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These are some of the most popular international mainstream pop & dance hits of the 90's in hellenic radio stations. To make it easier for someone to have a clear overview, I will place the songs in two separate lists.

Mainstream pop hits of the 90's in Hellas

ABDUL, PAULA-Rush Rush (LP Spellbound, 1991)
ACE OF BASE-All That She Wants (1992 / LP Happy Nation, 1993)
ACE OF BASE-Beautiful Life (LP The Bridge, 1995)
ACE OF BASE-Don't Turn Around (LP Happy Nation - U.S. version, 1993)
ACE OF BASE-Happy Nation (LP Happy Nation, 1993)
ACE OF BASE-The Sign (LP Happy Nation - U.S. version, 1993)
ACE OF BASE-Wheel Of Fortune (1992 / LP Happy Nation, 1993)
BRYAN ADAMS & BARBRA STREISAND-I Finally Found Someone (OST The Mirror Has Two Faces, 1996)
PETER ANDRE featuring BUBBLER RANX-Mysterious Girl (1996) <reggae
ANTHONY, MARC-I Need To Know (1999)
MARC ANTHONY & TINA ARENA-I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You (OST The Mask Of Zorro, 1998)
AQUA-Barbie Girl (LP Aquarium, 1997)
AQUA-Doctor Jones (LP Aquarium, 1997)
AQUA-My Oh My (LP Aquarium, 1997)
AQUA-Turn Back Time (LP Aquarium, 1997)
ARCHER, TASMIN-Sleeping Satellite (LP Great Expectations, 1992)
ARENA, TINA-Chains (LP Don't Ask, 1994)
ARENA, TINA-Sorrento Moon (I Remember) (LP Don't Ask, 1994)
ARMY OF LOVERS-Crucified (LP Massive Luxury Overdose, 1991)
ARMY OF LOVERS-I Am (LP The Gods Of Heaven & Earth, 1993)
ARMY OF LOVERS-Israelism (LP The Gods Of Heaven & Earth, 1993)
ARMY OF LOVERS-La Plage De Saint Tropez (LP The Gods Of Heaven & Earth, 1993)
ARMY OF LOVERS-My Army Of Lovers (LP Disco Extravaganza, 1990 / LP Massive Luxury Overdose, 1991)
ARMY OF LOVERS-Obsession (LP Massive Luxury Overdose, 1991)
ARMY OF LOVERS-Ride The Bullet (LP Disco Extravaganza, 1990 / LP Massive Luxury Overdose, 1991)
ASTLEY, RICK-Cry For Help (LP Free, 1991)
BACKSTREET BOYS-I Want It That Way (1998)
BIG MOUNTAIN-Baby, I Love Your Way (LP Unity, 1994) <reggae
BOMB THE BASS-Winter In July (LP Unknown Territory, 1991)
BOY GEORGE-The Crying Game (OST The Crying Game, 1992)
BOYZONE-Love Me For A Reason (1994)
BOYZONE-No Matter What (1998)
BOYZONE-Words (1996)
C:REAL-With Or Without You (1999)
CANDY FLIP-Strawberry Fields Forever (1990)
CARDONE, NATHALIE-Hasta Siempre (1997 / LP Nathalie Cardone, 1999)
CARLISLE, BELINDA-Live Your Life Be Free (LP Live Your Life Be Free, 1991)
CHER-Believe (LP Believe, 1998)
CHER-The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss) (1991)
CHER-Strong Enough (LP Believe, 1998)
COCCIANTE, RICCARDO-Se Stiamo Insieme (1991)
CRAVEN, BEVERLEY-Love Scenes (LP Love Scenes, 1993)
CRAVEN, BEVERLEY-Promise Me (LP Beverley Craven, 1990)
CRUISE, JULEE-Falling (Theme From "Twin Peaks") (1989 / OST Twin Peaks, 1990)
CULTURED PEARLS-Just To Let You Know (1997)
D-EMOTION PROJECT featuring STEFKA SABOTINOVA-Pritouritze Planinata (1994)
DICK DALE & HIS DEL-TONES-Misirlou (1962 / OST Pulp Fiction 1994)
DETROIT, MARCELLA-I Believe (1994)
DUBSTAR-Stars (1995)
E-TYPE-Do You Always (Have To Be Alone)? (1995)
EAST 17Έντονα-Hold My Body Tight (LP Steam, 1994)
EAST 17-It's Alright (LP Walthamstow, 1993)
EAST SEVENTEEN featuring GABRIELLE-If You Ever (1996)
ENIGMA-Mea Culpa Part 2 (LP MCMXC a.D. 1990)
ENIGMA-Return To Innocence (LP The Cross Of Changes, 1993)
ENIGMA-Sadeness Part 1 (LP MCMXC a.D. 1990)
EVORA, CESARIA-Sangue De Beirona (LP Cabo Verde, 1997)
EVORA, CESARIA-Sodade (1992)
FREAK POWER-Turn On , Tune In, Cop Out (1993 / 1995)
GRANT, AMY-Baby Baby (LP Heart In Motion, 1991)
HALLIWELL, GERI-Mi Chico Latino (1999)
HAWKES, CHESNEY-The One & Only (LP Buddy's Song, 1991)
IGLESIAS, ENRIQUE-The Rhythm Divine (1999)
IMBRUGLIA, NATALIE-Torn (LP Left Of The Middle, 1997)
INNER CIRCLE-Bad Boys (1992) <reggae
JOEL, BILLY-The River Of Dreams (LP River Of Dreams, 1993)
JONES, KEZIAH-Rhythm Is Love (LP Blufunk Is A Fact! 1992)
JONES, KEZIAH-Where's Life (LP Blufunk Is A Fact! 1992)
KAMOZE, INI-Here Comes The Hotstepper (1995) <reggae
KATRINA & THE WAVES-Love Shine A Light (1997 / Eurovision Song Contest Winner)
KEATING, RONAN-When You Say Nothing At All (OST Notting Hill, 1999)
KEEDY-Save Some Love (1991)
KEEDY-Wishing On The Same Star (1991)
KIRKA-Losing You (1992)
Sadness In Your Eyes (1992) <reggae
LONDONBEAT-I've Been Thinking About You (LP In The Blood, 1990)
LONDONBEAT-You Bring On The Sun (1992)
LOPEZ, JENNIFER-Waiting For Tonight (LP On The 6, 1999)
LULU-Independence (LP Independence, 1993)
MADONNA-Beautiful Stranger (OST Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, 1999)
MADONNA-The Power Of Good-Bye (LP Ray Of Light, 1998)
MADONNA-Ray Of Light (LP Ray Of Light, 1998)
MADONNA-Secret (LP Bedtime Stories, 1994)
MADREDEUS-O Pastor (1990)
MARTIKA-Love...Thy Will Be Done (LP Martika's Kitchen, 1991)
MARTIN, RICKY-La Copa De La Vida (1998)
MARTIN, RICKY-Livin' La Vida Loca (LP Ricky Martin, 1999)
MARTIN, RICKY-Maria (1995 / 1997)
MARTIN, RICKY-Shake Your Bon-Bon (LP Ricky Martin, 1999)
McLACHLAN, SARAH-Angel (OST City Of Angels, 1998)
MALCOLM McLAREN featuring LOULOU DE LA FALAISE-Jazz Is Paris (LP Paris, 1994)
MALCOLM McLAREN featuring CATHERINE DENEUVE-Paris, Paris (LP Paris, 1994)
MAXI PRIEST-Close To You (LP Bonafide, 1990) <reggae
MAXI PRIEST featuring SHAGGY-That Girl (1996) <reggae
MICHAEL, GEORGE-Fastlove (LP Older, 1996)
MICHAEL, GEORGE-Jesus To A Child (LP Older, 1996)
MICHAEL, GEORGE-Outside (1998)
MIDLER, BETTE-From A Distance (LP Some People's Lives, 1990)
MINOGUE, KYLIE-Better The Devil You Know (LP Rhythm Of Love, 1990)
MINOGUE, KYLIE-Confide In Me (1994)
MINOGUE, KYLIE-Step Back In Time (LP Rhythm Of Love, 1990)
MOBY-Natural Blues (LP Play, 1999)
MOBY-Porcelain (LP Play, 1999 / OST The Beach, 2000)
MOBY-Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad (LP Play, 1999)
MOLOKO-Sing It Back (LP I Am Not A Doctor, 1998)
MONO-Life In Mono (OST Great Expectations, 1998)
MORRIS, SARAH JANE-I'm Missing You (1991)
MORRIS, SARAH JANE-Never Never Gonna Give You Up (LP Heaven, 1992)
'N SYNC-I Want You Back (1996 / LP 'N Sync, 1997)
NAIL, JIMMY-Ain't No Doubt (1992)
NEK- Laura Non C'e (LP Lei, Gli Amici E Tutto Il Resto, 1997)
NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK-Step By Step (1990)
NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK-Tonight (1990)
NICE LITTLE PENGUINS-Flying (LP Flying, 1994)
PAIGE, JENNIFER-Crush (LP Jennifer Paige, 1998)
PET SHOP BOYS-Being Boring (LP Behaviour, 1990)
Can You Forgive Her? Go West (LP Very, 1993)
Decadence (1994 / LP Alternative, 1995)
Go West (LP Very, 1993)
PET SHOP BOYS-I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Any More (LP Nightlife, 1999)
Jealousy (LP Behaviour, 1990)
My October Symphony (LP Behaviour, 1990)
New York City Boy (LP Nightlife, 1999)
Se A Vida é (That's The Way Life Is) (LP Bilingual, 1996)
PET SHOP BOYS-So Hard (LP Behaviour, 1990)
PET SHOP BOYS-Where The Streets Have No Name (I Can't Take My Eyes Off You) (1991)
PET SHOP BOYS-You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk (LP Nightlife, 1999)
PINK MARTINI-Donde Estas, Yolanda (1999 / LP Sympathique, 1997)
PINK MARTINI-No Hay Problema (1999 / LP Sympathique, 1997)
PINK MARTINI-Sympatique (1999 / LP Sympathique, 1997)
PONTES, DULCE-Cancao Do Mar (LP Lagrimas, 1993 / OST Primal Fear, 1996)
PRESUNTOS IMPLICADOS-Como Hemos Cambiado (Version En Vivo) (LP Ser De Agua, 1991)
REAL McCOY-Come & Get Your Love (1995)
REDNEX-Wish You Were Here (LP Sex & Violins, 1995)
REILLY, MAGGIE-Every Single Heartbeat (LP Midnight Sun, 1993)
Everytime We Touch (LP Echoes, 1992)
REILLY, MAGGIE-Tears In The Rain (LP Echoes, 1992)
Wait (LP Echoes, 1992)
RIGHT SAID FRED-Deeply Dippy (LP Up, 1992)
Don't Talk Just Kiss (1991 / LP Up, 1992)
I'm Too Sexy (1991 / LP Up, 1992)
SAINT ETIENNE-Burnt Out Car (1997)
He's On The Phone (1995)
Nothing Can Stop Us (LP Foxbase Alpha, 1991)
Pale Movie (LP Tiger Bay, 1994)
Only Love Can Break Your Heart (1990 / LP FoxBase Alpha, 1991)
Who Do You Think You Are (1993)
You're In A Bad Way (LP So Tough, 1993)
SECRET GARDEN-Nocturne (1995 / Eurovision Song Contest Winner)
SHAGGY-Oh Carolina (1993) <reggae
SOMERVILLE, JIMMY-To Love Somebody (1990)
SOUND OF SEDUCTION-Until I'm Satisfied (1995)
SPEARS, BRITNEY-...Baby One More Time (1998 / LP ... Baby One More Time, 1999)
SPEARS, BRITNEY-(You Drive Me) Crazy (LP ... Baby One More Time, 1999)
SPEARS, BRITNEY-Sometimes (LP ... Baby One More Time, 1999)
SPICE GIRLS-Goodbye (1998 / LP Forver, 2000)
SPICE GIRLS-Say You'll Be There (LP Spice, 1996)
SPICE GIRLS-Spice Up Your Life (LP Spiceworld, 1997)
SPICE GIRLS-2 Become 1 (LP Spice, 1996)
SPICE GIRLS-Viva Forever (LP Spiceworld, 1997)
SPICE GIRLS-Wannabe (LP Spice, 1996)
SPICE GIRLS-Who Do You Think You Are (LP Spice, 1996)
STANSFIELD, LISA-Change (LP Real Love, 1991)
SWEETBOX-Everything's Gonna Be Alright (1997)
TAKE THAT-Babe (LP Everything Changes, 1993)
TAKE THAT-Back For Good (LP Nobody Else, 1995)
TAKE THAT-How Deep Is Your Love (1996)
TORNQUIST, REBECKA-Easy Come, Easy Go (1993)
TWAIN, SHANIA-That Don't Impress Me Much (1999 / LP Come On Over, 1998)
VACUUM-I Breathe (1996)
VAYA CON DIOS-Far Gone Now (LP Night Owls, 1990)
VAYA CON DIOS-Farewell Song (LP Time Flies, 1992)
VAYA CON DIOS-Heading For A Fall (LP Time Flies, 1992)
VAYA CON DIOS-Nah Neh Nah (LP Night Owls, 1990)
VAYA CON DIOS-Stay With Me (LP Roots & Wings, 1995)
VAYA CON DIOS-Sunny Days (LP Night Owls, 1990)
VAYA CON DIOS-What's A Woman? (LP Night Owls, 1990)
WAS (NOT WAS)-Elvis' Rolls Royce (LP Are You OK, 1990)
WAS (NOT WAS)-Papa Was A Rolling Stone (LP Are You OK, 1990)
WOOD, LAUREN-Fallen (OST Pretty Woman, 1990)
ZOE-Sunshine On A Rainy Day (1991)
ZUCCHERO featuring PAUL YOUNG-Senza Una Donna (Without A Woman) (LP Zucchero, 1991)

Dance hits of the 90's in Hellas

ADAMSKI featuring SEAL-Killer (1990)
ADVENTURES OF STEVIE V-Dirty Cash (Money Talks) (1990)
ALL SEEING I-The Beat Goes On (1998)
APOLLO FOUR FORTY-Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Dub (1997)
APOLLO FOUR FORTY-Stop The Rock (1999)
BABY D-Let Me Be Your Fantasy (1994)
BAD BOYS BLUE-I Totally Miss You (1992)
BAYO, CHIMO-A Si Me Gusta A Mi (X-Ta Si, X-Ta No) (1991)
BAYO, CHIMO-Bombas (1992)
BEGA, LOU-I Got A Girl (LP A Little Bit Of Mambo, 1999)
BEGA, LOU-Mambo No 5 (LP A Little Bit Of Mambo, 1999)
BELLINI-Samba De Janeiro (1997)
BLACK BOX-Everybody Everybody (LP Dreamland, 1990)
BLACK BOX-Fantasy (LP Dreamland, 1990)
BLACK BOX-I Don't Know Anybody Else (LP Dreamland, 1990)
BLACK BOX-Ride On Time (1989 / LP Dreamland, 1990)
BLACK BOX-Strike It Up (LP Dreamland, 1990)
BLACK MACHINE-How Gee (1992)
BLUE PEARL-Naked In The Rain (1990)
BUCKETHEADS (KENNY "DOPE" presents THE)-The Bomb (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) (1995)
C & C MUSIC FACTORY featuring FREEDOM WILLIAMS-Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) (1990)
C & C MUSIC FACTORY featuring FREEDOM WILLIAMS-Here We Go (1990)
C & C MUSIC FACTORY featuring FREEDOM WILLIAMS-Things That Make You Go Hmmm... (1990)
CAPPELLA-Move On Baby (1993)
CAPPELLA-U Got 2 Let The Music (1993)
CAPTAIN JACK-Captain Jack (1995)
CHEMICAL BROTHERS, THE-Block Rockin' Beats (1997)
CORONA-The Rhythm Of The Night (1993)
CULTURE BEAT-Mr. Vain (1993)
DARIO G-Sunchyme (1997)
DAWSON, DANA-Romantic World (1990)
DEEE-LITE-Groove Is In The Heart (LP World Clique, 1990)
DENNIS, CATHY-Touch Me (All Night Long) (LP Move To This, 1990)
DI BART, TONY-The Real Thing (1994)
DJ BOBO-Everybody (1993)
D-MOB featuring CATHY DENNIS-C'Mon & Get My Love (1989)
DNA featuring SUZANNE VEGA-Tom's Diner (1990)
D:REAM-Things Can Only Get Better (1994)
DR. ALBAN featuring LEILA K.-Hello Africa (1990 / LP The Album - Hello Africa, 1991)
DR. ALBAN-It's My Life (LP One Love - The Album, 1992)
DR. ALBAN-No Coke (1990 / LP The Album - Hello Africa, 1991)
DOUBLE YOU-Please Don't Go (1992)
EIFFEL 65-Blue (Da Ba Dee) (1999)
FAITHLESS-God Is A DJ (LP Sunday 8 pm, 1998)
FAITHLESS-Insomnia (1995 / LP Reverence, 1996)
FAITHLESS-Salva Mea (LP Reverence, 1996)
FAT BOY SLIM-Praise You (LP You've Come A Long Way Baby, 1998)
FAT BOY SLIM-Right Here, Right Now (LP You've Come A Long Way Baby, 1998)
FAT BOY SLIM-The Rockafeller Skank (LP You've Come A Long Way Baby, 1998)
FELIX-Don't You Want Me? (1992)
FMT featuring CAMILLA-50 Ways To Leave Your Lover (1991)
GINA G.-Ooh Ahh... Just A Little Bit (1996)
GURU JOSH-Infinity (1990)
49ERS-Touch Me (1989 / LP 49ers, 1990)
HADDAWAY-What Is Love? (1992 / LP The Album, 1993)
JAM & SPOON featuring PLAVKA-Right In The Night (Fall In Love With Music) (1993)
JAYDEE-Plastic Dreams (1992)
JORDY-Dur Dur D'être Bébé! (1992)
KAMEN, NICK-I Promised Myself (LP Move Until We Fly, 1990)
KLF, THE-3 A.M. Eternal (1990 / LP The White Room, 1991)
Justified & Ancient (LP The White Room, 1991)
Last Train To Trancentral (LP The White Room, 1991)
What Time Is Love? (1990 / The White Room, 1991)
KNUCKLES, FRANKIE-The Whistle Song (LP Beyond The Mix, 1991)
LA BOUCHE-Be Me Lover (1995)
LA BOUCHE-Sweet Dreams (Ola Ola E) (1994)
LATOUR-People Are Still Having Sex (1991)
LIL LOUIS-French Kiss (1989)
LIL LOUIS-I Called U (1990)
LOS DEL RIO-Macarena (1995)
M PEOPLE-Moving On Up (LP Elegant Slamming, 1993)
MADISON AVENUE-Don't Call Me Baby (1999)
MARKY MARK & THE FUNKY BUNCH-Good Vibrations (1991)
MASTERBOY-I Got To Give It Up (LP Different Dreams, 1994)
MAXX-Get-A-Way (1993)
MC SAR & THE REAL McCOY-Another Night (1993)
MILES, ROBERT-Children (1996)
MR. OIZO-Flat Beat (1999)
MONIE LOVE vs. ADEVA-Ring My Bell (1990)
MOUSSE T. vs HOT 'N' JUICY-Horny '98 (1998)
NIGHTCRAWLERS-Push The Feeling On (1995)
NOMAD featuring MC MIKEE FREEDOM-(I Wanna Give You) Devotion (1990)
OCEANIC-Insanity (1991)
OLIVE-You're Not Alone (1997)
OPUS III-It's A Fine Day (1992)
OUTHERE BROTHERS, THE-Boom Boom Boom (1995)
OUTHERE BROTHERS, THE-Don't Stop (Wiggle Wiggle) (1994)
PAPA DEE-The First Cut Is The Deepest (1995)
PENISTON, CE CE-Finally (1991)
PRODIGY-Breathe (1996)
PRODIGY-Firestarter (1996)
PRODIGY-Voodoo People (LP Music For The Jilted Generation, 1994)
REDNEX-Cotton Eye Joe (1994 / LP Sex & Violins, 1995)
REEL TO REAL featuring THE MAD STUNTMAN-I Like To Move It (1993)
REGINA-Day By Day (1998)
ROZALLA-Everybody's Free (To Feel Good) (1991)
SASH!-La Primavera (1998)
SASH! featuring LA TREC-Stay (1997)
SASH! featuring RODRIGUEZ-Ecuador (1997)
SCATMAN JOHN-Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop) (1995)
SHAMEN-Move Any Mountain (1991)
SNAP!-The Colour Of Love (1991 / LP The Madman's Return, 1992)
SNAP!-Cult Of Snap (LP World Power, 1990)
SNAP!-Ooops Up (LP World Power, 1990)
SNAP!-The Power (LP World Power, 1990)
SNAP!-Rhythm Is A Dancer (LP The Madman's Return, 1992)
SOHO-Hippychick (LP Goddess, 1990)
SOULTANS-Can't Take My Hands Off You (1996 / Love, Sweat & Tears, 1997)
STAKKA BO-Here We Go (1993)
STARDUST-Music Sounds Better With YouΈντονα(1998)
T99-Anasthasia (1991)
THE TAMPERER featuring MAYA-Feel It (1998)
TECHNOTRONIC-Get Up (Before The Night Is Over) (1989)
TECHNOTRONIC featuring REGGIE-Move That Body (1991)
TECHNOTRONIC featuring FELLY / YA KID K-Pump Up The Jam (1989)
TECHNOTRONIC featuring MC ERIC-This Beat Is Technotronic (1989)
TOUCH & GO-Would You...? (1998)
2 IN A ROOM-Wiggle It (1990)
2 UNLIMITED-Get Ready For This (1991 / LP Get Ready! 1992)
2 UNLIMITED-No Limit (1992)
2 UNLIMITED-Twilight Zone (LP Get Ready! 1992)
U 96-Das Boot (1991)
UTAH SAINTS-Something Good (1992 / LP Utah Saints, 1993)
UTAH SAINTS-What Can You Do For Me (LP Utah Saints, 1993)
WAMDUE PROJECT-King Of My Castle (1998)
WATERS, CRYSTAL-Gypsy Woman (La Da Dee La Da Da) (1991)
WESLEY, JOHN-Lover Why (1996)
WHIGFIELD-Saturday Night (1994)

You will find the rock oriented hits of the 90's here

These lists will be regularly updated in order to become as reliable as possible.


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