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My Radio Boo broadcast (Wednesday 30 September 2015)

My Radio Boo broadcast with Rock, Hard Rock & Heavy Rock cover versions of the 80s.
This is by far the best you can find anywhere on the net concerning the subject, either a broadcast or relevant info.

Listen to the broadcast

22:00 - 23:00

01. In The Army Now - STATUS QUO (LP In The Army Now1986)
Original version:
In The Army Now - BOLLAND (LP The Domino Theory1981)
Status Quo lyrics, Bolland lyrics

(LP I Love Rock 'N Roll1981)
Original version:
I Love Rock 'N Roll - THE ARROWS (single1975)
Arrows lyrics, Joan Jett lyrics

03. Ride Like The Wind - SAXON (LP Destiny1988)
Original version:
Ride Like The Wind - CHRISTOPHER CROSS (LP Christopher Cross1979)
Saxon lyrics, Christopher Cross lyrics

04. The Passenger - SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES 
(LP Through The Looking Glass1987)
The Passenger - IGGY POP (LP Lust For Life1977)
Banshees lyrics, Iggy's lyrics 

05. Real Wild Child (Wild One) - IGGY POP (LP Blah-Blah-Blah1986)
Original version.
Real Wild Chil - JOHNNY O'KEEFE with THE DEE JAYS (single1958)
Iggy Pop lyrics, Johnny O'Keefe lyrics

06. I Only Want To Be With You - THE TOURISTS
(LP Reality Effect1979)
Original version:
I Only Want To Be With You - DUSTY SPRINGFIELD (single1963)
Song lyrics

07. I Fought The Law - THE CLASH (EP The Cost Of Living1979)
Original version:
I Fought The Law - THE CRICKETS (single1960)
Other known version:
I Fought The Law - BOBBY FULLER FOUR (1965)
Clash lyrics

08. Friday On My Mind - GARY MOORE (LP Wild Frontier1987)
Original version:
Friday On My Mind - THE EASYBEATS (single1966)
Song lyrics

09Anarchy In The UK - MEGADETH feat. STEVE JONES
(LP So Far, So Good... So What1988)
Original version:
Anarchy In The UK - SEX PISTOLS (LP Never Mind The Bollocks... 1977)
Megadeth lyrics, Sex Pistols lyrics

10. Johnny B Goode - JUDAS PRIEST (LP Ram it Down1988)
Original version.
Johnny B. Goode - CHUCK BERRY (single1958)
Most popular version in Hellas:
Johnny B. Goode - PETER TOSH (sungle1983)
Judas Priest lyrics, Chuck Berry lyrics, Peter Tosh lyrics

11. Cum On Feel the Noize - QUIET RIOT (LP Metal Health1983)
Original version.
Cum On Feel The Noize - SLADE (single1973)
Quiet Riot lyrics, Slade lyrics

12. Higher Ground - RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS (LP Mother's Milk1989)
Original version:
Higher Ground - STEVIE WONDER (LP Innervisions1973)
Peppers lyrics, Stevie lyrics

13. Smokin' In The Boys Room - MÖTLEY CRUE (LP Thatre Of Pain,1985)
Original version:
Smokin' In The Boys Room - BROWNSVILLE STATION (single1973)
Song lyrics

14. Your Mama Don't Dance - POISON (LP Open Up & Say...Ahhh1988)
Original version:
Your Mama Don't Dance - LOGGINS & MESSINA
(LP Loggins & Messina1972)
Song lyrics

15. Leader Of The Pack - TWISTED SISTER (LP Come Out & Play1985)
Original version:
Leader Of The Pack - THE SHANGRI-LAS (single1964)
Twisted Sister lyrics, Shangri-Las lyrics

16. Once Bitten Twice Shy - GREAT WHITE (LP ...Twice Shy1989)
Original version:
Once Bitten Twice Shy - IAN HUNTER (LP Ian Hunter1975)
Ian Hunter lyrics

17Hazy Shade Of Winter - BANGLES (OST Less Than Zero1987)
Original version:
A Hazy Shade Of Winter - SIMON & GARFUNKEL (single1966)
Bangles lyrics, Simon & Garfunkel lyrics

23:00 - 00:00

18. All Day & All Of The Night - THE STRANGLERS 
(LP All Live & All Of The Night1987)
Original version:
All Day & All Of The Night - THE KINKS (single1964)
Song lyrics

19. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love - THE BLUES BROTHERS
(OST The Blues Brothers1980)
Original version:
Everybody Needs Somebody To Love - SOLOMON BURKE (1964)
Blues Brothers lyrics

20. I Got Loaded - LOS LOBOS (LP How Will The Wolf Survive1984)
Original version:
I Got Loaded - LITTLE BOB & THE LOLLIPOPS (single, 1965)
Song lyrics

21. Can You Hear Me - WILLIE & THE POOR BOYS (1985)
Original version:
Can You Hear Me - LEE DORSEY (1065)
Song lyrics

22. Seven Days - JOE COCKER (LP Sheffield Steel1982)
Original version:
Seven Days - RON WOOD (LP Gimme Some Neck1979)
Joe Cocker lyrics

23. 400 Dragons - ADRIAN JOHN LOVERIDGE (LP Square One1981)
Original version:
400 Dragons - THIEVES (LP Yucatan1979)
Song lyrics

24. To Be A Lover - BILLY IDOL (LP Whiplash Smile1986)
Original version:
I Forgot To Be Your Lover - WILLIAM BELL (single1968)
Billy Idol lyrics, William Bell lyrics

(b side on ''Rage Hard'', 1986)
Original version:
Roadhouse Blues - THE DOORS (LP Morrison Hotel1977)
Frankie lyrics, Doors lyrics

26. People Are Strange - ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN
(OST The Lost Boys1987)
Original version:
People Are Strange - THE DOORS (LP Strange Days1967)
Bunnymen lyrics, Doors lyrics

27. Dancing Barefoot - U2 (b side on ''When Love Comes To Town'', 1989)
Original version:
Dancing Barefoot - PATTI SMITH GROUP (LP Wave1979)
U2 lyrics, Patti Smith lyrics

28. Baby, I Love You - RAMONES (LP End Of The Century1979)
Original version
Baby, I Love You - THE RONETTES (single1963)
Ramones lyrics, The Ronettes lyrics

29. Downtown Train - ROD STEWART (single1989)
Original version:
Downtown Train - TOM WAITS (LP Rain Dogs1985)
Song lyrics

30. If You Go Away - OSCAR BENTON (LP If You Go Away1984)
Original version.
Ne Me Quitte Pas - JACQUES BREL (single1959)
Most known version:
If You Go Away - TERRY JACKS (single1974)
Terry Jacks lyrics, Jacques Brel lyrics

31. Sweet Jane - COWBOY JUNKIES (LP The Trinity Sessions1988)
Original version:
Sweet Jane - THE VELVET UNDERGOUND (LP Loaded1970)
Cowboy Junkies lyrics, Velvet Underground lyrics

...and here are some cover versions NOT included in the broadcast:

Bette Davis Eyes - KIM CARNES (1981)
Bette Davis Eyes - JACKIE DeSHANNON (1975)

China Girl - DAVID BOWIE (1983)
China Girl - IGGY POP (1977)

Dancing In The Street - DAVID BOWIE & MICK JAGGER (1985)
Dancing In The Street MARTHA REEVES & THE VANDELLAS (1964)

Dear Prudence - SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES (1983)
Dear Prudence - THE BEATLES (1968)

Eloise THE DAMNED (1986)
Eloise BARRY RYAN (1968)

Family Man - HALL & OATES (1982)
Family Man - MIKE OLDFIELD (1982)

Get It On (Bang A Gong) - THE POWER STATION (1985)
Get It On T-REX (1971)

Got My Mind Set On You - GEORGE HARRISON (1987)
I've Got My Mind Set On You - JAMES RAY (1962)

Harlem Shuffle - THE ROLLING STONES (1986)
Harlem Shuffle - BOB & EARL (1963)

Heart Full Of Soul - CHRIS ISAAK (1987)
Heart Full Of Soul - THE YARDBIRDS (1965)

Hold On - SANTANA (1982)
Hold On - IAN THOMAS (1981)

Hot Summer Nights - NIGHT (1979)
Hot Summer Nights - WALTER EGAN (1978)

I'll Be Satisfied - SHAKIN STEVENS (1982)
I'll Be Satisfied - JACKIE WILSON (1959)

Jimmy Loves MaryAnn JOSIE COTTON (LP From The Hip1984)
Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne LOOKING GLASS (LP Subway Serenade1973)

La Bamba - LOS LOBOS (1987)
La Bamba - RITCHIE VALENS (1958)

Love Is The Drug - SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY & THE JUKES (1984)
Love Is The Drug - ROXY MUSIC (1975)

Mony Mony - BILLY IDOL (studio, 1981 / live, 1987)

(Oh) Pretty Woman - VAN HALEN (1982)
Oh, Pretty Woman - ROY ORBISON (1964)

Right Now - THE CREATURES (1983)
Right Now - MEL TORME (1962)

Spirit In The Sky - DOCTOR & THE MEDICS (1986)
Spirit In The Sky - NORMAN GREENBAUM (1969)

Stairway To Heaven - FAR CORPORATION (1985)
Stairway To Heaven - LED ZEPPELIN (1971)

The Best - TINA TURNER (LP Foreign Affair1989)
The Best BONNIE TYLER (LP Hide Your Heart1988)

Thrid Uncle - BAUHAUS (1982)
Third Uncle - BRIAN ENO (1974)

Unchain My Heart - JOE COCKER (1987)
Unchain My Heart - RAY CHARLES (1961)

Walk This Way - RUN DMC feat. STEVEN & JOE (1986)
Walk This Way - AEROSMITH (1975)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My Radio Boo broadcast (Wednesday 23 September 2015)

Για όλους εσάς που είτε είστε συντονισμένοι στο μικρό μας Boo, σας παρουσιάζω την καλύτερη μουσική εκπομπή που έγινε ποτέ στο Ελληνικό ραδιόφωνο...

Listen to the broadcast:

22:00 - 23:00

01Please Don't Leave Me - PRETTY MAIDS (LP Sin Decade1991)
      Original version:
      Please Don't Leave Me - JOHN SYKES feat. PHIL LYNOTT
      Lyricslost lovers of summer, as we go our separate way

02Separate Ways - GARY MOORE (LP After Hours1992)
       Lyricsis it time to go our separate ways?

03Black Velvet - ALANNAH MYLES (LP Alannah Myles1989)
      Lyrics 1: Jimmy Rogers on the Victrola up high
      Lyrics 2: ''Love Me Tender'' leaves 'em cryin' in the aisle

04Elvis' Rolls Royce - WAS (NOT WAS) feat. LEONARD COHEN
      (LP Are You OK? 1990)
      Backing vocals: IGGY POP

05In The DeathCar - GORAN BREGOVIC feat. IGGY POP
      (OST Arizona Dream1993)
      LyricsI don't turn on the radio, cause they play shit like... 
      you know

06Fire - BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (LP The Promise2010)
       Written by: Bruce Springsteen
       Originally released by: Robert Gordon with Link Wray (single1978)
       Most successful version by: The Pointer Sisters (single1978)
       Lyrics 1: I'm driviing in my car, I turn on the radio
       Lyrics 2: Romeo & Juliet, Samson & Delilah

07Fever - ELVIS PRESLEY (LP Elvis Is Back! 1960)
       Originally released by: Little Willie John (single1956)
       Most succesful version by: Peggy Lee (single1958)
       LyricsRomeo & Juliet... Captain Smith & Pocanontas

08Somewhere Down The Crazy River - ROBBIE ROBERTSON
      (LP Robbie Robertson1987)
      Lyrics 1: why do you always end up down at Nick's cafe?
      Lyrics 2: abandoned '59 Chevy

09Casablanca - BERTIE HIGGINS
      (LP Just Another Day In Paradise1982)
      Lyrics 1: holding hands 'neath the paddle fans in Rick's 
      candle lit cafe
      Lyrics 2: making magic at the movies in my old Chevrolet

10Year Of The Cat - AL STEWART (LP Year Of The Cat1976)
      Lyrics on a morning from a Bogart movie

11Temple Of The King - RAINBOW 
      (LP Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow1975)
      Lyrics: One day in the Year Of The Fox

12Why Me? - PLANET P (LP Planet P1983)

13Space Oddity - DAVID BOWIE (LP David Bowie1969)
      Lyricsthough I'm past one hundred thousand miles

23:00 - 00:00

      (LP Live Bullet1976)
      Lyricsout there in the spotlight, you're a million miles away

15I Need You - AMERICA (LP America1971)
      LyricsI need you, like the flower need the rain

16Lover Why - CENTURY (LP ...And Soul It Goes1986)
      Lyrics 1: I need you
      Lyrics 2: why lover why, why do flowers die

17Cool Night - PAUL DAVIS (LP Cool Night1981)
      Lyrics 1: I sometimes wonder why, all the flowers had to die
      Lyrics 2: It brings back memories of a good life
      when this love was not so old

18Don't Play That Song (You Lied) - ADRIANO CELENTANO 
      (LP Disco Dance1977)
      Lyrics 1: It brings back memories of the days I once knew,
      the days I spent with you
      Lyrics 2: Darling, I love you
      Lyrics 3: You were only 17

19Emma - HOT CHOCOLATE (LP Cicero Park1974)
      Lyrics 1: Darling I love you
      Lyrics 2: at 17 we were wed
      Lyrics 3: and when she said she'd be a movie queen, 
      nobody laughed

20If You Could Read My Mind GORDON LIGHTFOOT
      (LP If You Could Read My Mind,  1970)
      Lyrics:  a movie queen to play the scene

21Promise Me - BEVERLEY CRAVEN (LP Beverley Craven1990)
      Lyrics 1: I can read your mind
      Lyrics 2: I'll be saving all my love for you

22Saving All My Love For You - WHITNEY HOUSTON
      (LP Whitney Houston1985)
      Original version by: Marilyn NcCoo & Billy Davis Jr. (1978)
      Lyricswe'll be making love the whole night through

23Stay - BARRY MANILOW (LP I Wanna Do It With You, 1982)
      The album version released in American countries was titled
       Here Comes The Night
      Lyrics 1: we can make love til the morning light
      Lyrics 2: from the very start you took my breath away

24Damn Your Eyes - ETTA JAMES (LP Seven Year Itch1988)
      Lyrics 1: for taking my breath away
      Lyrics 2: I fall completely under your spell

25Thrill Is Gone - BB KING (single1969)
      Lyrics 1: I'm free baby, free from your spell
      Lyrics 2: you'll be sorry someday

26Words - THE CHRISTIANS (LP Colour1990)
      The song is based on The Chieftains ''Women Of Ireland'' (1973)
      (1973 / OST Barry Lyndon, 1975)
      LyricsIf I could find words, to tell you I'm sorry

27For You - TRIUMVIRAT (LP A La Carte1978)
      Lyrics 1: words can't describe what I feel 
      when I'm alone with you at night
      Lyrics 2: we'll fly away with love & feeling 
      and I can't wait until you see me again

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Top Instrumentals in Hellas

These are some of the most popular instrumentals in Hellenic radio stations through the years and also some of the most famous instrumentals in Hellas in general.
(Instrumentals originally released in soundtracks are not included)

ADAMSON, BARRY - Saturn In The Summertime (LP The Murky World Of Barry Adamson, 1999)
AIM - Cold Water Music (LP Cold Water Music, 1999)
AIR - Alpha Beta Gaga (LP Talkie Walkie, 2003)
ALPERT, HERB - Rise (LP Rise, 1979)
AVERAGE WHITE BAND - Pick Up The Pieces (LP AWB, 1974)
BAJOFONDO - Grand Gugnol (LP Mar Dulce, 2007)
BORELLY, JEAN-CLAUDE - Dolannes Melody (1975)
BUCHANAN, ROY - The Messiah Will Come Again (LP The Messiah..  1972)
DAVE BRUBECK QUARTET - Take Five (single, 1959 / LP Time Out, 1959)
CHACACHAS, THE - Jungle Fever (single, 1971)
CHAMPS, THETequila (single, 1958)
CLARK, ANNE - Poem Without Words II - Journey By Night (LP Hopeless Cases, 1987)
CRETU, MICHAEL - Goldene Jahre (LP Legionaire, 1983)
DAFT PUNK - Veridis Quo (LP Discovery, 2001)
DEODATO - Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001) (LP Prelude, 1973)
DICK DALE & HIS DEL-TONES - Miserlou (single, 1962, originally Misirlou)
808 STATE - Pacific State (LP Quadrastate, 1989)
BRIAN ENO & DAVID BYRNE - Regiment (LP My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts, 1981)
FLEETWOOD MAC - Albatross (single, 1968)
FOCUS - Hocus Pocus (LP Focus II, 1971)
GREEN, PETER - Slabo Day (LP In The Skies, 1979)
ISAAC HAYES MOVEMENT- Disco Connection (LP Disco Connection, 1975)
HEVIA - Busindre Reel (LP Terra De Nadie, 1999)
HOT BUTTER - Popcorn (LP Popcorn, 1972)
HYPNOSIS - Pulstar (single, 1983 / LP Hipnosis, 1984)
The song was originally released as a single by Vangelis in 1976.
INCREDIBLE BONGO BAND, THE - Apache (LP Bongo Rock, 1973)
JARRE, JEAN-MICHEL - Oxygene (Part II) (LP Oxygene1976)
JARRE, JEAN-MICHEL - Oxygene (Part IV) (LP Oxygene, 1976)
QUINCY JONES & HIS ORCHESTRA - Soul Bossa Nova (LP Big Band Bossa Nova, 1962)
Included in the 1997 soundtrack of Austin Powers movie.
KENNY G - Songbird (LP Duotones, 1986)
KOBAYASHI, YASUHIRO - Sara (single, 1994)
Made famous via TV commercial for ''Beauty Shop''
LANTERNA - B Minor (LP Elm Street, 2001)
JAMES LAST & GHEORGHE ZAMFIR - Einsamer Hirte (single, 1977)
LOS INDIOS TABAJARAS - Maria Elena (single, 1963)
LOVE UNLIMITED ORCHESTRA - Love's Theme (single, 1973)
McCOY, VAN - The Hustle (single, 1975)
McKENNITT, LOREENA  - Tango To Evora (LP The Visit, 1991)
MADNESS - One Step Beyond (LP One Step Beyond... 1979)
MANGIONE, CHUCK - Feels So Good (LP Feels So Good, 1977)
MEZZOFORTE - Garden Party (LP Surprise Surprise, 1982)
MILES, ROBERT - Children (single, 1995 / LP Dreamland, 1996)
GLENN MILLER & HIS ORCHESTRA - In The Mood (single, 1939)
MITO - Droid (single, 1983)
MOORE, GARY - The Loner (LP Wild Frontier, 1987)
MOUZON, ALPHONSE - Alone In Paris (LP Early Spring, 1988)
Also know in Hellas a cover by Les Ombres.
ALAN PARSONS PROJECT, THE - The Gold Bug (LP The Turn Of A Friendly Card, 1980)
ALAN PARSONS PROJECT, THE - Hyper-Gamma-Spaces (LP Pyramid, 1978)
ALAN PARSONS PROJECT, THE - MammaGamma (LP Eye In The Sky, 1982)
PIANO FANTASIA - Song For Denise (single, 1985)
PINK FLOYD - One Of These Days (LP Meddle, 1971)
PINK MARTINI - No Hay Problema (LP Sympatique, 1997)
PONTY, JEAN-LUC - Mirage (LP Enigmatic Ocean, 1977)
PRADO, PEREZ - Guaglione (1958, Theme for the Hellenic TV series 'Dolce Vita')
PRADO, PEREZ - Patricia (single, 1958)
JONATHAN RICHMAN & THE MODERN LOVERS - Egyptian Reggae (LP Rock'n'RollWith The Modern Lovers, 1977)
ROSSO, NINI - Il Silenzio (1965)
SADE - Siempre Hay Esperanza (LP Stronger Than Pride, 1988)
SANTANA - Europa (Earth's Cry, Heaven's Smile) (LP Amigos, 1976)
SANTANA - Flor D'Luna (Moonflower) (LP Moonflower, 1977)
SANTANA - Samba Pa Ti (LP Abraxas, 1970)
SOFT VERDICT (WIM MERTENS) - Struggle For Pleasure (LP Struggle For Pleasure, 1983)
SPACE - Magic Fly (LP Magic Fly, 1977)
Used as ntro in the 1978 Jackie Chan movie Snake In The Eagle's Shadow.
STEELY DAN - The Fez (LP Royal Scam, 1976)
SURFARIS, THE - Wipe Out (single, 1963)
UB40 - Dance With The Devil (LP UB40, 1988)
TORNADOS, THE - Telstar (single, 1962)
George Bellamy of the Tornados is the father of Muse frontman Matthew.
EDGAR WINTER GROUP, THE - Frankenstein (LP They Only Come Out At Night, 1972)
YOUNG-HOLT UNLIMITED, THE - Soulful Strut (LP Soulful Strut, 1968)
An instrumentak cover version of Barbara Acklin's 'Am I The Same Girl'

and some of my personal favorites:

CHINA CRISIS - 96.8 (b side, 1985)
FELT - Evergreen Dazed (LP Crumbling The Antiseptic Beauty, 1982)
KAJAGOOGOO - The Loop (LP Islands, 1984)
REM - Rotary Ten (1986 / LP Dead Letter Office, 1987)
SMITHS, THE - Money Changes Everything (b side, 1986)
SMITHS, THE - Oscilate Wildly (b-side, 1985 / LP The World Won't Listen, 1987)
STYLE COUNCIL, THE - Blue Cafe (LP Cafe Bleu, 1984)

The list will remain under construction till the end of the month...

Here you will find a link with my relevant broadcast on Radio Boo,

and the playlist:

22:00:28 Jean Luc Ponty - Mirage (LP Enigmatic Ocean, 1977)
22:04:49 Jean Michel Jarre - Oxygene Part 4 (LP Oxygene, 1976)
22:08:56 Space - Magic Fly (LP Magic Fly, 1977 / OST Snake In The Eagle's Shadow, 1978)
22:13:08 Hypnosis - Pulstar (1983, originally by Vangelis in 1976)
22:15:33 Mito - Droid (1982)
22:18:20 Christos Leontis - Athlitiki Kyriaki theme
22:19:57 Michael Cretu - Goldene Jahre (LP Legionaire, 1983)
22:23:08 Hot Butter - Popcorn (LP Popcorn, 1972)
22:25:33 Van McCoy - The Hustle (1975)
22:28:50 Love Unlimited Orchestra - Love's Theme (1973)
22:32:51 Young - Holt Unlimited - Soulful Strut (LP Soulful Strut, 1968)
22:35:36 Quincy Jones & His Orchestra - Soul Bossa Nova (LP Big Band Bossa Nova, 1962)
22:39:29 Spyro Gyra - Old San Juan (LP Incognito, 1982)
22:41:47 Mezzoforte - Garden Party (LP Surprise Surprise, 1982)
22:44:52 Piano Fantasia - Song For Denise (1985)
22:46:57 UB40 - Dance With The Devil (LP UB40, 1988)
22:49:01 Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers - Egyptian Reggae (LP Rock 'n' Roll With The Modern Lovers, 1977)
22:51:41 Incredible Bongo Band - Apache (LP Bongo Rock, 1973)
22:54:22 Focus - Hocus Pocus (LP Focus II, 1971)
22:56:58 Edgar Winter Group - Frankenstein (LP They Only Come Out At Night, 1972)
22:59:51 The Tornados - Telstar (1962)
23:02:38 The Surfaris - Wipe Out (1963)
23:04:48 Perez Prado And His Orchestra - Guaglione (1958)
23:06:58 Perez Prado & his Orchestra - Patricia (1958)
23:09:04 Booker T. & The M.G.'s - Green Onions (LP Green Onions, 1962)
23:11:05 Dave Brubeck Quartet - Take Five (1960)
23:13:59 Chuck Mangione - Feels So Good (LP Feels So Good, 1977)
23:17:26 Herb Alpert - Rise (LP Rise, 1979)
23:21:00 Santana - Europa (Earth`s Cry, Heaven`s Smile) (LP Amigos, 1976)
23:23:42 Santana - Samba Pa Ti (LP Abraxas, 1970)
23:26:30 Santana - Flor d`Luna (Moonflower) (LP Moonflower, 1977)
23:30:36 The Alan Parsons Project - The Gold Bug (LP The Turn Of A Friendly Card, 1980)
23:33:30 Anne Clark - Poem Without Words II - Journey By Night (LP Hopeless Cases, 1987)
23:35:52 Soft Verdict / Wim Mertens - Struggle For Pleasure (1983)
23:39:09 Alphonse Mouzon - Alone In Paris (LP Early Spring, 1988)
23:42:21 Kenny G - Songbird (LP Duotones, 1986)
23:45:18 Siopitirio Ellinikou Stratou - Il Silenzio (Originally by Nini Rosso, 1964)
23:47:32 Jean Claude Borelly - Dolannes Melody (1975)
23:51:09 James Last & Gheorge Zamfir - Einsamer Hirte (aka Lonely Shepherd) (1977)
23:53:52 Los Indios Tabajaras - Maria Elena (1963)
23:56:58 Fleetwood Mac - Albatross (1968)