PLUS TWO (my love & me will be in love eternally)
Don't You Worry-THE BELOVED (1990 / I'm gonna love you till the end of time)
Father Figure-GEORGE MICHAEL (the one who loves you till the end of time)
Fire In Your Eyes-TWOFACE (until the end of time)
I Will Be Your Friend-SADE (until the end of time)
Into The Night-BENNY MARDONES (1980 / I would wait till the end of time for you)
It's Only Love-BARRY WHITE (1978), SIMPLY RED (1989 / until the end of time)
Love Me Tender-ELVIS (1956 / I’ll be yours until the end of time)
Love You Inside Out-BEE GEES (1979 / love you forever... I will love you till I die)
Now Forever After-KINGDOM COME (1988 / until we die... until the end of time)
The Promise You Made-COCK ROBIN (1985 / Would you carry me with you To the far edge of time?)
Save Your Love-RENEE & RENATO (1982 / Darling I will love you endlessly… love like ours will last eternally)
Sometimes When We Touch-DAN HILL (1977 / I wanna hold you til I die)
Square Rooms-AL CORLEY (1984 / you & me until the end of time)
Tonight You’re Mine-JIM CAPALDI (1983 / I’m gonna love you till the end of time)
Until The End Of Time-2PAC (2001)
Where Do I Begin-ANDY WILLIAMS (till the stars all burn / fade away)
You’re The Inspiration-CHICAGO (the kind of love to last forever, from tonight until the end of time)

Sunday, August 3, 2008


The Ah Aah Aaah Ahhhhhhh songs

A Day In The Life-THE BEATLES (1967)
Capricorn-RAINING PLEASURE (2001)
Don't Pay The Ferryman-CHRIS DE BURGH (1982)
Fell In Love With A Girl-THE WHITE STRIPES (2001)
Holiday-SCORPIONS (1979)
I'm Not Scared-EIGHTH WONDER (1988)
Immigrant Song-LED ZEPPELIN (1970)
Lady In Black-URIAH HEEP (1970)
Mary-SUPERGRASS (1999 / ay ya ya)
Miss You-THE ROLLING STONES (1978 / also: ooh ooh)
29 Palms-ROBERT PLANT (1993)
Venus-SHOCKING BLUE (1969)
What's Wrong With Me-TERRY HALL (1994)

The Do Do Doo songs

The Border-AMERICA (1983)
De Do Do Do De Da Da Da-THE POLICE (1980)
Dead Heart-MIDNIGHT OIL (1988)
Doot Doot-FREUR (1983)
Every Kinda People-ROBERT PALMER (1978)
Here Comes The Sun-BEATLES (1969)
Holding Out For A Hero-BONNIE TYLER (1983)
Hungry Like The Wolf-DURAN DURAN (1982)
I Wanna Wake Up With You-BORIS GARDINER (1986)
I Was Made For Lovin' You-KISS (1979)
Life-DES'REE (1998)
Life In Mono-MONO (1996, 1997 & 1998)
Love The One You're With-STEPHEN STILLS (1970)
Maybe-BRAINSTORM (2001)
Mrs. Robinson-SIMON & GARFUNKEL (1968 / also: oh oh oh hey hey hey)
No More "I Love You's"-ANNIE LENNOX (1995)
Ode To My Family-THE CRANBERRIES (1994)
So Alive-LOVE & ROCKETS (1989)
Strangers In The Night-FRANK SINATRA (1966)
Sweetest Thing-U2 (1987 & 1998)
Too Young To Die-JAMIROQUAI (1993)
Walk On The Wild Side-LOU REED (1972)
You Can Do Magic-AMERICA (1982)
Da Da Da-TRIO (1981)

The La La La songs

A Lover Spurned-MARC ALMOND (1990)
A Spaceman Came Travelling-CHRIS DE BURGH (1975 / and it went la la la la...)
All Around The World-OASIS (1997 / also: nananana)
A-mer-ri-ca-TRINI LOPEZ (1963)
Another Star-STEVIE WONDER (1974 & 1977)
The Beautiful Ones-SUEDE (1996)
The Boxer-SIMON & GARFUNKEL (1968 / Li la li... li la la la li la li... La la la la li)
Crocodile Rock-ELTON JOHN (1972)
Dance Me To The End Of Love-LEONARD COHEN (1984)
Don’t Fear The Reaper-BLUE OYSTER CULT (1976)
Don’t You (Forget About Me)-SIMPLE MINDS (1985 / also: Hey, hey, hey, hey... Ohhh)
Ghost Town-THE SPECIALS (1981 / aaah la la la la)
Head Over Heels-TEARS FOR FEARS (1985)
Henry Lee-NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS feat. PJ HARVEY (1996)
Hot Love-T-REX (1971 / also: ahaha)
How Can You Mend A Broken Heart-AL GREEN (1971)
I Predict A Riot-KAISER CHIEFS (2005)
If I Never Sing Another Song-DONNA LYNTON (1985)
It’s A Fine Day-MISS JANE (1982), OPUS III (1992)
Joanna-KOOL & THE GANG (1984)
July Morning-URIAH HEEP (1971)
The Killing Moon-ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN (1984 / not in all versions)
King Of Rock ’n’ Roll-PREFAB SPROUT (1988)
Kiss Me Another-GEORGIA GIBBS (1955)
La Isla Bonita-MADONNA (1986)
La-La Means I Love You-THE DELFONICS (1967)
Life Is Wonderful-JASON MRAZ (2005)
Limbo Rock-CHUBBY CHECKER (1962)
Lost In France-BONNIE TYLER (1977 / ooh la la la la)
Love Machine-THE MIRACLES (1975)
Lovin' You-MINNIE RIPERTON (1974 / la la la la la, la la la la la, la la la la la, la la la la la... do do do do do... oooh)
Music To Watch Girls By-ANDY WILLIAMS (1967 / la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la)
My Cherie Amour-STEVIE WONDER (1969 / la la la la la la, la la la la la la)
Never Never Love-SIMPLY RED (1995)
Ooo La La La-TEENA MARIE (1988)
The Passenger-IGGY POP (1977), SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES (1987 / Singing la la la la lalalala)
Pale Movie-SAINT ETTIENNE (1994)
Pillow Talk-SYLVIA (1972)
Poison Ivy-THE PARAMOUNTS (1964)
Pop Muzik-M (1979)
Promises-ERIC CLAPTON (1978)
Season Of Hollow Soul-K.D. LANG (1992)
Spanish Harlem-BEN E. KING (1960) , ARETHA FRANKLIN (1971)
Speedy Gonzales-PAT BOONE (1962)
Spice Up Your Life-SPICE GIRLS (1997)
Sweat (A La La La La Long)-INNER CIRCLE (1992)
Tango To Evora-LOREENA McKENNITT (1991 / also: nanananana)
There Will Never Be Another You-CHRIS MONTEZ (1966)
There's A Kind Of Hush-HERMANS HERMITS (1967)
Wild World-CAT STEVENS (1968)
You Me & World War III-GAVIN FRIDAY (1996)

The Na Na Na Nah songs

All The Small Things-BLINK 182 (1999)
Amada Mia, Amore Mio-EL PASADOR (1977 / also: la la la la)
Centerfold-J. GEILS BAND (1981)
Crash-PRIMITIVES (1988)
Give It Up-KC & THE SUNSHINE BAND (1982)
Here Comes The Hotstepper-INI KAMOZE (1994)
Hey Jude-BEATLES (1968)
Life Is A Rollercoaster-RONAN KEATING (2000)
Live Is Life-OPUS (1985)
Land Of 1000 Dances-WILSON PICKETT (1966)
The Last To Know-JOHNNY HATES JAZZ (1991)
Let Me Change Your Mind Tonight-JOHNNY HATES JAZZ (1991 / na na na oh oh oh)
The Look-ROXETTE (1988)
Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye-STEAM (1969)
Na Na Na Na Naa-KAISER CHIEFS (2005)
Nah Neh Nah-VAYA CON DIOS (1990)
Nanana (Don't You Think It's Time)-UNDERCOVER (2003)
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down-JOAN BAEZ (1971)
Only Crying-KEITH MARSHALL (1981)
Rock And Roll Lullaby-B.J. THOMAS (1972 / sha na na na)
Sewn-THE FEELING (2006)
Summer Of '71-BOLLAND & BOLLAND (1972)
We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off-JERMAIN STEWART (1985)
You Can Call Me Al-PAUL SIMON (1986)

The Sha la La / Shalala songs

Baby It’s You-SHIRELLES (1961 / sha la la la)
Brown Eyed Girl-VAN MORRISON (1967 / Sha la la la la la la la la la la te da )
Cinnamon-DEREK (1969)
Crush-JENNIFER PAIGE (1998 / sha la la)
Darlington County-BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (1984 / Sha la la, sha la la la la Sha la la la la la la)
I Can Laugh About It Now-BLACK (1988 / Oh, sha la la la)
Let's Live For Today-THE GRASS ROOTS (1967 / Sha la la la la)
Mr. Jones-COUNTING CROWS (1993 / Sha la la la la la la la Yeah Oh Uh huh)
Pretty Flamingo-MANFRED MANN (1966)
This Is Not America-DAVID BOWIE & PAT METHENY GROUP (1985 / sha la la la la)
Wham Bam (Shang-A-Lang)-SILVER (1976)
What Do You Want From Me-MONACO (1996 / sha la la la-la)
Yesterday Once More-CARPENTERS (1973 / every shalala)
Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen-NEIL SEDAKA ( 1961 / tra la la la la la la la)

The Yeh Yeh / Yeah Yeah songs

All Shook Up-ELVIS PRESLEY (1957)
Alphabet Street-PRINCE (LP Lovesexy, 1980)
Astrud-BASIA (1987)
Black Or White-MICHAEL JACKSON (1991)
Bouncin' Of The Walls-MATTHEW WILDER (1984)
Broken Wings-MR. MISTER (1985)
The Edge Of Heaven-WHAM (1986)
Fly Away-LENNY KRAVITZ (1998)
Gloria-THEM feat. VAN MORRISON (1964)
Good Lovin’-THE YOUNG RASCALS (1965)
I'm Still Standing-ELTON JOHN (1983)
I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know-BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS (1968)
It Won't Be Long-THE BEATLES (1963)
Let Me Roll It-PAUL McCARTNEY & WINGS (1973)
Man On The Moon-REM (1992)
Mony Mony-BILLY IDOL (1987)
My Simple Heart-THE THREE DEGREES (1979)
Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up-BARRY WHITE (1974)
One Of Us-JOAN OSBORNE (1995)
Philby-RORY GALLAGHER (1979)
Say Yeah-THE LIMIT (1984)
She Loves You-BEATLES (1963)
Shout-LULU & THE LUVVERS (1964 / also oh, oh, ooh, ohh, hey hey)
Step It Up-STEREO MC'S (1992)
Thunderstruck-AC/DC (1990)
Unchain My Heart-TRINI LOPEZ (1963)
Yeah-USHER (2004)
Yeh Yeh-GEORGIE FAME (1964), MATT BIANCO (1985)