Saturday, August 2, 2008



Anna-CLOUSEAU (1991 / while I'm fixing some coffee I look at you in the morning light)
Another Cup Of Coffee-MIKE & THE MECHANICS (1995)
Black Coffee-ALL SAINTS (2000)
Coffee & TV-BLUR (1999)
Drivin' My Life Away-EDDIE RABBITT (1980 / well waitress pour me another cup of coffee)
Englishman In New York-STING (1987 / I don't drink coffee, I take tea my dear)
Living in America-JAMES BROWN (1985 / all night diners keep you awake on black coffee & a hard roll)
Losing My Mind-LIZA MINNELLI (1989 / the coffee cup, I think about you)
Love & Regret-DEACON BLUE (1989 / cold coffee won’t see you through)
One Cop Of Coffee-ART COMPANY (1987)
One More Cop Of Coffee (Valley Below)-BOB DYLAN (1975)
Say A Little Prayer-DIONNE WARWICK (1967), ARETHA FRANKLIN (1968 / all through my coffee break time)
Spy In The House Of Love-WAS (NOT WAS) (1987 / leave a lip print on a coffee cup)
Sugar Shack-JIMMY GILMER & THE FIREBALLS (1963 / its just a coffeehouse and its made out of wood, expresso coffee tastes mighty good)
Superwoman-KARYN WHITE
(1988 / make sure that your coffee has it’s sugar and cream.../ juice)
Your Ghost-KRISTIN HERSCH feat MICHAEL STIPE (1994 / I can't drink this coffe til I put you in my closet)
also Café songs:
Blue Cafè-STYLE COUNCIL (1984)
The Blue Café-CHRIS REA (1998)
Casablanca-BERTIE HIGGINS (1982 / Holding hands 'neath the paddle fans in Rick's Candle lit cafe)
Hard Rock Cafe-CAROLE KING (1977)
The Sad Cafe-EAGLES (1979)
Somewhere Down The Crazy River-ROBBIE ROBERTSON (1987 / why do you always end up at Nick's cafe)
Street Café-ICEHOUSE (1982)


Americanos-HOLLY JOHNSON (1989 / Coke, Pepsi and Oreos)
Are You Okay?-WAS (NOT WAS) (1990 /was it anger, or love, or the caffeine in your coke)
Bad Touch-BLOODHOUND GANG (1999 / Come quicker than FedEx never reach an apex just like Coca-Cola stock you are inclined)
Casablanca-BERTIE HIGGINS (1982 / popcorn & Cokes beneath the stars)
Child Of Vision-SUPERTRAMP (1979 / you gave me Coca-Cola you said it tasted good)
Come Together-THE BEATLES (1969 / Coca-Cola)
Grace-SUPERGRASS (2002 / you ate our chips & drank our coke)
I Can Hear Your Heartbeat-CHRIS REA (1983 / we got freezing coca-cola)
I Want You-SAVAGE GARDEN (1997 / sweet like a chicka cherry cola)
Lola-THE KINKS (1970 / cherry cola: single version, coca-cola: LP version)
Rum & Coca Cola-ANDREWS SISTERS (1945)


The Rain-ORAN ‘JUICE’ JONES (1986 /got some hot chocolate in the store waiting for you)


Superwoman-KARYN WHITE (1988 / you say the juice is sour, it used to be so sweet)


Dear Jessie-MADONNA (1989 / pink elephants and lemonade)
Life In A Northern Town-DREAM ACADEMY (1985 / the children drank lemonade)
On Your Own-BLUR (1997 / shiny shellsuits on & drinking lemonade)


No Milk Today-HERMAN'S HERMITS (1966)
Inna City Mamma-NENEH CHERRY (1989 / sipping sweet milk from a golden ladle)


Pop Muzik-M (1979 / let’s do the milkshake sellin' lika a hot cake)


Frozen Orange Juice-PETER SARSTEDT (1969)


Beach Baby-FIRST CLASS (1974 / Remember dancin' at the high school hop? The dress I ruined with the soda pop?)
Hot Dog-SHAKIN’ STEVENS (1980 / they order hot dogs & red soda pop)

Incommunicado-MARILLION (1987 / I’ve got an allergy to Perrier)
Joe Le Taxi-VANESSA PARADIS (1987 / Y marche pas au soda / he doesn’t run on soda)
Soda Pop-BRITNEY SREARS (1999)
Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer -NAT KING COLE (1957 / those days of soda & pretzels & beer)


No Tomorrow-ORSON (2006 / let's go drink some more Red Bull)


Animal Instinct-THE CRANBERRIES (1999 / I was having my cup of tea)
Aqualung-JETHRO TULL (1971 / salvation a' la mode and a cup of tea)
Englishman In New York-STING (1987 / I don't drink coffee, I take tea my dear)
Every Day Is Like Sunday-MORRISSEY (1988 / share some greased tea with me)
From This Moment On-ELLA FITZGERALD (1956), JIMMY SOMMERVILLE (1990 / only two for tea, dear)
Golf Girl-CARAVAN (1971)
The Miracle-QUEEN (1989 / Sunday mornings with a cup of tea)
Summer Of '71-BOLLAND & BOLLAND (1972 / on a rainy night without you my tea turned cold, but it didn't matter anyhow 'cause the tea was old)
Tea In The Sahara-POLICE (1983)
Thank You-DIDO (1999 & 2001 / My tea's gone cold, I'm wondering why I got out of bed at all)
Twist In My Sobriety-TANITA TIKARAM (1988 / Cup of tea, take time to think)
World Shut Your Mouth-JULIAN COPE (1986 / having tea there out in the crowd)

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