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Bears in songs

Bear Cage-THE STRANGLERS (1980)
Melting The Ice Away-KAJAGOOGOO (1984 / nobody lives there only the polar bear)
Polar Bear-THE CHARLATANS (1990)
Running Bear-JOHNNY PRESTON (1960 / Indian male name in the song)
Teddy Bear-ELVIS PRESLEY (1957)

Birds in songs
(In alphabetical order per species)

Albatross-FLEETWOOD MAC (1968)
Pretending To Care-TODD RUNDGREN (1985), DARYL BRAITHWAITE (1989), JENNIFER WARNES, (1992 / Today I am your chariot horse, tomorrow I’m your albatross)
Daydream Believer-THE MONKEES (1967 / Oh, I could hide neath the wings of the bluebird as she sings... You once thought of meAs a white knight on a steed)
Colibri-INCOGNITO (1992)
El Condor Pasa-SIMON & GARFUNKEL (1970 / like a swan... I’d rather be a sparrow than a snail)
Hummingbird-LES PAUL & MARY FORD (1955)
The Great Beyond-REM (1999 / I want the hummingbirds)
I Need Love-LL COOL J (1987), LUKA BLOOM (1992 / sweet as a dove)
When Doves Cry-PRINCE (1984)
Wings Of A Dove-MADNESS (1983)
Fly Like An Eagle-STEVE MILLER BAND (1976), THE NEVILLE BROTHERS (1992), SEAL (1996)
For You-TRIUMVIRAT (1979 / Higher that the eagle We'll fly away with love and feeling)
Love The One You’re With-STEPHEN STILLS (1970), BUCKS FIZZ (1986 / well there's a rose in the fisted glove and the eagle flies with the dove)
Owner Of A Lonely Heart-YES (1983 / the eagle in the sky)
St. Elmo’s Fire-JOHN PARR (1985 / I’ll be where the eagle’s flying)
Sandman-AMERICA (1971 / he flies the sky like an eagle in the eye of a hurricane)
Sleeping Satellite-TASMIN ARCHER (1992 / where the eagles fly)
Up Where We Belong-JOE COCKER & JENNIFER WARNES (1982 / where the eagles cry, on a mountain high )
This Is Not America-PAT METHENY GROUP & DAVID BOWIE (1985 / falcon spirals to the ground)
Pretty Flamingo-MANFRED MANN (1966)
The Power Of Love-HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS (1985 / change a hawk to a little white dove)
One For The Mockingbird-CUTTING CREW (1986)
If You Go Away-DUSTY SPRINGFIELD (1967), TERRY JACKS (1974 / nightbird song)
Nightingale-CAROLE KING (1974)
Nightingales-PREFAB SPROUT (1988)
Cat Among The Pigeons-BROS (1988)
Stool Pigeon-KID CREOLE & THE COCONUTS (1982)
Parklife-BLUR (1994 / I feed the pigeons)
Fly, Robin, Fly-SILVER CONVENTION (1975)
Rockin’ Robin-BOBBY DAY (1958), MICHAEL JACKSON (1971)
Honey-BOBBY GOLDSBORO (1967 / robin)
New Religion-DURAN DURAN (1982 / I bring my timing in seagulls)
See You In July-PAUL HARDCASTLE (1991 / hear the seagulls cry, they think our love will die)
In My Dreams-REO SPEEDWAGON (1987 / just listen to the songbird harmonies)
Songbird-KENNY G. (1986)
Songbird-OASIS (2002)
Stairway To Heaven-LED ZEPPELIN (1971 / songbird who sings)
The Whole Point Of No Return-STYLE COUNCIL (1984 / All righteousness did build thy arrow To shoot it straight into their lies Who would expect the mighty sparrow Could rid our world of all their kind?)
This One-PAUL McCARTNEY (1989 / the swan is gliding above the ocean)
You Can't Take Love For Granted-GRAHAM PARKER (1983 / Watch the swans out on the lake)
Dear Jessie-MADONNA (1989 / white turtle doves: λευκά τρυγόνια)
Woodpeckers From Space-VIDEO KIDS (1985)

About birds in general

Am Fenster-CITY (1977 / Klagt ein Vogel, ach auch mein Gefieder Näßt der Regen flieg ich durch die Welt)
Bird Of Paradise-SNOWY WHITE (1983)
Surfin’ Bird-THE TRASHMEN (1964), RAMONES (1977)
Free As A Bird-THE BEATLES (1995)
Free Bird-LYNYRD SKYNYRD (1973)
The Logical Song-SUPERTRAMP (1979 / And all the birds in the trees, well they'd be singing so happily)
Love Me More-TONY PACINO (1983)
My Guy-MARY WELLS (1964 / like birds of a feather)
(They Long To Be) Close To You-RICHARD CHAMBERLAIN (1963), DIONNE WARWICK (1964), THE CARPENTERS (1970 / Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?)

Cats in songs

Black Cat-JANET JACKSON (1989)
Can Your Pussy Do The Dog?-THE CRAMPS (1985 / lyrics are refering to sex organs)
Cat People (Putting Out Fire)-DAVID BOWIE (1982)
Cool For Cats-SQUEEZE (1979)
Curiosity Killed The Cat-CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT (1986)
Dandy-THE KINKS (1966), HERMAN’S HERMITS (1966 / while the cat’s away the mice are gonna play)
Like A Rolling Stone-BOB DYLAN (1965 / You used to ride on a chrome horse with your diplomat Who carried on his shoulder a siamese cat)
The LoveCats-THE CURE (1983)
Lucifer Sam-PINK FLOYD (1967 / Lucifer Sam, Siam cat... That cat's something I can't explain)
Puss ’n Boots-ADAM ANT (1983 / pussy: ψιψίνα)
Stray Cat Strut-STRAY CATS (1981)
Summer In The City-LOVIN’ SPOONFUL (1966), JOE COCKER (1994 / cool cat looking for a kitty)
Year Of The Cat-AL STEWART (1976)
What’s New Pussycat?-TOM JONES (1965)
Rocket's Tail-KATE BUSH (1989 / song refers to Kate's cat, Rocket)

Cows in songs

Cowboys & Angels-GEORGE MICHAEL (1990)
I Wanna Be A Cowboy-BOYS DON'T CRY (1985)
The Size Of A Cow-THE WONDER STUFF (1991)
Space Cowboy-JAMIROQUAI (1994)

Dogs in songs

Bad Dog-CHUMBAWAMBA (1994)
Black Dog-LED ZEPPELIN (1971)
Born In The USA-BRUCE (1984 / you end up like a dog that’s been beat too much)
Diamond Dogs-DAVID BOWIE
Dogs Of Lust-THE THE
Don’t Pay The Ferryman-CHRIS DeBURGH (he heard a wild dog howl)
Funky Cold Medina-TONE LOC (1989 /This brother told me a secret on how to get more chicks "Put a little Medina in your glass, and the girls'll come real quick It's better than any alcohol or aphrodisiac A couple of sips of this love potion, and she'll be on your lap" So I gave some to my dog when he began to beg Then he licked his bowl and he looked at me and did the wild thing on my leg He used to scratch and bite me, before he was much much meaner But now all the poodles run to my house for the Funky Cold Medina)
Hound Dog-ELVIS PRESLEY [hound: κυνηγόσκυλο]
Hounds Of Love-KATE BUSH (1985)
I'm Not Scared-EIGHTH WONDER (1988)
Knives Out-RADIOHEAD (2001 / If you'd been a dog They would've drowned you at birth)
Me & You & A Dog Named Boo-LOBO (1971)
Puppy Love-PAUL ANKA [puppy: κουταβάκι]
River Deep Mountain High-TINA TURNER (1966 / puppy)
Senorita-JAMES (2001 / Don't treat me like a God Treat me like a dog I'll come home to you)
Shoot The Dog-GEORGE MICHAEL (2002)
Suburbia-PET SHOP BOYS (1986 / and run with the dogs tonight)
Walking The Dog-RUFUS THOMAS (1963)
Who Let The Dogs Out-BAHA MEN (2000)
Jet-PAUL McCARTNEY & THE WINGS (inspired by Paul’s pet Labrador puppy)
Don’t Stand So Close To Me-THE POLICE (sometimes it’s not easy to be the teachers pet)

Fishes & other Sea creatures
(In Alphabetical order per species)

Walking In Memphis-MARC COHN (they got catfish on the table)
The Boy On The Dolphin-JULIUS LaROSA
The Dolphins Cry-LIVE (1999)
Getting Away With It (All Messed Up)-JAMES (2001 / now they live like dolphins)
Vanilla Sky-PAULMcCARTNEY (2001 / Snail or fish, balloon or dolphin)
The Magnificent 7-CLASH (1980 / Italian mobster shoots a lobster)
Rock Lobster-B 52’s (1979)
I’ll Sail This Ship Alone-BEATIFUL SOUTH (amongst the sharks and the treasure)
Mack The Knife-BOBBY DARIN (shark)
Seasons In The Sun-TERRY JACKS (starfish)
Starfish & Coffee-PRINCE (1987)
Swordfishtrombones-TOM WAITS (LP & song)
Beautiful Day-U2 (2000 / see the tuna fleets clearing the sea out)
I Am The Walrus-THE BEATLES (1967)
Save The Whale-NIK KERSHAW (1984)

Foxes in songs

Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed-THIN LIZZY (1976)
The Temple Of The King-RAINBOW (1975 / One day in the year of the fox)

Ηorses in songs

A Horse With No Name-AMERICA (1971)
Appaloosa-GINO VANNELLI (1978)
Bang Bang-CHER (1966), NANCY SINATRA (1966 / We rode on horses made of sticks)
Bring On The Dancing Horses-ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN
Diary Of A Hollow Horse [acoustic]-CHINA CRISIS
Goodnight Saigon-BILLY JOEL (like tameless horses)
Hello Mary Lou-RICKY NELSON (wild horses couldn’t make me stay away)
In These Shoes-KIRSTY MacCOLL (2000 / I've got a powerful horse outside)
Love Her Madly-THE DOORS (1971 / Seven horses seem to be on the mark)
Mustang Sally-WILSON PICKETT [mustang: άλογο της στέπας ]
Pretending To Care-TODD RUNDGREN (Today I am your chariot horse, tomorrow I’m your albatross)
Rhinestone Cowboy-GLEN CAMPBELL (1975)
Spinning Wheel-BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS (ride a painted pony)
Wanted Dead Or Alive-BON JOVI (I’m a cowboy on a steel horse I ride)
White Horse-LAID BACK (white pony)
Wild Horses-PREFAB SPROUT (1990)

Ηorsin’ Around-PREFAB SPROUT [σημαίνει περίπου τριγυρνώντας άσκοπα]

Insects in songs

Forever J.-
Sledgehammer-PETER GABRIEL (honey bee)
Butterfly-LLOYD COLE
Butterfly-CRAZY TOWN (2000)
Butterfly On A Wheel-THE MISSION (1989)
Butterfly's Wings-MERCURY REV (2008)
Obsession-ANIMOTION (like a butterfly)
Reel Around The Fountain-THE SMITHS (You can pin and mount me like a butterfly)
Woodstock-MATTHEWS SOUTHERN COMFORT (1970 / Riding shotgun in the sky Turning into butterflies)
Victory-KOOL & THE GANG (shake those butterflies)
Walking On The Chinese Wall-PHILIP BAILEY
What’s Your Sign-DES’REE
When Doves Cry-PRINCE (you got the butterflies all tied up)
Wishing Well-TERENCE TRENT D’ARBY (a wishing well of butterfly tears)
You’re So Desirable-ROBERT PALMER
Caterpillar-THE CURE (1984)
Common People-PULP (1995 / watching roaches climb the wall)
Baby I Love Your Way-PETER FRAMPTON / WILL TO POWER (shadows grow so long before my eyes with the help of fireflies)
Kiss Me-SIXPENCE NONE THE RICHER (1997 & 1999 / firefly)
Spanish Flea-HERB ALPERT
Goldfinger-SHIRLEY BASSEY (a spider’s touch)
Lullaby-THE CURE (spider)
Trouble-COLDPLAY (2000 / A spider web is tangled up with me... & I'm caught in the middle)

Lions in songs

Iron Lion Zion-BOB MARLEY
The Lion's Mouth-KAJAGOOGOO
The Lion Sleeps Tonight-THE TOKENS, TIGHT FIT
Lions In My Own Garden: Exit Someone-PREFAB SPROUT (1982)
Walk The Dinosaur-WAS (NOT WAS) (a mighty lion’s roar... also: monkey, rattlesnake)

Monkeys & Monkey-likes is songs (usually referring to: monkey business)

The Boy In The Bubble-PAUL SIMON (the baby with the baboon heart)
Hanging Around-STRANGLERS (got a monkey on his shoulder)
Harlem Shuffle-ROLLING STONES (you scratch just like a monkey)
Living On My Own-FREDDIE MERCURY (I don’t have no time for no monkey business)
Loser-BECK (chimpanzee-monkey)
Lotus-REM (that monkey died for my grin)
Missionary Man-EURYTHMICS (a monkey on a tree)
Notorious-DURAN DURAN (don’t monkey with my business)
Shock The Monkey-PETER GABRIEL
Tarzan Boy-BALTIMORA (monkey business)
That Smell-LYNYRD SKYNYRD (monkey on your back)
Tonight Tonight Tonight-GENESIS (I’m coming down like a monkey)
Walk The Dinosaur-WAS (NOT WAS) (picked up a monkey)
Wishing Well-TERENCE TRENT D’ARBY (hugging like a monkey see monkey doo)

Rats & mice in songs

Rat In My Kitchen-UB 40
Stray Cat Strut-STRAY CATS (I don’t bather chasing mice around)

Reptiles in songs
(in alphabetical order per species)

Polk Salad Annie-TONY JOE WHITE (1968 / down in Louisiana where the alligators grow so mean... "Polk salad Annie" 'Gators got you granny)
See You Later, Alligator-BOBBY CHARLES (1955), BILL HALEY & HIS COMETS (1955)
Ventura Highway-AMERICA (Alligator lizards)
Walk Like An Egyptian-BANGLES (crocodiles)
Wishing Well-TERENCE TRENT D’ARBY (a wishing well of crocodile cheers)
Working With Fire & Steel-CHINA CRISIS (put a crocodile in high office)

Sheeps in songs

Black Sheep Of The Family-RAINBOW
Hallelujah Man-LOVE & MONEY (I’m the black sheep)
Misfit-CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT (crazy sheep let them know)
Seasons In The Sun-TERRY JACKS (I was the black sheep of the family) \

Snakes in songs

Cold Hearted Snake-PAULA ABDUL
Deacon Blues-STEELY DAN (I crawl like a viper)
Don’t Bring Me Down-ELO (like a snake in the grass)
I’ve Been Losing You-A HA (you’re hissing like a snake...
Serpents Kiss-THE MISSION
Stop! Stop! -HOLLIES a snake her body fascinates me...
Union Of The Snake-DURAN DURAN
Walk The Dinosaur-WAS (NOT WAS) (that night we split a rattlesnake)

Tigers in songs

Clocks-COLDPLAY (2002 / a tiger's waiting to be tamed)
Eye Of The Tiger-SURVIVOR (1980 & 1982)
Goo Goo Muck-THE CRAMPS (I’m a teenage tiger)
The Lovecats-THE CURE (1983)
Teach Me Tiger-APRIL STEVENS (1959)
Tora Tora Tora-NUMERO UNO (1984)
Town Without Pity-GENE PITNEY (1961 / we're like tigers in a cage)

Wolfs in songs

Boy Who Cried Wolf-STYLE COUNCIL
Cry Wolf-A HA
Hungry Like The Wolf-DURAN DURAN
Pet Sematary-RAMONES (1989 / And the night when the wolves cry out)
Still Of The Night-WHITESNAKE (I hear the wolf howl, honey)

Werewolfes of London-WARREN ZEVON

Other animals in songs

Ballad Of A Landlord-TERRY HALL (1997 / fake leopard skin fur says it all you never could be real)
Buffalo Stance-NENEH CHERRY
Midnight At The Oasis-MARIA MULDAUR (1974 / camel)
Take Me I'm Yours-SQUEEZE (1978 / camel)
Walls Come Tumbling Down-STYLE COUNCIL (like the donkeys carrot)
Disco Duck-RICK DEES
The Great Beyond-REM (I'm pushing an elephant up the stairs)
Break Them Down-GRAHAM PARKER & THE SHOTS (1985 / Whilst making funds trading jaguar skins)
Tie Me A Kangaroo Down Sport-ROLF HARRIS
The Lodgers-STYLE COUNCIL (those who play the leeches game)
Paisley Park-PRINCE (who ever said that elephants were stronger than mules)
Little Red Rooster-SAM COOKE
Dance Of The Bad Angel-BOOTH & THE BAD ANGEL (toad)
Seven Seas-ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN (kissing the tortoise shell)

Songs with various animals

The Animal Song-SAVAGE GARDEN (1999)
Man Gave Names To All The Animals-BOB DYLAN (1979)

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