Tuesday, September 2, 2008


The word Ocean in songs
(it's a very popular word also because it's riming with words such as motion, emotion, notion, devotion)

Ocean in song titles

The Ocean-RICHARD HAWLEY (LP Coles Corner, 2005)
Ocean Rain-ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN (1984)

Ocean in song lyrics

A Horse With No Name-AMERICA (1971 / the ocean is a desert)
All The Things She Said-SIMPLE MINDS (1985 / ocean moving in slow motion)
Always-ERASURE (1994 / melting the ice for me jump into the ocean hold back the tide I see your love in motion)
And We Danced-HOOTERS (1985 /and we danced, like a wave on the ocean, romanced)
Big Decision-THAT PETROL EMOTION (you ‘d rather sail the ocean)
Can’t Stop The Music-VILLAGE PEOPLE (ocean... motion)
Cherish-KOOL & THE GANG (near the ocean shore)
Chicago-GRAHAM NASH (from the bottom of the ocean)
The Cutter-ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN (not just another drop in the ocean)
Dance Of The Bad Angels-BOOTH & THE BAD ANGEL (1996 / the ocean so wide)
Everybody Plays The Fool-THE MAIN INGRIDIENT (1972), AARON NEVILLE (1991 / love runs deeper than any ocean)
Everybody’s Talking-FRED NEIL (1967), NILSSON (1968 / skipping over the ocean like a storm)
Every Time-MUENCHENER FREIHEIT (1986 / you love is like an ocean, I'm drowning in your soul)
Faith-GEORGE MICHAEL (1987 / before this river becomes an ocean)
Fergus Sings The Blues-DEACON BLUE (I got the blue blue ocean)
Foreign Affair-MIKE OLDFIELD (a drop in the ocean)
Forest Fire-LLOYD COLE & THE COMMOTIONS (1984 / If we get caught in this wind then we could burn the ocean)
Green Eyed Lady-SUGARLOAF (ocean lady)
Heart Of Gold-NEIL YOUNG
I Build This Garden For Us-LENNY KRAVITZ (1989)
If I Was-MIDGE URE (1985)
It’s Impossible-PERRY COMO (1971 / can the ocean keep from rushing to the shore)
It’s Over-ROXETTE (ocean of teardrops)
Just Like Heaven-THE CURE (dancing in the deepest oceans)
Letter From America-PROCLAIMERS (I’ve looked at the ocean)
Like A Baby-WHAM (I crossed the ocean)
Little James-OASIS
The Look-ROXETTE (1988 / she’s a miracle man loving is the ocean)
Lotus-REM (ocean flower aquarium)
Love Is The 7th Wave-STING (every ripple on the ocean)
Maria-BLONDIE (she’s oceans running down the drain)
Martha’s Harbour-ALL ABOUT EVE (you are an ocean wave my love)
Mercy Mercy Me-M. GAYE, R. PALMER (oil wasted on the oceans)
Moonlight Feels Right-STARBUCK
On My Way In L.A.-PHIL CARMEN (1985 / get a notion, by the ocean, what an idea)
Once In A Lifetime-TALKING HEADS (the bottom of the ocean)
One More Cup Of Coffee-BOB DYLAN (your heart is like an ocean)
Pure-LIGHTNING SEEDS (fresh & deep as oceans new)
Red Sky-THRICE (2005 / I know the ocean speaks, I've heard her call to me)
Right Here Waiting-RICHARD MARX (oceans apart)
The Right Stuff-BRYAN FERRY (black is the ocean)
Rock The Boat-THE HUES CORPORATION (1973), FORREST (1982 / There's always been a quiet place to harbor you and me Our love is like a ship on the ocean We've been sailing with a cargo full of, love and devotion)
Rhythm Is Love-KESAIAH JONES (the ocean loves the sea)
Rhythm Of My Heart-ROD STEWART (where the ocean meets the sky)
River Of People-LOVE & MONEY (the bottom of my wishing well is an ocean of steel)
She Blinded Me With Science-THOMAS DOLBY (1983 / as deep as any ocean as sweet as any harmony)
Ship Of Fools-WORLD PARTY (drowning in the oceans of history)
State Of The Nation-NEW ORDER (upon an ocean born to lose)
Sway-DEAN MARTIN (1954), PUSSYCAT DOLLS (2004 / like a lazy ocean hugs the shore)
Take My Breath Away-BERLIN (on this endless ocean)
That’s The Way-CULTURE CLUB (shedding tears as big as the ocean)
This One-P. MacCARTNEY (the swan is gliding above the ocean)
Trumpets-WATERBOYS (your life is like an ocean)
The Voice-MOODY BLUES (ocean of life)
Voyage Voyage-DESIRELESS (regarde l’ocean)
The Way Of The World-TINA TURNER (1991 / no ocean can keep us apart)
When Doves Cry-PRINCE (1984 / Dream if u can a courtyard An ocean of violets in bloom)
When You Come Back To Me-JASON DONOVAN (we’re oceans apart)
Whole Of The Moon-WATERBOYS (1985 / wide oceans full of tears)
Wish You Were Here-THE BEE GEES (1989 / my love is as strong as oceans are far apart)
World In My Eyes-DEPECHE MODE (1990 / all the islands in the ocean all the heavens in the motion)
You're My Everything-SANTA ESMERALDA (1977)

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