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The Right Time For…

Ayla-FLASH & THE PAN (1987 / when the time is right for love)
Endless-TOTO (1984 / maybe it’s the right time)
Let’s Start Playing-BIG LIGHT (1993 / The time is tight... the time is right)
Moondance-VAN MORRISON (1970 / I know now the time is just right)
The Right Time-SPLIT MIRRORS (1987)
Song For The Lovers-RICHARD ASHCROFT (2000 / the time is right)

Only Time Will Tell
Dear John-LOVE & MONEY (1986 / only time will tell)
Don't Rush Me-TAYLOR DAYNE (1988 / only time will tell)
Eloise-BARRY RYAN (1968 / only time can tell) , DAMNED (1986)
For All We Know-CARPENTERS (1970 / only time will tell)
Make It With You-BREAD (1970 / only time will tell)
One Day-GARY MOORE (1994 / only time will tell)
One For The Mocking Bird-CUTTING CREW (1986 / time will tell)
Only Time Will Tell-ASIA (1982)
We Can Work It Out-BEATLES (1965 / only time will tell if I’m right or if I’m wrong)
Why Can't This Be Love-VAN HALEN (1986 / only time will tell if we stand the test of time)

Time As… A Healer
Everything-JODY WATLEY (1989 / they say time can mend a broken heart)
I Come Undone-JENNIFER RUSH (1987 / Time heels the wounded)
It’s Raining Again-SUPERTRAMP (1982 / only time that heals the pain)
Just The Way It Is-REMBRANDTS (1991 / time has washed away my pain)
No Son Of Mine-GENESIS (1991 / they say that time is a healer)
Tiffany’s-PREFAB SPOUT (1985 / Time is the healer, time was on my side)

Time Flies
DJ-DAVID BOWIE (1979 / time flies when you’re having fun)
Papa-PAUL ANKA (1974 / time just flew on by)

Time Is Running Out
If You’re Not Here-MENUDO (1984 / time is running out)
Time Is Running Out-MUSE (2003)
Lovers In The Wind-ROGER HODGSON (1984 / time is always on the run)

Time Is Standing Still
Boat On The River-STYX (1979 / time stands still)
Straight Up-PAULA ABDUL (1988 / time’s standing still)
Time Stood Still-COMMON SENSE (2006 / Hellenic band)
We'll Never Have To Say Goodbye Again-ENGLAND DAN & JOHN FORD COLEY (1978)
You & I-SCORPIONS (1996 / time stands still when the days of innocence are falling for the night)

Time On Your Side

Daydream-LOVIN’ SPOONFUL (1966 / even if time ain’t really by my side / even if time is passing me by a lot)
It Don’t Matter To Me-BREAD (1969 / time is on my side)
The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up)-LEVEL 42 (1983 / time is on my side)
Time Is On My Side-THE ROLLING STONES (1964)

Time Slips Away-By-Into

Glory Days-BRUCE (1984 / time slips away)
Fly Like An Eagle-S. MILLER BAND (1976 / time keeps on slipping’ into the future)
Hard To Say It’s Over-SHEENA EASTON (1984 / time just slipping away)
Moonchild-RORY GALLAGHER (1976 / time slips by)
Nobody Wants To Be Lonely-RICKY & CHRISTINA (2000 / time is precious & it's slipping away)

Time To Kill

All I Need Is Everything-OVER THE RHINE (1996 & 2000 / we’ve got plenty of time to kill)
The Beautiful Ones-SUEDE (1996 / got too much time to kill)
California Blue-ROY ORBISON (1989)
I've Got An Angel-EURYTHMICS (1983 / time is time to kill)
Stop Killing Time-C:REAL (2000)

Time In General… in songs
A Question Of Time-DEPECHE MODE
Africa-ROSE LAURENS (my time’s come)
All Behind Us-PATTI AUSTIN (time to wash away my tears)
Being Boring-PET SHOP BOYS (time will come to an end)
Butterfly-CRAZY TOWN (time is passing)
Careless Whisper-GEORGE MICHAEL
Don’t Wanna Lose You-GLORIA ESTEFAN (we stood the test of time and I hope that’s the way it will stay)
Dreamtime-DARYL HALL (time to wake up)
Endless Summer Nights-RICHARD MARX (time was all we had until the day we said goodbye)
The Girl Is Mine-MICHAEL JACKSON & PAUL McCARTNEY (a waste of time)
Got My Mind Set On You-GEORGE HARRISON (it’s gonna take time)
Hazy Shade Of Winter-SIMON & GARFUNKEL, BANGLES (time time time see what’s become of me)
Hold Me Now-JOHNNY LOGAN (1987 / time will be kind once we're apart)
I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues-ELTON JOHN
Interlude-TIMI YURO (1968), MORRISSEY & SIOUXSIE (1994 / time is like a dream)
It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over-LENNY KRAVITZ (so much time wasted)
Lessons In Love-LEVEL 42 (if we lose the time before us the future will ignore us)
Magic Moments-PERRY COMO (time can’t erase the memory of these)
Moving On Up-M-PEOPLE (time to break free)
Never Surrender-COREY HART (Just a little more time is all we’re asking for)
Obsession-DESMOND CHILD (time don’t wipe your memory off my lips)
Perfect 10-THE BEAUTIFUL SOUTH (1998 / I've bought a watch, to time your beauty... time takes it's toll, but not on the eyes)
Tears In Heaven-ERIC CLAPTON (1992)
Tell It Like It Is-AARON NEVILLE, DON JOHNSON (my time is too expensive)
Time-PINK FLOYD (1973)
Time (Clock Of The Heart)- CULTURE CLUB (1982)
Time In A Bottle-JIM CROCE (1973)
The Time Is Now-MOLOKO (2000 / time takes too much time)
Touch Me In The Morning-DIANA ROSS (1973 / didn't we run away & hope that time wouldn't try to find us)
Turn Back The Clock-JOHNNY HATES JAZZ (1987 / bring the wheels of time to a stop)
Unchained Melody-RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS (1965 / time goes by so slowly)
Up Where We Belong-J. COCKER & J. WARNES (1982 / time goes by, no time to cry)
Waves-BLANCMANGE (1982 / you know the time's not kind)
We Have All The Time In The World-LOUIS ARMSTRONG (1969), FUN LOVIN' CRIMINALS (1996)
When The Rain Begins To Fall-PIA ZADORA & JERMAINE JACKSON (1984 / time goes by so fast you’ve got to have a dream to just hold on)
Who Do You Want For Your Love-ICICLE WORKS (time is passing, you’ll be left behind)
Wishing Well-TERENCE TRENT D’ARBY (1987 / stealing time)
Woman In Love-BARBRA STREISAND (1980 / with you eternally mine, in love there is no measure of time)
Yesterday When I Was Young-SHIRLEY BASSEY (1970)
Young Turks-ROD STEWART (time is a thief / time is on your side)

About The “Times” in general

Bad Times-ELLIS, BEGGS & HOWARD (1988)
Bridge Over Troubled Water-SIMON & GARFUNKEL (when times get rough / your time has come to shine)
Let It Be-BEATLES (when I find myself in times of trouble)
Let’s Stay Together-TINA TURNER (times are good bad happy or sad)
Purple Rain-PRINCE (1984 / I know times they are changing)
Ready For Love-BAD COMPANY (times were hard but now they’re changing)
Things Have Changed-BOB DYLAN (times are strange)

...and especially the Good Times

Forget Me Nots-PATRICE RUSHEN (1982)
Good Times-CHIC (1979)
Good Times-MATT BIANCO (1988)
Let The Good Times Roll-SHIRLEY & LEE (1956)

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