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Songs about "unlimited time" which usually translates to "unlimited love"

Always... in love

Always-ATLANTIC STARR (1987 / and I will love you so for always)
Always-BON JOVI (1994 / and I will love you, baby - always, and I'll be there forever and a day - always)
Always Gonna Love You-GARY MOORE (1982 /...if loving means forever)
Always On My Mind-ELVIS PRESLEY (1972), PET SHOP BOYS (1987)
I Love You Always Forever-DONNA LEWIS (1996)
I Will Always Love You-DOLLY PARTON (1974), WHITNEY HOUSTON (1992)
I 'll Always Love You-TAYLOR DAYNE (1987)
The Lady In My Life-MICHAEL JACKSON (1983 / I promise you tonight that you will always be the lady in my life)
My Simple Heart-THE THREE DEGREES (1979 / ...will always love you)
Thinking About Your Love-KENNY THOMAS (1991 / tonight, today & always... I'll always love you)
This Time It's Forever-ERROL BROWN (1992 / I always will love you)
You & Me Song-THE WANNADIES (1994 / OST Romeo + Juliet, 1996 / always & forever)
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me-DUSTY SPRINGFIELD  (1966 / When I said I needed you You said you would always stay It wasnt me who changed but you And now youve gone away)
You Mean Everything To Me-NEIL SEDAKA (1960 / say our love will always be)

Forever... in love

A Man Without Love-ENGELBERT HUMPERDINCK (1968 / sharing a love I thought would last forever)
All Day & All Of The Night-THE KINKS, THE STRANGLERS (you & me last forever) All The World Loves Lovers-PREFAB SPROUT (saying ‘this will last forever’ when it’s just a year or two)
Amado Mio-GRACE JONES (1989), PINK MARTINI (2000 / Amado mio, love me forever and let forever begin tonight)
Captured-SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY & THE ASBURY JUKES (1984 / we will always stay in love forever)
Don't Call Me Baby-VOICE OF THE BEEHIVE (1988 /  you said forever and then you went and changed your plans)
Endless Love-DIANA ROSS & LIONEL RICHIE (1981 / forever, I'll hold you close in my arms)
Forever And Ever-DEMIS ROUSSOS (1972 & 1976 / ever and ever, forever and ever you'll be the one That shines in me like the morning sun... forever and ever my destiny will follow you eternally)
Glory Of Love-PETER CETERA (1986 / we’ll live forever)
Hasta Manana-ABBA (1974 / still my love for you will live forever)
Hold Me Now-JOHNNY LOGAN (1987 / we'll always be together, forever in love)
I Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)-STEVIE WONDER (1972), ART GARFUNKEL (1975)
I Can't Say Goodbye To You-HELEN REDDY (1981 / you & I were meant to forever)
I Say A Little Prayer-DIONNE WARWICK (1967), ARETHA FRANKLIN (1968 /forever & ever you'll stay in my heart)
Jody-AMERICA (1982 / i thought it would be forever)
Just The Way You Are-BILLY JOEL (1977) , BARRY WHITE (1978 / I need to know that you will always be τhe same old someone that I knew... I said I love you and that's forever)
Kayleigh-MARILLION (you said our love would last forever)
Let's Stay Together-AL GREEN (1971), TINA TURNER (1983 / Let me say that since Since we've been together Loving you forever Is all I need)
Ms. Jackson-OUTCAST (2001 / hope that we feel this way forever )
Never Gonna Let You Go-SERGIO MENDES feat. JOE PIZZULO & LEZA MILLER (1983 / I'm gonna hold you in my arms forever)
Only The Moment-MARC ALMOND (1988 / But remember There is never forever Only the moment)
Put Your Love In Me-HOT CHOCOLATE (1977 / I need you now and forever)
Shake The Disease-DEPECHE MODE (1985 / Some people have to be Permanently together Lovers devoted to Each other forever)
Strangers In The Night-FRANK SINATRA (1966 / in love forever)
Suddenly-BILLY OCEAN (1984 / each day I pray this love affair would last forever)
Suddenly Last Summer-THE MOTELS (1983 / Forever I loved you, forever it seemed... the song refers to the "loss of viginity")
There's A Kind Of Hush-HERMANS HERMITS (1967 / I love you forever & ever)
Time In A Bottle-JIM CROCE (1971 / If I could save time in a bottle The first thing that I'd like to do Is to save every day Till Eternity passes away Just to spend them with you... If I could make days last forever...)
Together Forever-RICK ASTLEY (1987 / together forever and never to part, together forever we two, and don't you know I would move heaven and earth to be together forever with you)
Total Eclipse Of The Heart-BONNIE TYLER (1983 / We'll be holding on forever... Together We can take it to the end of the line... Forever's gonna start tonight)
Truly-LIONEL RICHIE (1982 / this love will last forever)
Until The Earth Begins To Part-BROKEN RECORDS (2009 / say you will forever own my heart)
When I Fall In Love-NAT KING COLE (1957), RICK ASTLEY (1987 / will be forever)
When The Rain Begins To Fall-PIA ZADORA & JERMAIN JACKSON (1984 / the way I feel with you, I know it’s gonna last forever)
Woman-JOHN LENNON (1981 / I love you, now & forever)
You & I-SCORPIONS (1996 / To love each other now, forever and a day... I love you girl I always will... I swear I’m there for you Till the day I die)
You're The Inspiration-CHICAGO (1984 / You know our love was meant to be the kind of love to last forever)
You Don't Remember, I'll Never Forget-YNGWIE MALMSTEEN
Hearts-MARTIN BALIN (when love won’t stay forever)

Nights are forever

Ain’t Nobody-RUFUS & CHAKA KHAN (1983 / I make my wish upon a star and hope this night will last forever)
I Want To Spend The Night-BILL WITHERS (1977 / ...forever)
Making Love (Out Of Nothing At All)-AIR SUPPLY (1983 / I can make tonight forever)
Nights Are Forever Without You-ENGLAND DAN & JOHN FORD COLEY (1976)
Promises-BARBRA STREISAND (1980 / Out in a world where nights they don’t ever ever end)
Took The Last Train-DAVID GATES (1977 / tonight will last forever)

Until The End Of Time / Eternally

All Mine-PORTISHEAD (1997 / all mine until the day I die)
Baby I’m Yours-BARBARA LEWIS (1965 /until eternity)
Be My Baby-THE RONETTES (1963 / you know I will adore you 'til eternity)
Close To You-MAXI PRIEST (1990 / something deep inside of me wants to love you endlessly)
Concrete & Clay-UNIT FOUR PLUS TWO (my love & me will be in love eternally)
Don't You Worry-THE BELOVED (1990 / I'm gonna love you till the end of time)
Father Figure-GEORGE MICHAEL (the one who loves you till the end of time)
Fire In Your Eyes-TWOFACE (until the end of time)
I Will Be Your Friend-SADE (until the end of time)
Into The Night-BENNY MARDONES (1980 / I would wait till the end of time for you)
It's Only Love-BARRY WHITE (1978), SIMPLY RED (1989 / until the end of time)
Love Me Tender-ELVIS (1956 / I’ll be yours until the end of time)
Love You Inside Out-BEE GEES (1979 / love you forever... I will love you till I die)
Now Forever After-KINGDOM COME (1988 / until we die... until the end of time)
The Promise You Made-COCK ROBIN (1985 / Would you carry me with you To the far edge of time?)
Save Your Love-RENEE & RENATO (1982 / Darling I will love you endlessly… love like ours will last eternally)
Sometimes When We Touch-DAN HILL (1977 / I wanna hold you til I die)
Square Rooms-AL CORLEY (1984 / you & me until the end of time)
Tonight You’re Mine-JIM CAPALDI (1983 / I’m gonna love you till the end of time)
Until The End Of Time-2PAC (2001)
Where Do I Begin-ANDY WILLIAMS (till the stars all burn / fade away)
You’re The Inspiration-CHICAGO (the kind of love to last forever, from tonight until the end of time)

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