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My Radio Boo broadcast on Tuesday 29/01/2013 (18:00 - 20:00), about compositions of classical music composers and their place in contemporary music, either in their 'original version' or used as a sample or influence in songs of the rock era.

First hour (18:00 - 19:00)

01. Boléro - HENRY MANCINI
(OST 10, 1980)
Originally premiered in 1928.
Maurice Ravel / France (1875 - 1937)

02. Never Gonna Fall In Love Again - ERIC CARMEN
(LP Eric Carmen, 1975)
Based on the third movement from Rachmaninoff''s 'Second Symphony' which was written in 1906-7
Sergei Rachmaninoff / Russia (1873 - 1947)

03. Russians - STING
(LP The Dream Of The Blue Turtles, 1985)
Based on Sergei Prokofiev's suite 'Lieutenant Kije', written for the homonymous 1934 Soviet movie.
Sergei Prokofiev / Russia (1891 - 1953)

04. Could It Be Magic - BARRY MANILOW
(LP Barry Manilow, 1975)
The song begins and ends with an excerpt of Frédéric Chopin's 'Prelude in C Minor, Opus 28, Number 20. (1839)
Frédéric Chopin / Poland (1810 - 1849)

05. The Windmills Of Your Mind - NOEL HARRISON
(OST The Thomas Crown Affair, 1968)
The opening two melodic sentences were borrowed from Mozart's '2nd movement' from his 'Sinfonia Concentrante for Violin, Viola & Orchestra in E-Flat Major, K. 364' (1779)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart / Austria (1756 - 1791)

06. Piano Concerto no. 21 in C Major K 467 - WOLFGANG AMADEUS MOZART

07. Song Sung Blue - NEIL DIAMOND
(LP Moods, 1972)
Based on the previous Mozart theme.

08. Rain & Tears -APHRODITE'S CHILD
(1968 / LP End Of The World, 1969)
A reworking of Pachelbel's 'Canon In D Major' (1694, first published 1919)
Johann Pachelbel / Germany (1653 - 1706)

09. Canon In D Major - JOHANN PACHELBEL

(1810, first published in 1867) 
Ludwig Van Beethoven / Germany (1770 - 1827)

11. A Whiter Shade Of Pale - PROCOL HARUM
(LP A Whiter Shade Of Pale, 1967)
The song includes parts of 3 of Bach's works.
1) Air 'On The G String' (Written between 1717-1723)
2)  Ich steh mit einem Fuß im Grabe, BWV 156 (1729)
3) 'Wachet Auf, Ruft Uns Die Stimme' (aka Sleepers Wake) (1731)
Johann Sebastian Bach / Germany (1685 - 1750)

12. Masquerade - SKY
(LP Sky 4 Forthcoming, 1982)
Music by Khachturian, for the homonymous 1941 play of Russian writer Mikhail Lermontov.
Aram Khachaturian / Armenia (1903 - 1978)

13. Symphony No. 3 in F major, Op. 90 - III. Poco Allegreto - JOHANNES BRAHMS

14. Love Of My Life - SANTANA feat. DAVE MATTHEWS
(LP Supernatural, 1999)
Based on the previous theme.
Johannes Brahms / Germany (1833 -1897)

15. Black Black Heart - DAVID USHER
(LP Morning Orbit, 2001)
Uses the famous 'Flower Duet' for female sopranos, from Léo Delibes opera  Lakmé (1883)

16. Dear Malika - THE RAPSODY feat. LL COOL J
(LP Overture - Hip Hop Meets Classics, 1997)
Uses the famous 'Flower Duet' for female sopranos, from Léo Delibes opera  Lakmé (1883)
Léo Delibes / France (1836 - 1891)

17. Madam Butterfly (Un Bel Di Vedremo) - MALCOLM McLAREN
(LP Fans, 1984)
Based on Pucccini's opera Madama Butterfly (1904)
Giacomo Puccini / Italy (1858 - 1924)

Second hour (19:00 - 20:00)

01. The 'Aria' from 'La Wally' - WILHELMENIA FERNANDEZ
(OST Diva, 1981)
From Catalani's opera 'La Wally' (1892)
Alfredo Catalani / Italy (1854 - 1893)

02. It's A Hard Life - QUEEN
(LP The Works, 1984)
Introduction based on Leoncavallo's 'Pagliacci' (1892)
Ruggero Leoncavallo / Italy (1857 - 1919)

03. The Wheel Of Fortune (O Fortuna) - RAY MANZAREK
(LP Carmina Burana, 1983)
Based on Orff's cantata, Carmina Burana (1937)
Carl Orff / Germany (1895 - 1982)

04. The Ride Of The Valkyries - WIENER PHILARMONIKER
(OST Apocalypse Now, 1979)
From Wagner's opera 'Die Walküre' (1870)
Richard Wagner / Germany (1813 - 1883)

05. Also Sprach Zarathustra - DEODATO
(LP Prelude, 1972)
Based on Strauss' symphonic poem, which was inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche's homonymous philosophical novel (1896)
Richard Strauss / Germany (1864 - 1949)

06. Toccata - SKY
(LP Riding High, 1979)
Based on Bach's 'Toccata & Fugue In D Minor, BMV 565' (The time this was created remains uncertain)

07. Carmen / Gimme Some Lovin' -DOLLIE DE LUXE
(LP Rock Vs. Opera, 1985)
Medley of Bizet's 'Carmen' & Spencer Davis Group 1966 hit
Georges Bizet / France (1838 - 1875)

08. A Song Of Joy- MIGUEL RIOS
(LP A Song Of Joy, 1970)
Based on the 9th of Beethoven (Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op 125, 1824)
Words taken from Friedrich Schiller 1785 poem, 'Ode To Joy'

09. They - JEM
(LP Finally Woken, 2004)
It includes a sample of the Swingle Singers' 1963 adaptation of Johann Sebastian Bach's 'Prelude in F minor (BWV 881)'.

(OST Electric Dreams, 1984)
Based on Petzold's 'Minuet in G major' (The Lovers Concerto), a keyboard piece included in 'The Notebook For Anna Magdalena Bach (1725)
Christian Petzold / Germany (1677 - 1733)

11. Nut Rocker - B. BUMBLE & THE STINGERS
Based on Tchaikovsky's 'The Nutcracker' (1892)
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovksy / Russia (1840 - 1893)

12. Saturday Nite At The Duck Pond - THE COUGARS
Based on Tchaikovsky's 'Swan Lake' (1895)

13. Swan Lake - MADNESS
(LP One Step Beyond, 1979)
Based on Tchaikovsky's 'Swan Lake' (1895)

14. Metal Heart - ACCEPT
(LP Metal Heart, 1985)
The song contains parts of Thaikovsky's 1876 'Slavonik March' (intro) & Beethoven's 1867 'Für Elise' (guitar solo)

15. Sabre Dance - LOVE SCULPTURE
(1968 / LP Forms & Feelings, 1969)
From the homonymous movement of Khachaturian's ballet 'Gayane' (1942)

16. I'll Stand By You - THE PRETENDERS
(LP Last Of The Independents, 1994)
Uses the melody of Bach's 'Minuet For Lovers'

17. A Groovy Kind Of Love - PHIL COLLINS
(OST Buster, 1988)
Original 1965 version of Diane & Anita was based on the Rondo movement of Clementi's 'Sonatina in G major, op. 36 no. 5'
Muzio Clementi / Italy (1752 - 1832)

Listen to the broadcast:

 Ok... It's in Hellenic but once you get the picture it won't matter, cause titles & artists are in English, German, Italian & French.

Songs not included on the broadcast:

A Fifth Of Beethoven - WALTER MURPHY 6 THE BIG APPLE BAND (1976)

All By Myself - ERIC CARMEN (1975)
Based on Sergei Rachmaninoff''s 'Piano Concerto No. 2 in C minor, Opus 18 (1901)

It's Now Or Never - ELVIS PRESLEY (1960)
Melody adapted by Eduardo Di Capua's 'O Sole Mio' (1898)

La Serenissima - RONDO VENEZIANO (LP La Serenissima, 1981)

Roll Over Beethoven - ELO (1972)
Quotes Beethoven's 'Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67' (1804 - 1808)

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My Radio Boo broadcast on Tuesday 22/01/2013 (18:00 - 20:00), about songs referring to space
(Astronauts, Aliens, Spacetravel etc.)

First hour (18:00 - 19:00)

01. Also Sprach Zarathustra - DEODATO
(LP Prelude, 1972)
This Richard Strauss masterpiece was included in the OST of the movie '2001: A Space Odyssey' (1968), performed by the Wiener Philarmoniker, conducted by Herbert Von Karajan.

(LP The War Of The Worlds, 1978)
The Introduction of the album based on the 'War Of The Worlds' novel by H.G.Wells, made famous by Orson Welles' broadcast in 1938 and popularized nowadays by the homonymous movie starring Tom Cruise in 2005.

03. Theme From 'Star Wars' - JOHN WILLIAMS

04. Spaceman - BABYLON ZOO
(1995 / LP The Boy With The X-Ray Eyes, 1996)

05. The Final Countdown - EUROPE
(LP The Final Countdown, 1986)
Swedish hard rock band introducing the most popular contemporary triumph hymn in Hellas.

(LP Planet P Project, 1983)
Former Rainbow keyboard player Tony Carey, collaborating with German producer Peter Hauke.

07. Major Tom (Völlig Losgelöst) - PETER SCHILLING
(LP Fehler Im System, 1982)
The original German version of 'Major Tom (Coming Home)', based on David Dowie's 'Space Oddity' character

08. Theme From 'Space 1999' - BARRY GRAY
Popular TV series (1975-1977)

09. Space Oddity - DAVID BOWIE
(LP David Bowie, 1969)

10. Rocket Man (I Think It's Gonna Be A Long Long Time) - ELTON JOHN
(LP Honky Château, 1972)

11. Theme From 'Superman' - JOHN WILLIAMS

12. Flash - QUEEN
(OST Flash Gordon, 1980)

13. Planet Earth - DURAN DURAN
(LP Duran Duran, 1981)

14. Doctorin' The Tardis - THE TIMELORDS

15. Cosmic Girl - JAMIROQUAI
(LP Travelling Without Moving, 1996)

Second hour (19:00 - 20:00)

01. Αφροδίσιο - ΤΑΣΟΣ ΒΟΥΓΙΑΤΖΗΣ
(LP Μασσέλες, 1986)

02. Saturn In The Summertime - BARRY ADAMSON
(LP The Murky World Of Barry Adamson, 1999)

03. Hallo Spaceboy - DAVID BOWIE feat. NEIL TENNANT

 04. Where No Man Has Gone Before (Theme From 'Strar Trek') - ALEXANDER COURAGE feat. WILLIAM SHATNER

05. Planet Claire - THE B-52's
(LP The B-52's, 1979)

06. Space Cowboy - JAMIROQUAI
(LP The Return Of The Space Cowboy, 1994)

07. Clouds Across The Moon - RAH BAND
(LP Mystery, 1985)

08. Theme From 'Battlestar Galactica' - JOHN WILLIAMS & THE BOSTON POPS ORCHESTRA
Originally by Stu Phillips.

09. No Doubt About It - HOT CHOCOLATE

This part of the broadcast refers to more allegoric - mostly erotic- lyrics

10. Fell In Love With An Alien - THE KELLY FAMILY
(LP Almost Heaven, 1996)

11. To The Moon & Back - SAVAGE GARDEN
(1996 / LP Savage Garden, 1997)

12. Fly Away - LENNY KRAVITZ
(LP 5, 1998)

(LP Learning To Crawl, 1984)

14. Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) - JULIE LONDON

15. Sleeping Satellite - TASMIN ARCHER
(LP Great Expectations, 1992)

16. Walking On The Moon - THE POLICE
(LP Reggatta De Blanc, 1979)

Listen to the broadcast:

Ok... It's in Hellenic but once you get the picture it won't matter, cause titles & artists are almost all in English.

Other space related songs not included on this broadcast

A Spaceman Came Travelling - CHRIS DE BURGH (1975)
Aliens - RADIORAMA (1987)
Californication - RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS (1999)
Far Out - BLUR (1994)
1st Man In Space - THE ALL SEEING I feat PHIL OAKEY (1999)
Galaxy - WAR (1977)
I Breathe - VACUUM (1997)
Magic Fly - SPACE (1977)
Mondsong -NENA (1986)
99 Luftballons - NENA (1983)
Out Of Space - PRODIGY (1992)
Raumschiff Edelweiss - EDELWEISS (1992)
Satellite Of Love - LOU REED (1972)
Silver Machine - HAWKWIND (1971)
Space Truckin' -DEEP PURPLE (1971)
Spacer - SHEILA B DEVOTION (1979)
Telstar - THE TORNADOS (1962)
The Purple People Eater - SHEB WOOLEY (1958)
Woodpeckers From Space - VIDEO KIDS (1984)

also referring to aliens

Nobody Told Me - JOHN LENNON (1980 / LP Milk & Honey, 1984)
Lyrics: There's a UFO over New York and I ain't too surprised

Nothing Ever Happens - DEL AMITRI (LP Waking Hours, 1989)
Lyrics: the Martians could land in the car park and no one would care

Rapture - BLONDIE (LP Autoamerican, 1980)
Lyrics: and out comes a man from Mars and you try to run but he's got a gun and he shoots you dead and he eats your head and then you're in the man from Mars you go out at night, eatin' cars you eat Cadillacs, Lincolns too Mercurys and Subarus and you don't stop, you keep on eatin' cars then, when there's no more cars you go out at night and eat up bars where the people meet

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The Most Popular Songs in Hellas referring to Radio 
(In titles or lyrics)

Radio in song titles

All The Love Is On The Radio - TOM JONES (single / LP Love Is On The Radio, 1984)

AM / FM - NATASHA KING (single, 1983)

Capital Radio One - THE CLASH (1977)

Devil's Radio - GEORGE HARRISON (LP Cloud Nine, 1987)

Do You Remember Rock 'N' Roll Radio -THE RAMONES (LP End Of The Century (1980)

FM (No Static At All) - STEELY DAN (OST FM, 1978)

I Can't Live Without My Radio - L.L.COOL J (LP Radio, 1986)

I Love My Radio (Midnight Radio)
- TAFFY (single, 1987)

Life Is A Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me) - REUNION (1974)

Message On The Radio - TRANS X (LP Living On Video, 1983)

Mexican Radio - WALL OF VOODOOO (1982)

On My Radio - THE SELECTER (single, 1979)

On The Radio - JAY JAY JOHANSON (LP Antenna, 2002)
Lyrics: Everytime I hear my song on the radio I keep moving closer to you

On The Radio - DONNA SUMMER (single, 1980 / LP On The Radio, 1979)

Put The Radio On - LANA DEL RAY (2012)

Radio - THE CORRS  (LP In Blue, 2000)

Radio - LANA DEL RAY (LP Born To Die, 2012)

Radio - SAVAGE (LP Tonight, 1984)

Radio - ROBBIE WILLIAMS (single, 2004)

Radio Africa - LATIN QUARTER (LP Modern Times, 1985)

Radio Free Europe - REM (debut single, 1981 / debut LP Murmur, 1983)

Radio Ga Ga - QUEEN (single / LP The Works, 1984)

Radio Me - TOMMY NILSSON (1981 / LP Tommy Nilsson, 1982)

Radio Musicola -NIK KERSHAW (LP Radio Musicola, 1986)
Lyrics: my soul shows art to me, but dollars says my radio

Radio Nowhere - BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (LP Magic, 2007)

Radio #1 - AIR (LP 10.000 Hz Legend, 2001)

Radio Orchid - FURY IN THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE (LP Mono, 1993)

Radio Radio - ELVIS COSTELLO & THE ATTRACTIONS (single / LP This year s model,1978)

Radio Romance - TIFFANY (single / LP Hold an old friend s hand, 1988)

Radio Silence - BORIS GREBENSHIKOV (1989)

Raised On Radio - JOURNEY (LP Raised on radio, 1986)

Radio Song - REM (LP Out of time, 1991)

Riot Radio - THE DEAD 60's (LP The Dead 60s, 2005)

Song On The Radio - AL STEWART (LP Time passages, 1978)
Lyrics: I was changing the radio stations with my mind on you / you're on my mind like a song on the Radio

The Spirit Of Radio - RUSH (LP Permanent Waves, 1980)

That's Why God Made The Radio - THE BEACH BOYS (2012)

This Is Radio Clash - THE CLASH (single, 1981)

Turn Up The Radio - AUTOGRAPH (single / LP Sign In Please, 1985)

Universal Radio - NINA HAGEN (single / LP In Ekstacy, 1985)

Video Killed The Radio Star - BUGGLES (single, 1979 / LP Age Of Plastic, 1980)
Comment: The Buggles classic was the premiere video on MTVs first show on 1 August 1981.

The Wasp (Texas Radio And The Big Beat) - THE DOORS (LP LA Woman, 1971)

You Turn Me On, I'm A Radio - JONI MITCHELL (1972)

Radio in song lyrics

Against The Wind - BOB SEGER & THE SILVER BULLET BAND (single / LP Against the wind, 1980)
Lyrics: Janey was lovely she was the queen of my nights, there in the darkness with the radio playin' low

Aliens - RADIORAMA (LP The Second Album,1987)
Lyrics: call the radio

All Of The Night - KELLY ROWLAND feat. RICO LOVE (LP Here I Am, 2011)
Lyrics: don't talk too muvh, just kiss touch boy all day like the radio

America - RAZORLIGHT (single / LP Razorlight, 2006)
Lyrics: there's nothing on the TV nothing on the radio

An Old Fashioned Love Song - THREE DOG NIGHT (single / LP Harmony, 1971)
Lyrics: Just an old fashioned love song playing on the radio

Angie Baby - HELEN REDDY (single / LP Free & Easy, 1974)
Lyrics: You live your life in the songs you hear on the rock & roll radio

Another Sad Love Song - TONI BRAXTON (single / LP Toni Braxton, 1993)
Lyrics: A song comes on the radio and there u are baby once again... I'm in your car again, just one request on the radio

Baby Grand - RAY CHARLES & BILLY JOEL (single from Billy s LP The Bridge, 1986)
Lyrics: They say that no one's gonna play this on the radio

Beast Of Bourden - ROLLING STONES (single / LP Some girls, 1978)
Lyrics: music on the radio

Bedsitter - SOFT CELL (LP Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret, 1981)
Lyrics: Sunday morning going slow, I'm talking to the radio

Bobby Jean - BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (LP Born in the USA, 1984)
Lyrics: there'll be a radio playing and you'll hear me sing this song

Boys Of Summer - DON HENLEY (single, LP Building the perfect beast, 1985)
Lyrics: radio on baby

Brimful Of Asha - CORNERSHOP (single, LP When I was born for the 7th time, 1997)
Lyrics: All Indian radio

Brown Eyed Girl - VAN MORRISON (single / LP Blowin your mind, 1967)
Lyrics: going down the old mine with a transistor radio

Buffalo Springfield Again - NEIL YOUNG (LP Silver & Gold, 2000)
Lyrics: I heard an old song playing on the radio

Can't Stop The Music - VILLAGE PEOPLE (single / OST Can t stop the music, 1980)
Lyrics: on the radio, on every TV show

Come Undone - DURAN DURAN (single / LP The Wedding album, 1993)
Lyrics: Words, playing me deja vu, like a radio tune I swear I've heard before

Come On Eileen - DEXY S MIDNIGHT RUNNERS (UK No 1, 7-8-1982 / LP Too-Rye-Ay, 1982)
Lyrics: Poor old Johnny Ray, sounded sad upon the radio

Dancing In The Dark - BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (single / LP Born in the USA, 1984)
Lyrics: Radio s on and I m moving round the place

Der Kommissar - AFTER THE FIRE (single, 1983 / Originally a hit for Falco in 1982)
Lyrics: they never let you know on the TV and the radio

Disco Band - SCOTCH (single, 1984)
Lyrics: smiling high with me, my radio.

Don't Believe The Hype - PUBLIC ENEMY (single / LP It takes a nation of millions to hold us back, 1988)
Lyrics: turn up the radio, they claim that I'm a criminal

Drivin' my Life Away - EDDIE RABBITT (single / LP Horizon, 1980)
Lyrics: those windshield wipers slappin' out a tempo keepin' perfect rhythm with the song on the radio

Enough Is Enough - CHUMBAWAMBA (LP Anarchy, 1994)
Lyrics: but people on the radio you know will make a pull

Every Rose Has Its Thorn - POISON (US No 1, 24-12-1988 / LP Open up & Say Ahh, 1988)
Lyrics: I listen to our favorite song playing on the radio

Everybody Have Fun Tonight - WANG CHUNG (LP Mosaic, 1986)
Lyrics: if your feeling low turn up your radio

Faron Young - PREFAB SPROUT (LP Steve McQueen, 1985)
Lyrics: the radio serenades but doesn t falter / Like an all night radio station

Faster Than The Speed Of Night - BONNIE TYLER (LP Faster Than The Speed Of Night, 1983)
Lyrics: We got the music in our bodies & the radio

Find My Love - FAIRGROUND ATTRACTION (single / LP The first of a million kisses, 1988)
Lyrics: I turn the dial on my radio trying to find an all night station

Fire - BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (Written by Bruce / Box set Live 1975-1985)
Lyrics: I m driving in my car, I turn on the radio
Comment: Originally recorded by Robert Gordon (1977) and covered by The Pointer Sisters (1978)

First Day Of Summer - TONY CAREY (LP Some tough city, 1984)
Lyrics: beatin time to the radio

The Fog - KATE BUSH (LP The Sensual World, 1989)
Lyrics: Just like a station on the radio, I pick you up.

Freeway Of Love - ARETHA FRANKLIN (single / LP Who s zoomin who?, 1985)
Lyrics: with the radio playin our song, we keep rollin’ along

Fun Fun Fun - BEACH BOYS (single, 1964)
Lyrics: with the radio blasting, goes cruising just as fast as she can

Get Some Sleep - BIC RUNGA (LP Beautiful Collision, 2002)
Lyrics: tune into the station, make a dedication, this is going out to everyone

Ghetto Heaven - THE FAMILY STAND (single / 1990)
Lyrics: she keeps it by the radio and listens to the reverend preach

Guitar Man - BREAD (single / LP Guitar man, 1972)
Lyrics: who s on the radio

Heart Of Stone - DAVE STEWART (1994)
Lyrics: I want to drive east coast to west coast, turn up my radio set myself free

Heartache Tonight - EAGLES (US No 1, 10-11-1979 / LP The long run, 1979)
Lyrics: some time before the sun comes up, the radio is gonna play that song

Lyrics: radio station personalities

(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - THE ROLLING STONES (US No 1, 10-7-1965 / LP Out of our heads, 1965)
Lyrics: that man comes on the radio, he's tellin' me more and more about some useless information

I Wanna Go Back -EDDIE MONEY (single, 1987 / LP Can t hold back, 1986)
Lyrics: I was listening to the radio, I heard a song reminded me of long ago

I'll Be Here Where The Heart Is - KIM CARNES (OST Flashdance, 1983)
Lyrics: It's the song that just keeps playing on the radio

In The Death Car - IGGY POP (OST Arizona Dream, 1993)
Lyrics: I don't turn on the radio coz they play shit

In The Crossfire - STARSAILOR (LP On the outside, 2005)
Lyrics: I hear them screaming on the radio

In The Morning - RAZORLIGHT (2006)
Lyrics: The songs on the radio sound the same

In Trance - SCORPIONS (LP In Trance, 1975)
Lyrics: on the radio the music plays

Karma Police - RADIOHEAD (LP OK Computer, 1997)
Lyrics: he's like a detuned radio

Last Night A D.J. Saved My Life - INDEEP (LP Last Night A D.J. Saved My Life, 1983)
Lyrics: but when I turned on my radio, I found out all I needed to know

Late In The Evening - PAUL SIMON (single / OST One-Trick Pony, 1980)
Lyrics: I remember there s a radio, comin from the room next door

Led Clones - GARY MOORE (LP After The War, 1989)
Lyrics: I heard them on the radio, I saw them on the video

Let's Dance - DAVID BOWIE (US No 1, 21-5-1983 / LP Let's Dance, 1983)
Lyrics: Let s dance to the song they re playin on the radio

Let's Talk About Sex - SALT N PEPA (single / LP Blacks magic, 1990)
Lyrics: now we talk about sex on the radio and video shows / pick up the needle, press pause, or turn the radio off

Lights Out - PETER WOLF (single / LP Lights out, 1984)
Lyrics: dancing in the dark, to the radio of love

Living In America - JAMES BROWN (single / OST Rocky IV, 1985)
Lyrics: all night radio, keep on runnin through your rock n roll soul

Make me lose control-ERIC CARMEN (single, 1988)
Lyrics: turn the radio up for that sweet sound

Mama told me not to come-THREE DOG NIGHT (US No 1, 11-7-1970 / LP It ain t easy, 1970)
Lyrics: The radio is blastin, someone s knockin at the door

Me gustas tu-MANU CHAO (LP Proxima Estacion: Esperanza, 2001)
Lyrics: Radio reloj

Midnight Man - SANDRA (LP Mirrors, 1986)
Lyrics: can t escape your voice on the radio

Moonlight Feels Right - STARBUCK (single, 1976)
Lyrics: I'll play the radio on southern stations

Mornin' - AL JARREAU (LP Jarreau, 1983)
Lyrics: Mornin' Mr. Radio

My Kind Of Love - EMELI SANDE (LP Our Version Of Events, 2012)
Lyrics:  I won't be turning up the radio singing, "Baby You're The One" but don't ever question if my heart beats only for you

Never Say Goodbye - BON JOVI (LP Slippery when wet, 1986)
Lyrics: racing cars and being cool, with a six pack and the radio

Nights are forever without you-ENGLAND DAN & JOHN FORD COLEY (single / LP Nights are forever, 1976)
Lyrics: Lying in bed with the radio on

No particular place to go-CHUCK BERRY (1964)
Lyrics: Cruisin' & playin' the radio

Open road-BRYAN ADAMS (2004)
Lyrics: I got the window down and the radio playing

Ordinary world-DURAN DURAN (single / LP Wedding album, 1993)
Lyrics: I turned on the lights, the TV and the radio

Papa Oom Mow Mow-THE RIVINGTONS (1962)
Lyrics: From the record, TV, or the radio

Pass The Dutchie-MUSICAL YOUTH (LP The Youth Of Today, 1982)
Lyrics: You play it on the radio, a so me say, we a go hear it on the stereo

Passion-ROD STEWART (single / LP Foolish behaviour, 1980)
Lyrics: hear it in the radio, passion

Patrick mon cheri-KIKI AND PEARLY (single, 1975)
Lyrics: The man on the radio says the weather is terrible all over the world

Pearl s a singer-ELKIE BROOKS (single, LP Two days away, 1977)
Lyrics: they say that she once cut a record, they played it for a week or so, on the local radio, it never made it

Photograph-NICKELBACK (single, 2005)
Lyrics: we used to listen to the radio and sing along with every song we know

The politics of dancing-RE-FLEX (single / 1984)
Lyrics: We got the message, I heard it on the airwaves...the broadcast was spreading, station to station

Pop muzik-M (alias Robin Scott / single, US No 1, 3-11-1979)
Lyrics: Radio, video, boogie with a suitcase

Popular-DARREN HAYES (former Savage Garden singer / single, 2004)
Lyrics: play my video, hear me on the radio

Pump It Up - DANZEL (single, 2004)
Lyrics: every Saturday night on your favorite radio

Radar Love - GOLDEN EARRING (single, 1974)
Lyrics: The radio s playing some forgotten song, Brenda Lee s Coming on Strong

Reunited - PEACHES & HERB (single, US No 1, 5-5-1979)
Lyrics: I spent the evening with the radio

Roadrunner - JONATHAN RICHMAN & THE MODERN LOVERS (single, 1977)
Lyrics: Got the radio on

Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through - JIM STEINMAN featuring RORY DODD (single, 1981)
Lyrics: We'd be listening to the radio so loud and so strong

Rock The Casbah - THE CLASH (LP Combat Rock, 1982)
Lyrics: the jet pilots tuned to the cockpit radio blare

Rockollection Part 1 - LAURENT VOULZY (single, 1977 / medley of classic sixties songs)
Lyrics: Et Saint-Malo dormait, et les radios chantaient

Ruby Dear - TALKING HEADS (LP Naked, 1988)
Lyrics: late at night when the radio is playing

Running Down a Dream - TOM PETTY (single, LP Full moon fever, 1989)
Lyrics: It was a beautiful day, sun beat down, I had the radio on, I was drivin

Sad Songs (Say So Much) - ELTON JOHN (single, LP Breaking hearts, 1984)
Lyrics: it's times like these when we all need to hear the radio

Second Summer Of Love - DANNY WILSON (single, LP Beebop Moptop, 1989)
Lyrics: Jesus on the radio...acid on the radio

See You When I Git There - LOU RAWLS (LP Unmistakably Lou, 1977)
Lyrics: Candlelight, cold wine, soft music on the radio

Shake Your Head - WAS (NOT WAS) (LP Hello Dad...I m in jail, 1992)
Lyrics: You can t tune a radio to heaven
Comment: Song features vocals by Ozzy Osbourne and Kim Basinger

She's In Fashion - SUEDE (single / LP Head music, 1999)
Lyrics: She s the face on the radio

Should've Known Better - RICHARD MARX (single / LP Richard Marx, 1987)
Lyrics: the radio won't let you leave my mind
Comment: Backing vocals by Fee Waybill (Tubes) and Timothy B. Schmit (Eagles).

Silenced By The Night - KEANE  (2012)
Lyrics: got the radio on, got the wheels in motion

Smooth - SANTANA featuring ROB THOMAS (LP Supernatural, 1999)
Lyrics: you hear my rhythm from your radio.

Somewhere In My Heart - AZTEC CAMERA (single, 1988 / LP Love, 1987)
Lyrics: TV and radio

Sound Of The Underground - GIRLS ALOUD (single, 2003)
Lyrics: Where the girls get down to the sound of the radio

Spanish Eddie - LAURA BRANIGAN (LP Hold me, 1985)
Lyrics: They were playin "Desolation Row" on the radio

Starman - DAVID BOWIE (LP The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars, 1972)
Lyrics: I leaned back on my radio

Stay (I Missed You) - LISA LOEB 6 NINE STORIES (1993 / OST Reality Bites, 1994)
Lyrics: So I, I turned the radio on, I turned the radio up and this woman was singing my song

Steamy Windows - TINA TURNER (1989), TONY JOE WHITE (1991)
Lyrics: the radio blasting in the front seat, turnin out the music fine

Steppin' Out - JOE JACKSON (LP Nite & Day, 1982)
Lyrics: We'll leave the T.V. and the radio behind

Such Great Heights - THE POSTAL SERVICE (LP Give Up, 2003)
Lyrics:  When you are out there on the road for several weeks of shows and when you scan the radio, I hope this song will guide you home

Lyrics: but you re not really here, it s just the radio

Take Me Home Country Roads - JOHN DENVER (1971)
Lyrics:  Radio reminds me of my home far away

That Old Song - RAY PARKER JR. & RAYDIO (LP A Woman Needs Love, 1981)
Lyrics: That song that they used to play, on the radio just about every day

That's The Way I Wanna Rock'N'Roll - AC / DC (LP Blow Up Your Video, 1988)
Lyrics: shut down my radio

The Nightfly - DONALD FAGEN (LP The Nightfly, 1982)
Lyrics:  I'm Lester the Nightfly, Hello Baton Rouge won't you turn your radio down

This Time - BRYAN ADAMS (LP Cuts like a knife, 1983)
Lyrics: Hey, turn up your radio

This Time I Know It's For Real - DONNA SUMMER (LP Another place, another time,1989)
Lyrics: Radio, tv news Got to find a way To get my message to you

Time For Laugther - LITTLE EDEN (LP Back To Little Eden, 1987)
Lyrics: time for getting news on the radio... good news on the radio

Train Of Thought - A HA (single / LP Scoundrel days, 1986)
Lyrics: a distant radio whistling tunes that nobody knows

Transmission - JOY DIVISION (1979)
Lyrics: Radio, live transmission

Turn It On Again - GENESIS (single / LP Duke, 1980)
Lyrics: All I need is a TV show, that and the radio 

29 Palms - ROBERT PLANT (LP Fate Of Nations, 1993)
Lyrics: It comes kinda hard when I hear your voice on the radio

We Belong Together - MARIAH CAREY (2005)
Lyrics: Bobby Womack's on the radio singing to me 'If you think you're lonely now'

We Built This City - STARSHIP (US No 1, 16-11-1985 / LP Knee Deep In The Hoopla, 1985)
Lyrics: listen to the s your favorite radio station, in your favorite radio city

We'll Never Have To Say Goodbye Again - ENGLAND DAN & JOHN FORD COLEY (single / LP Some Things Don't Come Easy, 1978)
Lyrics: turn on the radio, we'll play it way down low

What's The Frequency, Kenneth? - REM (single / LP Monster, 1994)
Lyrics: I'd studied your cartoons, radio, music, TV, movies, magazines

When You're Gone - BRYAN ADAMS featuring MEL C (single, 1999)
Lyrics: got the TV on cause the radio's playing songs that remind me of you

Where Did Your Heart Go - WAS (NOT WAS) (1981), WHAM (1986)
Lyrics: and listen to the radio, I love you, I love you, it says

Yesterday Once More - CARPENTERS (single, 1973)
Lyrics: When I was young I d listen to the radio

You re My Love, You re My Life-PATTY RYAN (1986)
Lyrics: I'm all alone the night has come, you're in my radio

Your Bright Baby Blues - JACKSON BROWNE (LP The Pretender, 1976)
Lyrics: baby if you can hear me, turn down your radio

Hellenic songs referring to radio


Απόψε Λέω Να Μην Κοινηθούμε - ΛΑΘΡΕΠΙΒΑΤΕΣ (1987)

Βραχυκύκλωμα (Vrachykykloma) - ΒΑΓΓΕΛΗΣ ΓΕΡΜΑΝΟΣ (LP Βραχυκύκλωμα, 1984)

Δεν Το Ξανακάνω Σε Autobianchi - ΚΩΣΤΑΣ ΤΟΥΡΝΑΣ (LP Παιχνίδι, 1988)

Είμαστε Στον Αέρα (Emaste Ston Aera) - THIRTY DIRTY (LP Η Συνωμοσία Των Μετρίων, 1998)

Έλα Να Ζήσουμε (Ela Na Sissoume) - ΆΝΝΑ ΒΙΣΣΗ (LP Αννα Βισση, 1981)

Και Λέει (Kai Lei) - ΓΙΑΝΝΗΣ ΒΑΡΔΗΣ (LP Και Λέει Άμα Δεις Τα Παιδιά, 1998)

Καλοκαιρινή Μου Αγάπη (Kalokerini Mou Agapi) - ONE (LP One, 1999)

Κι Έπαιζε Το Ράδιο (Ki Epese To Radio) - ΑΔΕΡΦΟΙ ΤΖΑΒΑΡΑ (LP Που Θα Πας, 1982)

Να Παίζει Το Τρανζίστορ (Na Pesi To Transisstor) - ΜΑΡΙΝΕΛΛΑ (LP Η Μαρινέλλα Του Σήμερα, 1978)

Νυχτερινή Εκπομπή (Nychterini Ekpobi)- ΑΦΡΟΔΙΤΗ ΜΑΝΟΥ (LP Νυχτερινή Εκπομπή, 1984)

Νωρίς (Noris) - ΗΜΙΣΚΟΎΜΠΡΙΑ feat. ΛΟΥΚΙΑΝΟΣ ΚΗΛΑΗΔΟΝΗΣ (LP 2030, 1999)

Ξαφνικά (Ksafnika) - ΣΤΕΦΑΝΟΣ ΚΟΡΚΟΛΗΣ (LP Εφ 'Ολης Της Ύλης, 1993)

Πάμε Όλοι Μαζί Σε Μια Παραλία - ΗΜΙΣΚΟΥΜΠΡΙΑ (2001)

Πες Το Κι Έγινε (Pes To Ki Eyine) - ΦΑΤΜΕ (LP Βγαίνουμε Απ' Το Τούνελ, 1986)

Πόσο Σε Θέλω (Posso Se Thelo) - ΤΕΡΜΙΤΕΣ (LP σιμεντενιο Κονσέρτο, 1987)

Ραδιο Αγάπη Μου (Radio Agapi Mou) - ΠΩΛΙΝΑ (1989)

Συχνότητα - ΒΙΚΥ ΜΟΣΧΟΛΙΟΥ (1981)

Χαλαρά (Halara) - ΧΡΗΣΤΟΣ ΠΑΖΗΣ (LP Δε Χρωσταω ΣΕ Κανένα, 2003)

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