Friday, April 25, 2008


Songs about magic in general

I Put A Spell On You” (Songs about spells)

Black Magic Woman-FLEETWOOD MAC (1968), SANTANA (1969, got your spell on me baby)
(1983 / you have put a spell on me that just can’t be broken)
Casting A Spell-ROBERT PALMER (1988)
Damn Your Eyes-ETTA JAMES (1988 / under your spell)
Female Of The Species-SPACE (1995 / cast a spell on me)
Fooling-DEF LEPPARD (1983 / break the spell)
Forever-JIMMY RUFFIN (1980 / can you escape from the spell I’m under)
Free Me-URIAH HEEP (1977 / from your spell)
Go Rosa-SANDY ROGERS (1986 / they’re [the eyes] casting a spell on him)
Half Of Everything-LLOYD COLE (1991 / I put a spell on you)
Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel-TAVARES (1976 / I’m captured by your spell)
I Put A Spell On You-SCREAMIN JAY HAWKINS (1956)
I’m Every Woman-CHAKA KHAN (1978 / I can cast a spell), WHITNEY HOUSTON (1992)
I'll Wait-VAN HALEN (1983 / I'm under your spell)
In The Closet-MICHAEL JACKSON (1991 / cast the spell)
Mercy-DUFFY (2008 / I'm under your spell)
Midnight Summer Dream-STRANGLERS (1982 / has me in it’s spell)
Purple Haze-JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE (1967 / put a spell on me)
Sexy Eyes-DR HOOK (1979 / your magic cast a spell)
She’s Mine-STEVE PERRY (1984 / under your spell)
Since You Been Gone-RAINBOW (1979 / you cast the spell so break it)
Spice Of Life-MANHATTAN TRANSFER (1983 / cast a spell over you)
Stone Cold-RAINBOW (1982 / can’t break away from your spell)
The Thrill Is Gone-B.B. KING (1970 / I’m free from your spell)
Too Lost In You-SUGABABES (2003 / I can’t break the spell)
You Can Do Magic-AMERICA (1982 / when you cast your spell)
You Make Me Feel Like Dancing-LEO SAYER (1976 / You put a spell on me)
Unchain My Heart-RAY CHARLES (1961), JOE COCKER (1987 / I’m under your spell)
Witch Queen Of New Orleans-REDBONE (1972 / she put a spell on you)
Witchy Woman-EAGLES (1972 / she held me spellbound in the night)

It’s magic” (About magic in general)

A Different Corner-GEORGE MICHAEL (1986 / I’d say love was a magical thing)
A Kind Of Magic-QUEEN (1986)
Abracadabra-STEVE MILLER BAND (1982 / I feel the magic in your caress, I feel magic when I touch your dress)
All I Wanna Do-HEART (1990 / we made magic that night)
Always Gonna Love You-GARY MOORE (1982 / the magic’s not there)
Caught Up In The Rapture-ANITA BAKER (1987 / when I feel the magic of you)
Could It Be Magic-BARRY MANILOW (1978)
Dear Jessie-MADONNA (1989 / make a special wish that will always last rub this magic lantern he will make your dreams come true for you)
Don’t Answer Me-ALAN PARSONS PROJECT (1984 / if you believe in the power of magic)
The Flame-ARCADIA (1985 / to raise some magic wind in my world)
Hello Detroit-SAMMY DAVIS Jr. (1984 / the magical touch of you)
Hungry Eyes-ERIC CARMEN (1987 / I feel the magic between you & I)
I Can See For Miles-WHO (1966 / magic in my eyes)
I Was Made For Loving You-KISS (1979 / feel the magic)
Lay Your Hands On Me-THOMPSON TWINS (1984 / feel the magic in your touch)
Love Potion #9-THE CLOVERS (1959 / She (Madam Ruth) looked at my palm and she made a magic sign)
Magic-THE CARS (1984)
Magic-PILOT (1974)
Moondance-VAN MORRISON (1970 / you know the night’s magic)
Now That The Magic Has Gone-JOE COCKER (1991)
Rock’n’Roll Dreams Come Through-JIM STEINMAN (1981 / there’s always something magic)
Rooms On Fire-STEVIE NICKS (1989 / there’s magic all around you)
Sex [I’m A ...]-BERLIN (1982 / Let’s get lost in that magic place)
She Makes My Day-ROBERT PALMER (1988 / tell me what else is magic for)
Soulmagic-SOULMAGIC (2003)
Sweet Freedom-MICHAEL MACDONALD (1986 / you are the magic baby)
The Boy In The Bubble-PAUL SIMON (1986 / medicine is magical and magical is art)
Undercover Angel-ALAN O'DAY (1977 / magic is your dream)
Wonderful Life-BLACK (1987 / there's magic everywhere)
You Take My Breath Away-REX SMITH (1979 / magic of the sunrise)

Various "magic related" songs

Africa-ROSE LAURENS (1982 / voodoo)
Dark Lady-CHER (1973)
I Scare Myself-THOMAS DOLBY (1984 / it's some kind of voodoo)
Somewhere Down The Crazy River-ROBBIE ROBERTSON (1988 / I think I'm gonna go down to Madam X and let her read my mind, She said "That Voodoo stuff don't do nothing for me)
Sorcerer-MARILYN MARTIN (1984 / OST Streets Of Fire)
Witch Doctor-DAVID SEVILLE (1958)

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