Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Actors starring in music videos (Part 1)

Famous -and less famous- actors & actresses, starring in videos of popular and favorite international songs (videos with movie clips not included)

Anybody Seen My Baby - THE ROLLING STONES (LP Bridges To Babylon, 1997)
starring: Angelina Jolie (wiki / imdb)

Behind Blue Eyes - LIMP BIZKIT (OST Gothika, 2003)
starring: Halle Berry (wiki / imdb)

Black Or White - MICHAEL JACKSON (LP Dangerous, 1991)
starring: Macaulay Culkin (wiki / Imdb) & others

Cloudbusting - KATE BUSH (LP Hounds Of Love, 1985)
starring: Donald Sutherland (wiki / imdb)

Crazy - AEROSMITH (LP Get A Grip, 1993)
starring: Alicia Silverstone (wiki / imdb) & Liv Tyler (wiki & imdb)

Dancing In The Dark - BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (LP Born In The USA, 1984)
starring: Courteney Cox (wiki / imdb)

Don't Look Back In Anger - OASIS (LP (What's The Story) Morning Glory? 1995)
starring: Patrick McNee (wiki / imdb)

Don't Worry, Be Happy - BOBBY McFERRIN (OST Cocktail, 1986)
starring: Robin Williams (wiki / imdb)

Everybody (Backstreet's Back) - BACKSTREET BOYS (LP Backstreet's Back, 1997)
starring: Antonio Fargas (played Huggy Bear in Starsky & Hutch, wiki / imdb)

Feel - ROBBIE WILLIAMS (LP Escapology, 2002)
starring: Daryl Hannah (wiki / imdb)

Going Down To Liverpool - BANGLES (LP All Over The Place, 1984)
starring: Leonard Nimoy (wiki / imdb)

Hero - ENRIQUE IGLESIAS (LP Escape, 2001)
starring: Jennifer Love Hewitt (wiki / imdb) & Mickey Rourke (wiki / imdb)

I Drove All Night - ROY ORBISON (1991 / LP King Of Hearts, 1992)
starring: Jennifer Connelly (wiki / imdb) & Jason Priestley (wiki / imdb)

I Want Love - ELTON JOHN (LP Songs From The West Coast, 2001)
starring: Robert Downey Jr. (wiki / imdb)

In Demand - TEXAS (LP The Greatest Hits, 2000)
starring: Alan Rickman (wiki / imdb)

Into The Great Wide Open - TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS (LP Into The Great Wide Open,1991)
starring: Johnny Depp (wiki / imdb), Gabrielle Anwar (wiki / imdb), Faye Dunaway (wiki / imdb) & others

Jealousy - DAVE STEWART  (LP Greetings From The Gutter, 1994)
starring: Kevin Spacey (wiki & imdb) & Isabella Rossellini (wiki / imdb)

Jenny From The Block - JENNIFER LOPEZ (LP This Is Me ... Then, 2002)
starring: Ben Affleck (wiki / imdb)

Just Another Night - MICK JAGGER (LP She's The Boss, 1985)
starring: Rae Dawn Chong (wiki / imdb)

Kiss My Eyes - BOB SINCLAR (LP III, 2003)
starring: Jean-Claude Van Damme (wiki / imdb)

Liberian Girl - MICHAEL JACKSON (LP Bad, 1987)
starring: various

Mary Jane's Last Dance - TOM PETTY  & THE HEARTBREAKERS (single, 1993)
starring: Kim Basinger (wiki / imdb)

Material Girl - MADONNA (LP Like A Virgin, 1984)
starring: Keith Carradine (wiki / imdb)

Michael Caine - MADNESS (LP Keep Moving, 1984)
starring: Nigel Green (The Ipcress File, 1965)

Miserable - LIT (LP A Place In The Sun, 1999)
starring: Pamela Anderson (wiki / imdb)

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