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These are the most popular 80's songs by black artists & bands in Hellenic radio stations. All songs were released during the period 1979-1989 (This list was primarily published on www.mousikosdiavlos.gr in late 2005.

ABBOTT, GREGORY-Shake You Down (LP Shake You Down, 1986)
ABRAMS, COLONEL-Trapped (LP Colonel Abrams, 1985)
ADEVA-I Thank You (LP Adeva, 1989)
ADEVA-Respect (LP Adeva, 1989)
AFRIKA BAMBAATAA & FAMILY-Reckless (1988 / featuring UB40)
AFTER 7-Ready Or Not (LP After 7, 1989)
ALLEN, DONNA-Serious (LP Perfect Timing, 1986)
ARNIE'S LOVE-I'm Out Of Your Life (1983)
ARRINGTON, STEVE-Feel So Real (LP Dancin’ In The Key Of Life, 1985)
ASHFORD & SIMPSON-Babies (LP Solid, 1985)
ASHFORD & SIMPSON-Solid (LP Solid, 1985)
ATLANTIC STARR-Always (LP All In The Name Of Love, 1987)
ATLANTIC STARR-Secret Lovers (LP As The Band Turns, 1985)
AUSTIN, PATTI-All Behind Us Now (LP Patti Austin, 1984)
AUSTIN, PATTI-Baby Come To Me (1982 / featuring James Ingram)
DEREK B.-Bad Young Brother (LP Bullet From A Gun, 1988)
ERIC B & RAKIM-Paid In Full (Paid In Full (1987)
BAILEY, PHILIP-Back It Up (LP Inside Out, 1986)
BAILEY, PHILIP-Children Of The Ghetto (LP Chinese Wall, 1985)
BAILEY, PHILIP-Walking On The Chinese Wall (LP Chinese Wall, 1985)
BAILEY, PHILIP-Woman (LP Chinese Wall, 1985)
BAKER, ANITA-Caught Up In The Rapture (LP Rapture, 1986)
BAKER, ANITA-Giving You The Best That I Got (LP Giving You The Best That I Got, 1988)
BAKER, ANITA-Just Because (LP Giving You The Best That I Got, 1988)
BAKER, ANITA-Mystery (LP Rapture, 1986)
BAKER, ANITA-No One In The World (LP Rapture, 1986)
BAKER, ANITA-Sweet Love (LP Rapture, 1986)
BAKER, ANITA-Watch Your Step (LP Rapture, 1986)
BAR-KAYS-Freakshow On The Dance Floor (OST Breakdance, 1984)
BELLE, REGINA-Baby Come To Me (LP Stay With Me, 1989)
BELLE, REGINA-You Got The Love (LP All By Myself, 1987)
BENSON, GEORGE-Beyond The Sea (La Mer) (LP 20 / 20, 1985)
BENSON, GEORGE-Feel Like Makin' Love (LP In Your Eyes, 1983)
BENSON, GEORGE-Give Me The Night (LP Give Me The Night, 1980)
BENSON, GEORGE-In Your Eyes (LP In Your Eyes, 1983)
BENSON, GEORGE-Kisses In The Moonlight (LP While The City Sleeps, 1986)
BENSON, GEORGE-Lady Love Me (One More Time) (LP In Your Eyes, 1983)
BENSON, GEORGE-Never Give Up On A Good Thing (1982)
BENSON, GEORGE-Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You (LP 20 / 20, 1985)
BENSON, GEORGE-Shiver (LP While The City Sleeps, 1986)
BENSON, GEORGE-Turn Your Love Around (1981)
BENSON, GEORGE-You Are The Love Of My Life (LP 20 / 20, 1985 / featuring Roberta Flack)
BLOW, KURTIS-The Breaks (LP Kurtis Blow, 1980)
BLUE MAGIC-All I Really Need Is You (LP Welcome Back, 1981)
BOYS TOWN GANG-Can't Take My Eyes Off You (LP Disc Charge, 1981)
BREAK MACHINE-Break Dance Party (LP Break Dance Party, 1984)
BREAK MACHINE-Street Dance (1983 / LP Break Dance Party, 1984)
BROWN, BOBBY-Don't Be Cruel (LP Don't Be Cruel, 1988)
BROWN, BOBBY-Every Little Step (LP Don't Be Cruel, 1988)
BROWN, BOBBY-My Prerogative (LP Don't Be Cruel, 1988)
BROWN, MIQUEL-So Many Men, So Little Time (EP Manpower, 1983)
BROWN, JAMES-Living In America (OST Rocky IV, 1985)
BROWN, JOCELYN-Somebody Else's Guy (LP Somebody Else's Guy, 1984) )
BRYSON, PEABO-If Ever You're In My Arms Again (LP Straight From The Heart, 1984)
BRYSON, PEABO-Show & Tell (LP All My Love, 1989)
PEABO BRYSON & ROBERTA FLACK-Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You (LP Born To Love, 1983)
BROTHERS JOHNSON-Stomp! (LP Light Up The Night, 1980)
BUTLER, JONATHAN-Lies (LP Jonathan Butler, 1987)
B.V.S.M.P.-I Need You (1988 / LP The Best Belong Together, 1989)
CAMEO-She's Strange (LP She's Strange, 1984)
CAMEO-Word Up! (LP Word Up! 1986)
CARA, IRENE-Fame (OST Fame, 1980)
CARA, IRENE-Flashdance...What A Feeling (OST Flashdance, 1983)
CASHMERE-Can I (LP Cashmere, 1985)
CHAMPAIGN-How 'Bout Us (LP How 'Bout Us, 1981)
CHERELLE-Saturday Love (1985 / featuring Alexander O'Neal)
CHIC-Good Times (LP Risque, 1979)
CHIC-My Forbidden Lover (LP Risque, 1979)
CHIMES, THE-Heaven (LP The Chimes, 1989)
CHIMES, THE-I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (LP The Chimes, 1989)
CLUB NOUVEAU-Lean On Me (LP Life, Love & Pain, 1986)
COLE, NATALIE-Miss You Like Crazy (LP Good To Be Back, 1989)
COLE, NATALIE-Pink Cadillac (LP Everlasting, 1987)
COMMODORES, THE-Going To The Bank (LP United, 1986)
COMMODORES, THE-Janet (LP Nightshift, 1985)
COMMODORES, THE-Lady (You Bring Me Up) (LP In The Pocket, 1981)
COMMODORES, THE-Nightshift (LP Nightshift, 1985)
COMMODORES, THE-Still (LP Midnight Magic, 1979)
COOL NOTES, THE-Spend The Night (LP Have A Good Forever, 1985)
CRAWFORD, RANDY-Almaz (LP Abstract Emotions, 1986)
CRAWFORD, RANDY-Knockin' On Heaven's Door (LP Rich And Poor, 1989)
CRAWFORD, RANDY-One Day I'll Fly Away (LP Now We May Begin, 1980)
CRAWFORD, RANDY-Rainy Night In Georgia (LP Secret Combinaton, 1981)
CRAWFORD, RANDY-You Might Need Somebody (LP Secret Combinaton, 1981)
CRUSADERS, THE-Street Life (LP Street Life, 1979 / featuring Randy Crawford)
D'ARBY, TERENCE TRENT-Dance Little Sister (LP Introducing The Hardline According to..., 1987)
D'ARBY, TERENCE TRENT-If You Let Me Stay (LP Introducing The Hardline According to..., 1987)
D'ARBY, TERENCE TRENT-Rain (LP Introducing The Hardline According to..., 1987)
D'ARBY, TERENCE TRENT-Sign Your Name (LP Introducing The Hardline According to..., 1987)
D'ARBY, TERENCE TRENT-Wishing Well (LP Introducing The Hardline According to..., 1987)
DAZZ BAND-Let It Whip (LP Keep It Live, 1982)
DE LA SOUL-Eye Know (LP 3 Feet High & Rising, 1989)
DE LA SOUL-Me Myself & I (LP 3 Feet High & Rising, 1989)
DE LA SOUL-Say No Go (LP 3 Feet High & Rising, 1989)
DeBARGE-Rhythm Of The Night (LP Rhythm Of The Night, 1985)
DeBARGE-Who's Holding Donna Now (LP Rhythm Of The Night, 1985 / OST Last Dragon)
DeBARGE-You Wear It Well (LP Rhythm Of The Night, 1985)
DeBARGE, EL-Who's Johnny (OST Short Circuit, 1986)
DELEGATION-Heartache # 9 (LP Eau De Vie, 1979)
DELEGATION-Darlin' (I Think About You) (LP Eau De Vie, 1979)
DELEGATION-One More Step To Take (LP Eau De Vie, 1979)
DELEGATION-Put A Litle Love On Me (LP Eau De Vie, 1979)
DELEGATION-You And I (LP Eau De Vie, 1979)
DJ JAZZY JEFF & THE FRESH PRINCE-Parents Just Don't Understand (1988)
DOWNING, WILL-A Love Supreme (LP Will Downing, 1988)
EARTH WIND AND FIRE-After The Love Has Gone (LP I Am, 1979)
EARTH WIND AND FIRE-Boogie Wonderland (LP I Am, 1979 / featuring The Emotions)
EARTH WIND AND FIRE-Let's Groove (LP Raise! 1981)
EARTH WIND AND FIRE-System Of Survival (LP Touch The World, 1987)
EDWARDS, DENNIS-Don't Look Any Further (LP Don't Look Any Further, 1984 / featuring Siedah Garrett)
FAT BOYS-The Twist (Yo Twist) (LP Comin Back Hard Again, 1988)
FAT BOYS-Wipeout (LP Crushin, 1987)
FAT LARRY'S BAND-Zoom (LP Breakin' Out, 1982)
PHIL FEARON & GALAXY-Everybody's Laughing (LP Phil Fearon & Galaxy, 1984)
PHIL FEARON-I Can Prove It (1986)
PHIL FEARON & GALAXY-What Do I Do (LP Phil Fearon & Galaxy, 1984)
FIVE STAR-System Addict (LP Luxury Of Life, 1985)
FLACK, ROBERTA-One Thing Leads To Another (OST Body Rock, 1984)
FOUR TOPS-Indestructible (LP Indestructible, 1988)
FOUR TOPS-Loco In Acapulco (OST Buster, 1988)
FRANKLIN, ARETHA-Freeway Of Love (LP Who's Zoomin' Who? 1985)
FRANKLIN, ARETHA-If Ever A Love There Was (1988 / LP Through The Storm, 1989 / featuring The Four Tops)
FRANKLIN, ARETHA-It Isn't, It Wasn't, It Ain't Never Gonna Be (LP Through The Storm, 1989 / featuring Whitney Houston)
FRANKLIN, ARETHA-Jimmy Lee (LP Aretha, 1986)
FRANKLIN, ARETHA-Jump To It (LP Jump To It, 1982)
FRANKLIN, ARETHA-Jumpin' Jack Flash (LP Aretha, 1986)
FRANKLIN, ARETHA-Through The Storm (LP Through The Storm, 1989 / featuring Elton John)
FRANKLIN, ARETHA-Who's Zoomin' Who (LP Who's Zoomin' Who? 1985)
ARETHA FRANKLIN & GEORGE MICHAEL-I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) (LP Aretha, 1986)
GAP BAND, THE-Burn Rubber On Me (Why You Wanna Hurt Me) (LP Gap Band III, 1980)
GAP BAND, THE-Early In The Morning (LP Gap Band IV, 1982)
GAYE, MARVIN-Sexual Healing (LP Midnight Love, 1982)
GAYNOR, GLORIA-I Will Survive (LP Love Tracks, 1979)
GAYNOR, GLORIA-I Am What I Am (1983 / LP I Am Gloria Gaynor, 1984)
GRAHAM, JAKI-Breaking Away (LP Breaking Away, 1986)
GRAHAM, JAKI-Round & Around (LP Heaven Knows, 1985)
JAKI GRAHAM & GRANT-Could It Be I'm Falling In Love (LP Heaven Knows, 1985)
JAKI GRAHAM & GRANT-Mated (1985 / LP Breaking Away, 1986)
GRANDMASTER FLASH & THE FURIOUS FIVE-White Lines (Don't Don't Do It) (1983 / featuring Melle Mel & Duke Bootee)
GRIFFIN, BILLY-Hold Me Tighter In The Rain (1982 / LP Be With Me, 1983)
GUTHRIE, GWEN-Ain't Nothing Goin' On But The Rent (LP Good To Go Lover, 1986)
HANCOCK, HERBIE-Rockit (LP Future Shock, 1983)
HAVENS, RICHIE-Going Back To My Roots (LP Connections, 1980)
HI GLOSS-You'll Never Know (LP You'll Never Know, 1981)
HOLLOWAY, LOLEATTA-Love Sensation (LP Love Sensation, 1980)
HOT CHOCOLATE-I Gave You My Heart (Didn't I) (LP Love Shot, 1983)
HOT CHOCOLATE-It Started With A Kiss (LP Mystery, 1982)
HOT CHOCOLATE-No Doubt About It (1980)
HOT CHOCOLATE-Tears On The Telephone (LP Love Shot, 1983)
HOT STREAK-Body Work (1983 / OST Breakdance, 1984)
HOUSTON, WHITNEY-All At Once (LP Whitney Houston, 1985)
HOUSTON, WHITNEY-Didn't We Almost Had It All (LP Whitney, 1987)
HOUSTON, WHITNEY-The Greatest Love Of All (LP Whitney Houston, 1985)
HOUSTON, WHITNEY-Hold Me (LP Whitney Houston, 1985 / featuring Teddy Pendergrass)
HOUSTON, WHITNEY-How Will I Know (LP Whitney Houston, 1985)
HOUSTON, WHITNEY-I Know Him So Well (LP Whitney, 1987)
HOUSTON, WHITNEY-I Wanna Dance With Somebody Who Loves Me (LP Whitney, 1987)
HOUSTON, WHITNEY-Love Will Save The Day (LP Whitney, 1987)
HOUSTON, WHITNEY-One Moment In Time (1988 Summer Olympics Album)
HOUSTON, WHITNEY-Saving All My Love For You (LP Whitney Houston, 1985)
HOUSTON, WHITNEY-So Emotional (LP Whitney, 1987)
HOUSTON, WHITNEY-Take Good Care Of My Heart (LP Whitney Houston, 1985 / featuring Jermaine Jackson)
HOUSTON, WHITNEY-Where Do Broken Hearts Go (1988)
HOUSTON, WHITNEY-You Give Good Love (LP Whitney Houston, 1985)
HOUSTON, WHITNEY-You're Still My Man (LP Whitney, 1987)
HYMAN, PHYLLIS-You Know How To Love Me (LP You Know How To Love Me, 1979)
IMAGINATION-Body Talk (LP Body Talk, 1981)
IMAGINATION-Just An Illusion (LP In The Heat Of The Night, 1982)
IMAGINATION-Music And Lights (LP In The Heat Of The Night, 1982)
INDEEP-Last Night A DJ Saved My life (1982 / LP Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, 1983)
ISLEY BROTHERS, THE-Between The Sheets (LP Between The Sheets, 1983)
JACKSON, FREDDIE-Rock Me Tonight (LP Rock Me Tonight, 1985)
JACKSON, JANET-Black Cat (LP Rhythm Nation 1814, 1989)
JACKSON, JANET-Control (LP Control, 1986)
JACKSON, JANET-Escapade (LP Rhythm Nation 1814, 1989)
JACKSON, JANET-Let's Wait A While (LP Control, 1986)
JACKSON, JANET-Miss You Much (LP Rhythm Nation 1814, 1989)
JACKSON, JANET-Nasty (LP Control, 1986)
JACKSON, JANET-Rhythm Nation (LP Rhythm Nation 1814, 1989)
JACKSON, JANET-What Have You Done For Me Lately (LP Control, 1986)
JACKSON, JANET-When I Think Of You (LP Control, 1986)
JACKSON, JERMAINE-Do What You Do (LP Jermaine Jackson, 1984)
JACKSON, JERMAINE-Dynamite (LP Jermaine Jackson, 1984)
JACKSON, JERMAINE-Paradise In Your Eyes (LP I Like Your Style, 1981)
JACKSON, MICHAEL-Another Part Of Me (LP Bad, 1987)
JACKSON, MICHAEL-Baby Be Mine (LP Thriller, 1982)
JACKSON, MICHAEL-Beat It (LP Thriller, 1982 / featuring Eddie Van Halen on guitar)
JACKSON, MICHAEL-Billie Jean (LP Thriller, 1982)
JACKSON, MICHAEL-Dirty Diana (LP Bad, 1987 / featuring Steve Stevens on guitar)
JACKSON, MICHAEL-Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough (LP Off The Wall, 1979)
JACKSON, MICHAEL-Farewell My Summer Love (1975 / LP Farewell My Summer Love, 1984)
JACKSON, MICHAEL-Human Nature (LP Thriller, 1982)
JACKSON, MICHAEL-I Just Can't Stop Loving You (LP Bad, 1987 / featuring Siedah Garrett)
JACKSON, MICHAEL-The Lady In My Life (LP Thriller, 1982)
JACKSON, MICHAEL-Leave Me Alone (LP Bad, 1987)
JACKSON, MICHAEL-Liberian Girl (LP Bad, 1987)
JACKSON, MICHAEL-Man In The Mirror (LP Bad, 1987)
JACKSON, MICHAEL-Off The Wall (LP Off The Wall, 1979)
(1974 / LP Forever, Michael, 1975 - UK #1 in 1981)
JACKSON, MICHAEL-P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) (LP Thriller, 1982)
JACKSON, MICHAEL-Rock With You (LP Off The Wall, 1979)
JACKSON, MICHAEL-Smooth Criminal (LP Bad, 1987)
JACKSON, MICHAEL-Thriller (LP Thriller, 1982)
JACKSON, MICHAEL-Wanna Be Startin' Something (LP Thriller, 1982)
JACKSON, MICHAEL-The Way You Make Me Feel (LP Bad, 1987)
JACKSONS-Can You Feel It (LP Triumph, 1980)
JACKSONS-State Of Shock (LP Victory, 1984 / featuring Mick Jagger)
JACKSONS-Torture (LP Victory, 1984)
JAMES, RICK-Give It To Me Baby (LP Street Songs, 1981)
JAMES, RICK-17 (Seventeen) (LP Reflections Of Rick, 1984)
JAMES, RICK-Superfreak Pt 1 (LP Street Songs, 1981)
JARREAU, AL-After All (LP High Crime, 1984)
JARREAU, AL-All Or Nothing At All (LP Heart's Horizon, 1988)
JARREAU, AL-Breakin' Away (LP Breakin' Away, 1981)
JARREAU, AL-“Moonlighting” Theme (OST Moonlighting, 1987)
JARREAU, AL-We're In This love Together (LP Breakin' Away, 1981)
JONES, GRACE-Amado Mio (LP Bulletproof Heart, 1989)
JONES, GRACE-I'm Not Perfect (But I'm Perfect For You) (LP Inside Story, 1986)
JONES, GRACE-I've Seen That Face Before (LP Nightclubbin', 1981)
JONES, GRACE-La Vie En Rose (1981 / LP Island Life, 1985)
JONES, GRACE-Love Is The Drug (LP Island Life, 1985)
JONES, GRACE-Love On Top Of Love (LP Bulletproof Heart, 1989)
JONES, GRACE-Pull Up To The Bumper (LP Nightclubbin', 1981)
JONES, GRACE-Slave To The Rhythm (LP Slave To The Rhythm, 1985)
JONES, GRACE-Victor Should Have Been A Jazz Musician (LP Inside Story, 1986)
JONES, ORAN "JUICE"-The Rain (LP Juice, 1986)
JONES, QUINCY-Ai No Corrida (LP The Dude, 1981 / featuring Dune)
JONES, QUINCY-Betcha Wouldn't Hurt Me (LP The Dude, 1981)
JONES, QUINCY-Just Once (LP The Dude, 1981 / featuring James Ingram)
KEMP, JOHNNY-Just Got Paid (LP Secrets Of Flying, 1988)
KHAN, CHAKA-I Feel For You (LP I Feel For You, 1984 / featuring Melle Mel)
KING, EVELYN "CHAMPAGNE"-Love Come Down (LP Get Loose, 1982)
KITT, EARTHA-Where Is My Man (1983 / LP I Love Men, 1984)
KITT, EARTHA-I Love Men (LP I Love Men, 1984)
KLYMAXX-I Miss You (LP Meeting In The Ladies Room, 1985)
KNIGHT, GLADYS-Licence To Kill (OST James Bond - Licence To Kill, 1989)
GLADYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS-Love Overboard (1987)
GLADYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS-Send It To Me (OST Miami Vice II, 1986)
KOOL AND THE GANG-Bad Woman (LP Emergency, 1985)
KOOL AND THE GANG-Celebration (LP Celebrate! 1980)
KOOL AND THE GANG-Cherish (LP Emergency, 1985)
KOOL AND THE GANG-Fresh (LP Emergency, 1985)
KOOL AND THE GANG-Get Down On It (LP Something Special, 1981)
KOOL AND THE GANG-Joanna (LP In The Heart, 1984)
KOOL AND THE GANG-Ladies Night (LP Ladies' Night, 1979)
KOOL AND THE GANG-Too Hot (LP Ladies' Night, 1979)
LaSALLE, DENISE-My Toot Toot (1985)
LEE, DEE C.-See The Day (single, 1985 / LP Shrine, 1986)
ANNIE LENNOX AND ARETHA FRANKLIN-Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves (LP Be Yourself Tonight, 1985 / featured as Eurythmics)
ANNIE LENNOX AND AL GREEN-Put A Little Love In Your Heart (1988)
LEVERT-Casanova (LP The Big Throwdown, 1987)
LINX-So This Is Romance (LP Go Ahead, 1981)
LISA LISA & CULT JAM-Head To Toe (LP Spanish Fly, 1987)
LISA LISA & CULT JAM-Lost In Emotion (LP Spanish Fly, 1987)
LL COOL J-I'm Bad (LP Bigger & Deffer, 1987)
LL COOL J-I Need Love (LP Bigger & Deffer, 1987)
LOOSE ENDS-Hangin' On A string (Contemplating) (LP So Where Are You? 1985)
MAC BAND-Roses Are Red (LP The Mac Band, 1988)
McFADDEN & WHITEHEAD-Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now (1979)
McFERRIN, BOBBY-Don't Worry, Be Happy (OST Cocktail, 1988)
McKANE, LORRAINE-Let The Night Take The Blame (1984 / LP You Make Me Feel Brandnew, 1990)
MARY JANE GIRLS-All Night Long (LP Mary Jane Girls, 1983)
MARY JANE GIRLS-In My House (LP Only For You, 1985)
MAZE-Joy And Pain (1981)
MENDES, SERGIO-Never Gonna Let You Go (1983 / featuring Joe Pizzulo and Leza Miller)
MILLS, STEPHANIE-Never Knew Love Like This Before (LP Sweet Sensation, 1980)
MILLS, STEPHANIE-What Cha Gonna Do With My Lovin' (1979)
MURPHY, EDDIE-Party All The Time (1985)
NELSON, PHYLLIS-I Don't Know (1985 / featuring Alain Delon)
NELSON, PHYLLIS-Move Closer (LP Move Closer, 1985)
NEVILLE BROTHERS-Yellow Moon (LP Yellow Moon, 1989)
NEW EDITION-Candy Girl (LP Candy Girl, 1983)
NEW EDITION-Mr. Telephone Man (LP New Edition, 1984)
NICOLE-Don't You Want Me (LP What About Me, 1985)
NICOLE (McCLOUD) & TIMMY THOMAS-New York Eyes (1985 / LP What About Me, 1985)
NORWOOD-I Can't Live Without You (LP I Can't Let You Go, 1987)
OCEAN, BILLY-Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run) (1984 / LP Suddenly, 1985)
OCEAN, BILLY-Everlasting Love (1980 / LP Nights (Feel Like Getting Down, 1981)
OCEAN, BILLY-Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car (LP Tear Down These Walls, 1988)
OCEAN, BILLY-Lover Boy (LP Suddenly, 1985)
OCEAN, BILLY-Suddenly (LP Suddenly, 1985)
OCEAN, BILLY-There'll Be Sad Songs (To Make You Cry) (LP Love Zone, 1986)
OCEAN, BILLY-When The Going Get's Tough (The Tough Get Going) (OST The Jewel Of The Nile, 1985)
OLLIE & JERRY-Breakin'... There's No Stopping Us (OST Breakdance, 1984)
O’MALLEY, LEONORE-First Be A Woman (LP First Be A Woman, 1980)
O'NEAL, ALEXANDER-Criticize (LP Hearsay, 1987)
O'NEAL, ALEXANDER-Fake (LP Hearsay, 1987)
O'NEAL, ALEXANDER-Never Knew Love Like This (LP Hearsay, 1987)
O'NEAL, ALEXANDER-(What Can I Say) To Make You Love Me (LP Hearsay, 1987)
OSBORNE, JEFFREY-On The Wings Of Love (1982)
PARIS, MICA-Breathe Life Into Me (LP So Good, 1988)
PARIS, MICA-Like Dreamers Do (LP So Good, 1988 / featuring Courtney Pine on sax)
PARIS, MICA-My One Temptation (LP So Good, 1988)
PARKER Jr., RAY-Bad Boy (1982)
PARKER Jr., RAY-Ghostbusters (OST Ghostbusters, 1984)
PARKER Jr., RAY-Girls Are More Fun (LP Sex & The Single Man, 1985)
PARKER Jr., RAY-I Don't Think That Men Should Sleep Alone (LP After Dark, 1987)
PARKER Jr., RAY-I Still Can't Get Over Loving You (LP Woman Out Of Control, 1983)
PARKER Jr., RAY-Jamie (1984)
PARKER Jr., RAY-The Other Woman (LP The Other Woman, 1982)
PARKER Jr., RAY-Perfect Lovers (LP After Dark, 1987)
PARKER Jr., RAY-Woman Out Of Control (LP Woman Out Of Control, 1983)
PARKER Jr., RAY-You Can't Change That (1979 / featured as Raydio)
RAY PARKER Jr. & RAYDIO-A Woman Needs Love (Just Like You Do) (LP A Woman Needs Love, 1981)
RAY PARKER Jr. & RAYDIO-That Old Song (LP A Woman Needs Love, 1981)
RAY PARKER Jr. & RAYDIO-Two Places At The Same Time (1980)
PASADENAS, THE-Riding On A Train (LP To Whom It May Concern, 1988)
PASADENAS, THE-Tribute (Right On) (LP To Whom It May Concern, 1988)
PEACHES AND HERB-Reunited (LP 2 Hot! 1979)
PENDERGRASS, TEDDY-Turn Off The Lights (LP Teddy, 1979)
POINTER SISTERS-Automatic (LP Break Out, 1983)
POINTER SISTERS-Dare Me (LP Contact, 1985)
POINTER SISTERS-I’m So Excited (LP So Excited! 1982)
POINTER SISTERS-Jump (LP Break Out, 1983)
POINTER SISTERS-Neutron Dance (LP Break Out, 1983)
BILLY PRESTON & SYREETA-With You I'm Born Again (1979 / LP Billy Preston & syreeta (1981)
PRINCE-1999 (LP 1999, 1982)
PRINCE-Alphabet Street (LP Lovesexy, 1988)
PRINCE-Around The World In A Day (LP Around The World In A Day, 1985)
PRINCE-Batdance (OST / LP Batman, 1989)
PRINCE-Girls And Boys (LP Parade, 1986 / OST for the movie Under The Cherry Moon)
PRINCE-I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (LP Sign 'O' The Times, 1987)
PRINCE-If I Was Your Girlfriend (LP Sign 'O' The Times, 1987)
PRINCE-Kiss (LP Parade, 1986 / OST for the movie Under The Cherry Moon)
PRINCE-Let's Go Crazy (OST / LP Purple Rain, 1984)
PRINCE-Little Red Corvette (LP 1999, 1982)
PRINCE-Mountains (LP Parade, 1986 / OST for the movie Under The Cherry Moon)
PRINCE-Paisley Park (LP Around The World In A Day, 1985)
PRINCE-Pop Life (LP Around The World In A Day, 1985)
PRINCE-Purple Rain (OST / LP Purple Rain, 1984)
PRINCE-Raspberry Beret (LP Around The World In A Day, 1985)
PRINCE-Sign Of The Times (LP Sign 'O' The Times, 1987)
PRINCE-Starfish And Coffee (LP Sign 'O' The Times, 1987)
PRINCE-U Got The Look (LP Sign 'O' The Times, 1987 / featuring Sheena Easton on vocals & Sheila E. on drums)
PRINCE-When Doves Cry (OST / LP Purple Rain, 1984)
PRINCESS-Say I'm Your No. 1 (1985 / LP Princess, 1986)
PUBLIC ENEMY-Don't Believe The Hype (LP It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back, 1988)
PUBLIC ENEMY-Fight The Power (1989 / LP Fear Of A Black Planet, 1990)
RAWLS, LOU-Stop Me From Starting This Feeling (LP Love All Your Blues Away, 1986)
RAWLS, LOU-Wind Beneath My Wings (LP When The Night Comes, 1983)
READY FOR THE WORLD-Oh Sheila (LP Ready For The World, 1985)
REDD, SHARON-Takin' A Chance On Love (LP Redd Hot, 1982)
RICHIE, LIONEL-All Night Long (All Night) (LP Can't Slow Down, 1983)
RICHIE, LIONEL-Ballerina Girl (LP Dancing On The Ceiling, 1986)
RICHIE, LIONEL-Dancing On The Ceiling (LP Dancing On The Ceiling, 1986)
RICHIE, LIONEL-Hello (LP Can't Slow Down, 1983)
RICHIE, LIONEL-Love Will Conquer All (LP Dancing On The Ceiling, 1986)
RICHIE, LIONEL-My Love (LP Lionel Richie, 1982)
RICHIE, LIONEL-Penny Lover (LP Can't Slow Down, 1983)
RICHIE, LIONEL-Running With The Night (LP Can't Slow Down, 1983)
RICHIE, LIONEL-Say You, Say Me (1985 / OST White Nights, 1986)
RICHIE, LIONEL-Se La (LP Dancing On The Ceiling, 1986)
RICHIE, LIONEL-Stuck On You (LP Can't Slow Down, 1983)
RICHIE, LIONEL-Truly (LP Lionel Richie, 1982)
RICHIE, LIONEL-You Are (LP Lionel Richie, 1982)
ROBINSON, SMOKEY-Being With You (LP Being With You, 1981)
ROBINSON, SMOKEY-Just To See Her (LP One Heartbeat, 1987)
ROCKWELL-Knife (LP Somebody’s Watching Me, 1984)
ROCKWELL-Somebody’s Watching Me (LP Somebody’s Watching Me, 1984)
ROGER-I Want To Be Your Man (LP Unlimited! 1987)
LINDA RONSTADT featuring AARON NEVILLE-All My Life (1989)
LINDA RONSTADT featuring AARON NEVILLE-Don't Know Much (1989)
ROSS, DIANA-Chain Reaction (LP Eaten Alive, 1985)
ROSS, DIANA-Eaten Alive (LP Eaten Alive, 1985)
ROSS, DIANA-Missing You (LP Swept Away, 1984)
ROSS, DIANA-Swept Away (LP Swept Away, 1984)
ROSS, DIANA-Upside Down (LP Diana, 1980)
ROSS, DIANA-Why Do Fools Fall In Love (LP Why Do Fools Fall In Love, 1981)
DIANA ROSS & LIONEL RICHIE-Endless Love (1981)
RUFFIN, JIMMY-Hold On (To My Love) (LP Sunrise, 1980)
JIMMY RUFFIN & JACKSON MOORE-I’m Gonna Love You Forever (1984)
RUFUS featuring CHAKA KHAN-Ain’t Nobody (1983)
RUN DMC-Walk This Way (LP Raising Hell, 1986 / featuring Steve Tyler & Joe Perry of Aerosmith on vocals & guitar)
RUSHEN, PATRICE-Forget Me Nots (LP Straight From The Heart, 1982)
RUSSELL, BRENDA-Piano In The Dark (1988 / featuring Joe Esposito)
SHALAMAR-A Night To Remember (1982)
SHALAMAR-Dancing In The Sheets (OST Footloose, 1984)
SHEILA E.-A Love Bizarre (1985)
SISTER SLEDGE-He's The Greatest Dancer (1979)
SISTER SLEDGE-We Are Family (1979)
SOS BAND-Just Be Good To Me (LP Just The Way You Like It, 1984)
SOUL II SOUL-Back To Life (LP Volume I - Club Classics, 1989)
SOUL II SOUL-Get A Life (LP Volume II - 1990 A New Decade, 1989)
SOUL II SOUL-Keep On Movin' (LP Volume I - Club Classics, 1989)
SPINNERS, THE-Working My Way Back To You / Forgive Me Girl (1980)
STEWART, AMII-It's Fantasy (LP Time For Fantasy, 1988)
STEWART, AMII-Knock On Wood (1979)
STEWART, JERMAINE-Get Lucky (LP Say It Again, 1988)
STEWART, JERMAINE-Don't Talk Dirty To Me (LP Say It Again, 1988)
STEWART, JERMAINE-Say It Again (LP Say It Again, 1988)
STEWART, JERMAINE-We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off (LP Frantic Romantic, 1986)
SUMMER, DONNA-Bad Girls (LP Bad Girls, 1979)
SUMMER, DONNA-Hot Stuff (LP Bad Girls, 1979)
SUMMER, DONNA-No More Tears (Enough Is Enough) (1979 / featuring Barbra Streisand)
SUMMER, DONNA-She Works Hard For The Money (LP She Works Hard…, 1983)
SUMMER, DONNA-This Time I Know It’s For Real (LP Another Place & Time, 1989)
STEVIE B.-In My Eyes (LP In My Eyes, 1988)
SURE, AL B.-Nite & Day (LP In Effect Mode, 1988)
SYSTEM, THE-You Are In My System (1982 / LP Sweat, 1983)
TEMPTATIONS, THE-How Can You Say That It's Over (LP Truly For You, 1984)
TEMPTATIONS, THE-Treat Her Like A Lady (LP Truly For You, 1984)
THREE DEGREES-Woman In Love (LP New Dimensions, 1979)
THOMAS, EVELYN-High Energy (1984)
TURNER, TINA-The Best (LP Foreign Affair, 1989)
TURNER, TINA-Better Be Good To Me (LP Private Dancer, 1984)
TURNER, TINA-Foreign Affair (LP Foreign Affair, 1989)
TURNER, TINA-I Can't Stand The Rain (LP Private Dancer, 1984)
TURNER, TINA-I Don't Wanna Lose You (LP Foreign Affair, 1989)
TURNER, TINA-Let's Stay Together (1983 / LP Private Dancer, 1984)
TURNER, TINA-Look Me In The Heart (LP Foreign Affair, 1989)
TURNER, TINA-One Of The Living (OST Mad Max, 1985)
TURNER, TINA-Private Dancer (LP Private Dancer, 1984)
TURNER, TINA-Show Some Respect (LP Private Dancer, 1984)
TURNER, TINA-Steamy Windows (LP Foreign Affair, 1989)
TURNER, TINA-Two People (LP Break Every Rule, 1986)
TURNER, TINA-Typical Male (LP Break Every Rule, 1986)
TURNER, TINA-Undercover Agent For The Blues (LP Foreign Affair, 1989)
TURNER, TINA-We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome) (OST Mad Max - Beyond Thunderdome, 1985)
TURNER, TINA-What's Love Got To Do With It (LP Private Dancer, 1984)
TURNER, TINA-What You See Is What You Get (LP Break Every Rule, 1986)
VANDROSS, LUTHER-Any Love (LP Any Love, 1988)
VANDROSS, LUTHER-Give Me The Reason (OST Ruthless People, 1986)
VANDROSS, LUTHER-Never Too Much (LP Never Too Much, 1981)
WALDEN, NARADA MICHAEL-Divine Emotions (1988)
WALDEN, NARADA MICHAEL-Gimme Gimme Gimme (1985 / featuring Patti Austin)
WARD, ANITA-Ring My Bell (LP Songs Of Love, 1979)
WARWICK, DIONNE-All The Love In The World (LP Heartbreaker, 1982)
WARWICK, DIONNE-Deja Vu (LP Dionne, 1979)
WARWICK, DIONNE-Heartbreaker (LP Heartbreaker, 1982)
WARWICK, DIONNE-I'll Never Love This Way Again (LP Dionne, 1979)
DIONNE AND FRIENDS-That's What Friends Are For (LP Friends, 1985)
WASHINGTON Jr., GROVER-Just The Two Of Us (LP Winelight, 1981 / featuring Bill Withers)
WATLEY, JODY-Don't You Want Me (LP Jody Watley, 1987)
WATLEY, JODY-Everything (LP Larger Than Life, 1989)
WATLEY, JODY-Friends (LP Larger Than Life, 1989 / featuring Eric B. & Rakim)
WATLEY, JODY-Learn To Say No (LP Jody Watley, 1987 / featuring George Michael)
WATLEY, JODY-Looking For A New Love (LP Jody Watley, 1987)
WATLEY, JODY-Real Love (LP Larger Than Life, 1989)
WEATHER GIRLS-It’s Raining Men (LP Success, 1983)
WENDY & LISA-Are You My Baby? (LP Fruit At The Bottom, 1989)
WHISPERS-And The Beat Goes On (LP The Whispers, 1979)
WHITE, BARRY-Follow That And See (Where it...) (LP The Man Is Back, 1989)
WHITE, BARRY-LA My Kinda Place (LP The Man Is Back, 1989)
WHITE, BARRY-Sho You Right (LP The Right Night And Barry White, 1987)
WHITE, KARYN-Secret Rendezvous (LP Karyn White, 1988)
WHITE, KARYN-Superwoman (LP Karyn White, 1988)
WHITE, KARYN-The Way You Love Me (LP Karyn White, 1988)
WILLIAMS, DENIECE-Black Butterfly (LP Let's Hear It For The Boy, 1984)
WILLIAMS, DENIECE-Let's Hear It For The Boy (OST Footloose, 1984)
WILLIAMS, VANESSA-The Right Stuff (1988)
WOMACK & WOMACK-Life's Just A Ballgame (LP Conscience, 1988)
WOMACK & WOMACK-Teardrops (LP Conscience, 1988)
WONDER, STEVIE-Don't Drive Drunk (OST The Woman In Red, 1984)
WONDER, STEVIE-Free (LP Characters, 1987)
WONDER, STEVIE-Happy Birthday (LP Hotter Than July, 1981)
WONDER, STEVIE-I Just Called To Say "I Love You" (OST The Woman In Red, 1984)
WONDER, STEVIE-Master Blaster (Jammin') (LP Hotter Than July, 1981)
WONDER, STEVIE-Part Time Lover (LP In Square Circle, 1985)
WONDER, STEVIE-Skeletons (LP Characters, 1987)
WONDER, STEVIE-Woman In Red (OST The Woman In Red, 1984)
YARBROUGH & PEOPLES-Don’t Stop The Music (LP The Two Of Us, 1981)
YARBROUGH & PEOPLES-Don't Waste Your Time (LP Be A Winner, 1984)
YOUNGBLOOD, SYDNEY-If Only I Could (LP Feeling Free, 1989)
YOUNGBLOOD, SYDNEY-Sit And Wait (LP Feeling Free, 1989)


Anonymous said...

so it appears that michael jackson is the most popular artist during the 80s in hellas,with over 20 hits during the decade?

latinfreestylefan said...

So it appears Latin Freestyle genre lacked success in Hellenic radios?

Apart from Stevie B. and Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam i didn't notice any notable freestyle artist,like Johnny O,Lil Suzy or Cynthia.

Which were the most successful freestyle songs in Hellas?