Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Actors starring in music videos (Part 2)

Famous -and less famous- actors & actresses, starring in videos of popular and favorite international songs (videos with movie clips not included)

Music - MADONNA (LP Music, 2000)
starring: Sacha Baron Cohen as Ali G (wiki / imdb)

My Valentine - PAUL McCARTNEY (LP Kisses On The Bottom, 2012)
starring: Johnny Depp (wiki / imdb) & Natalie Portman (wiki / imdb)

N'oubliez Jamais - JOE COCKER (LP Across From Midnight, 1997)
starring: Catherine Deneuve (wiki / imdb)

On A Night Like This - KYLIE MINOGUE (LP Light Years, 2000)
starring: Rutger Hauer (wiki / imdb)

Papa Don't Preach - MADONNA (LP True Blue, 1986)
starring: Danny Aiello (wiki / imdb) & Alex McArthur (imdb)

Pretty Hurts - BEYONCE (LP Beyonce, 2013)
starring: Harvey Keitel (wiki / imdb)

Radioactive - IMAGINE DRAGONS (LP Night Vision, 2012)
starring: Lou Diamond Phillips (wiki / imdb) & Alexandra Daddario (wiki / imdb)

Remember The Time - MICHAEL JACKSON (LP Dangerous, 1991)
starring: Eddie Murphy (wiki / imdb) among others

Sara - STARSHIP (LP Knee Deep In The Hoopla, 1985)
starring: Rebecca De Mornay (wiki / imdb)

Sexx Laws - BECK (LP Midnite Vultures1999)
starring: Jack Black (wiki / imdb)

She Was Hot - THE ROLLING STONES (LP Undercover, 1983)
starring: Anita Morris (wiki / imdb)

She Will Be Loved - MAROON 5 (LP Songs About Jane, 2002)
starring: Kelly Preston (wiki / imdb)

Since I Don't Have You - GUNS N' ROSES (LP The Spaghetti Incident? 1993)
starring: Gary Oldman (wiki / imdb)

Stranger In Town - TOTO (LP Isolation, 1984)
starring: Brad Dourif (wiki / imdb)

Stylo - GORILLAZ feat. BOBBY WOMACK & MOS DEF (LP Plastic Beach2010)
starring: Bruce Willis (wiki / imdb)

That's Love - JIM CAPALDI (LP Fierce Heart, 1983)
starring: Eric Bogosian (wiki / imdb)

This Woman's Work - KATE BUSH (OST She's Having A Baby, 1988 / LP The Sensual World, 1989)
starring: Tim McInnerny (wiki / imdb)

Turn The Page - METALLICA (LP Garage Inc. 1998)
starring: Ginger Lynn (wiki / imdb)

We Are All Made Of Stars - MOBY (2001 / LP 18, 2001)
starring: Sean Bean (wiki / imdb) & others

Weapon Of Choice - FAT BOY SLIM (LP Halfway Between The Gutter & The Stars2000)
starring : Christopher Walken (wiki imdb)

What Goes Around... Comes Around - JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE (LP Futuresex/ Lovesounds, 2006)
starring: Scarlett Johansson (wiki / imdb)

You Can Call Me Al - PAUL SIMON (LP Graceland, 1986)
starring: Chevy Chase (wiki / imdb)

You're A Friend Of Mine - CLARENCE CLEMONS & JACKSON BROWNE (LP Hero1985)
starring:  Daryl Hannah (wiki imdb)

You Rock My World - MICHAEL JACKSON (LP Invincible, 2001)
starring: Marlon Brando (wiki / imdb), Michael Madsen (wiki / imdb), Billy Drago (wiki / imdb)

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taras said...

Please, tell me the name of the actress that play the role of young girl in Joe Cocker "N'oubliez Jamais" music video.