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These are some of the most popular international mainstream pop & dance hits of the 00's in hellenic radio stations. To make it easier for someone to have a clear overview, I will place the songs in two separate lists.

Mainstream pop hits of the 00's in Hellas

ANASTACIA-Heavy On My Heart (LP Anastacia, 2004)
ANASTACIA-Paid My Dues (LP Freak Of Nature, 2001)
ANASTACIA-Sick & Tired (LP Anastacia, 2004)
ANTHONY, MARC-Tragedy (2001)
ANTIQUE-(I Would) Die For You (2001)
ARASH-Boro Boro (LP Arash, 2005)
ARASH featuring HELENA-Arash (LP Arash, 2005)
ARASH featuring REBECCA-Temptation (LP Arash, 2005)
ATOMIC KITTEN-Be With You (LP Ladies Night, 2003)
ATOMIC KITTEN featuring KOOL & THE GANG-Ladies Night (LP Ladies Night, 2003)
AVALANCHES, THE-Since I Left You (LP Since I Left You, 2000)
AVENTURA-Obsesion (2002 / 2004)
BACKSTREET BOYS-Incomplete (LP Never Gone, 2005)
BENT featuring NANA MOUSKOURI-K.I.S.S.E.S. (2000 / LP Comfort Zone Vol. 3, 2001)
BENT-Magic Love (2003)
BIC RUNGA-Get Some Sleep (LP Beautiful Collision, 2002)
BLUE-Curtain Falls (2004)
BLUE-One Love (LP One Love, 2002)
BLUE-U Make Me Wanna (LP One Love, 2002)
BLUE featuring ELTON JOHN-Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (LP One Love,2002)
BLUE STATES-Season Song (OST 28 Days Later, 2002)
BRAINSTORM-Maybe (LP Online, 2001)
BRIGHTMAN, SARAH-Harem (LP Harem, 2003)
BUNTON, EMMA-Maybe (2003 / LP Free Me, 2004)
BUNTON, EMMA-What Took You So Long (LP A Girl Like Me, 2001)
MEL C-I Turn To You (2000 / LP Northern Star, 1999)
CLARKSON, KELLY-Because Of You (LP Breakaway, 2004)
CLARKSON, KELLY-Behind These Hazel Eyes (LP Breakaway, 2004)
CONJURE ONE feauring SINEAD O'CONNOR-Tears From The Moon (LP Conjure One, 2002)
CONNOR, SARAH-From Sarah With Love (LP Green Eyed Soul, 2001 / both ballad & dance version were hits)
C:REAL-Stop Killing Time (LP Stop Killing Time, 2000)
CRASH, THE-Lauren Caught My Eye (LP Wildlife, 2001)
DAS POP-You (LP The Human Thing, 2003)
DIAB, AMR-Tamally Maak (2000)
DIDO-Don't Believe In Love (LP Safe Trip Home, 2008)
DIDO-Don't Leave Home (LP Life For Rent, 2003)
DIDO-Here With Me (2001 / LP No Angel, 1999)
DIDO-Hunter (2001 / LP No Angel, 1999)
DIDO-Life For Rent (LP Life For Rent, 2003)
DIDO-Thank You (2001 / LP No Angel, 1999)
DIDO-White Flag (LP Life For Rent, 2003)
DION, CELINE-I'm Alive (LP A New Day Has Come, 2002)
DION, CELINE-I Drove All Night (LP One Heart, 2003)
DJ SHADOW-Six Days (LP The Private Press, 2002)
DJ SHADOW-You Can't Go Home Again (LP The Private Press, 2002)
FERRO, TIZIANO-Perdono (2002)
GENTLE WAVES, THE-Falling From Grace (2000)
GIRLS ALOUD-I'll Stand By You (LP What Will The Neighbours Say, 2004)
GOODREM, DELTA-Lost Without You (LP Innocent Eyes, 2003)
GOTAN PROJECT-Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre) (LP La Revancha Del Tango, 2001)
HALLIWELL, GERI-It's Raining Men (OST Bridget Jones's Diary, 2001)
HAYES, DARREN-Darkness (LP The Tension & The Spark, 2004)
HAYES, DARREN-Insatiable (LP Spin, 2002)
HUUN HUUR TU-Eki Attar (2002)
IMBRUGLIA, NATALIE-Shiver (LP Counting Down The Days, 2005)
IN-GRID-Ah L'amour L'amour (LP Rendez-Vous, 2003)
IN-GRID-In-Tango (LP Rendez-Vous, 2003)
IN-GRID-Tu Es Foutu (2002 / LP Rendez-Vous, 2003)
IN VOX-On The Highway (2002)
ISHTAR-C'est La Vie (2001)
ISHTAR-Last Kiss (2002)
JAM & SPOON featuring JIM KERR-Cynical Heart (2003)
JAM & SPOON featuring REA GARVEY-Set Me Free (Empty Rooms) (2004)
JEM-They (LP Finally Woken, 2005)
JOKSIMOVIC, ZELJKO-Lane Moje (2004 / Eurovision Song Contest Winner)
JUANES-A Dios Le Pido (2003 / 2006)
JUANES-La Camisa Negra (2005 / LP Mi Sangre, 2004)
LELOUP, JEAN-I Lost My Baby (2001 / LP Le Dome, 1997)
LOPEZ, JENNIFER-Do It Well (LP Brave, 2007)
LOPEZ, JENNIFER-Que Hiciste (LP Como Ama Una Mujer, 2007)
LYNNE, SHELBY-Killin' Kind (LP Love Shelby, 2001 / OST Bridget Jones's Diary, 2001)
LYTTLE, KEVIN-Turn Me On (LP Kevin Lyttle, 2004)
MacCOLL, KIRSTY-In These Shoes? (2000)
MADONNA-American Life (LP American Life, 2003)
MADONNA-American Pie (OST The Next Best Thing, 2000)
MADONNA-Die Another Day (OST Die Another Day, 2002 / LP American Life, 2003)
MADONNA-Give It 2 Me (LP Hard Candy, 2008)
MADONNA-Hung Up (LP Confessions On A Dance Floor, 2005)
MADONNA-Love Profusion (LP American Life, 2003)
MADONNA-Sorry (LP Confessions On A Dance Floor, 2005)
MADONNA & JUSTIN-4 Minutes (LP Hard Candy, 2008)
MIKA-Grace Kelly (LP Life In Cartoon Motion, 2007)
MIKA-Rain (LP The Boy Who Knew Too Much, 2009)
MIKA-Relax (Take It Easy) (LP Life In Cartoon Motion, 2007)
MINOGUE, KYLIE-Can't Get You Out Of My Head (LP Fever, 2001)
MINOGUE, KYLIE-Come Into My World, (2002 / LP Fever, 2001)
MINOGUE, KYLIE-I Believe In You (2004)
MINOGUE, KYLIE-Slow (LP Body Language, 2003)
MOLOKO-The Time Is Now (LP Things To Make & Do, 2000)
MONIKA-Over The Hill (2006 / 2008)
MORCHEEBA-Otherwise (2002 / LP Parts Of The Process, 2003)
MORCHEEBA-Rome Wasn't Built In A Day (2000)
MORCHEEBA-Wonders Never Cease (LP The Antidote, 2005)
MURPHY, ROISIN-Let Me Know (LP Overpowered, 2007)
NEK-Instabile (LP Nella Stanza 26, 2006)
NINO-Amor (Amor, Amor) (2002 / released 1999)
PAPARIZOU, HELENA-The Light In Our Soul (2005)
PAPARIZOU, HELENA-My Number One (2005 /Eurovision Song Contest Winner)
PAPARIZOU, HELENA-Teardrops (2007)
RIMES, LEANN-Can't Fight The Moonlight (OST Coyote Ugly, 2000)
ROUVAS, SAKIS-Shake It (2004)
ROYKSOPP-Only This Moment (LP The Understanding, 2005)
ROYKSOPP-Remind Me (LP Melody A. M. 2002)
ROYKSOPP-What Else Is There (LP The Understanding, 2005)
SCHILLER mit HEPPNER-Dream Of You (LP Weltreise, 2001)
SCHILLER mit HEPPNER-Life... I Feel You (LP Life, 2004)
SCHILLER mit KIM SANDERS-Dancing With Loneliness (LP Weltreise, 2001)
SCHILLER mit MOYA BRENNAN-Miles & Miles (2005)
SCISSOR SISTERS-Comfortably Numb (LP Scissor Sisters, 2004)
SCISSOR SISTERS-I Don't Feel Like Dancin' (2006)
SERHAT (HACIPASALIOGLU) featuring VIKTOR LAZLO-Total Disguise (2005)
SERTAB-Every Way That I Can (2003 / Eurovision Song Contest Winner)
SHAKIRA-Don't Bother (2005)
SHAKIRA-Objection (Tango) (LP Laundry Service, 2001)
SHAKIRA-Underneath Your Clothes (LP Laundry Service, 2001)
SHAKIRA-Whenever, Wherever (LP Laundry Service, 2001)
SHAKIRA featuring ALEJANDRO SANZ-La Tortura (2005)
SHAKIRA featuring WYCLEF JEAN-Hips Don't Lie (2006)
SHIVAREE-Goodnight Moon (LP I Oughta Give You A Shot In The Head For Making Me Live In This Dump, 2000)
SHIVAREE-I Close My Eyes (LP Who's Got Trouble, 2005)
SPEARMINT-Scottish Pop (LP A Different Lifetime, 2001)
SPEARS, BRITNEY-Toxic (LP In The Zone, 2003)
SPEARS, BRITNEY-Womanizer (LP Circus, 2008)
STEVENS, RACHEL-Sweet Dreams My L.A. Ex (LP Funky Dory, 2003)
SUGABABES-Freak Like Me (LP Angels With Dirty Faces, 2002)
SUGABABES-Hole In The Head (LP Three, 2003)
SUGABABES-Overload (LP One Touch, 2000)
SUGABABES-Push The Button (LP Taller In More Ways, 2005)
SUGABABES-Round Round (LP Angels With Dirty Faces, 2002)
SUGABABES-Stromger (LP Angels With Dirty Faces, 2002)
t. A. T. u.-All The Things She Said (LP 200 km/h In The Wrong Lane, 2002)
t. A. T. u.-Not Gonna Get Us (LP 200 km/h In The Wrong Lane, 2002)
TWAIN, SHANIA-Ka-Ching! (LP Up! 2002)
TÉLÉPOPMUSIC-Breathe (LP Genetic World, 2001)
TEREZA-Fly Me To The Moon (2002 / LP Fly Me To The Moon, 2003)
TEREZA-Love Me More (LP Fly Me To The Moon, 2003)
UNKLE-In A State (LP Never, Never, Land, 2003)
VALANCE, HOLLY-Kiss Kiss (LP Footprints, 2002)
VANDI, DESPINA-Come Along Now (2004)
WESTLIFE-Mandy (LP Turnaround, 2003)
WESTLIFE-Uptown Girl (LP World Of Our Own, 2001)
WILLIAMS, ROBBIE-Advertising Space (LP Intensive Care, 2005)
WILLIAMS, ROBBIE-Come Undone (LP Escapology, 2002)
WILLIAMS, ROBBIE-Feel (LP Escapology, 2002)
WILLIAMS, ROBBIE-Me & My Monkey (LP Escapology, 2002)
WILLIAMS, ROBBIE-Rock DJ (LP Sing When You're Winning, 2000)
WILLIAMS, ROBBIE-She's Madonna (LP Rudebox, 2006)
WILLIAMS, ROBBIE-Something Beautiful (LP Escapology, 2002)
WILLIAMS, ROBBIE-Supreme (LP Sing When You're Winning, 2000)
WILLIAMS, ROBBIE-Tripping (LP Intensive Care, 2005)
ROBBIE WILLIAMS & NICOLE KIDMAN-Somethin' Stupid (LP Swing When You're Winning, 2001)
ZETLITZ, BERTINE-Fake Your Beauty (2004)
ZETLITZ, BERTINE-Girl Like You (2003)

Dance hits of the 00's in Hellas

100% featuring JENNIFER JOHN-I Just Can't Wait (Saturday) (2005)
ALCAZAR-Crying At The Discoteque (2000)
ALCAZAR-This Is The World We Live In (2004)
AQUAPURA-17 (2003)
AXE BAHIA-Thu Thuca (LP Tudo Bem, 2002)
BALD'N SPIKEY-Husan (2002)
BENASSI, BENNY-Satisfaction (2003)
BOOGIE PIMPS-Somebody To Love (2003)
BRAN VAN 3000 feat. CURTIS MAYFIELD-Astounded (LP Discosis, 2001)
CHAMBAO-Pokito A Poko (2005)
ANTOINE CLAMARAN featuring DISCOBALL-Let's All Chant (Rum & Coke remix 2004 (2003 / 2004)
DA BUZZ-Wonder Where You Are (LP Wanna Be With Me? 2002)
DANZEL-Pump It Up! (2004)
DARUDE-Feel The Beat (2000)
DARUDE-Sandstorm (2000)
DEEP DISH-Flashdance (2004)
DIFFERENT GEAR vs SIA-Drink To Get Drunk (2001)
DIMENSION X featuring TF (TASOS FOTIADIS)-Why'd I Have To Fall In Love With You (2005)
DJ BOBO-Chihuahua (LP Visions, 2003)
DJ RAW vs GEE featuring LIGHTER-Naked (2005)
ECHOES OF SOUND-Need Somebody (Who Needs Me) (2002)
ELLIS-BEXTOR, SOPHIE-Murder On The Dancefloor (LP Read My Lips, 2001)
FLEXY-Mamasita (2004)
FUEL-Do 4 Love (2003)
GLOBAL DEEJAYS-The Sound Of San Francisco (2004)
GRAY, MICHAEL-The Weekend (2004)
iiO-Rapture (2002)
INSPIRO-Thoughts Of You (2003)
JAKATTA-One Fine Day (2003)
JULIET-Avalon (2005)
JUNIOR JACK-E Samba (2003 / LP Trust It, 2004)
JUNIOR JACK-Stupidisco (2003)
JUNIOR JACK featuring ROBERT SMITH-Da Hype (2003 / LP Trust It, 2004)
JUNIOR SENIOR-Move Your Feet (LP D-D-Don't Stop The Beat, 2002)
JUST A MAN-I'm Sorry (2002 / the ballad mix of the song was also a minor hit)
LAROCK, YVES-Zookey (2004)
LAS KETCHUP-The Ketchup Song (Asereje) (LP Hijas Del Tomate, 2002)
LOOPER-Mondo 77 (OST Vanilla Sky, 2000)
LORNA-Papi Chulo... Te Traigo El Mmmm (2003)
MINOGUE, DANII-I Begin To Wonder (LP Neon Nights, 2003)
DANNII MINOGUE vs FLOWER POWER-You Won't Forget About Me (2004)
MODJO-Lady (Hear Me Tonight) (2000 / LP Modjo, 2001)
MOONLIGHT vs AZOTO-San Salvador (2004)
MOONY-Dove (I'll Be Loving You) (2002)
MORANDI-Colors (LP Zebra, 2009)
MORANDI-Love Me (LP Reverse, 2005)
MORANDI featuring HELENE-Save Me (2009 / LP N3xt, 2007)
MOULIN, MARC-Into The Dark (LP Top Secret, 2001)
NARANJO, MONICA-I Ain't Gonna Cry (2002)
O-ZONE-Dragostea Din Tei (2004)
PANJABI MC-Mundian To Bach Ke (2002)
PRYDZ, ERIC-Call On Me (2004)
ERIC PRYDZ vs FLOYD-Proper Education (2006)
ROOM 5-Make Luv (2002)
ROYAL GIGOLOS-California Dreamin' (2004)
RUSLANA-Wild Dances (2004 / Eurovision Song Contest Winner)
SHAPESHIFTERS, THE-Lola's Theme (2004)
SILVER, JOHN-Come On Over (2002)
SINCLAR, BOB-The Beat Goes On (2002 / LP Chihuahua Party, 2003)
SINCLAR, BOB-Kiss My Eyes (2003)
SINCLAR, BOB-Love Generation (2005)
SINCLAR, BOB-World, Hold On (2006)
SOULMAGIC-Soulmagic (2003)
SPILLER featuring SOPHIE ELLIS BEXTOR-Groove Jet (If This Ain't Love) (2000)
SUMMER LOVE-Remember (Na Na Na Hey) (2003)
SYKE 'N' SUGARSTAR-Ticket 2 Ride (2003)
TEDDYBEARS STHLM featuring MAD COBRA-Cobra Style (2004)
UNDERCOVER-Nanana... (Don't You Think It's Time) (2003)
UNDERDOG PROJECT, THE-Saturday Night (2002)
UNDERDOG PROJECT, THE-Summer Jam (2000 / 2003)
VINYLISTIC, THE-I'm Confessin' That I Love You (2003)
VITON & STEL-Nightmare (2005)
WHO DA FUNK featuring JESSICA EVE-Shiny Disco Balls (2002)
XANDEE-1 Life (2004)

You will find most rock oriented hits of the 00's here (Period 2000-2007)

These lists will be regularly updated in order to become as reliable as possible.

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