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"Drug" songs

First We Take Manhattan-LEONARD COHEN (1988 / the drugs that keep you thin)
I Want A New Drug-HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS (1983)
Love Is The Drug-SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY (1984)
Love Is A Stranger-EURYTHMICS (1982 / love is a dangerous drug)
Sex & Drugs & Rock’n’roll-IAN DURY & THE BLOCKHEADS (1977)

Cocaine songs

Cocaine-J.J.CALE (1976 & 1977), ERIC CLAPTON (1977)
Cocaine In My Brain-DILLINGER (1976)
Cocaine Decisions-FRANK ZAPPA (LP The Man From Utopia, 1983)
Der Kommissar-FALCO (1982 / Den Schnee auf dem wir alle Talwärts fahr'n)
Ganz Wien-FALCO (1982)
No Coke-DR. ALBAN (1990)
God Part II-U2 (LP Rattle & hum, 1988 / I don’t believe in cocaine, I got a speedball in my head)
I Get A Kick Out Of You-FRANK SINATRA (1962 / Some they may go for cocaine)
Kokain-EXTRABREIT (1983)
Loser-BECK (1994 / cocaine nose job)
Maracaibo-LU COLOMBO (1980 & 1982 / cokaina)
Make Your Own Way-CINDERELLA (1990 / drove me to cocaine eyes by the age of 15)
Smuggler’s Blues-GLEN FREY (1984 / cocaine, hash)
Sugar Walls-SHEENA EASTON (1984 / written by Alexander Nevermind a.k.a. Prince)
White Lines (Don't Don't Do It)-GRANDMASTER FLASH (1984), DURAN DURAN (1995)
You Could Be Mine-GUNS N' ROSES (1991 / and your cocaine tongue)


Big in Japan-ALPHAVILLE (1984 / see also: group BIG IN JAPAN)
Brown Sugar-ROLLING STONES (1971)
Heroin-VELVET UNDERGROUND (1967 / Heroin, be the death of me... Heroin, it’s my wife & it’s my life)
King Heroin-JAMES BROWN (1971)
You Are My Heroin-BOY GEORGE (LP Tense nervous breakdown, 1988)
Not If You Were The Last Junkie On Earth-DANDY WARHOLS (1998 / heroine is so passes)
see: Ενας νέγρος θερμαστής από το Τζιμπουτί-ΒΑΣΙΛΗΣ ΠΑΠΑΚΩΝΣΤΑΝΤΙΝΟΥ


Along Comes Mary
-THE ASSOCIATION (1966 / Mary: Marijuana)
My Brother's A Basshead-DE LA SOUL (1991 / about crack addicts)
Captain Jack-BILLY JOEL (LP Piano man, 1973)
Changes-TUPAC (1998 / give the crack to the kids who the hell cares... more black & white are smoking crack tonight)
Country House-BLUR (1995 / knocking back Prozac)
La Cucaracha -TRADITIONAL MEXICAN SONG (piano puede caminar, porque no tiene, porque le palta, marijuana que fumar - more info)
Don’t Mess With Dr.Dream-THOMPSON TWINS (1985)
Down Under-MEN AT WORK (1982 / full of zombie / zombie: Australian slang for Marijuana)
Eight Miles High-BYRDS (1966)
Flyin' High (In The Friendly Sky)-MARVIN GAYE (1971)
Hanging Around-THE STRANGLERS (1977)
Numbers-SOFT CELL (1983 / you're looking so thin these days, are you doing speed)
Senorita-JAMES (2001 / Mary Jane's on the game again: Marijuana - also see: Serotonin)
Special K-PLACEBO (2000)
I Got 5 On It-LUNIZ (1995 / refers to Marijuana)
I’m Waiting For The Man-THE VELVET UNDERGROUND (1967), ,VANESSA PARADIS (1992)
Johnny-THIN LIZZY (1976 / he broke into a drugstore to cure his daily need / over just a little dope / just another juiced up junkie)
Legalize it / Bush Doctor-PETER TOSH (Marijuana)
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds-BEATLES,ELTON JOHN (LSD)
Me Gustas Tu-MANU CHAO (Marijuana)
Mr. Tambourine Man-BOB DYLAN (1965-1966), BYRDS (1966)
Monkey-GEORGE MICHAEL (1987)
Mothers Little Helper-ROLLING STONES
Narcotic-LIQUIDO (1997)
Original Prankster-OFFSPRING (prozac can make it better)
Pretty Paracetamol-FISHER Z (1979)
Puff The Magic Dragon-PETER PAUL & MARY (OST Meet the parents: R. DE NIRRO & BEN STILLER)
Queen Of China Town-AMANDA LEAR (opium queen)
She Took My Soul In Istanbul-MARC ALMOND (hashish)
Sign O The Times-PRINCE (she came across the needle... high on crack)
That Smell-LYNYRD SKYNYRD (1977 / got a monkey on your back)
The Pusher-STEPPENWOLF (1967)
White Rabbit-JEFFERSON AIRPLANE (1966)
LP & single: Psychocandy-JESUS & MARY CHAIN (Marijuana)
see: Τι Να Σου Προσφέρω-2002 GR

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