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These are the most popular mainstream pop & dance songs of the 80's (not included in other categories) in Hellenic radio stations. The list includes mostly white artists and mixed acts. The majority of Euro pop artists & Italo disco acts are in separate lists.

ABBOT, RUSS-Atmosphere (1984 / LP I Love A Party, 1985)
ABDUL, PAULA-Cold Hearted (LP Forever Your Girl, 1988)
ABDUL, PAULA-Forever Your Girl (LP Forever Your Girl, 1988)
ABDUL, PAULA-Opposites Attract (LP Forever Your Girl, 1988)
ABDUL, PAULA-Straight Up (LP Forever Your Girl, 1989)
AIR SUPPLY-All Out Of Love (LP Lost In Love, 1980)
AIR SUPPLY-Even The Nights Are Better (LP Now & Forever, 1982)
AIR SUPPLY-Every Woman In The World (LP Lost In Love, 1980)
AIR SUPPLY-Just As I Am (LP Air Supply, 1985)
AIR SUPPLY-Lost In Love (LP Lost In Love, 1980)
AIR SUPPLY-Making Love Out Of Nothing At All (1983)
AIR SUPPLY-The One That You Love (LP The One That You Love, 1981)
AIR SUPPLY-Sweet Dreams (LP The One That You Love, 1981)
AIR SUPPLY-Two Less Lonely People In The World (LP Now & Forever, 1982)
ALISHA-All Night Passion (1984 / LP Alisha, 1985)
ALISHA-Baby Talk (LP Alisha, 1985)
ANKA, PAUL-Freedom For The World (LP Freedom For The World, 1987)
ANKA, PAUL-Hold Me 'Til The Morning Comes (LP Walk A Fine Line, 1983 / featuring Peter Cetera)
ASTLEY, RICK-Never Gonna Give You Up (LP Whenever You Need Somebody, 1987)
ASTLEY, RICK-She Wants To Dance With Me (LP Hold Me In Your Arms, 1988)
ASTLEY, RICK-Take Me To Your Heart (LP Hold Me In Your Arms, 1988)
ASTLEY, RICK-Together Forever (LP Whenever You Need Somebody, 1987)
ASTLEY, RICK-When I Fall In Love (LP Whenever You Need Somebody, 1987)
ASTLEY, RICK-Whenever You Need Somebody (LP Whenever You Need Somebody, 1987)
PHILIP BAILEY & PHIL COLLINS-Easy Lover (1984 / LP Chinese Wall, 1985)
BARNES, KATHY-Off (LP Body Talkin', 1979)
BASSEY, SHIRLEY-If You Don't Understand (1984)
BEATMASTERS, THE-Hey DJ / I Can't Dance To That Music You're Playing
(LP Anywayawanna, 1989 / featuring MC Betty Boo)
(1987 / LP Anywayawanna, 1989 / featuring The Cookie Crew)
BEATMASTERS, THE-Who’s In The House?
(LP Anywayawanna, 1989 / featuring Merlin)
BEE GEES-E-S-P (LP E-S-P 1987)
BEE GEES-Wish You Were Here (LP One, 1989)
BEE GEES-You Win Again (LP E-S-P 1987)
BOBBY O.-She Has A Way (1982)
BOMB THE BASS-Beat Dis (1987 / LP Into The Dragon, 1988)
BOMB THE BASS-Say A Little Prayer (LP Into The Dragon, 1988)
BONOFF, KARLA-Somebody’s Eyes (OST Footloose, 1984)
BOOGIE BOX HIGH-Jive Talkin’ (1987 / featuring George Michael)
BOURGEOIS TAGG-I Don't Mind At All (LP Yoyo, 1987)
BOY MEETS GIRL-Bring Down The Moon (LP Reel Life, 1988)
BOY MEETS GIRL-Waiting For A Star To Fall (LP Reel Life, 1988)
BOYS CLUB-I Remember Holding You (LP Boys Club, 1988)
BRANIGAN, LAURA-Gloria (LP Branigan, 1982)
BRANIGAN, LAURA-How Am I Supposed To Live Without You (LP Branigan 2, 1983)
BRANIGAN, LAURA-The Lucky One (LP Self Control, 1984)
BRANIGAN, LAURA-Self Control (LP Self Control, 1984)
BRANIGAN, LAURA-Spanish Eddie (LP Hold Me, 1985)
BRANIGAN, LAURA-Ti Amo (LP Self Control, 1984)
BREAKFAST CLUB-Right On Track (LP The Breakfast Club, 1987)
BROWN, PETER-(Love Is Just) The Game (LP Snap, 1984)
BROWN, PETER-They Only Come Out At Night (LP Snap, 1984)
BROWN, SAM-Stop (LP Stop, 1988)
BRUCE AND BONGO-Geil (LP The Geil Album, 1986)
BUCKS FIZZ-Making Your Mind Up (1981 / Eurovision Song Contest Winner 1981)
CAPTAIN SENSIBLE-Wot (LΈντοναP Women & Captains First, 1982)
CASSIDY, DAVID-The Last Kiss (LP Romance, 1985)
CATES, PHOEBE-Paradise (1982)
CHRISTIE, DAVID-Saddle Up (LP Back In Control, 1982)
COLLINS, JAYNE-Madonna's Eyes (1985)
PHIL COLLINS AND MARILYN MARTIN-Separate Lives (OST White Nights, 1985)
COWLEY, PATRICK-Do You Wanna Funk (1982 / featuring Sylvester)
COWLEY, PATRICK-Tech-No-Logical World (LP Mind Warp, 1982)
KID CREOLE & THE COCONUTS-Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy (LP Tropical Gangsters, 1982)
KID CREOLE & THE COCONUTS-My Male Curiosity (OST Against All Odds, 1984)
KID CREOLE & THE COCONUTS-Stool Pigeon (LP Tropical Gangsters, 1982)
CROSS, CHRISTOPHER-Arthur's Theme (OST Arthur, 1981)
CROSS, CHRISTOPHER-I Really Don't Know Anymore
(LP Christopher Cross, 1979 / featuring Michael McDonald)
CROSS, CHRISTOPHER-Never Be The Same (LP Christopher Cross, 1979)
CROSS, CHRISTOPHER-Ride Like The Wind (LP Christopher Cross, 1979)
CROSS, CHRISTOPHER-Sailing (LP Christopher Cross, 1979)
CROSS, CHRISTOPHER-Think Of Laura (LP Another Page, 1983)
DAILY, E.G.-Say It, Say It (LP Wild Child, 1985)
DAVIS, PAUL-Cool Night (LP Cool Night, 1981)
DAVIS Jr., SAMMY-Hello Detroit (1984)
DAYNE, TAYLOR-Don't Rush Me (LP Tell It To My Heart, 1988)
DAYNE, TAYLOR-I'll Always Love You (LP Tell It To My Heart, 1988)
DAYNE, TAYLOR-Prove Your Love (LP Tell It To My Heart, 1988)
DAYNE, TAYLOR-Tell It To My Heart (LP Tell It To My Heart, 1988)
DEAN, HAZELL-Searchin’ (I Gotta Find A Man) (1983)
DEAN, HAZELL-Turn It Into Love (LP Always, 1988)
DEAN, HAZELL-Who’s Leaving Who (LP Always, 1988)
DION, CELINE-Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi (1988 / Eurovision Song Contest Winner 1988)
DIVINE-Shoot Your Shot (LP My First Album, 1982)
DIVINE-You Think You’re A Man (LP The Story So Far, 1984)
DOLBY, THOMAS-She Blinded Me With Science (LP The Golden Age Of Wireless, 1982)
DOLCE, JOE-Shaddap You Face (1980 / LP Shaddap You Face, 1981)
DOLLAR-Who Were You With In The Moonlight (LP Shooting Stars, 1979)
DONOVAN, JASON-Sealed With A Kiss (LP Ten Good Reasons, 1989)
DONOVAN, JASON-Too Many Broken Hearts (LP Ten Good Reasons, 1989)
DONOVAN, JASON-When You Come Back To Me (1989)
KYLIE & JASON-Especially For You (LP Ten Good Reasons, 1989)
DOOLEYS, THE-The Chosen Few (LP The Chosen Few, 1979)
DOOLEYS, THE-One Kiss Away (1979 / LP Full House, 1980)
DOOLEYS, THE-Wanted (1979)
DOWNES & PRICE-New York Hold Her Tight (1986)
EASTON, SHEENA-For Your Eyes Only (OST James Bond: For Your Eyes Only, 1981)
EASTON, SHEENA-Hard To Say It's Over (LP Private Heaven, 1984)
EASTON, SHEENA-The Lover In Me (LP The Lover In Me, 1988)
EASTON, SHEENA-Morning Train (Nine To Five) (1980 / LP Sheena Easton, 1981)
EASTON, SHEENA-Sugar Walls (LP Private Heaven, 1984)
EASTON, SHEENA-Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair) (LP Best Kept Secret, 1983)
ENYA-Orinoco Flow (LP Watermark, 1988)
ESPOSITO, JOE-You're The Best (OST Karate Kid, 1984)
ESPOSITO, JOE BEAN-Lady Lady Lady (OST Flashdance, 1983)
FISHER, MATTHEW-Can't Stop Loving You Now (LP Strange Days, 1981)
FISHER, MATTHEW-Can't You Feel My Love (LP Matthew Fisher, 1980)
FISHER, MATTHEW-Running From Your Love (LP Matthew Fisher, 1980)
FISHER, MATTHEW-Why'd I Have To Fall In Love With You (LP Matthew Fisher, 1980)
FLIRTS, THE-Passion (1982)
FOX, SAMANTHA-I Surrender (LP Touch Me, 1986)
FOX, SAMANTHA-Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now (1987)
FOX, SAMANTHA-Touch Me (LP Touch Me, 1986)
FREEEZ-I.O.U. (LP Gonna Get You, 1983)
FROGER, RENE-How Do I Stop Loving You (LP You're My Everything, 1989)
GIBB, ROBIN-Boys Do Fall In Love (LP Secret Agent, 1984)
GIBB, ROBIN-Juliet (LP How Old Are You? 1983)
GIBB, ROBIN-Kathy's Gone (LP How Old Are You? 1983)
GIBB, ROBIN-Like A Fool (LP Walls Have Ears, 1985)
GIBSON, DEBBIE-Electric Youth (LP Electric Youth, 1988)
GIBSON, DEBBIE-Foolish Beat (LP Out Of The Blue, 1987)
GIBSON, DEBBIE-Lost In Your Eyes (LP Electric Youth, 1988)
GIBSON, DEBBIE-Only In My Dreams (LP Out Of The Blue, 1987)
GIBSON, DEBBIE-Out Of The Blue (LP Out Of The Blue, 1987)
GIBSON, DEBBIE-Shake Your Love (LP Out Of The Blue, 1987)
GODLEY & CREME-A Little Piece Of Heaven (LP Goodbye Blue Sky, 1988)
GODLEY & CREME-Cry (1985)
GODWIN, PETER-Baby's In The Mountains (LP Correspondence, 1983)
GOON SQUAD-Eight Arms To Hold You (OST Goonies, 1985)
HAMMER, JAN-Crockett's Theme (OST Miami Vice II, 1987)
HAMMER, JAN-Miami Vice Theme (OST Miami Vice, 1985)
HARDCASTLE, PAUL-Don't Waste My Time (LP Paul Hardcastle, 1985 / featuring Carol Kenyon)
HARDCASTLE, PAUL-Nineteen (19) (LP Paul Hardcastle, 1985)
HARLEY, STEVE "SILK"-Jack Your Body (1986 / LP Hold On To Your Dream, 1987)
HARRIS, SAM-Sugar Don't Bite (LP Sam Harris, 1984)
HAZA, OFRA-Im Nin' Alu (LP Shaday, 1988 / original version on LP Yemenite Songs, 1984)
HEAD, MURRAY-How Many Ways (1979 / LP Voices, 1980)
HEAD, MURRAY-One Night In Bangkok (OST Chess, 1984)
HIGGINS, BERTIE-Casablanca (LP Just Another Day In Paradise, 1982)
HIGGINS, BERTIE-Just Another Day In Paradise (LP Just Another Day In Paradise, 1982)
HIGGINS, BERTIE-Key Largo (1981 / LP Just Another Day In Paradise, 1982)
HIGGINS, BERTIE-Tokyo Joe (LP Pirates & Poets, 1983)
HILL, DAN-Can't We Try (LP Dan Hill, 1987 / featuring Vonda Shepard)
HODGSON, ROGER-Had A Dream (LP In The Eye Of The Storm, 1984)
HODGSON, ROGER-In Jeopardy (LP In The Eye Of The Storm, 1984)
HODGSON, ROGER-Lovers In The Wind (LP In The Eye Of The Storm, 1984)
HODGSON, ROGER-You Make Me Love You (LP Hai Hai, 1987)
HOLMES, JOHN-Him (LP Partners In Crime, 1980)
HOLMES, JOHN-Escape (The Pina Colada Song) (LP Partners In Crime, 1980)
JELLYBEAN-Jingo (LP Just Visiting This Planet, 1987)
JELLYBEAN-The Mexican (LP Wotupski!?! 1984)
JETS, THE-You Got It All (LP The Jets, 1987)
JIMMY JIMMY-I Met Her In Paris (LP Here In The Light, 1986)
JIMMY JIMMY-Love (LP Here In The Light, 1986)
JIMMY JIMMY-Silence (LP Here In The Light, 1986)
INFORMATION SOCIETY-What’s On Your Mind (Pure Energy) (LP Information Society, 1988)
IZIT-Stories (1989)
JOHN, ROBERT-Sad Eyes (LP Robert John, 1979)
JOHNSON, DON-Heartbeat (LP Heartbeat, 1986)
JOHNSON, HOLLY-Americanos (LP Blast, 1989)
JONES, JILL-Mia Bocca (LP Jill Jones, 1987)
KAMEN, NICK-Each Time You Break My Heart (1986 / LP Nick Kamen, 1987)
KAMEN, NICK-Loving You Is Sweeter Than Ever (LP Nick Kamen, 1987)
KAMON, KAREN-Manhunt (OST Flashdance, 1983)
KANTE, MORY-Ye Ke Ye Ke (LP Akwaba Beach, 1987)
KAOMA-Dancando Lambada (LP Worldbeat, 1989)
KAOMA-Lambada (LP Worldbeat, 1989)
KC AND THE SUNSHINE BAND-Give It Up (LP All In A Night's Work, 1982)
KC AND THE SUNSHINE BAND-Please Don't Go (1979)
KEKANA, STEVE-Never Never (LP Raising My Family, 1982)
KON KAN-I Beg Your Pardon (LP Move To Move, 1989)
LAMB, ANNABEL-Riders On The Storm (LP Once Bitten, 1983 / song included only in the US copy)
LAUPER, CYNDI-All Through The Night (LP She's So Unusual, 1984)
LAUPER, CYNDI-Change Of Heart (LP True Colours, 1986)
LAUPER, CYNDI-Girls Just Want To Have Fun (1983 / LP She's So Unusual, 1984)
LAUPER, CYNDI-I Drove All Night (LP A Night To Remember, 1989)
LAUPER, CYNDI-Money Changes Everything (LP She's So Unusual, 1984)
LAUPER, CYNDI-She Bop (LP She's So Unusual, 1984)
LAUPER, CYNDI-Time After Time (LP She's So Unusual, 1984)
LAUPER, CYNDI-True Colors (LP True Colours, 1986)
LEE, PEGGY-You (LP Close Enough For Love, 1979)
LEKAKIS, PAUL-Boom Boom (Let's Go Back To My Room) (1986 / LP Tattoo It, 1990)
LIL LEWIS-French Kiss (1989)
LIMAHL-The Never Ending Story (OST The Never Ending Story, 1984)
LIME-Unexpected Lovers (LP Unexpected Lovers, 1985)
LIPPS INC.-Funky Town (LP Mouth To Mouth, 1980)
LOGAN, JOHNNY-Hold Me Now (LP Hold Me Now, 1987)
LOGAN, JOHNNY-What's Another Year (1980 / Eurovision Song Contest Winner 1980)
LONDON BOYS-London Nights (LP The 12 Commandments Of Dance, 1989)
LONDON BOYS-Requiem (LP The 12 Commandments Of Dance, 1989)
LORING, GLORIA-Don't Let Me Change The Way You Are (LP Gloria Loring, 1986)
LORING, GLORIA-Friends & Lovers (LP Gloria Loring, 1986 / featuring Carl Anderson)
LYNNE, JEFF-Video (OST Electric Dreams, 1984)
LYNTON, DONNA-If I Never Sing Another Song (1985)
M-Pop Muzik (LP New York, London, Paris, Munich, 1979)
M/A/R/R/S-Pump Up The Volume (1987)
MADONNA-Borderline (LP The First Album, 1983)
MADONNA-Burning Up (LP The First Album, 1983)
MADONNA-Causing A Commotion (OST Who's That Girl, 1987)
MADONNA-Cherish (LP Like A Prayer, 1989)
MADONNA-Crazy For You (OST Vision Quest, 1985)
MADONNA-Dress You Up (LP Like A Virgin, 1984)
MADONNA-Everybody (1982 / LP The First Album, 1983)
MADONNA-Express Yourself (LP Like A Prayer, 1989)
MADONNA-Gambler (1985)
MADONNA-Holiday (LP The First Album, 1983)
MADONNA-Into The Groove (LP Like A Virgin, 1984)
MADONNA-La Isla Bonita (LP True Blue, 1986)
MADONNA-Like A Prayer (LP Like A Prayer, 1989)
MADONNA-Like A Virgin (LP Like A Virgin, 1984)
MADONNA-Live To Tell (OST At Close Range / LP True Blue, 1986)
MADONNA-Lucky Star (LP The First Album, 1983)
MADONNA-Material Girl (LP Like A Virgin, 1984)
MADONNA-Open Your Heart (LP True Blue, 1986)
MADONNA-Papa Don't Preach (LP True Blue, 1986)
MADONNA-Shoo-Bee-Doo (LP Like A Virgin, 1984)
MADONNA-True Blue (LP True Blue, 1986)
MADONNA-Who's That Girl (OST Who's That Girl, 1987)
MANCHESTER, MELISSA-No One Can Love You More Than Me (LP Emergency, 1983)
MANCHESTER, MELISSA-You Should Hear How She Talks About You (LP Hey Ricky, 1982)
MANILOW, BARRY-Hey Mambo (LP Swing Street, 1987 / featuring Kid Creole)
MANILOW, BARRY-I Made It Through The Rain (LP Barry, 1980)
MANILOW, BARRY-I Wanna Do It With You (LP I Wanna Do It With You, 1982)
MANILOW, BARRY-If I Should Love Again (LP If I Should Love Again, 1981)
MANILOW, BARRY-Some Kind Of Friend (LP I Wanna Do It With You, 1982)
MANILOW, BARRY-Stay (LP I Wanna Do It With You, 1982)
MANTRONIX-Got To Have Your Love
(1989 / LP This Should Move Ya, 1990 / featuring Wondress)
MARIA, TANIA-Come With Me (LP Come With Me, 1983)
MARIE, KELLY-Feels Like I'm In Love (1979 / LP Feels Like I'm In Love, 1980)
MARILYN-Calling Your Name (1983 / LP Despite Straight Lines, 1985)
MARSHALL, KEITH-Only Crying (LP Keith Marshall, 1981)
MARTIKA-Cross My Heart (LP Martika, 1988)
MARTIKA-I Feel The Earth Move (LP Martika, 1988)
MARTIKA-More Than You Know (LP Martika, 1988)
MARTIKA-Toy Soldiers (LP Martika, 1988)
MARTIN, MARILYN-Sorcerer (OST Streets Of Fire, 1984)
MEDEIROS, GLENN-Long & Lasting Love (1987)
MEDEIROS, GLENN-Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You (1986 / LP Glenn Medeiros, 1987)
MEDEIROS, GLENN-Un Roman D'Amitie (Friend You Give Me Reason) (1989 / featuring Elsa)
McLAREN, MALCOLM-Buffalo Gals (1982 / LP Duck Rock, 1983)
McLAREN, MALCOLM-Double Dutch (1982 / LP Duck Rock, 1983)
McLAREN, MALCOLM-Madam Butterfly (LP Fans, 1984)
MALCOLM McLAREN & THE BOOTZILLA ORCHESTRA-I Like You In Velvet (LP Waltz Darling, 1989)
McLAREN, MALCOLM-Sometging's Jumping In Your Shirt (LP Waltz Darling,1989)
MALCOLM McLAREN & THE BOOTZILLA ORCHESTRA-Waltz Darling (LP Waltz Darling, 1989)
MEN WITHOUT HATS-Safety Dance (LP Rhythm Of Youth, 1983)
MENUDO-If You're Not Here By My Side (LP Reaching Out, 1984)
MICHAEL, GEORGE-A Different Corner (1986)
MICHAEL, GEORGE-Faith (LP Faith, 1987)
MICHAEL, GEORGE-Father Figure (LP Faith, 1987)
MICHAEL, GEORGE-I Want Your Sex (LP Faith, 1987)
MICHAEL, GEORGE-Kissing A Fool (LP Faith, 1987)
MICHAEL, GEORGE-Monkey (LP Faith, 1987)
MICHAEL, GEORGE-One More Try (LP Faith, 1987)
MIAMI SOUND MACHINE-Conga (LP Primitive Love, 1985)
MIAMI SOUND MACHINE-Dr. Beat (LP Eyes Of Innocence, 1984)
MIAMI SOUND MACHINE-Hot Summer Nights (OST Top Gun, 1986)
MIAMI SOUND MACHINE-Words Get In The Way (LP Primitive Love, 1985)
GLORIA ESTEFAN & MIAMI SOUND MACHINE-Anything For You (LP Let It Loose, 1987)
GLORIA ESTEFAN & MIAMI SOUND MACHINE-Can't Stay Away From You (LP Let It Loose, 1987)
GLORIA ESTEFAN & MIAMI SOUND MACHINE-Rhythm Is Gonna Get You (LP Let It Loose, 1987)
MIDDLER, BETTE-The Rose (OST The Rose, 1979)
MIDDLER, BETTE-Wind Beneath My Wings (OST Beaches, 1988)
MIGUEL, LUIS-Noi, Ragazzi Di Oggi Noi (LP Canta In Italiano / Collezione Privata, 1985)
MILLI VANILLI-Baby Don't Forget My Number (LP All Or Nothing, 1988)
MILLI VANILLI-Blame It On The Rain (1988 / LP 2x2, 1989)
MILLI VANILLI-Girl I'm Gonna Miss You (LP 2x2, 1989)
MILLI VANILLI-Girl You Know It's True (LP All Or Nothing, 1988)
MILSAP, RONNIE-I Wouldn't Have Missed It For The World (LP There's No Gettin' Over Me, 1981)
MINNELLI, LIZA-Losing My Mind (LP Results, 1989)
MINOGUE, KYLIE-Got To Be Certain (LP Kylie - The Album, 1988)
MINOGUE, KYLIE-Hand On Your Heart (LP Enjoy Yourself, 1989)
MINOGUE, KYLIE-Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi (LP Kylie - The Album, 1988)
MINOGUE, KYLIE-I Should Be So Lucky (LP Kylie - The Album, 1988)
MINOGUE, KYLIE-Locomotion (LP Kylie - The Album, 1988)
MINOGUE, KYLIE-Tears On My Pillow (LP Enjoy Yourself, 1989)
MINOGUE, KYLIE-Turn It In To Love (LP Kylie - The Album, 1988)
MINOGUE, KYLIE-Wouldn't Change A Thing (LP Enjoy Yourself, 1989)
(1983 / LP Mireille Mathieu, 1984)
MONTY PYTHON-Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life (1979 & 1991)
MOSS, VIKKI-If I Turn You Away (OST St. Elmo’s Fire, 1985)
MOUSKOURI, NANA-Only Love (OST Mistral's Daughter TV mini series, 1985)
NAIL, JIMMY-Love Don't Live Here Anymore (1985 / LP Take It Or Leave It, 1986)
NEWTON, JUICE-Angel Of The Morning (LP Juice 1981)
NEWTON-JOHN, OLIVIA-Carried Away (LP Physical, 1981)
NEWTON-JOHN, OLIVIA-Physical (LP Physical, 1981)
NORMAN, CHRIS-Midnight Lady (OST Tatort - German TV series, 1986)
NU SHOOZ-I Can’t Wait (LP Poolside, 1986)
NU SHOOZ-Point Of No Return (LP Poolside, 1986)
OLDFIELD, SALLY-Sun In My Eyes (LP Easy, 1979)
OSMOND, DONNY-I'm In It For Love (1987 / LP Donny Osmond, 1988)
PARTON, DOLLY-I Will Always Love You
(OST The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas, 1982)
PARTON, DOLLY-9 To 5 (LP 9 To 5 And Odd Jobs, 1981)
PEBBLES-Girlfriend (LP Pebbles, 1987)
PEBBLES-Mercedes Boy (LP Pebbles, 1987)
PEPSI & SHIRLEY-Goodbye Stranger (LP All Right Now, 1987)
PITT, WILLIAM-City Lights (1986)
RAH BAND-Clouds Across The Moon (LP Mystery, 1985)
RENEE & RENATO-Save Your Love (LP Save Your Love, 1982)
ROCKERS REVENGE-Walkin' On Sunshine (1982)
ROGERS, KENNY-Lady (1980)
KENNY ROGERS & SHEENA EASTON-We've Got Tonight (LP We've Got Tonight, 1983)
KENNY ROGERS & DOLLY PARTON-Islands In The Stream (1983)
ROGERS, SANDY-Go Rosa (OST Fool For Love, 1985)
S EXPRESS-Superfly Guy (1988)
S EXPRESS-Theme From S Express (1988)
SANDERSON, RICHARD-Reality (OST La Boum, 1980)
SAYER, LEO-Have You Ever Been In Love (LP World Radio, 1982)
SAYER, LEO-Heart (Stop Beating In Time) (LP World Radio, 1982)
SAYER, LEO-More Than I Can Say (LP Living In A Fantasy, 1980)
SAYER, LEO-Orchard Road (1983)
SAYER, LEO-Till You Come Back To Me (1983)
SCAGGS, BOZ-Look What You've Done To Me (1980)
SCARBURY, JOEY-Theme From "Greatest American Hero" (Believe It Or Not) (1981)
SEMBELLO, MICHAEL-Maniac (OST Flashdance, 1983)
SEMBELLO, MICHAEL-Summer Lovers (OST Summer Lovers, 1982)
SEVELLE, TAJA-Love Is Contagious (1987)
SHARKEY, FEARGAL-A Good Heart (LP Feargal Sharkey, 1985)
SHEILA E.-A Love Bizarre (LP Romance 1600, 1985)
SIMON, PAUL-The Boy In The Bubble (LP Graceland, 1986)
SIMON, PAUL-Graceland (LP Graceland, 1986)
SIMON, PAUL-Late In The Evening (1980)
SIMON, PAUL-You Can Call Me Al (LP Graceland, 1986)
SINATRA, FRANK-L.A. Is My Lady (LP L.A. Is My Lady, 1984)
SKELLERN, PETER- Busy Line (LP A String Of Pearls, 1982)
SLY FOX-Como Tu Te Llama (Tell Me What's Your Name) (LP Let's Go All The Way, 1985)
SMITH, MANDY-Positive Reaction (1987 / LP Mandy, 1988)
SMITH, REX-You Take My Breath Away (LP Sooner Or Later, 1979)
REX SMITH & RACHEL SWEET-Everlasting Love (1981)
SONIA-Listen To Your Heart (1989)
SONIA-You'll Never Stop Me From Loving You (1989)
SPRINGFIELD, DUSTY-In Private (1989)
SPRINGFIELD, DUSTY-Nothing Has Been Proved (1989)
STACEY Q.-Two Of Hearts (1986)
STANLEY, PAMALA-Coming Out Of Hiding (1983)
STREISAND, BARBRA-Emotion (LP Emotion, 1984)
STREISAND, BARBRA-Guilty (LP Guilty, 1980 / featuring Barry Gibb)
STREISAND, BARBRA-Left In The Dark (LP Emotion, 1984)
STREISAND, BARBRA-Promises (LP Guilty, 1980)
STREISAND, BARBRA-What Kind Of Fool (LP Guilty, 1980 / featuring Barry Gibb)
STREISAND, BARBRA-Woman In Love (LP Guilty, 1980)
BARBRA STREISAND AND DON JOHNSON-Till I Loved You (Love Theme From "Goya") (LP Till I Loved You, 1988)
SWAYZE, PATRICK-She's Like The Wind (OST Dirty Dancing, 1987 / featuring Wendy Fraser)
TAVORI, SHIMI-Remember (1985)
TAYLOR, JAMES JT-Lay Awake At Night (LP Master Of The Game, 1989)
TIFFANY-Could've Been (LP Tiffany, 1987)
TIFFANY-I SawHim Standing There (LP Tiffany, 1987)
TIFFANY-I Think We're Alone Now (LP Tiffany, 1987)
TIFFANY-Radio Romance (LP Hold An Old Friend's Hand, 1988)
TRANS-X-Living On Video (1985)
ULLMAN, TRACEY-Breakaway (LP You Broke My Heart In 17 Places, 1983)
ULLMAN, TRACEY-They Don't Know (LP You Broke My Heart In 17 Places, 1983)
VIDAL, MARIA-Body Rock (OST Body Rock, 1985)
VILLAGE PEOPLE-Can't Stop The Music (1980)
VILLAGE PEOPLE-In The Navy (1979)
VILLAGE PEOPLE-Sex Over The Phone (1985)
WILL POWERS-Kissing With Confidence (1983 / featuring Carly Simon)
WILL TO POWER-Baby I Love Your Way / Freebird medley (Free Babby) (1988)
WILDER, MATTHEW-Break My Stride (LP I Don't Speak The Language, 1983)
WILDER, MATTHEW-Bouncin' Off The Walls (LP Bouncin' Off The Walls, 1984)
YANCOVIC, "WEIRD AL"-Eat It (1984)
PIA ZADORA & JERMAINE JACKSON-When The Rain Begins To Fall (1984)

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