Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Women as victims (...the good old times!)

Enough Is Enough: Women who had enough of YOU

Better Be Good To Me-TINA TURNER (1985)
Breakaway-IRMA THOMAS (1964), TRACEY ULLMAN (1983)
Can't Hold Us Down-CHRISTINA AGUILERA (2002)
Don't Call Me Baby-MADISON AVENUE (1999)
F U Right Back-FRANKEE (2004)
Givin' Herself Away-GAIL DAVIES (1982)
Hit The Road Jack-RAY CHARLES (1961), BLIND DATE (1986)
I Belong To Me-JESSICA SIMPSON (2006)
I Will Survive-GLORIA GAYNOR (1979)
Independence-LULU (1993)
Independent Women (Part 1)-DESTINY'S CHILD (2000)
No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)-DONNA SUMMER & BARBRA STREISAND (1979)
Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves-EURYTHMICS feat. ARETHA FRANKLIN (1985)
Strong Enough-CHER (1998)
These Boots Are Made For Walkin' -NANCY SINATRA (1965), JESSICA SIMPSON (2005)
U+Ur Hand-PINK (2006)
You Don't Own Me-LESLEY GORE (1963)


Girlfriend-PEBBLES (1987), THE BEAUTIFUL SOUTH (1989)
Levi Stubbs Tears-BILLY BRAGG (1986)
Sister Of Mercy-THOMPSON TWINS (1984)
Woman In Chains-TEARS FOR FEARS feat. OLETA ADAMS (1989)


Superwoman-KARYN WHITE (1988)

Monday, December 15, 2008


Words like music to my ears... love to hear these lines!

Ain't No Mountain High Enough-DIANA ROSS (1970)

All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You-HEART (1990)

All The Man That I Need-WHITNEY HOUSTON (1990)

The Boy Is Mine-BRANDY & MONICA (1997)

Down On My Knees-AYO (2006)

Get Here-OLETA ADAMS (1990 / I Don't Care How You Get Here, Get here If You Can)

I Hate Myself For Loving You-JOAN JETT & THE BLACKHEARTS (1988 / I think of you every night and day You took my heart, then you took my pride away... I've been dreamin' 'bout the lovin' you do... Can't break free from the the things that you do, I wanna walk but I run back to you)

I Just Wanna Make Love To You-ETTA JAMES (1961 & 1996 / all I wanna do is wash your clothes)

I Will Follow Him-LITTLE PEGGY MARCH (1963)

Just Be Good To Me-S.O.S. BAND (1983 / I don’t care bout your other girls, just be good to me)

Kinky Love-NANCY SINATRA (1976), PALE SAINTS (1991 / I know you're a man and you got to have your kinky love)

Like The Way I Do-MELISSA ETHERIDGE (1988 / who would beg steal and lie fight kill and die just to hold you like I do... note: although it's ment as a lesbo song)

Love Don't Cost A Thing-JENNIFER LOPEZ (2000)

Midnight Train To Georgia-GLADYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS (1973 / I'd rather live in his world, than live without him in mine)

No One In The World-ANITA BAKER (1987)

Piece Of My Heart-BIG BROTHER & THE HOLDING COMPANY feat. JANIS JOPLIN (1968 / didn't I make you feel like you were the only man, well yeah,An' didn't I give you nearly everything that a woman possibly can ?...Take another little piece of my heart now, baby Break another little bit of my heart now, darling, yeah, come on…)

Stand By Your Man-TAMMY WYNETTE (1968)

The Sun In My Eyes-SALLY OLDFIELD (1979)

Super Freak-RICK JAMES (1981)

The Sweetest Taboo-SADE (1985 / sometimes I think you're just too good for me)

Temple Of Love-HARRIET (1990 / I`ll cross the mountains for you, just so you know my love is true... yeah right!)

Touch Me (I Want Your Body)-SAMANTHA FOX (1986 / Like a tramp in the night I was begging for you To treat my body like you wanted to)

The Way I Want To Touch You-CAPTAIN & TENNILLE (1974)

You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)-DAWN PENN (1994 / Coz if you asked me baby, I'll get on my knees and pray boy)

You Oughta Know-ALANIS MORISSETTE (1995)

και το τραγούδι της απόλυτης γυναικείας μαλακίας, ύμνος των απανταχού πυροβολημένων, ανισόρροπων, βλαμμένων και ψυχοπαθών γυναικών (αντιγράφω απο το stixoi.info):

Για Σένανε Μπορώ-ΜΑΡΙΝΕΛΛΑ (1981)
(Yia Senane boro / Gia Senane Mporo)

Στίχοι: Σώτια Τσώτου
Μουσική: Αντώνης Στεφανίδης
Πρώτη εκτέλεση: Μαρινέλλα

Για σένανε μπορώ
να βγω να ζητιανέψω,
κάθε ντροπή ν' αντέξω
για σένανε μπορώ

Για σένανε μπορώ
να βγω γυμνή στους δρόμους,
αντίθετα στους νόμους
και κάθε ιερό

Για σένανε μπορώ
τις φλέβες μου να σκίσω,
το αίμα μου ν' αφήσω
να τρέξει σαν νερό

Για σένανε μπορώ
πατρίδα να προδώσω,
Χριστέ ντρέπομαι τόσο
και όμως το μπορώ

Για σένανε μπορώ
φονιά να προσκυνήσω,
λεπρό να τον φιλήσω,
για σένανε μπορώ

Για σένανε μπορώ
στον Άδη να κατέβω
και σέρνοντας ν' ανέβω
το πιο ψηλό βουνό

Για σένανε μπορώ
στ' απόσπασμα να πάω
και να χαμογελάω
σαν να 'τανε γιορτή,
ν' αφήσω σαν νερό
το αίμα μου να τρέξει,
χωρίς να πω μια λέξη,
ούτε όχι, ούτε γιατί

Για σένανε μπορώ
τις φλέβες μου να σκίσω,
το αίμα μου ν' αφήσω
να τρέξει σαν νερό

Για σένανε μπορώ
πατρίδα να προδώσω,
Χριστέ ντρέπομαι τόσο
και όμως το μπορώ

...και ιδού η σκληρή πραγματικότητα: Κυρίες και κύριοι η μέση ελληνίδα γυναίκα, σήμερα!


...εν δυνάμει ψυχοπαθής, κατα κανόνα ανισόρροπη και κατα βάθος πουτάνα.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


All kinds of "female lowlifes" ... in songs

Dangerous bitches (μακριά...)

Female Of The Species-SPACE (1997)
Hard Hearted Woman-BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST (1977)
Heartbreaker-LED ZEPPELIN (1969 / Annie)
Jezebel-FRANKIE LAINE (1951)
Johnny B.-HOOTERS (1987)
Keep Coming Back-RICHARD MARX (1991)
Killer Queen-QUEEN (1974)
Modern Day Delilah-VAN STEPHENSON (1984)
Murderess-THE POWER STATION (1985)
Poison-ALICE COOPER (1989)
She's Out With A Gun-VAN ZANT (1985)
Strange Brew-CREAM (1967)
The Night You Murdered Love-ABC (1987)
2 Wicky-HOOVER (1996)

Ungrateful sluts (αχάριστες καριόλες)

Burn Rubber On Me (Why You Wanna Hurt Me)-THE GAP BAND (1980)
Don't Bring Me Down-THE ANIMALS (1966)
Everything She Wants-WHAM! (1984)
Fool For Your Loving-WHITESNAKE (1980)
Fuck It (I Don't Want You Back)-EAMON (2003)
Fuck You-ARCHIVE (2004)
The Game Of Love-JIM CAPALDI (1978)
(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone-THE MONKEES (1966)
I Can Only Give You Everything-GERARD JOLING (1985)
It Ain't Me, Babe-BOB DYLAN (1964), THE TURTLES (1965)
She Gives Me Love-THE GODFATHERS (1989 / She's the kind of a girl that if you gave her the world She'd say it wasn't worth a dime)
Unfaithful-RIHANNA (2006)
Used To Love Her-GUNS N' ROSES (1988 / see ya in hell!)
What Do You Want From Me?-MONACO (1996)

"Whores" for money (παραδόπιστα τσουλάκια)

Can't Give You Anything (But My Love)-THE STYLISTICS (1975)
Goin' To The Bank-THE COMMODORES (1986)
It's All Over Now-THE ROLLING STONES (1964)
Material Girl-MADONNA (1985)
Mathilda-HARRY BELAFONTE (1955)
Some Kind Of Friend-BARRY MANILOW (1982)
Stairway To Heaven-LED ZEPPELIN (1971)

All around tramps... psychos, sickos etc. (βαρεμένα πουτανάκια γενικώς)

Again-ARCHIVE (2002)
All Around The World-LISA STANSFIELD (1989 / classis case of a "bipolar disorder" slut: μανιοκαταθλιπτικό τσόλι)
All That She Wants-ACE OF BASE (1992 / "One night stand" tramp)
Ballad Of A Landlord-TERRY HALL (1997)
Civilized Man-JOE COCKER (1984)
Dirty Diana-MICHAEL JACKSON (1987 / also see: Billie Jean, 1983)
Don't Come Around Here No More-TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS (1985)
Evil Ways-SANTANA (1969)
Holyanna-TOTO (1984)
Howzat-SHERBET (1976)
I Can't Hear You No More-RUSS BALLARD (1984)
I'm Waking Up To Us-BELLE & SEBASTIAN (2001)
Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby-LOUIS JORDAN (1944)
Just Can't Stand It-MATT BIANCO (1986)
The Last To Know-JOHNNY HATES JAZZ (1991)
Razzmatazz-PULP (1993)
So This Is Romance-LINX (1981)
That Ain't Love-REO SPEEDWAGON (1987)
Weeping Wine-LLOYD COLE (1991)
Why'd I Have To Fall In Love With You-MATTHEW FISHER (1980)
Wrapped Around Your Finger-POLICE (1983)


Έλα-ΕΛΕΩΝΟΡΑ ΖΟΥΓΑΝΕΛΗ (2008 / Το τραγούδι "ύμνος" στην Ελληνίδα μανιοκαταθλιπτική, η οποία μάταια ψάχνει άλλοθι στις ψυχοθεραπεύτριες... όχι μωρό μου, δεν είσαι άρρωστη, πουτάνα είσαι!

Special category 1

Take These Chains From My Heart-RAY CHARLES (1963)
Unchain My Heart-RAY CHARLES (1961), JOE COCKER (1987)
You Keep Me Hanging On-VANILLA FUDGE (1967)

Special category 2

I Want To Live-GAVIN FRIDAY (1992 / I can't believe I ever said that I would die for you)

PS. I was watching the TV show "Power Of Ten" this weekend on Mega channel. A hundred Hellenic women were asked if they would mind their husband having a "one night stand" with another woman, a situation just just like the one presented in the movie "Indecent Proposal" (Robert Redford tempting Demi Moore), meaning...


68% of the women in Hellas seem to have answered they would mind...


If this is true and further more if it reflects the Hellenic reality, it surely means that 2 out of 3 women in my homeland are hypocritical sick psychopaths not to be taken seriously in any aspect.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Careful what you wish for!

Against All Odds-PHIL COLLINS (1984), MARIAH CAREY (1999 / I wish I could just make you turn around, turn around and see me cry)
Against The Wind-BOB SEGER & THE SILVER BULLET BAND (1980 / Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then)
Another Saturday Night-SAM COOKE (1963 / Now, how I wish I had someone to talk to, I'm in an awful way)
Baby Come Back-PLAYER (1978 / how I wish to God that you were here)
Bad Connection-YAZOO (1982 / I'd wish they'd fix the wires cause my baby don't know That I'm leaving in the morning and I'm ready to go Can you hear me Can you hear me at all Gotta get the operator make a telephone call)
Back Stabbers-THE O'JAYS (1972 / I wish they'd take some Of these knives out my back)
Beautiful Days-VENUS (2003 / I wish I was mad Fucked up and done I wish I was bad And completely wrong I wish I was made Rebuilt-up and fake I wish I could lie And never could fail And live some beautiful days In a magical place Beautiful loves Perfect and straight... I wish I was fast And crazy as a dog I wish I could last As long as the Gods I wish I could be Perfectly free Wish I was a creep Wish I made you bleed
The Boxer-SIMON & GARFUNKEL (1969 / and I'm laying out my winter clothes, wishing I was gone, goin home)
California Girls-THE BEACH BOYS (1965), DAVID LEE ROTH (1985 / I wish they all could be California girls)
Comfort Of Faith-BANDERAS (1991 / I wish I had the comfort of faith ...I wish I was)
Creep-RADIOHEAD (1992 / I wish I was special, so fuckin' special)
Cut Here-THE CURE (2001 / "Oh c'mon and have a drink with me Sit down and talk a while..." "Oh I wish I could... and I will! But now I just don't have the time..." )
Feelings-MORRIS ALBERT (1975 / I wish I've never met you, girl, you'll never come again)
Genie In A Bottle-CHRISTINA AGUILERA (1999 / I can make your wish come true)
How Will I Know-WHITNEY HOUSTON (1985 / wish I had you near me now)
I'll Be Here Where The Heart Is-KIM CARNES (1983 / I wish that I could see you again)
I Will Always Love You-DOLLY PARTON (1974), WHITNEY HOUSTON (1992 / Oh, I do wish you joy And I wish you happiness But above all this I wish you love I love you, I will always love you)
I Wish It Would Rain Down-PHIL COLLINS (1989)
I've Never Been To Me-CHARLENE (1977 & 1982 / I `ve no doubt you dream about the things you never do but I wish someone had a talk to me like I wanna talk to you)
If I Were A Boy-BEYONCE (2008 / Someday you wish you were a better man)
If The Stars Shine Tonight-LILAC TIME (1989 / She steps down from the bus Like she gets into her bath And how I wish I was getting in with her)
In Jeopardy-ROGER HODGSON (1984 / I wish I could understand)
Knife-ROCKWELL (1984 / my wish was your command)
Leave You Nothing-MESH (2002)
Life's Too Short-THE LIGHTNING SEEDS (1999 / Oh love, don't go away, I wish you'd stay, Can I change your mind I'm the king of dreaming in a wishful way)
Move On Up-CURTIS MAYFIELD (1970 / Just move on up and keep on wishing)
My Cherie Amour-STEVIE WONDER (1969 / how I wish that you were mine)
North Winds-THE STRANGLERS (1984 / I wish it would Blow all away North Winds Blowing I wish they would blow all away... I wish I was a believer)
Only The Moment-MARC ALMOND (1988 / and before you can say "I wish I'd made all the right moves", it's too late)
Pure-THE LIGHTNING SEEDS (1989 / now you're crying in your sleep, I wish you'd never learnt to weep)
The Reason-HOOBASTANK (2003 / I'm not a perfect person, There's many things I wish I didn't do... and all the pain I put you through, I wish that I could take it all away)
Reunited-PEACHES & HERB (1978 / came back to life just when I got your call I wished I could climb right through the telephone line and give you what you want)
Rhythm Of The Rain-THE CASCADES (1963 / Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain Telling me just what a fool I've been, I wish that it would go and let me cry in vain And let me be alone again)
River Of People-LOVE & MONEY (1986 / Sometimes I feel that I'm just wishing my life away, I wish that things could change with absolutely no delay)
Runaway-DEL SHANNON (1960 / wishin' you were here by me to end this misery)
Sadness In Your Eyes-KIRKA (1992 / still I wish that you would say we should try)
Seeing You Again-DAN FOGELBERG (1987 / made me wish I'd never let you go)
Separate Ways-GARY MOORE (1992 / What is it that you want from me, I wish I knew)
SexCrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four) -EURYTHMICS (1984 / How I wish I'd been unborn, wish I was unliving here)
So Alive-LOVE & ROCKETS (1989 / This drug makes me crazy Makes me see you more clearly Oh, baby, now I can see you Wish I could stop Switch off the clock Make it all happen for you)
Sometimes ( Dr. Hirsch) -YELLO (1985 / You're leaving You're leaving me now, I'm wishing I wish this would hurt, But i suffer I can't feel the pain Sometimes, sometimes I wish i could cry)
Somewhere Else-RAZORLIGHT (2005 / I really really wish I could be somewhere else)
Sweetest Smile-BLACK (1987 / I just wish I was made of wood, I might not feel pain, even if I should)
This Is The World Calling-BOB GELDOF (1986 / I wished that I believed enough to pray)
Turn Back The Clock-JOHNNY HATES JAZZ (1987 / I wish that I could turn back the clock)
Under The Milky Way-THE CHURCH (1988 / Wish I knew what you were looking for, Might have known what you would find)
Victims-CULTURE CLUB (1983 / wishing there was some kind of heaven... Feel like a child on a dark night Wishing we could spend it together)
We'll Never Have To Say Goodbye Again-ENGLAND DAN & JOHN FORD COLEY (1978 / And I wish that this night would never end The sun ain't gonna be my friend Lying here awaiting here And wishing I knew when We'll never have to say goodbye again)
What About Me-MOVING PICTURES (1982 / I guess I'm lucky, I smile a lot But sometimes I wish for more than I've got)
What’s New Pussycat?-TOM JONES (1965 /you're delicious and if my wishes can all come true, I'll soon be kissing your sweet little pussycat lips)
Wish I Didn't Miss You-ANGIE STONE (2001)
Wish You Were Here-BEE GEES (1989)
Wish You Were Here-PINK FLOYD (1975)
Wishing I Was Lucky-WET WET WET (1987)
Wishlist-PEARL JAM (1998)
You To Me Are Everything-REAL THING (1976 / your wish is my command)


If You Could Read My Mind-GORDON LIGHTFOOT (1979 / like a ghost from a wishing well)
Three Coins In The Fountain-FOUR ACES (1954), FRANK SINATRA (1954)
Wishing Well-TERENCE TRENT D'ARBY (1987)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


...another word of ancient Hellenic etymology (gony-γόνυ>γωνία)

On your knees!

Another Cup Of Coffee-MIKE AND THE MECHANICS (1995 / and she got down on her knees to stop him leaving)
Bad Medicine-BON JOVI (1988 / on your knees, that's what you get for falling in love)
Barracuda-HEART (1977 / you'd have me down on my knees, wouldn't you)
Big Decision-THAT PETROL EMOTION (1987 / they get satisfaction on their knees)
Bitter Sweet Symphony-THE VERVE (1997 / but tonight I'm on my knees)
Bizarre Love Triangle-NEW ORDER (1986 / every time I see you falling I get down on my knees and pray)
Black Velvet-ALANNAH MYLES (1989 / a new religion that'll bring ya to your knees)
California Dreamin' -MAMAS & THE PAPAS (1966 / Got down on my knees and I pretend to pray)
Carry Οn-J.J. CALE (1980 / Please, please, please, if you're down on your knees, Carry on)
Cecilia-SIMON & GARFUNKEL (1969), SUGGS feat. LOUCHIE LOU & MICHIE ONE (1995 / Oh, cecilia, Im down on my knees, I'm begging you please to come home)
Do It Again-STEELY DAN (1972 / you ‘ll be on your knees tomorrow)
Downbound Train-BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (1984 / I dropped to my knees, hung my head and cried)
Easy Lover-PHILIP BAILEY & PHIL COLLINS (1984 / before you know it you'll be on your knees)
Eloise-BARRY RYAN (1968), THE DAMNED (1986 / you know I'm on my knees)
Find My Love-FAIRGROUND ATTRACTION (1988 / on nights like these I feel like falling to my knees)
Free Me-URIAH HEEP (1977 / I’m on my knees babe)
Happy When It Rains-JESUS & MARY CHAIN (1987 / tear it up till I’m on my knees)
Hooligans Don’t Fall In Love-BEAUTIFUL SOUTH (1994 / Hooligans don't fall in love They just break up others lives So when I come to you on bended knee Don't forget my twenty other wives)
I Touch Myself-DIVINYLS (1991 / I get down on my knees I do anything for you)
Jackie Don’t Go-SURVIVOR (1983 / I’m down on my knees)
Locomotive Breath-JETHRO TULL (1971 / He's crawling down the corridor On his hands and knees)
Master & Servant-DEPECHE MODE (1984 / You treat me like a dog Get me down on my knees)
Mysterious Ways-U2 (1991 / If you want to kiss the sky Better learn how to kneel On your knees boy)
Shock The Monkey-PETER GABRIEL (1980 / Something knocked me out the trees Now Im on my knees)
Welcome Τo Τhe Jungle-GUNS N’ ROSES (1987 / watch it bring you to your shun n,n,n,n,n,n,n,n,n,,n,n,n knees)
What Am I Gonna Do (I'm So In love With You) -ROD STEWART (1983 / I'm down on my bended knees honey)
You Are My Love-LIVERPOOL EXPRESS (1976 / for you I'd get down on my knees)
You Get What You Give-NEW RADICALS (1998 / Age 14 we got you down on your knees)
You're No Good-BETTY EVERETT (1963), THE SWINGING BLUE JEANS (1964), LINDA RONSTADT (1975 / I'll beg his forgiveness on bended knee)
You’ve Lost That Lovin' Feelin'-THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS (1964 / Baby I get down on my knees for you)

My knees are...

A Girl Like You-EDWYN COLLINS (1994 / my knees are raw)
All Shook Up-ELVIS PRESLEY (1957 / my hands are shaky and my knees are weak)
Love Me Two Times-THE DOORS (1967 / yeah, my knees got weak)

Various "knees" songs

Big Time-PETER GABRIEL (1986 /and I will pray to a big God as I kneel in the big church)
Forest Fire-LLOYD COLE & THE COMMOTIONS (1984 / I believe in love, I'll believe in anything that's gonna get me what I want and get me off my knees)
Footloose-KENNY LOGGINS (1984 / Please, Louise pull me offa my knees)
GoldenEye-TINA TURNER (1995 / a bitter kiss will bring him to his knees)
Paint A Vulgar Picture-THE SMITHS (1987 / I dance my legs down to the knees)
Rescue Me-MADONNA (1990 / you bring me to my knees while I'm scratching out the eyes... right while I am kneeling there)
Seasons In The Sun-TERRY JACKS (1973 / skinned our hearts and skinned our knees)
You Did Cut Me-CHINA CRISIS (1985 / loving on your hands and knees)

Under construction

A Different Corner-GEORGE MICHAEL (you’ve brought me to my knees)
Castles in the air-COLOURFIELD ...I really wanted her hair to touch her knees...
Come together-BEATLES ...he got hair down to his knee...
Don’t let me be lonely tonight-JAMES TAYLOR ...knees...
Don’t mess with Dr. Dream-THOMPSON TWINS ...he will bring you to your knees...
Express yourself-MADONNA ...he’ll be back on his knees...
Falling in love[is hard on the knees]-AEROSMITH
Get that beat-SHARP TIES ...lift your knees....
Happy hour-HOUSEMARTINS ...if you catch them (the women) right they will land upon their knees..
Jazzman-CAROLE KING ...He can bring you to your knees...
Lady Jane-ROLLING STONES ...on bended knee...
Like a prayer-MADONNA ...down on my knees...
Lola-KINKS ...I got down on my knees...
Losing my religion-REM ....to my knee...
Love bites-DEF LEPPARD ...it’s bringing me to my knees...
McArthur park-RICHARD HARRIS ...around your knees...
Missionary man-EURYTHMICS ...get down upon your knees...
Needles & pins-SEARCHERS ...get down on her knees...
Rage hard-FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD ...get off your knees...
The right stuff-BRYAN FERRY ....send me the woman on bended knee....
Rumors-TIMEX SOCIAL CLUB ....she ‘d knock you to your knees...
Shake the disease-DEPECHE MODE ...I’m not going down on my knees..
Should I stay or should I go-THE CLASH ...you’re happy when I’m on my knees... (back)
Shout to the top-STYLE COUNCIL ...I dropped to my knees & I prayed....
Stay away-ADVENTURES (b-side on Drowning..) ...when you’re down on your knees...
Supreme-ROBBIE WILLIAMS ...get on your knees...
Tower of strength-G. McDANIELS, F. VAUGHN ...you’ll be down on your knees...
The tunnel of love-FUN BOY THREE ...get down on your knees...
Turn me lose-LOVERBOY ....on my knees....
Walk this way-RUN DMC (little skirt hanging way up her knee)
What-SOFT CELL (get down on my knees)
Would I find love-DIZZY HEIGHTS (I got down on my knees)
You don’t love me-DAWN PENN (on my knees)

Monday, December 8, 2008


From the ancient Hellenic word phantasia

Song titles or lyrics referring to fantasy & fantasize

Back To Life (However Do You Want Me) -SOUL II SOUL (1989 / back from a fantasy)
Call Me-SPAGNA (1987 / all my fantasy to dream about you)
Can’t Stop Loving You Now-MATTHEW FISHER (1981 / it's just a fantasy)
China In Your Hand-T’PAU (1987 / a prophecy for a fantasy)
Come Back And Stay-PAUL YOUNG (1983 / I shut my eyes and I fantasize that you're here with me)
Don’t Stand So Close To Me-POLICE (1980 / subject of schoolgirl fantasy)
Dreamtime-DARYL HALL (1986 / You were talking thru the smoke in your fantasy... believe it's alright to fantasize)
Enchanted Lady-PASADENAS (1988 / let’s explore all fantasies)
Fantasy-EARTH WIND & FIRE (1978), BLACK BOX (1990)
Fantasy-MARIAH CAREY (1995)
Flesh For Fantasy-BILLY IDOL (1983)
Ghostdancing-SIMPLE MINDS (1985 / they all went to heaven in a stupid fantasy)
Happy Children-P. LION (1983 / Your fantasy will find new nice colours)
Hey You-PINK FLOYD (1979 / but it was only fantasy)
Hungry Eyes-ERIC CARMEN (1987 / I look at you and I fantasize)
I Do What I Do-JOHN TAYLOR (1986 / Are you happy now, that we fantasized?)
I Know Him So Well-ELAINE PAIGE & BARBARA DICKSON (1984), CISSY & WHITNEY HOUSTON (1987 / He needs his fantasy and freedom)
I Should Be So Lucky-KYLIE MINOGUE (1987 / the fantasy that you'll be mine)
I Wanna Do It With You-BARRY MANILOW (1982 / I want to love out my fantasies)
(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life-BILL MEDLEY & JENNIFER WARNES (1987 / as we felt this magical fantasy)
Into The Groove-MADONNA (1985 / live out your fantasy here with me)
Is Your Love Strong Enough?-BRYAN FERRY (1986 / stranger than fantasy)
It's Fantasy-AMII STEWART (1987)
Jackie Don’t Go-SURVIVOR (1983 / Jackie was the focus of my fantasies)
Keeping The Dream Alive-FREIHEIT feat. THE LONDON SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA(1988 / Tonight the rain is falling full of memories of people and places and while the past is calling in my fantasy I remember their faces)
Kiss-PRINCE (1986 / I want 2 be your fantasy maybe u could be mine)
Kiss You All Over-EXILE (1978 / I wanna fill your fantasy)
Let Me Be Your Fantasy-BABY D (1995)
Music & Lights-IMAGINATION (1982 / secret fantasies in a show biz world)
Never Too Much-LUTHER VANDROSS (1981 / You are my shinin' star, my guiding light, my love fantasy)
No Mercy-STRANGLERS (1984 / don't worry if they -your secret wishes- just remain a fantasy)
No Regrets-ROBBIE WILLIAMS (1998 / A bitter aftertaste and a fantasy of how we all could live)
O Pastor-MADREDEUS (1990 / A barca da fantasia)
Obsession-ANIMOTION (1984 / My fantasy hasturned to madness)
Rain Or Shine-5 STAR (1986 / my fantasy come true)
Round & Round-SPANDAU BALLET (1984 / you're just my fantasy and I will fantasize)
Saving All My Love For You-MARILYN McCOO & BILLY DAVIS JR. (1978), WHITNEY HOUSTON (1985 / that's just an old fantasy)
Street Of Dreams-RAINBOW (1983 / maybe this fantasy is real)
Truly Madly Deeply-SAVAGE GARDEN (1997 / I'll be your fantasy)
Voices In My Head-NAKED EYES (1983 / I've got a fantasy, of which you are a part)
Who Can It Be Now?-MEN AT WORK (1981 / It's just my fantasy)
You Can Win If You Want-MODERN TALKING (1985 / On your way you will see that life is more than fantasy)

Song titles or lyrics referring to fantastic

Barbie Girl-AQUA (1997 / Life in plastic, it's fantastic!)
Don’t Get Me Wrong-PRETENDERS (1986 / it might just be fantastic)
Fantastic Day-HAIRCUT 100 (1982)
F.E.A.R.-IAN BROWN (2001 / Fantastic Expectations Amazing Revelations)
Hit Me With Your Rythm Stick-IAN DURY & THE BLOCKHEADS (1978 / Das ist gut! C'est fantastique!)

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Alleged gay music stars

Marc Almond (SOFT CELL)
Andy Bell (ERASURE)
Desmond Child
Geoffrey Deane (MODERN ROMANCE)
Richard Fairbrass (RIGHT SAID FRED)
Mark Freehily (WESTLIFE)
Rob Halford (JUDAS PRIEST)
Dan Hartman
Elton John
Holly Johnson & Paul Rutherford (FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD)
Gerard Joling (biggest hit in Hellas: Ticket To The Tropics, 1985)
Limahl (KAJAGOOGOO / solo hit: The Neverending Story, 1984)
Ricky Martin (MENUDO)
Morrissey (THE SMITHS)
Little Richard
Billy MacKenzie (THE ASSOCIATES)
Freddie Mercury (QUEEN)
George Michael (WHAM!)
Klaus Nomi (hit: Total Eclipse, 1981)
Tom Robinson
Jimmy Somerville
Michael Stipe (R.E.M.)
Rufus Wainwright

gay icon VILLAGE PEOPLE (including gay mambers)

Alleged lesbian music stars

Melissa Etheridge
FOUR NON BLONDES (hit: What's Up, 1992)
INDIGO GIRLS (hit: Closer To Fine, 1989)
Janis Ian (hit: Fly To High, 1979)
Joan Jett (RUNAWAYS)
Janis Joplin
KD Lang

Queen Latifah
Horse McDonald (HORSE)
t.A.T.u. (although they stated that their relationship was a commercial trick)

Alleged bisexual music stars

David Bowie
Marlene Dietrich
Samantha Fox

Nelly Furtado
Sophie B. Hawkins
Mick Jagger

Brian Molko (PLACEBO)
Lou Reed
Dusty Springfield

Alleged transexual music stars

Dana International
Amanda Lear
Catherine (Katrin) Quinol (BLACK BOX / performer)

Alleged transvestite, drags & cross-dressing music stars


Ladyboys in music

Pete Burns (DEAD OR ALIVE)

Androgyny looking music stars

Grace Jones
Annie Lennox (EURYTHMICS)

Antony Hegarty (ANTONY & THE JOHNSONS)
Michael Jackson
Jay Jay Johannson
Marilyn Manson
Dee Snider

Gay anthems (In alphabetical order):

All The Things She Said-t.A.T.u. (2002)
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)-ABBA (1979)
Glad To Be Gay-TOM ROBINSON BAND (1978)
I Love Men-EARTHA KITT (1984)
I Will Survive-GLORIA GAYNOR (1979)
I'm Coming Out-DIANA ROSS (1980)
It's Raining Men-THE WEATHER GIRLS (1982)
Outside-GEORGE MICHAEL (1998)
Smalltown Boy-BRONSKI BEAT (1984)
So Many Men, So Little Time-MIQUEL BROWN (1983)
Vogue-MADONNA (1990)
We Are Family-SISTER SLEDGE (1979)
You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)-SYLVESTER (1978)
You Think You're A Man-DIVINE (1984 / written by Geoffrey Deane)

Relevant list:

Monday, December 1, 2008


The most popular international songs in Hellas during 2008, mainly in Greek radio stations

All Summer Long-KID ROCK (2008)
Apologize-TIMBALAND presents ONEREPUBLIC (2007)
Back To Black-AMY WINEHOUSE (2006)
Baila El Chiki Chiki-RODOLFO CHIKILICUATRE (2008 / Eurovision)
Beggin'-FRANKIE VALLI & THE FOUR SEASONS (1967, Pilooski re-edit)
Bleeding Love-LEONA LEWIS (2007)
Breathless-DAN WILSON (2008)
Disco Lies-MOBY (2008)
Divine-SÉBASTIEN TELLIER (2008 / Eurovision)
Do It Well-JENNIFER LOPEZ (2007)
Escape City Scrapers-MONO IN VCF (2008)
Fade Into You-MAZZY STAR (1994)
4 Minutes-MADONNA & JUSTIN (2008)
Goodbye Mr. A-THE HOOSIERS (2008)
Handsfree (If You Hold My Hand)-SONNY J (2008)
I Kissed A Girl-KATY PERRY (2008)
If I Were A Boy-BEYONCE (2008)
Just For Tonight-ONE NIGHT ONLY (2007)
Let Me Love You-SCHILLER featuring KIM SANDERS (2008)
Mercy-DUFFY (2007)
My Heart-LIZZ WRIGHT (2008)
Over The Hill-MONIKA (2005)
Qélé Qélé-SIRUSHO (2008 / Eurovision)
Secret Combination-KALOMIRA (2008 / Eurovison)
Sex On Fire-KINGS OF LEON (2008)
Shadow Of The Day-LINKIN PARK (2007)
Shady Lady-ANI LORAK (2008 / Eurovision)
Sleepless-UNTIL JUNE (2008)
Spiralling-KEANE (2008)
Stepping Stone-DUFFY (2008)
Stop & Stare-ONEREPUBLIC (2007)
Tainted Love-KWAN (2006)
This Is The Life-AMY MacDONALD (2007)
This Is What You Are-MARIO BIONDI (2006)
2 Hearts-KYLIE MINOGUE (2007)
Viva La Vida-COLDPLAY (2008)
What About Now-DAUGHTRY (2007)

PS: If you want to check out my relevant lists refering to the most popular songs of the last five years in Hellas, check out these pages... 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007