Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Songs released in 1986 (pop, rock, dance, hard & heavy, soul & hip hop)

My ''24 hour'' broadcast, with songs released in 1986
(All songs released between mid December 1985 and mid December 1986)...

Listen to the broadcast here:


This is todays playlist:

16 BIT - Where Are You (single, 1986)

ABBOTT, GREGORY - Shake You Down (LP Shake You Down, 1986)

AC/DC - Who Made Who (OST Maximum Overdrive, 1986)
The film was directed by Stephen King and based on his short story "Trucks".

a-ha - Cry Wolf (LP Scoundrel Days, 1986)

a-ha - I'Ve Been Losing You (LP Scoundrel Days, 1986)

a-ha - Manhattan Skyline (LP Scoundrel Days, 1986)

ALLEN, DONNA - Serious (LP Perfect Timing, 1986)

AMAZULUToo Good To Be Forgotten (LP Amazulu1986)
Cover version of ''Too Good To Be Forgotten'' by The Chi-Lites (1974)

ANDERSON, LAURIE - Language Is A Virus (LP Home Of The Brave, 1986)

ART OF NOISE, THE feat. DUANE EDDY - Peter Gunn (LP In Visible Silence, 1986)

ART OF NOISE, THE - Paranoimia (LP In Visible Silence, 1986)

ALPHAVILLE - Dance With Me (LP Afternoons In Utopia, 1986)

BAD BOYS BLUE  - I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (Sunday Girl) (LP Heart Beat, 1986)

BAD BOYS BLUE  - Kisses & Tears (My One & Only) (LP Heart Beat, 1986)

BAILEY, PHILIP - Back It Up (LP Inside Out1986)

BAKER, ANITA - Caught Up In The Rapture (LP Rapture, 1986)

BAKER, ANITA - No One In The World (LP Rapture, 1986)

BAKER, ANITA - Sweet Love (LP Rapture1986)

BANANARAMA - Venus (LP True Confessions, 1986)
Cover version of ''Venus'' by Dutch band Shocking Blue (1969)

BANGLES - Manic Monday (LP Different Light1986)
The song was written by Prince under the pseudony Christopher.

BANGLES - Walk Like An Egyptian (LP Different Light1986)

BEASTIE BOYS - (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!) (LP Licensed To Ill1986)

BENSON, GEORGE - Kisses In The Moonlight (LP While The City Sleeps... 1986)

BENSON, GEORGE - Shiver (LP While The City Sleeps... 1986)

BERLIN - Like Flames (LP Count Three & Pray1986)

BERLIN - Take My Breath Away (OST Top Gun, 1986)

BIG COUNTRY - Look Away (LP The Seer, 1986)

BLOW MONKEYS, THE - Diggin' Your Scene (LP Animal Magic, 1986)

BON JOVI - Livin’ On A Prayer (LP Slippery When Wet1986)

BON JOVI - Never Say Goodbye (LP Slippery When Wet1986)

BON JOVI - Wanted Dead Or Alive (LP Slippery When Wet, 1986)

BON JOVI - You Give Love A Bad Name (LP Slippery When Wet1986)

BONFIRE - You Make Me Feel (LP Don't Touch The Light1986)

BOSTON - Amanda (LP Third Stage, 1986)

BOWIE. DAVID - Absolute Beginners (OST Absolute Beginners, 1986)

BRIGHTMAN, SARAH & STEVE HARLEY - The Phantom Of The Opera (single, 1986)

BRUCE & BONGO - Geil (single, 1986 / LP The Geil Album, 1986)

BUSH, KATE - Experiment IV (single, 1986)

C. C. CATCH - 'Cause You Are Young (LP Catch The Catch, 1986)

C. C. CATCH - Strangers By Night (LP Catch The Catch1986)

CAMEO - Word Up! (LP Word Up! 1986)

CARLISLE, BELINDA - Mad About You (LP Belinda, 1986)

CENTURY - Jane (LP ...And Soul It Goes1986)

CETERA, PETER - Glory Of Love (OST Karate Kid II, 1986)

CETERA, PETER feat. AMY GRANT - The Next Time I Fall (LP Solitude Solitaire, 1986)

CHICAGO - Will You Still Love Me (LP 18, 1986)

CINDERELLA - Nobody's Fool (LP Night Songs1986)

CINDERELLA - Somebody Save Me (LP Night Songs1986)

CLANNAD feat. BONO - In A Lifetime (single, 1986)

CLAPTON, ERIC - It's In The Way That You Use It (LP August, 1986 / OST Color Of Money, 1986)

CLUB NOUVEAU - Lean On Me (LP Life, Love & Pain, 1986)
Cover version of ''Lean On Me'' by Bill Withers (1972)

COCKER, JOE - Don’t You Love Me Anymore (LP Cocker, 1986)

COCKER, JOE - Shelter Me (LP Cocker, 1986)

COCKER, JOE - You Can Leave Your Hat On (LP Cocker, 1986 / OST 9 1/2 Weeks, 1986)
Cover version of "You Can Leave Your Hat on" by Randy Newman (1972)

COMMUNARDS, THE feat. SARAH JANE MORRIS - Lover Man (LP Communards, 1986)

COMMUNARDS, THE feat. SARAH JANE MORRIS - Don't Leave Me This Way (LP Communards, 1986)
Cover version of ''Don't Leave Me This Way'' by Harold Melvin & The BLue Notes (1975)

COMMUNARDS, THE - So Cold The Night (LP Communards, 1986)

COOPER, ALICE - He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask) (OST Friday The 13th IV: Jason Lives, 1986)

COPE, JULIAN - World Shut Your Mouth (single, 1986 / LP Saint Julian, 1987)

COSTELLO, ELVIS & THE ATTRACTIONS - I Want You (LP Blood & Chocolate, 1986)

CRAMPS, THE - Can Your Pussy Do The Dog (LP A Date With Elvis, 1986)

CRAWFORD, RANDYAlmaz (LP Abstract Emotions1986)

CREEPS, THE - She's Gone (LP Enjoy The Creeps, 1986)

CROWDED HOUSE - Don't Dream It's Over (LP Crowded House, 1986)

CROWDED HOUSE - Something So Strong (LP Crowded House, 1986)

CULTURE CLUB - Move Away (LP From Luxury To Heartache, 1986)

CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT - Down To Earth (single, 1986 / LP Keep Your Distance, 1987)

CURIOSITY KILLED THE CAT - Misfit (single, 1986 / LP Keep Your Distance, 1987)

CUTTING CREW - Any Colour (LP Broadcast, 1986)

CUTTING CREW - (I Just) Died In Your Arms Tonight (LP Broadcast, 1986)

CUTTING CREW - I’ve Been In Love Before (LP Broadcast, 1986)

CUTTING CREW - One For The Mockingbird (LP Broadcast, 1986)

DALLA, LUCIO - Caruso (single, 1986)

DAMNED THE - Eloise (LP Anything, 1986)

DE BURGH, CHRIS - Last Night (LP Into The Light1986)

DE BURGH, CHRIS - The Lady In Red (LP Into The Light, 1986)

DEPECHE MODE - A Question Of Lust (LP Black Celebration, 1986)

DEPECHE MODE - A Question Of Time (LP Black Celebration, 1986)

DEPECHE MODE - Stripped (LP Black Celebration, 1986)

DOCTOR & THE MEDICS - Spirit In The Sky (LP Laughing At The Pieces, 1986)

DURAN DURAN - Notorious (LP Notorious, 1986)

DURAN DURAN - Skin Trade (LP Notorious1986)

HALL, DARYL -  Dreamtime (LP Three Hearts In The Happy Ending Machine1986)

ERASURE - Oh L'amour (LP Wonderland1986)

ERASURE - Sometimes (single, 1986 / LP The Circus, 1987)

EUROPE - Carrie (LP The Final Countdown, 1986)

EUROPE - Rock The Night (LP The Final Countdown, 1986)

EUROPE - The Final Countdown (LP The Final Countdown, 1986)

EURYTHMICS - Let's Go! (LP Revenge, 1986)

EURYTHMICS - Miracle Of Love (LP Revenge, 1986)

EURYTHMICS - Missionary Man (LP Revenge, 1986)

EURYTHMICS - Thorn In My Side (LP Revenge, 1986)

EURYTHMICS - When Tomorrow Comes (LP Revenge, 1986)

EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL - Don't Leave Me Behind (LP Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, 1986)

EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL - Come On Home (LP Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, 1986)

EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL - Cross my Heart (LP Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, 1986)

EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL - Sugar Finney (LP Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, 1986)

FABULOUS THUNDERBIRDS, THE - Tuff Enuff (LP Tuff Enuff, 1986)

FAIR CONTROL - Symphony Of Love (single, 1986)

FARNHAM, JOHN - You're The Voice (LP Whispering Jack, 1986)

FEARON, PHIL - I Can Prove It (single, 1986)

FELT - Rain Of Crystal Spires (LP Forever Breathes The Lonely Word, 1986)

FINE YOUNG CANNIBALS - Ever Fallen I Love (single, 1986 / OST Something Wild, 1986)
Cover version of ''Ever Fallen In Love....'' by The Buzzcocks (single, 1978)

FOX, SAMANTHA - Touch Me (I Want Your Body) (LP Touch Me, 1986)

FRA LIPPO LIPPI - Shouldn't Have To Be Like That (single, 1986)
Norwegian band named after famous Italian rennaisance painter Fra Filippo Lippi.

FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD - Rage Hard (LP Liverpool, 1986)

FRANKLIN, ARETHAJimmy Lee (LP Aretha1986)

FRANKLIN, ARETHAJumpin' Jack Flash (LP Aretha, 1986)

FRANKLIN, ARETTHA & GEORGE MICHAELI Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) (LP Aretha, 1986)

FUN FUN - Baila Bolero (single, 1986)

GABRIEL, PETER - Big Time (LP So, 1986)

GABRIEL, PETER feat. KATE BUSH - Don’t Give Up (LP So, 1986)

GABRIEL, PETER - In Your Eyes (LP So, 1986)

GABRIEL, PETER - Red Rain (LP So, 1986)

GABRIEL, PETER - Sledgehammer (LP So, 1986)

GARDINER, BORIS - I Wanna To Wake Up With You (single, 1986 / LP Everything To Me, 1986)
Cover version of ''I Wanta Wake Up With You'' by Mac Davis (LP It's Hard To Be Humble, 1980)

GENESIS - In Too Deep (LP Invisible Touch, 1986)

GENESIS - Invisible Touch (LP Invisible Touch, 1986)

GENESIS - Land Of Confusion (LP Invisible Touch, 1986)

GENESIS - Tonight Tonight Tonight (LP Invisible Touch, 1986)

GEORGIA SATELLITES - Keep Your Hands To Yourself (LP Georgia Satellites, 1986)

GEORGIA SATELLITES - Battleship Chains (LP Georgia Satellites, 1986)

GLASS TIGER - Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone) (LP Thin Red Line, 1986)

GRAHAM, JAKIBreaking Away (LP Breaking Away1986)

GUADALCANAL DIARY - Fear Of God (LP Jamboree, 1986)

GUTHRIE, GWENAin't Nothing Goin' On But The Rent (LP Good To Go Lover1986)

HALL, DARYL - Dreamtime (LP Three Hearts In The Happy Ending Machine, 1986)

HARNEN, JIMMY with SYNCH - Where Are You Now (single, 1986 & 1989)

HARRY, DEBBIE - French Kissin’ In The U.S.A. (LP Rockbird, 1986)

HARTMAN, DAN - Waiting To See You (OST Ruthless People, 1986)

HEADON, TOPPER feat. JIMMY HELMS - I’ll Give You Everything (LP Waking Up, 1986)

HEAR ‘N’ AID - Stars (single, 1986)

HEAVEN 17 - Trouble (single, 1987 / LP Pleasure One, 1986)

HIPSWAY - Ask The Lord (LP Hipsway, 1986)

HIPSWAY - Broken Years (LP Hipsway, 1986)

HIPSWAY - Forbidden (LP Hipsway, 1986)

HIPSWAY - Long White Car (LP Hipsway, 1986)

HIPSWAY - The Honeythief (LP Hipsway, 1986)

BRUCE HORNSBY & THE RANGEThe Mandolin Rain (LP The Way It Is, 1986)

BRUCE HORNSBY & THE RANGEThe Way It Is (LP The Way It Is, 1986)

HOUSEMARTINS, THE - Caravan Of Love (single, 1986)
Cover version of ''Caravan Of Love'' by Isley Jasper Isley (1985)

HOUSEMARTINS, THE - Happy Hour (LP London 0 Hull 41986)

HOUSEMARTINS, THE - Think For A Minute (LP London 0 Hull 4, 1986)

HUMAN LEAGUE - Human (LP Crash, 1986)

HUMAN LEAGUE - Love Is All That Matters (LP Crash, 1986)

HUNTINGTON, EDDY - U.S.S.R. (single, 1986)

HURLEY, STEVE "SILK" - Jack Your Body (single, 1986 / LP Hold On To Your Dream, 1987)

ICICLE WORKS, THE - Who Do You Want For Your Love (single1986 / LP If You Want... Song1987)

IDOL, BILLY - Sweet Sixteen (LP Whiplash Smile, 1986)

IDOL, BILLY - To Be A Lover (LP Whiplash Smile, 1986)

INGRAM, JAMES & LINDA RONSTADT - Somewhere Out There (OST An American Tail, 1986)

IRON MAIDEN - Alexander The Great (LP Somewhere In Time1986)

IRON MAIDEN - Wasted Years (LP Somewhere In Time, 1986)

IT BITES - Calling All The Heroes (LP The Big Lad In The Windmill1986)

IT'S IMMATERIAL - Driving Away From Home (Jim's Tune) (LP Life's Hard & Then You Die1986)

JACKSON, JANET - Control (LP Control, 1986)

JACKSON, JANET - Let's Wait A While (LP Control, 1986)

JACKSON, JANET - Nasty (LP Control, 1986)

JACKSON, JANET - What Have You Done For Me Lately (LP Control, 1986)

JACKSON, JANET - When I Think Of You (LP Control, 1986)

JAGGER, MICK - Ruthless People (OST Ruthless People, 1986)

JARRE, JEAN-MICHEL - First Rendez-Vous (LP Rendez-Vous, 1986)

JARRE, JEAN-MICHELFourth Rendez-Vous (LP Rendez-Vous1986)

JESUS & MARY CHAIN, THE - Psychocandy (EP Some Candy Talking1986)

JIMMY JIMMY - Love (LP Here In The Light1986)

JIMMY JIMMY - Silence (LP Here In The Light1986)

JOEL, BILLY - A Matter Of Trust (LP The Bridge, 1986)

JOEL, BILLY - Modern Woman (LP The Bridge, 1986)

JOHNNYS, THE - Bleeding Heart (LP Highlights Of A Dangerous Life1986)

JOHNSON, DON - Heartbeat (LP Heartbeat, 1986)
Cover version of "Heartbeat" by Helen Reddy (1983)

JOLING, GERARD feat. RANDY CRAWFORD - Everybody Needs A Little Rain (LP Sea Of Love, 1986)

JOLING, GERARD - Spanish Heart (LP Sea Of Love, 1986)

JONES, GRACE - I'm Not Perfect (But I'm Perfect For You) (LP Inside Story, 1986)

JONES, GRACE - Victor Should Have Been A Jazz Musician (LP Inside Story, 1986)

JONES, ORAN "JUICE" - The Rain (LP Juice, 1986)

JONES, STEVE - Mercy (OST Miami Vice II, 1986)

KAMEN, NICK - Each Time You Brake My Heart - NICK KAMEN (single, 1986 / LP Nick Kamen, 1987)
The song was written & produced by Madonna.

KILLING JOKE - Goodbye To The Village (LP Brighter Than A Thousand Suns, 1986)
In most countries released as a b-side on single ''Sanity'' (1986)

KIM, SANDRA - J' Aime La Vie (ESC Winner, 1986)

GLADYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS - Send It To Me (OST Miami Vice II, 1986)

LABAN - Love In Siberia (single, 1986)
Danish duo in their English version of their 1985 local hit "Kom Son Is".

LaBELLE, PATTI & MICHAEL McDONALD - On My Own (LP Winner In You, 1986)

LAUPER, CYNDI - True Colors (LP True Colours, 1986)

LEKAKIS, PAUL - Boom Boom (Let's Go Back To My Room) (single, 1986)

LEWIS, HUEY & THE NEWS - Hip To Be Square (LP Fore! 1986)

LEWIS, HUEY & THE NEWS - Jacob’s Ladder (LP Fore! 1986)

LEWIS, HUEY & THE NEWS - Stuck With You (LP Fore! 1986)

LIGHTFOOT, GORDON - Anything For Love (LP East Of Midnight, 1986)

LIGHTFOOT, GORDON - Stay Loose (LP East Of Midnight, 1986)

LOGGINS, KENNY - Danger Zone (OST Top Gun, 1986)

LORING, GLORIA - Don't Let Me Change The Way You Are (LP Gloria Loring1986)

LORING, GLORIA feat. CARL ANDERSON - Friends & Lovers (LP Gloria Loring1986)

LOVE & MONEY - Dear John (LP All You Need Is... 1986)

LOVE & MONEY - River Of People (LP All You Need Is... 1986)

LOVER SPEAKS, THE - No More ''I Love You's'' (LP The Lover Speaks, 1986)
The song was covered by Annie Lennox on her album ''Medusa'' (1995)

LYNTON, DONNA - If I Never Sing Another Song (LP Donna Lynton1986)
Cover version of "Illusionen" by German singer Alexandra (1968).

MADONNA - La Isla Bonita (LP True Blue, 1986)

MADONNA - Live To Tell (OST At Close Range / LP True Blue, 1986)

MADONNA - Open Your Heart (LP True Blue, 1986)

MADONNA - Papa Don't Preach (LP True Blue, 1986)

MADONNA - True Blue (LP True Blue, 1986)

MAGNUM - Need A Lot Of Love (LP Vigilante1986)

MALMSTEEN, YNGWIEYou Don’t Remember (LP Trilogy1986)

MATIA BAZAR - Ti Sento (single, 1986)

MATT BIANCO - Dancing In The Street (LP Matt Bianco1986)

MATT BIANCO - I Just Can't Stand It (LP Matt Bianco1986)

MC MIKER "G" & DEEJAY SVEN - Holiday (single, 1986)

McDONALD, MICHAEL - Sweet Freedom (OST Running Scared, 1986)

METALLICA - Master Of Puppets (LP Master Of Puppets, 1986)

MIAMI SOUND MACHINE - Hot Summer Nights (OST Top Gun, 1986)

MICHAEL, GEORGE - A Different Corner (LP The Final, 1986)

MILLER BAND, STEVE - I Want To Make The World Turn Around (LP Living In The 20th Century, 1986)

MISSION, THE - Severina (LP God's Own Medicine, 1986)

MODERN TALKING - Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. For Love) (LP Ready For Romance, 1986)

MODERN TALKING - Brother Louie (LP Ready For Romance, 1986)

MODERN TALKING - Geronimo's Cadillac (LP In The Middle Of Nowhere, 1986)

MONEY, EDDIE - I Wanna Go Back (LP Can't Hold Back, 1986)
Copver version of "I Wanna Go Back" by Billy Satellite (1984)

MONEY, EDDIE feta. RONNIE SPECTOR - Take Me Home Tonight (LP Can't Hold Back, 1986)
The song samples "Be My Baby" by The Ronnetes (1963)

MONTE KRISTO - Lady Valentine (single, 1986)

MOODY BLUES - The Other Side Of Life (LP The Other Side Of Life, 1986)

MOODY BLUES - Your Wildest Dreams (LP The Other Side Of Life, 1986)

MOYET, ALISON - Is This Love? (single, 1986 / LP Raindancing, 1987)

MUENCHENER FREIHEIT - Every Time (single, 1986 / LP Romancing In The Dark, 1987)
German band from Munich and the English version of their 1985 local hit "Ohne Dich (Schlaf Ich Heut Nacht Nicht Ein)''.

NENA - Mondsong (LP Eisbrecher, 1986)

NEVIL, ROBBIEC'est La Vie (LP Robbie Nevil1986)

NIAGARA - L'amour A La Plage (LP Encore Un Dernier Baiser, 1986)

NORMAN, CHRISMidnight Lady (OST Tatort - German TV series, 1986)
Lead singer of Smokie in a song written & produced by Dieter Bohlen (Modern Talking)

NORMAN, CHRIS - Some Hearts Are Diamonds (LP Some Hearts Are Diamonds, 1986)

NU SHOOZ - I Can't Wait (LP Poolside, 1986)

OCEAN, BILLY - There'll Be Sad Songs (To Make You Cry) (LP Love Zone, 1986)

OFF - Electrica Salsa (Baba Baba) (single, 1986)

ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK - (Forever) Live & Die (LP The Pacific Age, 1986)


ORR, BENJAMIN - Stay The Night (LP The Lace1986)
Bass player of The Cars and lead vocalist on their smah hit ''Drive'' (1984).

OSBOURNE, OZZY - Shot In The Dark (LP The Ultimate Sin, 1986)

PALMER, ROBERT - Addicted To Love (single, 1986 / LP Riptide, November 1985)

PALMER, ROBERT - I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On (single, 1986 / LP Riptide, November 1985)

PET SHOP BOYSLove Comes Quickly (LP Please1986 / featuring Andy Mackay on sax)

PET SHOP BOYSSuburbia (LP Please, 1986)

PITT, WILLIAM - City Lights (single, 1986)

POISONTalk Dirty To Me (LP Look What The Cat Dragged In1986)

POP, IGGY - Cry For Love (LP Blah Blah Blah, 1986)

POP, IGGY - Fire Girl (LP Blah Blah Blah, 1986)
The song was co-written by former Sex Pistols guitarist, Steve Jones.

POP, IGGY - Real Wild Child (Wild One) (LP Blah Blah Blah, 1986)
Cover version of ""Wild One"" by Johnny O"Keefe (1958)

PRETENDERS, THEDon't Get Me Wrong (LP Get Close, 1986)

PRETENDERS, THE - Hymn To Her (LP Get Close, 1986)

PRETENDERS, THE - I Remember You (LP Get Close, 1986)

PRIME TIME - I Can't Get Enough (single, 1986)

PRINCE & THE REVOLUTION - Girls & Boys (LP Parade, 1986)

PRINCE & THE REVOLUTION - Kiss (LP Parade, 1986)

PRINCE & THE REVOLUTION - Under The Cherry Moon (LP Parade, 1986)

PUBLIC IMAGE LTD - Rise (LP Album, 1986)

Q, STACEY - Two Of Hearts (LP Better Than Heaven, 1986)

QUEEN - A Kind Of Magic (LP A Kind Of Magic, 1986)

QUEEN - Friends Will be Friends (LP A Kind Of Magic, 1986)

QUEEN - Who Wants To Live Forever (LP A Kind Of Magic, 1986)

RADIORAMA - Desire (LP Desires & Vampires, 1986)

RADIORAMA - Vampires (LP Desires & Vampires, 1986)

RAMAZZOTTI, EROS - Una Storia Imprtante (LP Nuovi Eroi, 1986)

RAMONES - Somebody Put Something In My Drink (LP Animal Boy1986)

RAWLS, LOU - Stop Me From Starting This Feeling (LP Love All Your Blues Away, 1986)

REA, CHRIS - Giverny (LP On The Beach, 1986)

REA, CHRIS -  On The Beach (LP On The Beach1986)

RED BOX - For America (LP The Circle & The Square, 1986)

R.E.M. - Fall On Me (LP Life's Rich Pageant, 1986)

RESIDENTS, THE - Kaw-Liga (single, 1986 / LP Stars & Hank Forever: The American Composers series Vol II, 1986)

RICHIE, LIONEL - Ballerina Girl (LP Dancing On The Ceiling, 1986)

RICHIE, LIONEL - Dancing On The Ceiling (LP Dancing On The Ceiling, 1986)

RICHIE, LIONEL - Love Will Conquer All (LP Dancing On The Ceiling, 1986)

RICHIE, LIONEL - Se La (LP Dancing On The Ceiling, 1986)

RIDGWAY, STAN - Camouflage (LP The Big Heat, 1986)

ROLLING STONES, THE - Harlem Shuffle (LP Dirty Work, 1986)

ROLLING STONES - One Hit To The Body (LP Dirty Work, 1986)

RUN-DMC feat. JOE PERRY & STEVEN TYLER - Walk This Way (LP Raising Hell, 1986)

SANDRA - Hi! Hi! Hi! (LP Mirrors, 1986)

SANDRA - Innocent Love (LP Mirrors, 1986)

SANDRA - You'll Be Mine (LP Mirrors, 1986)

SAPHIR - I Am Alive (single, 1986)

SAVAGE - Celebrate (single, 1986)

SEGER, BOB & THE SILVER BULLET BAND - American Storm (LP Like A Rock, 1986)

SEGER, BOB & THE SILVER BULLET BAND - Like A Rock (LP Like A Rock, 1986)

SHARP TIES - By The By (LP Sharp Ties 3, 1986)

SIMON, CARLY - Coming Around Again (OST Heartburn, 1986)

SIMON, PAUL - You Can Call Me Al (LP Graceland, 1986)

SIGUE SIGUE SPUTNIKLove Missile F1-11 (LP Flaunt It1986)

SMITHS, THEBig Mouth Strikes Again (LP The Queen Is Dead1986)

SMITHS, THE - Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others (LP The Queen Is Dead1986)

SMITHS, THE - There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (LP The Queen Is Dead1986)

SPAGNAEasy Lady (single, 1986)

SPANDAU BALLET - Fight For Ourselves (LP Through The Barricades1986)

SPANDAU BALLET - Through The Barricades (LP Through The Barricades, 1986)

STATUS QUO - In The Army Now (LP In The Army Now, 1986)

STEPHANIE - Ouragan (Irresistible) (single1986)

STEVENS, SHAKIN' - Because I Love You (single, 1986)

STEWART, JERMAINE - We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off (LP Frantic Romantic, 1986)

STEWART, ROD - Every Beat Of My Heart (LP Every Beat... 1986)

STEWART, ROD - Love Touch (OST Legal Eagles, 1986)

STRANGLERS, THE - Always The Sun (LP Dreamtime, 1986)

STRANGLERS, THE - Big In America (LP Dreamtime, 1986)

STYLE COUNCIL, THE - Have You Ever Had It Blue (OST Absolute Beginners, 1986)

SURVIVOR - Is This Love (LP When Seconds Count, 1986)

SWING OUT SISTER - Breakout (single, 1986 / LP It's Better To Travel, 1987)

TALK TALK - I Don't Believe In You (LP The Colour Of Spring1986)

TALK TALK - Life's What You Make It (LP The Colour Of Spring, 1986)

TAYLOR, ANDY - Take It Easy (OST American Anthem, 1986)

THE THEHeartland (LP Infected, 1986)

'TIL TUESDAYWhat About Love (LP Welcome Home1986)

TIMEX SOCIAL CLUB - Rumors (LP Vicious Rumors, 1986)

TIMBUK3 - The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades (LP Greetings From Timbuk3, 1986)

TOTOI’ll Be Over You (LP Fahrenheit1986)
Backing vocals by Michael McDonald.

TURNER, RUBY & JONATHAN BUTLER - If You're ready (Come Go With Me) (LP Women Hold Up Half The Sky, 1986)
Cover version of ''If You're Ready....'' by The Staple Singers (1972)

TURNER, TINA - Paradise Is Here (LP Break Every Rule, 1986)
Written by Paul Brady.

TURNER, TINA - Don't Turn Around (b side on ''Typical Male'', 1986)

TURNER, TINA - Two People (LP Break Every Rule, 1986)

TURNER, TINA - Typical Male (LP Break Every Rule, 1986)

TURNER, TINA - What You See Is What You Get (LP Break Every Rule, 1986)

UB40 - Rat In Mi Kitchen (LP Rat In The Kitchen, 1986)

UB40 - Sing Our Own Song (LP Rat In The Kitchen, 1986)

VAN HALEN - Why Can't This Be Love (LP 5150, 1986)

VANDROSS, LUTHER - Give Me The Reason (OST Ruthless People, 1986)

VEGA, SUZANNE - Left Of Center (OST Pretty In Pink, 1986)

WANG CHUNGEverybody Have Fun Tonight (LP Mosaic1986)

WAX - Right Between The Eyes (LP Magnetic Heaven, 1986)

WHAM! - The Edge Of Heaven (LP The Final, 1986)

WHAM! - Where Did Your Heart Go? (LP The Final, 1986)
Cover version of ''Where Did Your Heart Go'' by Was (Not Was) (single, 1981)

WILDE, KIM - You Keep Me Hangin' On (LP Another Step, 1986)
Cover version of ''You Keep Me Hangin' On'' by The Supremes (1966)

WINWOOD, STEVE - Freedom Overspill (LP Back In The High Life, 1986)

WINWOOD, STEVE - Higher Love (LP Back In The High Life1986)

WIPERS - Different Ways (LP Land Of The Lost, 1986)

WIPERS - Nothing Left To Lose (LP Land Of The Lost, 1986)

YARED, GABRIEL - C'est Le Vent, Betty (OST Betty Blue, 1986)

YOUNG, PAUL - Wonderland (LP Between Two Fires, 1986)

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