Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Actors starring in music videos (Part 2)

Famous -and less famous- actors & actresses, starring in videos of popular and favorite international songs (videos with movie clips not included)

Music - MADONNA (LP Music, 2000)
starring: Sacha Baron Cohen as Ali G (wiki / imdb)

My Valentine - PAUL McCARTNEY (LP Kisses On The Bottom, 2012)
starring: Johnny Depp (wiki / imdb) & Natalie Portman (wiki / imdb)

N'oubliez Jamais - JOE COCKER (LP Across From Midnight, 1997)
starring: Catherine Deneuve (wiki / imdb)

On A Night Like This - KYLIE MINOGUE (LP Light Years, 2000)
starring: Rutger Hauer (wiki / imdb)

Papa Don't Preach - MADONNA (LP True Blue, 1986)
starring: Danny Aiello (wiki / imdb) & Alex McArthur (imdb)

Pretty Hurts - BEYONCE (LP Beyonce, 2013)
starring: Harvey Keitel (wiki / imdb)

Radioactive - IMAGINE DRAGONS (LP Night Vision, 2012)
starring: Lou Diamond Phillips (wiki / imdb) & Alexandra Daddario (wiki / imdb)

Remember The Time - MICHAEL JACKSON (LP Dangerous, 1991)
starring: Eddie Murphy (wiki / imdb) among others

Sara - STARSHIP (LP Knee Deep In The Hoopla, 1985)
starring: Rebecca De Mornay (wiki / imdb)

Sexx Laws - BECK (LP Midnite Vultures1999)
starring: Jack Black (wiki / imdb)

She Was Hot - THE ROLLING STONES (LP Undercover, 1983)
starring: Anita Morris (wiki / imdb)

She Will Be Loved - MAROON 5 (LP Songs About Jane, 2002)
starring: Kelly Preston (wiki / imdb)

Since I Don't Have You - GUNS N' ROSES (LP The Spaghetti Incident? 1993)
starring: Gary Oldman (wiki / imdb)

Stranger In Town - TOTO (LP Isolation, 1984)
starring: Brad Dourif (wiki / imdb)

Stylo - GORILLAZ feat. BOBBY WOMACK & MOS DEF (LP Plastic Beach2010)
starring: Bruce Willis (wiki / imdb)

That's Love - JIM CAPALDI (LP Fierce Heart, 1983)
starring: Eric Bogosian (wiki / imdb)

This Woman's Work - KATE BUSH (OST She's Having A Baby, 1988 / LP The Sensual World, 1989)
starring: Tim McInnerny (wiki / imdb)

Turn The Page - METALLICA (LP Garage Inc. 1998)
starring: Ginger Lynn (wiki / imdb)

We Are All Made Of Stars - MOBY (2001 / LP 18, 2001)
starring: Sean Bean (wiki / imdb) & others

Weapon Of Choice - FAT BOY SLIM (LP Halfway Between The Gutter & The Stars2000)
starring : Christopher Walken (wiki imdb)

What Goes Around... Comes Around - JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE (LP Futuresex/ Lovesounds, 2006)
starring: Scarlett Johansson (wiki / imdb)

You Can Call Me Al - PAUL SIMON (LP Graceland, 1986)
starring: Chevy Chase (wiki / imdb)

You're A Friend Of Mine - CLARENCE CLEMONS & JACKSON BROWNE (LP Hero1985)
starring:  Daryl Hannah (wiki imdb)

You Rock My World - MICHAEL JACKSON (LP Invincible, 2001)
starring: Marlon Brando (wiki / imdb), Michael Madsen (wiki / imdb), Billy Drago (wiki / imdb)


taras said...

Please, tell me the name of the actress that play the role of young girl in Joe Cocker "N'oubliez Jamais" music video.

LefterisLalos said...

It's already written next to the video, Catherine Deneuve