Friday, December 12, 2008


Careful what you wish for!

Against All Odds-PHIL COLLINS (1984), MARIAH CAREY (1999 / I wish I could just make you turn around, turn around and see me cry)
Against The Wind-BOB SEGER & THE SILVER BULLET BAND (1980 / Wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then)
Another Saturday Night-SAM COOKE (1963 / Now, how I wish I had someone to talk to, I'm in an awful way)
Baby Come Back-PLAYER (1978 / how I wish to God that you were here)
Bad Connection-YAZOO (1982 / I'd wish they'd fix the wires cause my baby don't know That I'm leaving in the morning and I'm ready to go Can you hear me Can you hear me at all Gotta get the operator make a telephone call)
Back Stabbers-THE O'JAYS (1972 / I wish they'd take some Of these knives out my back)
Beautiful Days-VENUS (2003 / I wish I was mad Fucked up and done I wish I was bad And completely wrong I wish I was made Rebuilt-up and fake I wish I could lie And never could fail And live some beautiful days In a magical place Beautiful loves Perfect and straight... I wish I was fast And crazy as a dog I wish I could last As long as the Gods I wish I could be Perfectly free Wish I was a creep Wish I made you bleed
The Boxer-SIMON & GARFUNKEL (1969 / and I'm laying out my winter clothes, wishing I was gone, goin home)
California Girls-THE BEACH BOYS (1965), DAVID LEE ROTH (1985 / I wish they all could be California girls)
Comfort Of Faith-BANDERAS (1991 / I wish I had the comfort of faith ...I wish I was)
Creep-RADIOHEAD (1992 / I wish I was special, so fuckin' special)
Cut Here-THE CURE (2001 / "Oh c'mon and have a drink with me Sit down and talk a while..." "Oh I wish I could... and I will! But now I just don't have the time..." )
Feelings-MORRIS ALBERT (1975 / I wish I've never met you, girl, you'll never come again)
Genie In A Bottle-CHRISTINA AGUILERA (1999 / I can make your wish come true)
How Will I Know-WHITNEY HOUSTON (1985 / wish I had you near me now)
I'll Be Here Where The Heart Is-KIM CARNES (1983 / I wish that I could see you again)
I Will Always Love You-DOLLY PARTON (1974), WHITNEY HOUSTON (1992 / Oh, I do wish you joy And I wish you happiness But above all this I wish you love I love you, I will always love you)
I Wish It Would Rain Down-PHIL COLLINS (1989)
I've Never Been To Me-CHARLENE (1977 & 1982 / I `ve no doubt you dream about the things you never do but I wish someone had a talk to me like I wanna talk to you)
If I Were A Boy-BEYONCE (2008 / Someday you wish you were a better man)
If The Stars Shine Tonight-LILAC TIME (1989 / She steps down from the bus Like she gets into her bath And how I wish I was getting in with her)
In Jeopardy-ROGER HODGSON (1984 / I wish I could understand)
Knife-ROCKWELL (1984 / my wish was your command)
Leave You Nothing-MESH (2002)
Life's Too Short-THE LIGHTNING SEEDS (1999 / Oh love, don't go away, I wish you'd stay, Can I change your mind I'm the king of dreaming in a wishful way)
Move On Up-CURTIS MAYFIELD (1970 / Just move on up and keep on wishing)
My Cherie Amour-STEVIE WONDER (1969 / how I wish that you were mine)
North Winds-THE STRANGLERS (1984 / I wish it would Blow all away North Winds Blowing I wish they would blow all away... I wish I was a believer)
Only The Moment-MARC ALMOND (1988 / and before you can say "I wish I'd made all the right moves", it's too late)
Pure-THE LIGHTNING SEEDS (1989 / now you're crying in your sleep, I wish you'd never learnt to weep)
The Reason-HOOBASTANK (2003 / I'm not a perfect person, There's many things I wish I didn't do... and all the pain I put you through, I wish that I could take it all away)
Reunited-PEACHES & HERB (1978 / came back to life just when I got your call I wished I could climb right through the telephone line and give you what you want)
Rhythm Of The Rain-THE CASCADES (1963 / Listen to the rhythm of the falling rain Telling me just what a fool I've been, I wish that it would go and let me cry in vain And let me be alone again)
River Of People-LOVE & MONEY (1986 / Sometimes I feel that I'm just wishing my life away, I wish that things could change with absolutely no delay)
Runaway-DEL SHANNON (1960 / wishin' you were here by me to end this misery)
Sadness In Your Eyes-KIRKA (1992 / still I wish that you would say we should try)
Seeing You Again-DAN FOGELBERG (1987 / made me wish I'd never let you go)
Separate Ways-GARY MOORE (1992 / What is it that you want from me, I wish I knew)
SexCrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four) -EURYTHMICS (1984 / How I wish I'd been unborn, wish I was unliving here)
So Alive-LOVE & ROCKETS (1989 / This drug makes me crazy Makes me see you more clearly Oh, baby, now I can see you Wish I could stop Switch off the clock Make it all happen for you)
Sometimes ( Dr. Hirsch) -YELLO (1985 / You're leaving You're leaving me now, I'm wishing I wish this would hurt, But i suffer I can't feel the pain Sometimes, sometimes I wish i could cry)
Somewhere Else-RAZORLIGHT (2005 / I really really wish I could be somewhere else)
Sweetest Smile-BLACK (1987 / I just wish I was made of wood, I might not feel pain, even if I should)
This Is The World Calling-BOB GELDOF (1986 / I wished that I believed enough to pray)
Turn Back The Clock-JOHNNY HATES JAZZ (1987 / I wish that I could turn back the clock)
Under The Milky Way-THE CHURCH (1988 / Wish I knew what you were looking for, Might have known what you would find)
Victims-CULTURE CLUB (1983 / wishing there was some kind of heaven... Feel like a child on a dark night Wishing we could spend it together)
We'll Never Have To Say Goodbye Again-ENGLAND DAN & JOHN FORD COLEY (1978 / And I wish that this night would never end The sun ain't gonna be my friend Lying here awaiting here And wishing I knew when We'll never have to say goodbye again)
What About Me-MOVING PICTURES (1982 / I guess I'm lucky, I smile a lot But sometimes I wish for more than I've got)
What’s New Pussycat?-TOM JONES (1965 /you're delicious and if my wishes can all come true, I'll soon be kissing your sweet little pussycat lips)
Wish I Didn't Miss You-ANGIE STONE (2001)
Wish You Were Here-BEE GEES (1989)
Wish You Were Here-PINK FLOYD (1975)
Wishing I Was Lucky-WET WET WET (1987)
Wishlist-PEARL JAM (1998)
You To Me Are Everything-REAL THING (1976 / your wish is my command)


If You Could Read My Mind-GORDON LIGHTFOOT (1979 / like a ghost from a wishing well)
Three Coins In The Fountain-FOUR ACES (1954), FRANK SINATRA (1954)
Wishing Well-TERENCE TRENT D'ARBY (1987)

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