Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My Radio Boo broadcast (Wednesday 23 September 2015)

Για όλους εσάς που είτε είστε συντονισμένοι στο μικρό μας Boo, σας παρουσιάζω την καλύτερη μουσική εκπομπή που έγινε ποτέ στο Ελληνικό ραδιόφωνο...

Listen to the broadcast:

22:00 - 23:00

01Please Don't Leave Me - PRETTY MAIDS (LP Sin Decade1991)
      Original version:
      Please Don't Leave Me - JOHN SYKES feat. PHIL LYNOTT
      Lyricslost lovers of summer, as we go our separate way

02Separate Ways - GARY MOORE (LP After Hours1992)
       Lyricsis it time to go our separate ways?

03Black Velvet - ALANNAH MYLES (LP Alannah Myles1989)
      Lyrics 1: Jimmy Rogers on the Victrola up high
      Lyrics 2: ''Love Me Tender'' leaves 'em cryin' in the aisle

04Elvis' Rolls Royce - WAS (NOT WAS) feat. LEONARD COHEN
      (LP Are You OK? 1990)
      Backing vocals: IGGY POP

05In The DeathCar - GORAN BREGOVIC feat. IGGY POP
      (OST Arizona Dream1993)
      LyricsI don't turn on the radio, cause they play shit like... 
      you know

06Fire - BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (LP The Promise2010)
       Written by: Bruce Springsteen
       Originally released by: Robert Gordon with Link Wray (single1978)
       Most successful version by: The Pointer Sisters (single1978)
       Lyrics 1: I'm driviing in my car, I turn on the radio
       Lyrics 2: Romeo & Juliet, Samson & Delilah

07Fever - ELVIS PRESLEY (LP Elvis Is Back! 1960)
       Originally released by: Little Willie John (single1956)
       Most succesful version by: Peggy Lee (single1958)
       LyricsRomeo & Juliet... Captain Smith & Pocanontas

08Somewhere Down The Crazy River - ROBBIE ROBERTSON
      (LP Robbie Robertson1987)
      Lyrics 1: why do you always end up down at Nick's cafe?
      Lyrics 2: abandoned '59 Chevy

09Casablanca - BERTIE HIGGINS
      (LP Just Another Day In Paradise1982)
      Lyrics 1: holding hands 'neath the paddle fans in Rick's 
      candle lit cafe
      Lyrics 2: making magic at the movies in my old Chevrolet

10Year Of The Cat - AL STEWART (LP Year Of The Cat1976)
      Lyrics on a morning from a Bogart movie

11Temple Of The King - RAINBOW 
      (LP Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow1975)
      Lyrics: One day in the Year Of The Fox

12Why Me? - PLANET P (LP Planet P1983)

13Space Oddity - DAVID BOWIE (LP David Bowie1969)
      Lyricsthough I'm past one hundred thousand miles

23:00 - 00:00

      (LP Live Bullet1976)
      Lyricsout there in the spotlight, you're a million miles away

15I Need You - AMERICA (LP America1971)
      LyricsI need you, like the flower need the rain

16Lover Why - CENTURY (LP ...And Soul It Goes1986)
      Lyrics 1: I need you
      Lyrics 2: why lover why, why do flowers die

17Cool Night - PAUL DAVIS (LP Cool Night1981)
      Lyrics 1: I sometimes wonder why, all the flowers had to die
      Lyrics 2: It brings back memories of a good life
      when this love was not so old

18Don't Play That Song (You Lied) - ADRIANO CELENTANO 
      (LP Disco Dance1977)
      Lyrics 1: It brings back memories of the days I once knew,
      the days I spent with you
      Lyrics 2: Darling, I love you
      Lyrics 3: You were only 17

19Emma - HOT CHOCOLATE (LP Cicero Park1974)
      Lyrics 1: Darling I love you
      Lyrics 2: at 17 we were wed
      Lyrics 3: and when she said she'd be a movie queen, 
      nobody laughed

20If You Could Read My Mind GORDON LIGHTFOOT
      (LP If You Could Read My Mind,  1970)
      Lyrics:  a movie queen to play the scene

21Promise Me - BEVERLEY CRAVEN (LP Beverley Craven1990)
      Lyrics 1: I can read your mind
      Lyrics 2: I'll be saving all my love for you

22Saving All My Love For You - WHITNEY HOUSTON
      (LP Whitney Houston1985)
      Original version by: Marilyn NcCoo & Billy Davis Jr. (1978)
      Lyricswe'll be making love the whole night through

23Stay - BARRY MANILOW (LP I Wanna Do It With You, 1982)
      The album version released in American countries was titled
       Here Comes The Night
      Lyrics 1: we can make love til the morning light
      Lyrics 2: from the very start you took my breath away

24Damn Your Eyes - ETTA JAMES (LP Seven Year Itch1988)
      Lyrics 1: for taking my breath away
      Lyrics 2: I fall completely under your spell

25Thrill Is Gone - BB KING (single1969)
      Lyrics 1: I'm free baby, free from your spell
      Lyrics 2: you'll be sorry someday

26Words - THE CHRISTIANS (LP Colour1990)
      The song is based on The Chieftains ''Women Of Ireland'' (1973)
      (1973 / OST Barry Lyndon, 1975)
      LyricsIf I could find words, to tell you I'm sorry

27For You - TRIUMVIRAT (LP A La Carte1978)
      Lyrics 1: words can't describe what I feel 
      when I'm alone with you at night
      Lyrics 2: we'll fly away with love & feeling 
      and I can't wait until you see me again


Anonymous said...

what was the concept of this broadcast exactly?

LefterisLalos said...

There's no specific concept... though it is the most sophisticated broadcast of its kind... it's simply connecting songs either for example via common lyrics (usually the ''domino style'', meaning each song has one lyric in common with its prior and one with the song to follow) or references to the same artists or to common things or subjects.

That's as good as ''a non specific subject music related radio broadcast'' can get nowadays, anywhere in the world ...

It took me over 50 hours to prepare and I'm proud of it and confidend that if anyone could even slightly match this broadcast, I'm already prepared for '' a specific concept broadcast'' that would make even this broadcast sound rather... amateurish.

Even though the broadcast is in Hellenic, I'm pretty sure that you can understand the names & song titles or other references in English and that my weblog will help you sort out all the rest...

Hope you liked it...