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Female names mentioned in song titles & lyrics
(The majority of the songs presented bellow, are more or less known in Hellas)


Ballade Pour Adeline-RICHARD CLAYDERMAN (1977)
Aicha-KHALED (LP Sahra, 1996)
Living Next Door To Alice-SMOKIE (1976)
Aline-CHRISTOPHE (1965)
Alison-ELVIS COSTELLO (LP My Aim Is True, 1977)
Amanda-BOSTON (LP Thrid Stage, 1986)
Amelia-THE MISSION (LP Carved in Sand, 1990)
Angelia-RICHARD MARX (LP Repeat Offender, 1989)
Looking For Angeline-LOVE & MONEY (1988 / LP Dogs In The Traffic, 1991)
Angie-THE ROLLING STONES (LP Goats Head Soup, 1973)
Angie Baby-HELEN REDDY (LP Free & Easy, 1974)
Anna-LUCIO BATTISTI (LP Emozioni, 1970)
Anna-MATTHEW FISHER (LP Matthew Fisher, 1980)
Anna - Lassmichrein Lassmichraus-TRIO (1982)
Annie, I'm Not Your Daddy-KID CREOLE & THE COCONUTS (LP Tropical Gangsters,1982)
My Athena-NEIL SEDAKA (b side on single ''Desiree'', 1992)
Ayla-FLASH & THE PAN (LP Nights In France, 1987)


Barbara Ann-THE REGENTS (1961), THE BEACH BOYS (1965)
Barbie Girl-AQUA (LP Aquarium, 1997)
Belinda-EURYTHMICS (LP In The Garden, 1981)
Bernardine-PAT BOONE (1957)
Beth-KISS (LP Destroyer, 1976)
Black Betty-RAM JAM (LP Ram Jam, 1977)
Leader Of The Pack-THE SHANGRI-LAS (1964 / Betty, is that Jimmy's ring You're wearing)
Billie Jean-MICHAEL JACKSON (LP Thriller, 1982)
Bobby Jean-BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (LP Born In The USA, 1984)
Stan-EMINEM feat. DIDO (The Marshall Mathers, 2000 /  I'm a name her Bonnie)
Bonny-PREFAB SPROUT (LP Steve McQueen, 1985)
Brandy (You're A Fine Girl)-LOOKING GLASS (LP Looking Glass, 1972)


Carly's Song-ENIGMA (OST Sliver, 1993 / the song refers to the movie character played by Sharon Stone)
Carmen-GEORGES BIZET (one of the most famous operas ever)
Oh! Carol-NEIL SEDAKA (1959)
Oh Carolina-THE FOLKES BROTHERS (1960), SHAGGY (LP Pure Pleasure, 1993)
Sweet Caroline-NEIL DIAMOND (1969)
Caroline-STATUS QUO (LP Hello! 1973)
Caroline-ROBIN TROWER (LP Passion, 1987)
Caroline Says II-LOU REED (LP Berlin, 1973)
Carrie-EUROPE (LP The Final Countdown, 1986)
Caterina-PERRY COMO (1962)
Cathy's Clown-THE EVERLY BROTHERS (1960)
Wuthering Heights-KATE BUSH (1978 / Cathy)
Cecilia-SIMON & GARFUNKEL (LP Bridge Over Troubled Water, 1970), SUGGS (LP The Lone Ranger, 1995)
Charlotte Sometimes-THE CURE (1981)
Charlotte Street-LLOYD COLE & THE COMMOTIONS (LP Rattlesnakes, 1984)
Sweet Cherie-MOVING PICTURES (LP Days Of Innocence, 1982)
Christine-SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES (LP Kaleidoscope, 1980)
Taste Of Cindy-THE JESUS & MARY CHAIN (EP Some Candy Talking, 1986)
Clair-GILBERT O'SULLIVAN (LP Back To Front, 1972)
Clare-FAIRGROUND ATTRACTION (LP A First Of A Million Kisses, 1988)
Claudette-THE EVERLY BROTHERS (1958)
Cristine-MISS X (1963)


Tutti Frutti-LITTLE RICHARD (1955 / I got a girl named Daisy)
Daisy Jane-AMERICA (LP Hearts, 1975)
Deanna-NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS (LP Tender Pray, 1988)
Disco 2000-PULP (LP Different Class, 1995 / your name is Deborah, it never suited ya)
Delilah-TOM JONES (1968)
Hey There Delilah - PLAIN WHITE T'S (2007)
Modern Day Delilah-VAN STEPHENSON (LP Righteous Anger, 1984)
Run Samson Run-NEIL SEDAKA (1960 / Delilah)
Diana-PAUL ANKA (1957)
Dirty Diana-MICHAEL JACKSON (LP Bad, 1987)
Jack & Diane-JOHN COUGAR (LP American Fool, 1982)
Oh Diane-FLEETWOOD MAC (LP Mirage, 1982)
Hello, Dolly!-LOUIS ARMSTRONG (LP Hello! Dolly, 1964)
Donna-RITCHIE VALENS (1958), LOS LOBOS (1987)
Donna-10cc (1972 / LP 10cc, 1973)
Donna Donna-JOAN BAEZ (LP Joan Baez, 1960)
Who's Holding Donna Now-DeBARGE (LP Rhythm Of The Night, 1985)


Edie (Ciao Baby)-THE CULT (LP Sonic Temple, 1989 / the song refers to Edie Sedgwick)
Eleanor Rigby-THE BEATLES (LP Revolver, 1966)
Elenore-THE TURTLES (1968)
Where The Wild Roses Grow-NICK CAVE feat. KYLIE MINOGUE (LP Murder Ballads, 1995 / my name is Elisa Day)
Eloise-BARRY RYAN (1968), THE DAMNED (1986)
For Emily (Whenever I May Find Her)-SIMON & GARFUNKEL (LP Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme, 1966)
See Emily Play-PINK FLOYD (The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn, 1967)
Thank You-PALE FOUNTAINS (1982 / Emily Is Just A Name To Say)
Emma-HOT CHOCOLATE (LP Cicero Park, 1974)
Emmalene (That's No Lie)-ERROL BROWN (LP Secret Rendezvous, 1992)
Emmanuelle-PIERRE BACHELET (OST Emmanuelle, 1974)
Erika-HERMS NIEL (Famous -although haunting- German marching song, 1939)
Evangeline-THE ICICLE WORKS (LP If You Want To Defeat... 1987)
Adam & Eve-PAUL ANKA (1960)


Francoise-THE VIKINGS (1967)


Gabrielle-PAUL ROLAND (LP Danse Macabre, 1987)
It's My Life-BON JOVI (LP Crush, 2000 / Tommy & Gina)
Livin' On A Prayer-BON JOVI (LP Slippery When Wet, 1986 / Tommy & Gina)
Glendora-PERRY COMO (1956)
Gloria-THEM (1964), THE DOORS (LP Alive She Cried, 1983)
Gloria-UMBERTO TOZZI (1979), LAURA BRANIGAN (LP Branigan, 1982)
Gloria-MANDO DIAO (LP Give Me Fire! 2009)
Gloria-U2 (1981)
Grace-SUPERGRASS (LP Life On Other Planets, 2002)


Hanna Hanna-CHINA CRISIS (LP Working With Fire And Steel / Possible Pop Songs Vol. 2,1983)
Heidi-GITTI & ERICA (1977)


A Casa D'Irene-NICO FIDENCO (1964)
Iris - THE GOO GOO DOLLS (OST City Of Angels, 1998)


Jackie Don't Go-SURVIVOR (LP Caught In The Game, 1983)
Jamie-RAY PARKER Jr. (1984)
Famous Blue Raincoat-LEONARD COHEN (1970 / Jane)
Baby Jane-ROD STEWART (LP Body Wishes, 1983)
Jane-CENTURY (LP And Soul It Goes, 1986)
Sweet Jane-THE VELVET UNDERGROUND (LP Loaded, 1970)
The Diary Of Jane-BREAKING BENJAMIN (LP Phobia, 2006)
Janet-COMMODORES (LP Nightshift, 1985)
Janie's Got A Gun-AEROSMITH (LP Pump, 1989)
Blue Jean-DAVID BOWIE (LP Tonight, 1984)
Daydream Believer-THE MONKEES (1967 / cheer up sleepy Jean)
Forever J-TERRY HALL (LP Home, 1994 / about his then wife Jeanette)
Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie-EDDIE COCHRAN (1960)
Jeanny Part I-FALCO (LP Falco 3, 1985)
Jennifer Juniper-DONOVAN (LP The Hurdy Gurdy Man, 1967 / the song refers to Jennifer Boyd)
Driver's Seat-SNIFF 'N' THE TEARS (LP Fickle Heart, 1978 / Jenny was sweet)
867-5309 / Jenny-TOMMY TUTONE (LP Tommy Tutone 2, 1982)
Close To You-MAXI PRIEST (1990 / She was a Jezebel, this Brixton queen)
Jack & Jill-RAYDIO (1978)
A Woman Needs Love-RAY PARKER Jr. (1981 / by the time poor Jack returned up the hill, somebody else had been lovin' Jill)
The Boys Light Up-AUSTRALIAN CRAWL (1981 / Let me tell you bout my mountain home where all the ladies names are Joan)
Joanna-KOOL & THE GANG (1983)
Joanna-SCOTT WALKER (1968)
Jocelyn Square-LOVE & MONEY (LP Strange Kind Of Love, 1988)
Jody-AMERICA (LP View From The Ground, 1982)
Josephine-CHRIS REA (LP Shamrock Diaries, 1985)
Paris Latino-BANDOLERO (1983 / Josephine)
Josie-STEELY DAN (LP Aja, 1977)
Julia-PAVLOV'S DOG (LP Pampered Menial, 1975)
Oh Julie-SHAKIN' STEVENS (1981 / LP Give Me Your Heart Tonight, 1982), BARRY MANILOW (1982)
Julie (Dzuli)-DANIEL (Yugoslavia's song entry in the Eurovision Song Contest, 1983)
Juliet-ROBIN GIBB (LP How Old Are You? 1983)
Romeo & Juliet-DIRE STRAITS (1980)


Karen-THE GO-BETWEENS (1978)
My Hometown-BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (LP Born In The USA, 1984 / Kate)
Kathy's Gone-ROBIN GIBB (LP How Old Are You? 1983)
Kayleigh-MARILLION (LP Misplaced Childhood, 1985)
Kelly Watch The Stars-AIR (LP Moon Safari, 1998)


Lalena-DONOVAN (1968), DEEP PURPLE (LP Deep Purple, 1969)
Tell Laura I Love Her-RAY PETERSON (1960), RICKY VALANCE (1960)
Think Of Laura-CHRISTOPHER CROSS (LP Another Page, 1983)
Laura-NICK HEYWARD (LP North Of A Miracle, 1983)
Laura Non C'e-NEK (LP Lei, Gli Amici E Tutto Il Resto, 1997)
Lauren Caught My Eye-THE CRASH (2001)
Layla-DEREK & THE DOMINOS (LP Layla & Other Assorted Love Songs, 1970)
Lavinia-THE VEILS (LP The Runaway Found, 2004 / also: Lucia)
All For Leyna-BILLY JOEL (LP Glass Houses, 1980)
Lili Marleen-LALE ANDERSEN (1939)
Pictures Of Lily-THE WHO (1967 / LP The Magic Bus, 1968)
Lily Was Here-DAVID A. STEWART feat. CANDY DULFER (OST Da Kassiere, 1990)
Looking For Linda-HUE & CRY (LP Remote, 1988)
Mona Lisa-NAT KING COLE (OST Captain Carey, USA, 1950)
Smooth-SANTANA feat. ROB THOMAS (LP Supernatural, 1999 / my Spanish Harlem Mona Lisa)
Sad Lisa-CAT STEVENS (LP Tea For The Tillerman, 1970)
Lola-THE KINKS (LP Lola Versus Powerman & The Moneygoround - Part One, 1970)
Copacabana (At The Copa)-BARRY MANILOW (LP Even Now, 1978 / Her name was Lola, she was a show girl)
My Heart Belongs To Daddy-MARILYN MONROE (OST Let's Make Love, 1960 / my name is Lolita)
Loreen-SANDRA (LP Mirrors, 1986)
Oh Lori-ALESSI (LP Alessi, 1977)
Louise-THE HUMAN LEAGUE (LP Hysteria, 1984)
Footloose-KENNY LOGGINS (1984 / Please, Louise pull me off'a my knees)
I'll Meet You At Midnight-SMOKIE (LP Midnight Cafe, 1976 / Jean-Claude's a student at the Universite, Louise-Marie is just a world away)
Per Lucia-RICCARDO FOGLI (Eurovision Song Contest entry for Italy, 1983)
Lucille-LITTLE RICHARD (1957)
Lucretia My Reflection-THE SISTERS OF MERCY (LP Floodland, 1987)
Long Train Runnin'-THE DOOBIE BROTHERS (LP The Captain & Me, 1973 /  know I saw Miss Lucy down along the tracks, she lost her home and family and she won't beback)
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds-THE BEATLES (LP Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, 1967)


Macarena-LOS DEL RIO (1995)
Madonna's Eyes-JENNIFER RUSH (LP Jennifer Rush, 1984), JAYNE COLLINS (1985)
Maggie May-ROD STEWART (LP Every Picture Tells A Story, 1971)
Mandy-BARRY MANILOW (LP Barry Manilow II, 1974), WESTLIFE (LP Turnaround, 2003)
Margo's Waltz-LLOYD COLE (LP Don't Get Weird On Me Babe, 1991)
Marguerita-ELVIS PRESLEY (OST Fun In Acapulco, 1963)
Maria-RICHARD BEYMER dubbed by JIM BRYANT (OST West Side Story, 1961)
L'Italiano-TOTO CUTUGNO (LP L'Italiano, 1983 / buongiorno Maria)
Maria-MEN AT WORK (LP Two Hearts, 1985)
Maria-BLONDIE (LP No Exit, 1999)
Mamma Maria-RICCHI & POVERI (1982 / LP Made In Italy, 1983)
Maria Magdalena-SANDRA (LP The Long Play, 1985)
Maria Maria-SANTANA feat. THE PRODUCT G&B (LP Supernatural, 1999)
Beautiful Maria Of My Soul-LOS LOBOS /ANTONIO BANDERAS (OST Mambo Kings, 1992)
More Than A Feeling-BOSTON (LP Boston, 1976 / I see my Marianne walking away)
Marie, Marie-SHAKIN' STEVENS (1980)
Marina-ROCCO GRANATA (1959), DALIDA (1959)
Marlene On The Wall-SUZANNE VEGA (LP Suzanne Vega, 1985 / the song refers to Marlene Dietrich)
Martha's Harbour-ALL ABOUT EVE (LP All About Eve, 1988)
Mary Had A Litle Lamb-THOMAS EDISON (1877), WINGS (1972)
Mary, Mary-THE MONKEES (1966), RUN DMC (LP Tougher Than Leather, 1988)
Goodbye Stranger-SUPERTRAMP (LP Breakfast In America, 1979 / goodbye Mary, goodbye Jane)
Green Green Grass Of Home-TOM JONES (1966 / Down the road I look & there runs Mary)
Hazard-RICHARD MARX (LP Rush Street, 1991 / No one understood what I felt for Mary)
Proud Mary-CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL (LP Bayou Country, 1969)
Johnny & Mary-ROBERT PALMER (LP Clues, 1980)
Mary-SUPERGRASS (LP Supergrass, 1999)
Mary's Prayer-DANNY WILSON (LP Meet Danny Wilson, 1987)
There's Something About Mary-JONATHAN RICHMAN (OST There's Something About Mary, 1998)
Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne-LOOKING GLASS (LP Subway Serenade, 1973), JOSIE COTTON (1984)
Mary Jane's Last Dance-TOM PETTY & THE HEARTBREAKERS (1993)
Hello Mary Lou-RICKY NELSON (1961)
Mathilda-HARRY BELAFONTE (1953)
Maureen-SADE (LP Promise, 1985)
Maybellene-CHUCK BERRY (1955)
Could It Be Magic-BARRY MANILOW (1973 / Melissa)
Michele-GERARD LENORMAN  (1976)
Michelle-THE BEATLES (LP Rubber Soul, 1965)
Minnie The Moocher-CAB CALLOWAY (1931)
Mishale-ANDRU DONALDS (LP Andru Donalds, 1994)
Good Golly, Miss Molly-LITTLE RICHARD (1958)
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da-THE BEATLES (LP The Beatles, 1968 /Desmond & Molly), MARMALADE (1968)
Monika-ISLAND (Eurovision Song Contest entry for Cyprus, 1981)
Walking In Memphis - MARC COHN (1991 / Muriel)


Nancy-MARTIN STEPHENSON & THE DAINTEES (LP Gladsome, Humour & Blue, 1988)
Knocking At Your Back Door-DEEP PURPLE (LP Perfect Strangers, 1984 / Sweet Nancy was so fancy... also see: Lucy)
Natalie-STEPHEN "TIN TIN" DUFFY (LP Music In Colors, 1993)
Nikita-ELTON JOHN (LP Ice On Fire, 1985)


Pamela-TOTO (LP The Seventh One, 1988)
Pandora-COCTEAU TWINS (LP Treasure, 1984)
Pandora's Box-PROCOL HARUM (LP Procol's Ninth, 1975)
Patricia-PEREZ PRADO (1958, instrumental)
Young Turks-ROD STEWART (LP Tonight I'm Yours, 1981 / Billy & Patti)
Oh Patti (Don't Feel Sorry For Loverboy)-SCRITTI POLITTI (LP Provision, 1988)
Hey Paula-PAUL & PAULA (1962)
Some Velvet Morning-NANCY SINATRA & LEE HAZLEWOOD (1968 /  I'm gonna open up your gate And maybe tell you 'bout Phaedra... Phaedra is my name)
Peg-STEELY DAN (LP Aja, 1977)
Dear Prudence-THE BEATLES (LP The Beatles, 1968), SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES (LP Hyaena, 1983)


Rebecca-CHAKACHAS (1959)
Walk Away Renee-THE LEFT BANKE (1966), THE FOUR TOPS (1967)
Rhiannon-FLEETWOOD MAC (LP Fleetwood Mac, 1976)
Rio-DURAN DURAN (LP Rio, 1982)
Roni-BOBBY BROWN (LP Don't Be Cruel, 1988)
Go Rosa-SANDY ROGERS (OST Fool For Love, 1986)
Rosanna-TOTO (LP Toto IV, 1982 / song refers to Rosanna Arquette)
Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)-EDISON LIGHTHOUSE (1970)
Roxanne-THE POLICE (LP Outlandos D'Amour, 1978)
Ruby-RAY CHARLES (1960 / LP Dedicated To You, 1961)
Ruby Baby-THE DRIFTERS (1956), DONALD FAGEN (LP The Nightfly, 1982)
Ruby Tuesday-THE ROLLING STONES (LP Between The Buttons, 1967)
Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town-KENNY ROGERS & THE FIRST EDITION (1969)
Rubylove - CAT STEVENS (LP Teaser & The Firecat, 1971)


Baba O'Riley-THE WHO (1971 / Sally Take My hand)
Long Tall Sally-LITTLE RICHARD (1956)
Mustang Sally-MACK RICE (1965), WILSON PICKETT (1966)
Living Next Door To Alice-SMOKIE (1976 / Sally)
Sally-SADE (LP Diamond Life, 1984)
Sandrina-DREAMER & THE FULL MOON (1984)
Sandy-JOHN TRAVOLTA (OST Grease, 1978)
Sara-FLEETWOOD MAC (LP Tusk,1979)
Sara-STARSHIP (LP Knee Deep In The Hoopla, 1985)
Sara Smile-HALL & OATES (LP Daryl Hall & John Oates, 1975)
Sarah-THIN LIZZY (LP Black Rose, 1979)
From Sarah With Love-SARAH CONNOR (2001)
My Sharona-THE KNACK (LP Get The Knack, 1979)
Sheena Is A Punk Rocker-THE RAMONES (LP Rocket To Russia, 1977)
Oh Sheila-READY FOR THE WORLD (LP Ready For The World, 1985)
Shirley-JOHN FRED & THE PLAYBOYS (1958), SHAKIN' STEVENS (LP Give Me Your Heart Tonight, 1982)
1973 - JAMES BLUNT (LP All The Lost Souls, 2007 / Simona
Runaround Sue-DION (1961), LEIF GARRETT (1977)
My Name Is Not Susan-WHITNEY HOUSTON (LP I'm Your Baby Tonight, 1990)
Susanna (Dutch version: Suzanne)-THE ART COMPANY /Dutch Name: VOF DE KUNST (1984)
Wake Up Little Susie-THE EVERLY BROTHERS (1957)
Wondeful Life-HURTS (2009 / Susie)
Suzanne-LEONARD COHEN (LP Songs Of Leonard Cohen, 1967)
I Love You, Suzanne-LOU REED (LP New Sensations, 1984)
Sylvia's Mother-DR. HOOK & THE MEDICINE SHOW (LP Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show,1972)


Tracie-LEVEL 42 (LP Staring At The Sun, 1988)


Valerie-STEVE WINWOOD (LP talking Back To The Night, 1982)
Valerie-THE ZUTONS (LP Tired Of Hanging Around, 2006), MARK RONSON feat. AMY WINEHOUSE (LP Version, 2007)
Venus-SHOCKING BLUE (LP At Home, 1969), BANANARAMA (LP True Confessions, 1986)
When Vera Was Here-BIG SLEEP (LP Everything Falls Into Place, 1991)
Veronica-ELVIS COSTELLO (LP Spike, 1989)
Victoria-THE KINKS (LP Arthur [Or the Decline And Fall Of The British Empire], 1969), THE FALL (LP The Frenz Experiment, 1988)
Only The Good Die Young-BILLY JOEL (1977 / Virginia)


Born To Run - BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (LP Born To Run, 1975 / Wendy)


Donde Estas, Yolanda?-PINK MARTINI (LP Sympatique, 2000)


Around The Way Girl-LL COOL J (LP Mama Said Knock You Out, 1990 / Lisa, Angela, Pamela, Renee)

Games Without Frontiers-PETER GABRIEL (LP Peter Gabriel 3, 1980 / Hans, Lotte,Jane, Willi, Suki, Leo, Sacha, Britt, Adolf, Enrico)

Mambo No. 5-LOU BEGA (LP A Little Bit Of Mambo, 1999 / Angela, Pamela, Sandra, Rita, Monica, Erica, Tina, Mary, Jessica)

Song For Whoever-THE BEAUTIFUL SOUTH (LP Welcome To The Beautiful South, 1989 /Shirley, Deborah, Julie, Jane, Jennifer, Alison, Phillipa, Sue, Annabel)

also not to be missed, allegedly female names:

Candy-IGGY POP feat. KATE PIERSON (LP Brick By Brick, 1990)
Candy-ASH (LP Free All Angels, 2001)
99-TOTO (LP Hydra, 1979)

Hellenic songs referring to female names

Ένα Πρωϊνό (Άναμπελ)-ΜΑΡΙΑ ΔΗΜΗΤΡΙΑΔΗ (1968)
Αεροπλάνο-ΒΑΣΙΛΗΣ ΚΑΖΟΥΛΗΣ (1992 / Άννα, δεν ήμουνα εγώ γι' αεροπλάνα)
Άννα-2002 GR (1982)
Άννα-ΛΑΥΡΕΝΤΗΣ ΜΑΧΑΙΡΙΤΣΑΣ (LP Έτσι Δραπετεύω Απ' Τις Παρέες, 1999)
Αννούλα Του Χιονιά-ΑΝΤΩΝΗΣ ΚΑΛΟΓΙΑΝΝΗΣ (1984)
Δέσποινα-ΝΙΚΟΣ ΚΑΡΒΕΛΑΣ (1986)
Δημητρούλα Μου-ΧΑΡΟΥΛΑ ΑΛΕΞΙΟΥ (1975)
Ελένη-ΑΝΝΑ ΒΙΣΣΗ (LP Ρε, 1994)
Το Ζεϊμπέκικο Της Ευδοκίας-ΜΑΝΟΣ ΛΟΙΖΟΣ (OST Ευδοκία, 1971)
Και Που Λες Ευτυχία-ΑΝΤΩΝΗΣ ΚΑΛΟΓΙΑΝΝΗΣ (1985)
Κατερίνα Κατερινάκι-ΠΑΣΧΑΛΗΣ (1987)
Πάμε Για Ύπνο, Κατερίνα-ΓΙΑΝΝΗΣ ΠΟΥΛΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ (1972)
Ρίνα Κατερίνα-ΚΩΣΤΑΣ ΜΠΙΓΑΛΗΣ (1989)
Η Λίζα Και Η Κορνίζα-ΚΩΣΤΑΣ ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΑΣ (1991)
Κοπακαμπάνα-ΠΑΣΧΆΛΗΣ (1978 / η Λόλα η Αμερικάνα)
Σέξι Θεία Λόλα-ΝΙΚΟΣ ΚΑΡΒΕΛΑΣ (1989)
Λόλα-ΠΑΣΧΆΛΗΣ (1972)
Ας Κρατήσουν Οι Χοροί-ΔΙΟΝΥΣΗΣ ΣΑΒΒΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ (1983 / Λυδία, Έλενα)
Είμαι Η Μαίρη-ΜΑΡΙΝΕΛΛΑ (1986)
Μια Μέρα Μιας Μαίρης (Είμαι Η Μαίρη Παναγιωταρά)-ΛΟΥΚΙΑΝΟΣ ΚΗΛΑΗΔΟΝΗΣ featuring ΑΦΡΟΔΙΤΗ ΜΑΝΟΥ (LP Χαμηλή Πτήση, 1982)
Μανουέλα - ΤΡΙΟ ΚΙΤΑΡΑ (1958), ΓΙΩΡΓΟΣ ΝΤΑΛΑΡΑΣ (1987)
Γέλαγε Η Μαρία - ΓΙΑΝΝΗΣ ΠΟΥΛΟΠΟΥΛΟΣ (1969)
Γκαντέμης-1 ΒΗΜΑ ΜΠΡΟΣΤΑ (2007 / Μαρία, Σοφία)
Κάγκελα Παντού-ΜΟΥΣΙΚΕΣ ΤΑΞΙΑΡΧΙΕΣ (LP Κάγκελα Παντού, 1986 / Τα μπούτια σου Μαρία)
Νάντια-ΝΙΚΟΣ ΚΑΡΒΕΛΑΣ (1992)
Το Τανγκό Της Νεφέλης-ΧΑΡΟΥΛΑ ΑΛΕΞΙΟΥ (1996)
Αν Θα Μπορούσα Τον Κόσμο Να Άλλαζα-ΦΙΛΙΠΠΟΣ ΠΛΙΑΤΣΙΚΑΣ (2007 / 'Ολγα)
Με Λένε Πόπη-ΓΙΩΡΓΟΣ ΝΤΑΛΑΡΑΣ & ΑΝΤΙΓΟΝΗ ΨΥΧΡΑΜΗ (1997 / επίσης: Καλλιόπη, Κυβέλη)
Αχ Ρίτα-ΛΟΥΚΙΑΝΟΣ ΚΗΛΑΗΔΟΝΗΣ (LP Ψυχραιμία Παιδιά, 1979)
Ρόζα-ΔΗΜΗΤΡΗΣ ΜΗΤΡΟΠΑΝΟΣ (LP Στου Αιώνα Την Παράγκα, 1996)
Στέλλα Σ' Αγαπάω... Τάκης-ΑΝΤΩΝΗΣ ΤΟΥΡΚΟΓΙΩΡΓΗΣ (1990)
Τζοάννα-ΠΑΣΧΑΛΗΣ (1988)
Τούλα Υποκριτούλα-ΚΩΣΤΑΣ ΜΠΙΓΑΛΗΣ (LP Μικρή Μου Μέλισσα, 1993)
Batida De Coco-ΑΡΛΕΤΑ (LP Τσαϊ Γιασεμιού, 1985 / Όταν χώρισε η Φρίντα το Γιάννη)
Η Σουλτάνα Η Φωφώ-ΤΑΝΙΑ ΤΣΑΝΑΚΛΙΔΟΥ (1988)

εννοείται το

Εννιά Κορίτσια - ΤΑΚΗΣ ΑΝΤΩΝΙΑΔΗΣ (1970 / Ερατώ, Ευτέρπη,  Θάλεια, Καλλιόπη, Κλειώ, Μελπομένη, Ουρανία, Πολύμνια, Τερψιχόρη)

και πάνω απ'όλα το

Που Βαδίζουμε Κύριοι;-ΛΟΥΚΙΑΝΟΣ ΚΗΛΑΗΔΟΝΗΣ (1982 / ΑθηνάΑίμη ή ΈμυΑνέταΆννυΑργυρώΒαρβάρα, ΒάσωΒιβήΓκέληΓωγώΖωζώ, Ηρώ, ΛέλαΛία, ΛιλήΜαίρη, ΜάνιαΜάραΜάρη, Μαρίνα, ΜαρούλαΜίναΝανά, Νένα, ΝίναΝτίναΡάνια, Ρέα,  Ρένα, Ρούλα, Σία, ΣτέλλαΤασίαΤέτα, ΤζίναΦανή)

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Κορνηλία Η Μικρή Τσοπάνα-TSOPANA RAVE
Η Όλγα-MAGIC DE SPELL (LP Ο Φόβος Έχει Όνομα, 1997)
Σουζανα-ΜΟΥΣΙΚΕΣ ΤΑΞΙΑΡΧΙΕΣ (LP Hardcore, 1985)

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