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My Radio Boo broadcast (Wednesday 3 May 2017)

This is my Radio Boo broadcast, with songs released in 1989.

Here you will also find 1989 related song data, also mentioned on this broadcast.

The playlist:

22:00:29 Malcolm McLaren & The Bootzilla Orchestra - I Like You In Velvet (LP Waltz Darling1989)

22:05:44 Viktor Lazlo - In The Midnight Sky (LP Hot & Soul1989)

22:10:19 Bruce Willis - Love Makes The World Go Round (LP If It Don't Kill You, It Just Makes You Stronger1989)

22:13:15 Momus The Hairstyle Of The Devil (LP Don't Stop The Night1989)

22:17:43 Tears For Fears - Advice For The Young At Heart (LP The Seeds Of Love1989)

22:22:52 Danny Wilson - Never Gonna Be The Same (LP Bepop Moptop1989)

22:26:22 Simple Minds - Mandela Day (LP Street Fighting Years1989)

22:32:02 John Lee Hooker feat. Carlos Santana - The Healer (LP The Healer1989)

22:36:52 Richard Marx - Angelia (LP Repeat Offender1989)

22:41:09 Phil Collins - Do You Remember? (LP...But Seriously1989)

22:45:36 Living In A Box - Room In Your Heart (LP Gatecrashing1989)

22:50:19 Swing Out Sister - Forever Blue (LP Kaleidoscope World1989)

22:54:39 Simply Red - You've Got It (LP A New Flame1989)

22:58:37 After 7 - Ready Or Not (LP After 71989)

23:03:38 Aswad - On & On (single1989)

23:07:54 UB40 - Kingston Town (LP Labour Of Love II1989)

23:12:09 Linda Ronstadt & Aaron Neville - All My Life (LP Cry Like A Rainstorm - Howl Like The Wind1989)

23:16:42 The Christians - Words (single1989)

23:24:03 Roy Orbison - She's A Mystery To Me (LP Mystery Girl1989)

23:28:33 Bob Dylan - Most Of The Time (LP Oh Mercy1989)

23:35:16 Van Morrison - Have I Told You Lately (LP Avalon Sunset1989)

23:41:33 The Blue Nile - The Downtown Lights (LP Hats1989)

23:48:44 The The feat. Sinead O'Connor - Kingdom Of Rain (LP Mind Bomb1989)

23:56:37 Rene Froger - How Do I Stop Loving You (LP You're My Everything1989)

The 20+1 most popular songs of 1989 in Hellas

All Around The World - LISA STANSFIELD (LP Affection, 1989)

Another Day In Paradise - PHIL COLLINS (LP...But Seriously1989)

Back To Life (However Do You Want Me) - SOUL II SOUL (single, 1989)

Black Velvet - ALANNAH MYLES (LP Alannah Myles, 1989)

I Don't Want A Lover - TEXAS (LP Southside1989)

I Drove All Night - CYNDI LAUPER (LP A Night To Remember, 1989)

La Luna - BELINDA CARLISLE (LP Runaway Horses, 1989)

Lambada - KAOMA (LP Worldbeat, 1989)

Like A Prayer - MADONNA (LP Like A Prayer, 1989)

Lovesong - THE CURE (LP Disintegration, 1989)

Personal Jesus - DEPECHE MODE (single, 1989 / LP Violator, 1990)

Poison - ALICE COOPER (LP Trash, 1989)

Right Here Waiting - RICHARD MARX (LP Repeat Offender1989)

She Drives Me Crazy - FINE YOUNG CANNIBALS (LP The Raw & The Cooked, 1989)

She Gives Me Love - THE GODFATHERS (LP More Songs About Love & Hate, 1989)

Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart - MARC ALMOND & GENE PITNEY (single, 1989)

The Best - TINA TURNER (LP Foreign Affair, 1989)

The Road To Hell - CHRIS REA (LP The Road To Hell, 1989)

Wicked Game - CHRIS ISAAK (LP Heart Shaped World, 1989 / OST Wild At Heart, 1990)

Yellow Moon - THE NEVILLE BROTHERS (LP Yellow Moon, 1989)

You Got It - ROY ORBISON (LP Mystery Girl1989)

Great rock songs released in 1989, not included in the broadcast 
(in alphabetical order, per song):

Big Area - THEN JERICO (LP The Big Area, 1989)


December - ALL ABOUT EVE (LP Scarlet & Other Stories, 1989)

Dirty Blvd. - LOU REED (LP New York, 1989)

Everyday Now - TEXAS (LP Southside1989)

500 Miles - HOOTERS (LP Zig Zag, 1989)

I Go To Extremes - BILLY JOEL (LP Storm Front1989)

If I Could Turn Back Time - CHER (LP Heart Of Stone, 1989)

Janie's Got A Gun - AEROSMITH (LP Pump, 1989)

Leave A Light On - BELINDA CARLISLE (LP Runaway Horses1989)

Love Is - ALANNAH MYLES (LP Alannah Myles1989)

Mr. Cab Driver - LENNY KRAVITZ (LP Let Love Rule, 1989)

Pretending - ERIC CLAPTON (LP Journeyman, 1989)

Rock & A Hard Place - ROLLING STONES (LP Steel Wheels, 1989)

Rockin' In The Free World - NEIL YOUNG (LP Freedom, 1989)

Runnin' Down A Dream - TOM PETTY (LP Full Moon Fever, 1989)

Save Up All Your Tears - ROBIN BECK (LP Trouble Or Nothin', 1989)

We Didn't Start The Fire - BILLY JOEL (LP Storm Front, 1989)

Great rock ballads released in 1989, not included in the broadcast 
(in alphabetical order, per song):

Almost Hear You Sigh - THE ROLLING STONES (LP Steel Wheels, 1989)

Heaven -WARRANT (single, Dec 1988)

Hell Is Living Without You - ALICE COOPER (LP Trash1989)

I'm In The Mood - JOHN LEE HOOKER feat. BONNIE RAITT (LP The Healer, 1989)

I Remember You - SKID ROW (LP Skid Row1989)

I'll See You In My Dreams - GIANT (LP Last Of The Runaways, 1989)

I Wish It Would Rain Down - PHIL COLLINS feat. ERIC CLAPTON (LP...But Seriously, 1989)

Tears In The Rain - ROBIN BECK (LP Trouble Or Nothin'1989)

When I See You Smile - BAD ENGLISH (LP Bad English, 1989)

When The Night Comes - JOE COCKER (LP One Night Of Sin, 1989)

Who Loves You - ALANNAH MYLES (LP Alannah Myles1989)

Great pop / rock songs released in 1989, not included in the broadcast (in alphabetical order, per song):

Cherish - MADONNA (LP Like A Prayer1989)

Club At The End Of The Street - ELTON JOHN (LP Sleeping With The Past1989)

Summer Rain - BELINDA CARLSISLE (LP Runaway Horses1989)

Trouble Me - 10.000 MANIACS (LP Blind Man's Zoo, 1989)

Words Apart - COCK ROBIN (LP First Love, Last Rites, 1989)

Great alternative pop / rock songs released in 1989, not included in the broadcast (in alphabetical order, per song):

Closer To Fine - INDIGO GIRLS (LP Indigo Girls, 1989)

Don't Let Me Down, Gently - THE WONDER STUFF (LP Hup, 1989)

Baby, I Don't Care - TRANSVISION VAMP (LP Velveteen, 1989)

Fool's Gold - THE STONE ROSES (single, 1989)

Goodbye Little Boy - THE TRIFFIDS (LP The Black Swan, 1989)

I Wanna Be Adored - THE STONE ROSES (LP The Stone Roses, 1989)

Lullaby - THE CURE (LP Disintegration1989)

Nothing Ever Happens - DEL AMITRI (LP Waking Hours1989)

Regina - THE SUGARCUBES (LP Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week, 1989)

So Alive - LOVE & ROCKETS (LP Love & Rockets, 1989)

The Last Of The Famous International Playboys - MORRISSEY (single, 1989)

Veronica - ELVIS COSTELLO (LP Spike, 1989)

When Justice Came - THE BLACK VELVET BAND (LP When Justice Came, 1989)

Why Is It A Crime? - SLIDE (LP Down So Long, 1989)

Zobi La Mouche - LES NEGRESSES VERTES (LP Mlah, 1989)

Great hard & heavy songs released in 1989, not included in the broadcast (in alphabetical order, per song):

After The War - GARY MOORE (LP After The War, 1989)

Bed Of Nails - ALICE COOPER (LP Trash1989)

Edie (Ciao Baby) - THE CULT (LP Sonic Temple, 1989)

18 & Live - SKID ROW (LP Skid Row1989)

Higher Ground - RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS (LP Mother's Milk, 1989)

I Want It All - QUEEN (LP The Miracle, 1989)

Love In An Elevator - AEROSMITH (LP Pump1989)

Once Bitten, Twice Shy - GREAT WHITE (LP Twice Shy, 1989)

Youth Gone Wild - SKID ROW (LP Skid Row1989)

Great pop ballads released in 1989, not included in the broadcast 
(in alphabetical order, per song):

Don't Know Much - LINDA RONSTADT feat. AARON NEVILLE (LP Cry Like A Rainstorm - Howl Like The Wind, 1989)

How Am I Supposed To Live Without You - MICHAEL BOLTON (LP Soul Provider, 1989)

If Tomorrow Never Comes - GARTH BROOKS (LP Garth Brooks1989)

Sacrifice - ELTON JOHN (LP Sleeping With The Past, 1989)

Great British pop songs released in 1989, not included in the broadcast (in alphabetical order, per song):

A New Flame - SIMPLY RED (LP A New Flame1989)

Could Have Told You So - HALO JAMES (single, 1989)

Don't Ask Me Why - EURYTHMICS (LP We Too Are One1989)

Getting Away With It - ELECTRONIC (single, 1989)

Good Thing - FINE YOUNG CANNIBALS (LP The Raw & The Cooked1989)

If You Don't Know Me By Now - SIMPLY RED (LP A New Flame1989)

It's Only Love - SIMPLY RED (LP A New Flame1989)

Name & Number - CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT (LP Getahead, 1989)

Pure - THE LIGHTNING SEEDS (single, 1989)

Real Gone Kid - DEACON BLUE (LP When The World Knows Your Name, 1989)

Revival - EURYTHMICS (LP We Too Are One1989)

Round & Round - NEW ORDER (LP Techinque, 1989)

Song For Whoever - THE BEAUTIFUL SOUTH (LP Welcome To The Beautiful South, 1989)

Sowing The Seeds Of Love - TEARS FOR FEARS (LP The Seeds Of Love1989)

Sweet Surrender - WET WET WET (LP Holding Back The River, 1989)

The Sensual World - KATE BUSH (LP The Sensual World, 1989)

This Woman's Work (LP The Sensual World1989)

Too Much - BROS (LP The Time, 1989)

Where In The World - SWING OUT SISTER (LP Kaleidoscope World1989)

Woman In Chains - TEARS FOR FEARS feat. OLETA ADAMS (LP The Seeds Of Love1989)

You On My Mind - SWING OUT SISTER (LP Kaleidoscope World1989)

Great Euro pop songs released in 1989, not included in the broadcast (in alphabetical order, per song):

Bakerman - LAID BACK (single, 1989 / LP Hole In The Sky, 1990)

It's The First Time - LOIS LANE (EP Lois Lane, 1989)

Love Is A Shield - CAMOUFLAGE (LP Methods Of Silence, 1989)

Great dance pop songs  released in 1989, not included in the broadcast (in alphabetical order, per song):

Bring Me Edelweiss - EDELWEISS (single, Dec 1988)

Dancando Lambada - KAOMA (LP Worldbeat1989)

Express Yourself - MADONNA (LP Like A Prayer1989)

French Kiss - LIL LOUIS (single, 1989)

I'd Rather Jack - THE REYNOLDS GIRLS (single, 1989)

Pump Up The Jam - TECHNOTRONIC feat. YA KID K (single, 1989)

Ride On Time - BLACK BOX (single, 1989)

Something's Jumping In Your Shirt - MALCOLM McLAREN & THE BOOTZILLA ORCHESTRA feat. LISA MARIE (LP Waltz Darling1989)

This Time I Know It's For Real - DONNA SUMMER (single, 1989)

Two To Make It Right - SEDUCTION (LP Nothing Matters Without Love, 1989)


With Every Beat Of My Heart - TAYLOR DAYNE (LP Can't Fight Fate, 1989)

You'll Never Stop Me Loving You - SONIA (single, 1989)

Great hip hop / rap songs released in 1989, not included in the broadcast (in alphabetical order, per song):

Bust A Move - YOUNG MC (single, 1989)

Easy - ICE MC (single, 1989)

Epic - FAITH NO MORE (LP The Real Thing, 1989)

Eye Know - DE LA SOUL (LP 3 Feet High & Rising, 1989)

Fight The Power - PUBLIC ENEMY (OST Do The Right Thing, 1989)

Funky Cold Medina - TONE LOC Löc-ed After Dark1989)

Got To Get - ROB 'N' RAZ feat. LEILA K. (single, 1989)

Me, Myself & I - DE LA SOUL (LP 3 Feet High & Rising1989)

Me So Horny - THE 2 LIVE CREW (single, 1989)

Say No Go - DE LA SOUL (LP 3 Feet High & Rising1989)

Wild Thing - TONE LOC (LP Löc-ed After Dark, 1989)

Great soul / r'n'b songs released in 1989, not included in the broadcast (in alphabetical order, per song):

Are You My Baby - WENDY & LISA (LP Fruit At The Bottom, 1989)

I Thank You - ADEVA (LP Adeva, 1989)

If Only I Could - SYDNEY YOUNGBLOOD (LP Feeling Free, 1989)

In My Eyes - STEVIE B. (single, 1989)

Miss You Much - JANET JACKSON (LP Rhythm Nation 1814, 1989)

Steamy Windows - TINA TURNER (LP Foreign Affair1989)

Great soul / r'n'b ballads released in 1989, not included in the broadcast (in alphabetical order, per song):

Baby Come To Me - REGINA BELLE (LP Stay With Me, 1989)

Everything - JODY WATLEY (LP Larger Than Life, 1989)

I Don't Wanna Lose You - TINA TURNER (LP Foreign Affair, 1989)

Knockin' On Heaven's Door - RANDY CRAWFORD (LP Rich & Poor, 1989)

Miss You Like Crazy - NATALIE COLE (LP Good To Be Back, 1989)

Show & Tell - PEABO BRYSON (LP All My Love, 1989)

Great reggae / ska songs released in 1989, not included in the broadcast (in alphabetical order, per song):

Homely Girl - UB40 (LP Labour Of Love II, 1989)

Look Who's Dancing - ZIGGY MARLEY & THE MELODY MAKERS (LP One Bright Day, 1989)

Great soundtrack songs released in 1989, not included in the broadcast (in alphabetical order, per song):

After All - CHER & PETER CETERA (OST Chances Are, 1989)

Batdance - PRINCE (OST Batman, 1989)

License To Kill - GLADYS KNIGHT (OST License To Kill, 1989)

Lily Was Here - DAVID A. STEWART feat. CANDY DULFER (OST De Kassiere, 1989)

Livin' On The Edge Of The Night - IGGY POP (OST Black Rain1989)

Nothing Has Been Proved - DUSTY SPRINGFIELD (OST Scandal1989)

Pet Sematary - RAMONES (OST Pet Sematary, 1989)

Room To Move - ANIMOTION (single, Dec 1988 / OST My Stepmother Is An Alien, 1988)

Thessaloniki's pop & rock radio classics released in 1989not included in the broadcast (in alphabetical order, per song):

I'm In Love With You - ATLANTIC STARR (LP We're Moving On Up, 1989)

Lay Awake At Night - JAMES J.T. TAYLOR (LP Master Of The Game, 1989)

No Money At All - BRENDAN CROCKER & THE O'CLOCK SHADOWS (LP Brendan Crocker & The 5 O'Clock Shadows, 1989)

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